Lets Talk About the Skywalker Name and That Laugh in the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Rey readies herself for battle in the first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

We finally have it: the title and first trailer for Star Wars Episode IX, better known now as The Rise of Skywalker. Let’s just take a moment to all collectively scream about how freaking awesome it looks, okay?

Right. Now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, it’s time for the bread and butter of every run-up to a Star Wars movie: speculation. I’m going to preface this post by saying that I can be wrong about many Star Wars theories, so please know this is entirely speculation and I could be wildly off base. The fun of speculation is that everyone has different theories. This just happens to be mine.

Right, let’s talk about that title first of all. This trilogy has been entirely about inheritance, and JJ Abrams even confirmed that this is about a new generation of heroes dealing with what they’ve inherited from the light and the dark. The Skywalker inheritance has been key to the franchise, both in terms of Kylo’s “mighty Skywalker blood” and connection to Darth Vader and the Skywalker saber calling to Rey and her being trained by Luke in her own way.

And yet, while our villain is the child of legacy characters, our heroes are not. Poe comes from humble beginnings. We don’t know who Finn’s family is. Rey is a nobody from Jakku, at least according to Kylo. They are not the children of Luke or Leia, yet they’ve inherited their heroism. Which brings me to my main point, something Twitter has been abuzz with since the title dropped: the Skywalker of the title is not Luke, Leia, or Kylo, but Rey taking on the title Skywalker to begin a new order of Force users.

The Jedi were an order that somewhat fell from grace and legend due to corruption, the Clone Wars, and Palpatine’s machinations. Skywalker could symbolize hope, as it symbolized hope for those in the Rebellion. Rey has been hearing the legends of Luke Skywalker all her life on Jakku, as she makes clear to Finn when he first tells her that BB-8 has a map to Luke. Luke wasn’t what she expected, but he still helped her save the Resistance at the end of it all. The idea of Episode VIII being about the last Jedi (Luke) while Episode IX is about the rise of the new legend of Rey and her as a “Skywalker.”

After all, the Force Awakens trailer included the title card “every generation has a story.” This trailer changes that to “every generation has a legend.” Rey is that legend.

This is not to say that Kylo won’t be important as a biological Skywalker. He seems to be evil in the trailer, though on second and third glance thanks to an eagle-eyed friend of mine, he might be taking out a Knight of Ren in the one shot we really get of him. I do think redemption is in the cards with him, though I’m hoping without a purely happy ending or a wedding to Rey. However, he might not be the Skywalker rising here, as his redemption could lead to death or exile.

It is worth noting that the trailer seems to end with a version of his theme, which could invalidate my idea that the title refers to Rey rather than him or the pair of them.

Luke’s voiceover also points to Rey leading a new generation of Jedi. “A thousand generations live in you now… but this is your fight,” implies that Rey, like Luke before her, will stand alone against evil. But she won’t be alone. The panel hinted that there would be a significant time jump between The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker. Rey has had plenty of time to both read the Jedi library she salvaged from Luke’s island and to meditate, and to possibly learn from Force Ghosts. She has the wisdom. As Yoda says, everything she needed she already possessed.

Speaking of Force Ghosts, it seems as though the Emperor Palpatine has been keepings some secrets. The villain that haunted the Skywalker family since day one is making an appearance in this film, which makes sense since the heroes will be making a visit to the ruins of the Death Star. The trailer concludes with his ominous laugh, and Ian McDiarmid appeared at the panel to tease the audience.

My newest theory comes from the ideas planted in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy. In those books, set after the fall of the Empire, tease a contingency plan Palpatine had that involved the Dark Side of the Force, ancient Sith artifacts, and the planet Jakku. I used to think that Palpatine’s plan was to summon Snoke, but now I think he’s alive in a Force Ghost capacity and is getting his revenge once and for all.

In the Aftermath novel Life Debt, Leia feels a dark presence circling her son. Was that Force Snoke, or was it Palpatine already seeking a new Skywalker apprentice? He could have tricked Kylo into believing he was the ghost of Anakin/Darth Vader, therefore luring Kylo in with the promise of his past. Kylo does tell the destroyed helmet of Vader to “show me again … and I will finish what you started.”

And now, Kylo is Supreme Leader. He’s finishing what Palpatine started, not Anakin or Vader.

