Natasha Romanoff Isn’t Your Emotional Mouthpiece

Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame

**Spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame ahead.**

When it comes to female characters, we’ve had very few options within the Marvel Cinematic Universe until recently. Now though, things may be looking up. I say “may be” because we did still have to watch Natasha Romanoff die in Avengers: Endgame, and it’s … less than encouraging to know that the screenwriters, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, only did it to “tear” our hearts out.

In a recent interview, the two admitted that they knew nothing about the Black Widow movie that’s in production but went ahead with their plan to kill Natasha off because “no one told us not to do what we were doing.” Look, whatever. I’m sure that can be worked around, but also, to plot out a character’s death just because you wanted people to cry? Not really a good move.

 “So, then when she gets to Vormir and is faced with this choice, it is what she’s been working toward for a full five years, is to get that sense of family back, to get all these people back. And you’ll just put yourself in our spot too. We had created these rules, whereby you’re going to have to sacrifice someone that you love in order to get the soul stone. So, in terms of candidates to go to Vormir, Hawkeye and Widow were sort of the only ones that would make sense, and hopefully would tear your heart out.”

I’ve already expressed my outrage over what happened to Nat in Avengers: Endgame, but this shows that the storyline she was given wasn’t even anything to do with her actual character arc, but just McFeely and Markus’s way of making the audience have an emotional connection to what they were doing.

To be quite honest, that diminishes both Nat’s death and Tony’s. Were their stories always just geared to be emotional jabs at us as the audience? I understand that, at the end of the day, it’s still a movie, but when you build character arcs for ten years just to kill someone off as an emotional cheap shot, it probably isn’t the best approach. Sure, Tony’s death at least had an impact, but I think the one on Vormir could have just as easily been Clint, and we would have had the same emotions that we did with Natasha—well, except for the resentment.

Right now, it just feels like they wanted to kill the woman. I’m tired. Stop Letting Men Run Natasha Romanoff Into the Ground 2K19.

(via, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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Batwoman Official Teaser Shows off Gotham’s New Hero

Batwoman will make history as the first superhero live-action TV series to feature a gay title character, and it’ll also star the non-binary lesbian actor Ruby Rose in the title role. As we can see in this teaser for the show, it seems like brooding in a cape is a family trait.

We were first introduced to Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane in the crossover event Elseworlds late last year, and with the news that series was picked up, along with a bunch of other shows, it’s no shock that this teaser wasn’t far behind. Ruby Rose didn’t blow me away as Kane, but there was little for her to do besides look cool and brood a little, which are two things she’s good at. I’m looking forward to seeing what the show does and whether it will honor Kane’s Jewish background and give us some really solid LGBT representation.

Despite the many criticisms I may have about The CW, I cannot deny that it has been one of the most inclusive networks and already hosts a lot of other LGBT characters. In that regard, there is actually less pressure for Batwoman to be perfect like other shows. It will have the freedom to not feel like representation must mean perfect LGBT characters. I’m here for more gay baddies.

Along for the ride is also Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore, a private security agent who helps protect Gotham; Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, A Batman loyalist (aka fanboy) who keeps Wayne Tower secure in his absence; Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton Kate’s stepsister who serves Gotham’s underserved communities; Rachel Skarsten of Lost Girl fame as Alice, leader of the Wonderland Gang; Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane, Kate’s father who hates vigilantes; and Elizabeth Anweis as Catherine Hamilton-Kane, Kate’s stepmother and one of Gotham’s wealthiest citizens, a bullheaded defense contractor.

Personally, I’m loving that this is gonna be a diverse cast of characters and I want to see more Batman-universe characters show up because the Batfamily is a solid bunch with or without Batman and I’d love to see what they can come up with pulling in more from the Batman canon. I mean it can’t be as bad as the Birds of Prey television show (which I love, but still).

What are some Batwoman characters you are looking forward to seeing coming to life in this adaptation?

(via Yahoo! News, image: The CW)

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War Paint “Makeup for Men” Brand Is Sexist, Silly, and Only Has Five Foundation Shades

In “we already have that, but okay I guess brand it for dudes” news, a company called War Paint has “developed” a brand of makeup that features products that “are individually designed for men’s skin.”

Featuring such masculine™ ingredients like:

“Vitamin-E, this is a natural protection from UV rays as men’s skin is naturally more prone to damage from UV rays which increases signs of ageing skin. Tea Tree Leaf Oil, this is excellent for acne prone skin and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which can help fight acne and improve the condition.BHA which works on the skin’s surface and inside the pores to reduce blackheads and prevent spots.”

Ugh …

Men already wear makeup all the time. In fact, plenty of makeup brands now feature male-presenting people in their ads because there are so many male influencers who advertise makeup on YouTube. There are several male makeup artists who have their own makeup palettes. Or does that not count because those are gay and queer men?