I’m really digging the potential weirdness of this film. I want this film to delve into weird Force mythology. I want Rey to rebuild a Jedi order. I sort of want them to go to the world between worlds from Star Wars Rebels. Hopefully, JJ Abrams is giving us a supremely interesting look at the Force and balance as he brings an end to the saga itself. I really hope this film gets theological with its Force chatter and gives us a brave new galaxy to explore once the saga concludes.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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Everything Is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker So Much That It Broke the Internet

The Star Wars sequel trilogy trio stands on a hill overlooking a destroyed Death Star.

I’m not screeching but I am sobbing over the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker footage we got from Star Wars Celebration today. We finally got a title and trailer, and my emotions all over the place. At least I’m not alone in my tears.

Fans from all over literally broke Twitter for a second with their posts about the film. For many, this has been a long time coming. I remember the first time I watched Star Wars with my brother and how much I loved the franchise. It’s the kind of thing that has been ingrained in me for so long that now, whenever new Star Wars content comes out, I start screeching into the void about it.

So, what exactly did we break the internet over? Oh, you know, just the absolutely incredible new footage!

Emotions are high for all of us as we’re trying to figure out what this new footage means. We have our new trio fighting against Kylo and the First Order. We have old friends and Luke Skywalker in a voiceover in the beginning. What does it all mean? What can we expect out of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

At least we know that, no matter what, Emo Kylo Ren will continue to be one of the best Twitter accounts out there.

(image: LucasFilm)

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The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer Is Here!

It’s here! The trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker finally debuted today at Star Wars Celebration!

We’re honestly not even sure where to begin. Let’s talk about that amazing opening scene for a minute. Is that Kylo Ren in that TIE fighter chasing down Rey? More importantly, Rey’s new badass lightsaber skills cannot be overstated. I cannot wait to see her take down a TIE with nothing but her saber and her determination. Seriously, we talk about Rey as a fighter and inspiration; I can’t wait to see her bust out some killer prequel-esque Jedi moves.

We also see Finn in action, as well as Poe flying some sort of landspeeder as they’re pursued by the First Order. Kylo destroys a Resistance fighter, which points to him still being an antagonist character, rather than seeking a third act redemption. Lando flies the Falcon again, which warms my cold, bitter heart. Someone—probably Leia—holds the medal given to Luke and Han at the ceremony following the Death Star’s destruction. At the end, it seems as though Rey and her friends are on a planet that has the remnants of one of the Death Stars, which means that they’re probably going to investigate something that was teased at the beginning of the franchise somehow.

The trailer features a voiceover from Luke Skywalker, telling someone (I assume Rey. Maybe it’s Kylo, though!) that a thousand generations of wisdom is inside them, but this is their fight. Later in the trailer, as Rey and Leia embrace, Luke says, “We’ll always be with you” and that “no one is ever really gone.”

And it seems no one is really gone. The trailer ends with the evil cackle of Emperor Palpatine. It appears the series’ arch villain isn’t quite done yet. Could he be behind Snoke, and the fall of Kylo Ren? Is he Rey’s dad? God, I really hope he’s not Rey’s dad.

The title also teases “the rise of Skywalker.” Is that Ben Solo, or will Rey take on the mantle of Skywalker?

What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments, and check back in for more speculation throughout the day!

(image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

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Things We Saw Today: Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Young Beverly Cleary with her cat in black and white.

Beverly Cleary, whose characters have made an indelible impression on millions of children, is 103 years old today. She’s written dozens of books over the decades (selling 91 million copies), but the most famous of her characters and the one who has impacted the lives of so many young girls is, no doubt, Ramona Quimby.

Ramona was created as a minor character in Cleary’s first novel, Henry Huggins, in 1950. But she soon became the center of her own story (Beezus and Ramona) and series of stories. A profile on Vox states that “Henry Huggins and the many books that followed were meant to be an antidote to the sugary, sentimental children’s stories that were fashionable in the 1950s; Cleary was writing about real children.”

Her stories were not typical stories of the time and Ramona Quimby was not their typical girl. She was feisty, disruptive, and tomboyish at a time when that was anything but trendy or even very acceptable. She was in good company with, as Vox’s Constance Grady writes, “other untidy girls who function as walking wrecking balls to the status quo”–Jo March, Laura Ingalls, Pippi Longstocking, and the like. For generations of girls who sometimes felt out of place but refused to compromise who they were, who were forging their own paths through life, who really were Merry Sunshines, no matter what anyone said–Beverly Cleary gave us a hero and a friend.

Let’s see, I’m sure there were some other things that happened today that weren’t Disney-related …

  • I am very into these queer AF first-look pictures of the new Charlie’s Angels. (via EW)
  • The first episode of this What If? animated series will imagine a world in which Peggy Carter became Captain America. (via Comic Book Movie)
  • The new Veronica Mars revival has a teaser trailer! (via Twitter)
  • This is the funniest thing on the entirety of the internet.

  • Important history: 100 years ago, hundreds of unarmed, peaceful civilians in Punjab were shot by British soldiers under the command of the now infamous “Butcher of Amritsar.” (via Origins)
  • We talked earlier this week about Kirsten Gillibrand’s ability to learn and grow from her past mistakes but Elizabeth Warren was a full-on Republican for much of her adult life. (via The Slot)
  • And then there was that time Mackenzie Davis and Antoni from Queer Eye were in a low-budget production of Legally Blonde the musical.

Well, that’s about all the Friday I can take. Happy weekend, everybody!

(image: By Unknown – Cleary Family archive/OPB, Public Domain)

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Donald Trump’s Shameful Transgender Military Ban Went Into Effect Today

Protesters hold signs reading RESIST, written in blue, pink and white, the colors of the transgender flag.

Donald Trump first introduced his plan to bar transgender people from serving in the military via Twitter (of course) back in July of 2017. Falsely citing the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” the inclusion of transgender troops entail, he tweeted that the US government “will not accept or allow” them to serve in the military.

Nearly two years and multiple lawsuits later, Trump’s ban went into effect today.

The Pentagon, which maintains that this isn’t actually a “ban,” despite that being exactly what it is, says via a representative speaking to BuzzFeed News that they are “pleased” by the implications of the ban.

Trump and the Pentagon insist this isn’t a ban on transgender troops because the policy states that trans people can serve, so long as they do so “in their biological sex.” Meaning they have to deny their gender identity and live as the gender they were assigned at birth. They cannot have medically transitioned or do so while serving, either with hormones or surgery. Essentially, it’s a new Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, requiring transgender people to deny their gender identity in order to serve. That is a ban.

Trump’s claims that transgender troops are costly and disruptive have been repeatedly disproven by experts. A RAND study found that out of about 1.3 million active service members, approximately 2,450 of them are transgender, and only a tiny subset of those (between 29 and 129 people per year) would require additional transition-related medical services while serving. The cost of extending gender transition-related health care coverage to transgender personnel would increase active-duty health care costs by a mere  0.04- to 0.13-percent. But Trump calls that a “tremendous” cost.

As for the “disruption,” all four service chiefs have spoken out against the policy and past and present military personnel offered up their own anecdotal evidence that that’s a load of crap.

In an essay for Broadly, Charlotte Clymer writes, “For over three years, I carried caskets in Arlington National Cemetery. I folded American flags for loved ones. I didn’t know anything about the gender identity or sexuality of those I carried—just that they had died in selfless service, and they wore the flag of this country to the grave.”

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that banning transgender people from serving in the military would be beneficial for our armed services.

This fight isn’t over, but this is certainly a dark time that we’ll look back on as a society with deep shame.

(image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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Piers Morgan caught in LA earthquake and fears a ‘big one’ is coming

How scary!

Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britain host and controversial public figure Piers Morgan was caught in an earthquake today, as he described the epicentre as being just a mile from his Beverly Hills home.

He updated his Twitter followers about the situation, attaching a screenshot of the earthquake’s location and how close it was to his own home.


MORERichard Madeley suffers HILARIOUS tan fail on GMB as fans compare him to an Oompa Loompa

He said: ‘Well, the bed most definitely moved for me… Just been woken up in LA by a 2.8 magnitude earthquake. Epicentre a mile from my house in Beverly Hills. Just a smallish rattle-and-roller but always rather unnerving, especially as California’s due another ‘Big One’.’