“Men’s skin is naturally tougher, the skin on a man’s face is 25% thicker than a woman’s, men’s skin also has bigger pores and a lot more of them which produces more sebum than a woman. The difference in men’s skin to woman’s skin is caused by hormones, specifically testosterone. […] Seeing as men have a whole shedload of testosterone, their skin is both thicker and oilier than women’s. This means that as a man you may be more likely to get spots and blackheads.”

First of all, these are very general terms that do not take into consideration that not everyone produces the same amount of hormones. Biological men don’t always produce a “shedload of testosterone.” Secondly, a lot of products are already made to reduce sebum output, and none of those things are gendered.

The annoying thing about War Paint is their hyper-gendered way of approaching something as inclusive as makeup. I appreciate that the company is cruelty-free and vegan, but the idea is based on a narrow view of how men should act. Do men really need a specifically styled kind of product to practice self-care? Do you need a special “man” product to wash y’all beards? To wash your face? To conceal your zits? To drink water?

Not to mention, they committed the ultimate sin of makeup production: limited shade range. They only have three shades of concealer (fair, light, and tan) and five shades of foundation (fair, light, tan, medium, and dark). So I guess screw Black dudes’ sebum levels?

War Paint in addition to be sexist and silly also has a limited shade range in the year 2019 when fenty has 50+ boys bye

(image: War Paint)

It’s 2019, y’all. What the Jackie Aina hell? You can’t even service different shades of men of color properly in this “inclusive” attempt to create a male makeup brand?

jackie aina

Also, never trust any male organization that refers to women as “females” in general.

Creating a gender-neutral makeup brand is a noble goal, but everything about the branding says that this is for men, and within that, only white men with tattoos, I guess? If you need all-black packaging and a name like War Paint to be comfortable wearing makeup, then maybe the issue is what you think about makeup and not an issue of your own gender. Plus, companies like MAC and Tom Ford already have “neutral” packaging, so if you’re a man of color, it’ll definitely cover you more than War Paint.

(via Twitter, image: War Paint)

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Peter Andre shares emotional tribute to late brother Andrew on his birthday

Pete penned a heart breaking message in honour of his late brother…

Peter Andre has shared a touching tribute to his late brother Andrew today, on what would have been his 61st birthday.

Peter Andre

The Australian born pop star lost his older sibling after a battle with kidney cancer back in December 2012.


MORE: Peter Andre opens up about secret stalker hell after obsessed fan threatened to kill herself: ‘This is scary’

Now the Mysterious Girl hitmaker has taken to Instagram to share a sweet message in memory of Andrew.

Uploading the honouring post to his Instagram feed, 46-year-old Pete emotionally penned: ‘Miss you brother,’ alongside a sad faced emoji.

The dad-of-four rounded off the touching words, simply adding: ‘Happy Birthday. Always in our thoughts.’

Fans of the singer were quick to flood the comment section beneath the post with messages of support and love, with many sharing their own experiences of losing a close family member.

One wrote: ‘thinking of you. I lost my brother in the 7/7 bombings. Birthdays and Anniversaries make us miss them more…if that’s even possible. Take care xx,’ with another adding: ‘We just said goodbye to my nana today, sad day for us too. Happy birthday Andrew ❤❤❤.

A third follower sent Pete more comforting words, commenting: ‘Thinking of you Pete x Andrew will always be with you and will be looking down on you with so much pride 💖💙😘.’

Peter’s other brother Michael confirmed Andrew’s death on Twitter back in 2012, revealing the former I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! contestant and his family were by their sibling’s side when he passed.

The heart breaking Tweet read: ‘My brother Andrew lost his battle with cancer in the early hours of Sunday morning.

‘We were all with him, holding him, till his very last breath. Absolutely devastated. So I thank you all so much for your kind words and messages you’ve sent. I’m sure he is reading them with me… Thank you again.’

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‘Hungover’ Holly Willoughby struggles through This Morning after ‘drinking ten margaritas’ at Celebrity Juice wrap party

Hol headed to work after a night of partying…

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby seemed a bit worse for wear during today’s episode of the ITV breakfast show.

The 38-year-old telly star who hosts the morning programme alongside 57-year-old Phillip Schofield, held back gags during a cooking segment with Phil Vickery, having attended the Celebrity Juice end of season party the night before.


MORE: Holly Willoughby reveals she once flashed her BOOB live on kids TV as she opens up on boozy past

When the TV chef whipped up a batch of Spring Kedgeree and the smell of haddock wafted through the studio, Holly admitted the fishy aroma wasn’t helping her state following the night out.

Phil then chimed in, exposing Hol’s fragile state, saying: ‘I know you’re a bit…hungover.’