The 54-year-old seemed fairly nonchalant about the quake, seeming to brush it off by describing it as ‘a smallish rattle-and-roller’. However, he feels concerned about any upcoming seismic activity, as clusters of small tremors can be indicative of a much larger one approaching.

Piers isn’t the only one feeling concerned about this, as reports say that Californians are currently ‘living in fear’ of a larger quake, which could measure as high as 9.0 and trigger a tsunami too.

‘The Big One’ is a large earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction, which would target California and the west coast of the USA, hence why people are dreading its predicted arrival. An earthquake of this scale could cause mass devastation across the state and beyond.

Despite describing his experience as ‘unnerving’, Piers was quick to attack American rapper Cardi B after she tweeted about the quake, saying she’d ‘never experienced one before’ and that she felt scared.

In his rebuttal, Piers seems to criticise the 26-year old for tweeting an overreaction, reminding her that the quake only measured at 2.8 on the Richter scale. Even in the aftermath of a natural disaster, it seems Piers can’t help being his usual opinionated self on his Twitter feed.

Whether you like him or loathe him, this probably isn’t the last thing he’s going to say on the topic of the earthquake, and the dreaded ‘Big One’. It’s unclear whether it’ll arrive at all, but based on research, residents are right to be nervous.

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This Little Mix star is hot favourite to replace Robbie Williams and Ayda Field on The X Factor

This would be amazing!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock (10110758an)
Little Mix – Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson
39th Brit Awards, Show, The O2 Arena, London, UK – 20 Feb 2019

Popular UK talent show The X-Factor has seen many judges since its debut in 2004. Each season there’s always some secrecy around which four icons will judge, causing fans to speculate and theories to emerge.

Since Robbie Williams and long-term wife Ayda Field announced they were stepping back to focus on other opportunities, the bookies have crowned a new favourite to replace the musical duo. Who’ve they gone with? Little Mix‘s very own Perrie Edwards, who is currently 11-10 favourite.


MOREThe real reason Robbie Williams and Ayda Field are ‘gutted’ to QUIT The X-Factor after just one series

Coral’s John Hill revealed: ‘It will be all change on the judges’ seats on X Factor this year after Robbie and Ayda left the show and all the early money in our betting has been for Perrie Edwards to take up one of the spots on the panel.

‘Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole have been backed to make returns to the show, as Simon Cowell may look for familiar faces this year as he battles to boost the ratings,’.

Since winning The X-Factor with Little Mix back in 2010, Perrie has gone on to have an incredibly successful music career along with the rest of the group. Since her origins lie with the talent show, and she’s a testament to what it can do for your career, it’s no surprise that she stands as the current favourite new judge.

Other options include Craig David at 3-1, former X-Factor contestant Alexandra Burke at 5-1 and former X-Factor judge and band manager Louis Walsh at 5-4. Some speculate that a fan favourite may return in order to boost ratings for the upcoming season.

Although Robbie and Ayda are waving goodbye to judging, they stated they’d still be working closely with talent manager Simon Cowell on future projects. However, they’re keeping things quiet for now, so no one’s quite sure what’s on the horizon for the couple just yet.

Via an Instagram update, the couple wrote: ‘A quick update from Team Williams… it’s been a very busy year so far and Vegas has been incredible – we cannot wait for June and July to do it all again… we’ve got some very big announcements coming soon – but we can’t reveal all yet’.

If Little Mix star Perrie does take a seat on the judging panel, she’d be the second X-Factor winner to try their hand at judging, following on from One Direction star Louis Tomlinson.

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This controversial Strictly star reveals he is REPLACING Darcey Bussell as judge

Surely not?

Darcey Bussell
Darcey Bussell

Following the news that former ballerina and beloved judge Darcey Bussell is stepping down as Strictly Come Dancing judge, many are speculating who’ll be filling her shoes.

The 49-year-old announced her departure via social media, releasing a statement thanking everyone for having her on the show for seven years. ‘I know I will miss being part of this unique show’, she said, adding that she’d be delighted to return again one day.


MORE: The real reason Robbie Williams and Ayda Field are ‘gutted’ to QUIT The X-Factor after just one series

But seizing the opportunity for some more scandal, controversial former celeb contestant Seann Walsh decided to use the opportunity to tease fans, tweeting that he was replacing Darcey on the judge’s panel.