Before Holly explained: ‘We had the Celebrity Juice wrap party last night. That’s all.

‘The smell of haddock in this studio is not helpful.’

‘I love smoked haddock,’ she continued. ‘It’s just the smell of it that’s quite strong.’

With co-host Phil demanding that Holly explain the reasoning behind post-party syndrome, she hilariously confessed: I was contractually obliged to drink ten margaritas.’

Hol shared a snap with her Instagram followers as she posed in a shimmery purple peplum dress before the Celeb Juice bash.

Alongside the post, where the blonde TV beauty can be seen twirling in her frock, she penned: ‘Tonight on the last in the series of @celebjuiceofficial I’ve gone glitter-ball-tastic 💿📀💿📀💿.’

This follows Celebrity Juice front man, Keith Lemon’s confession that Holly’s drinking ability always comes out on top during parties.

The quirky telly personality revealed: ‘She’s Holly Willough-boozy. She’ll always win a drinking competition. I don’t know how she does it!

‘Like at the National Television Awards, she gets boozed up and then goes to work the next day. I can’t do that. My next day is a write off!’

Speaking to New! magazine the cheeky game show host revealed how the Celebrity Juice panellists manage to get up to so many mischievous antics during filming, adding: ‘It is really naughty, but on the night it’s quite booze-fuelled naughtiness. Everyone has their inhibitions pushed to the kerb.’

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TOWIE’s James Argent discusses weight gain in candid interview as he opens up about ‘eating disorder’

Arg has spoken out on his weight struggles

TOWIE star James ‘Arg’ Argent has opened up about his struggles surrounding weight in an honest interview on today’s episode of This Morning.

James Argent

Speaking to presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on the ITV morning chat show, the reality star bared all about his issues with food, admitting he has an eating disorder.


MORE: James Argent left ‘devastated’ as Gemma Collins takes shock action amid nasty split

The 31-year-old Essex native revealed: ‘I’ve always gone up and down with my weight since I was a teenager.

‘I could be really, really slim in the first half of the year, but by the other half I’m morbidly obese.

‘All my problems stem from food. I have an eating disorder.’

Arg went on to explain that he replaced his relationship with drinking with food, leading to his recent weight gain.

He said: ‘I’m proud of myself with how my career is going and that I’ve stayed clean and sober rather than going out with my mates to a club and drinking.

‘But now if I’ve had a good or bad day, I’m now comfort eating.’

‘I knew I had put on a substantial amount of weight when I looked in the mirror and could see my clothes weren’t fitting.

The telly personality continued to confess his growing size has impacted his confidence.

He added: ‘I’ve felt more self-conscious lately, asking people to change the angle when they take photos of me.

‘I’m really lucky because I never really get much hate on social media, but in the last few months I’ve been getting more and more trolling about my weight.

‘I do tend to laugh things off, but it can still hurt and still affect you. My friends used to have a laugh about my love of food and that I’m chubby, but no one is really laughing anymore.’

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Sam Faiers reveals which A-lister’s Met Gala look inspired glam new hairdo as she attends clothing launch

Sam took some inspo from THIS celeb’s Met Gala look…

Sam Faiers stepped out to attend the launch of her brand new clothing range last night, sporting a super chic look inspired by a certain US star.

Sam Faiers

Attending the launch party of her collaboration with Quiz, the former TOWIE girl headed out in a super chic, blazer and shorts co-ord teamed with a pair of leg lengthening silver heels.


MORE: The BRUTAL reason Khloe Kardashian is never invited to the Met Gala

The mum-of-two, 28, wore her shiny brown tresses tied up in a high ponytail, matching a fluffy blue scrunchie with her outfit.

Sam even took to Instagram to share the inspiration behind her sleek locks with her 2.3 million followers.

As she rode in the car on the way to the luxurious event held at London’s Sushi Samba restaurant, the Essex native teased: ‘Hi guys, so we are on our way to my Quiz bloggers launch dinner. I’m not wearing my outfit yet but I’ll be putting it on soon and I can’t wait to show you the pictures!’

She continued: ‘I have gone for Hailey Bieber hair vibes after the Met Gala.’

American beauty Hailey, who married pop star Justin Bieber last year, stepped out at this year’s Met Gala earlier this week, where the 22-year-old showcased the inspo for Sam’s stunning launch look.

Sam went on to post a series of posey snapshots on her social media feed, showing off the glam up do from all angles, alongside the caption: ‘Mrs Bieber vibesss.’

Fans were quick to shower the Mummy Diaries star with complimentary comments on her new favourite hair style, with one penning: ‘Love the hair 😍😍😍,’ while another wrote: ‘Absolutely stunning it’s unreal,’ and another swooned: ‘I loved Hayley’s look at the met gala and I love this on you 🙌🏼💙.

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Amanda Holden poses in silk pyjamas as she shows off THIS luxury addition to her home

Wow, house envy alert!

Amanda Holden shared a mega glam snapshot with fans last night, posing in her pyjamas in front of a very lavish new addition to her home.

Perching on a bar stool with a large glass of gin and tonic in hand, the Britain’s Got Talent judge can be seen sporting a pair of white silk PJ shorts with a matching shirt.


MORE: Amanda Holden shows off incredible body in lace up swimsuit as she enjoys another sun-soaked trip

Propping up her slipper-covered feet to showcase her toned, tanned pins, Amanda showed off her brand new home bar with fans, captioning the glamorous post: ‘It’s #G&T in my #PJ’s! Thrilled with my bar renovation!’

With the telly star surrounded by countless bottles of booze in the stylishly decorated room, fans were quick to swoon over the luxurious amenity.

One follower penned: ‘bar goals 😍,’ while another wrote: ‘Looks beautiful Amanda! :).’

Meanwhile a few of Amanda’s celebrity pals took to the comment section to leave some more complimentary words.

Radio personality Lisa Snowden wrote: ‘Wow! It’s incredible. Cheers gorgeous! 💜,’ while telly presenter Kate Thornton invited herself round for a tipple, adding: ‘When can we christen it?! X.’

The snapshot of Amanda’s relaxing night in comes after she revealed to fans that she had been taking her career state-side, after she landed a gig reporting on updates of the royal baby for an American news channel.

Confirming the details of her stint presenting across the pond, the former actress shared a photo of her on the job, alongside the caption: ‘Reporting for @insideedition for @cbsnews 🇺🇸 #royalbaby 👶🏼 amid @qvcuk duties ♥.’

Amanda’s loyal fans were once again there to shower her with praise for her latest TV venture, with one commenting: ‘You would be an amazing new reporter 🤣🤣,’ while another wrote: ‘Wow you’re a busy bee today. Lol. X’

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Vicky Pattison admits she is ‘sad and lonely’ after ‘weight gain’ in super honest social media post

Vic has opened up with a heartfelt message…

Vicky Pattison has taken to social media to share a super honest post with fans, speaking out on the pressures of social media.

Vicky Pattison

Admitting she is ‘sad’ and ‘lonely’ after gaining weight, the former Geordie Shore star opened up about her struggles in the candid upload.

Alongside a selfie where the 31-year-old Newcastle native can be seen baring a make up free face, she penned: ‘I don’t even know how to start this post. But I think honesty is probably the best place. So here goes, I feel sad.


MORE: Vicky Pattison reveals painful sunburn after stripping down for sizzling swimsuit snap: ‘Instagram vs reality!’

Continuing to share her feelings with her 4.3 million followers, Vic confessed she feels as though she is adding to ‘problems’ surrounding social media.

She added: ‘This week no less than 5 lovely women have approached me in various places & thanked me for being myself on social media- thanked me for being real & an ‘inspiration.’ Well I looked through my feed & I didn’t feel very inspirational at all.

‘I felt like a fraud, like someone who is contributing to the problem that social media is creating in our society rather than someone who is fighting to be part of the solution.’

The former I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! winner went on to insist that she wants to use her social media platforms to spread positivity, writing: ‘Too many people are trying to keep up with lifestyles on Instagram that don’t exist. We are punishing ourselves because we aren’t these people & they aren’t even these f*****g people? It’s all for the ‘gram!’

Vicky began to open up on her current hardships, truthfully adding: ‘I have a chest infection that I haven’t been able to shake and it’s making me cranky, I’m lonely, I’ve gained weight recently & it’s getting me down no matter how much I pretend I’m ok with it.

‘I’m going to the baftas for the first time on Sunday & I’m so nervous that I won’t fit in or look as good as everyone else I’m losing sleep over it.

‘I’m overwhelmed in the world I’m in, i ate Doritos last night in my sleep (yes I sleep eat) I miss my mam, i’m sick of living out of a suitcase, I’m drowning in these thoughts and I don’t feel inspirational.’

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South Carolina Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Stealing Cigarettes

A South Carolina man who stole thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes from the same gas station twice in one week will spend the next 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in court Wednesday (May 8).

Officials said 48-year-old Michael Lamont Jones went into an Exxon Kangaroo gas station on January 18th, 2019, got behind the counter and threatened the clerk by telling them he was armed with a gun (he wasn’t) before stealing more than $4,000 worth of cigarettes.

Investigators said Jones committed a similar robbery at the exact same store just five days prior.

After pleading guilty to two counts of strong-armed robbery and three counts of shoplifting, a judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison for the strong-armed robbery charges and 10 years for each shoplifting charge, which will be served concurrently.

A decade and a half behind bars for some damn cigarrettes. Hope it was worth it!

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