‘Although sad to hear Darcey Bussell has stepped down as a judge on Strictly, I am happy to announce I will be replacing her for the next series. Cannot wait! Keep daaaancing. 🕺, he penned shortly after the news broke.

The 33-year-old comedian is no stranger to controversy, after kissing 29-year-old married dance partner Katya Jones when he appeared on last year’s series. As a consequence, many people now consider him ‘the most hated man on Strictly’. This even resulted in long-term girlfriend Rebecca Humphries, who wasn’t able to forgive him for the betrayal, publicly dumping him. Ouch.

As expected, many Twitter users were quick to reply to his mock announcement, with one user saying: ‘Who did you have to kiss to get this job? Craig or Bruno?’

Another user said: ‘I’ll stop waaaaaaatching then.’ Pretty savage if you ask us.

You may have thought all that drama would stop him, but Walsh has now been spotted hanging out with Strictly talent executive Stefiana Aleksander. He’s been working out with her and attending lunch dates, leaving many wondering what is going on.

A source told The Sun: ‘Seann and Stefania regularly meet up for lunch and have been mates for a long time, but recently they have grown a lot closer. He was definitely keen to impress her and make her laugh, they seemed to have lots of flirty energy.’

Stefania has told friends she’s still single, but has a ‘soft spot’ for the comedian. It’s unclear what the future holds for the pair, but they’ve been described as having an ‘intimate working relationship’.

However, Strictly bosses were forced to deny that their relationship was anything more than platonic.

A Strictly spokesperson said: ‘It is the job of a Talent Executive to maintain relationships with contestants both past and present and any suggestion that this is anything other than a working relationship is not true.

‘Strictly is a global brand that operates all year round.’

There’s been no further updates about the future of the Strictly judging panel, but it seems many fans wouldn’t be best pleased if Seann’s Twitter update turned out to be true – we don’t think they have to worry about that though…

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Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson breaks silence after SHOCK hospital dash: ‘I’ve never been so scared!’

So scary!

megan barton-hanson

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson has spoken about the traumatic events that took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The 25-year-old was rushed to hospital after suffering a serious allergic reaction to nuts, which was later confirmed by the hospital.


MORE: Megan Barton-Hanson ‘flirts’ with another Love Island star after taking SAVAGE swipe at ex Wes Nelson on Instagram

A source told MailOnline that Megan had been experiencing pain and discomfort through the night, then she was told she had to go into hospital to find out what was going on.

Despite being on the road to recovery, Megan said she felt ‘disheartened’ that she missed her trip to LA because of the emergency. She reassured fans that she was beginning to feel more human again, after a stressful few days.

Next to a glamorous snap, Megan defiantly penned: ‘The comeback is always STRONGER than the set back. Finally starting to feel a little more human again, I’ve never been so scared!

‘When the doctor looks at you in shock and says we need to call an ambulance right now, a day before I was due to fly to LA 😓Thank you all so much for your well wishes and support it means so much. Meg xx’

See the photo HERE!

Megan’s followers rushed to her Instagram following her update, to send hundreds of get well soon messages and kind words. Her update included a glamorous photo of the Essex-based icon, looking bronzed in a sparkly jumpsuit and full-face of makeup.

‘Feel better Meg! Thanks for being such a positive impact on young girls’, one fan said, praising the star for her inspirational posts and the work she does.

Another fan said: ‘Get well soon! Wish you a speedy recovery and sending lots of love, you must have been so brave.’

Megan has been through a lot so far in 2019, after being in hospital due to a bladder infection in January, which had spread to her kidneys. During this time, she explained how thankful she was for her parents who sent her gifts due to being so far away.

In February, she announced her split from former boyfriend Wes Nelson, who she met on the popular ITV show which helped to launch her career. But there are rumours that she’s considering joining Celebs Go Dating, to help her move on from her recent split.

We just might see more of Megan on-screen in the next few months…

Words by Lucy Buglass.


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Tulisa divides fans with X-rated music video for comeback single Daddy: ‘Am I missing something?’

This is one sexy video…


Tulisa wowed fans when she shared the video for her much-awaited come back single on social media.

The ultra sultry pop song, titled Daddy, is 30-year-old Tulisa’s first musical project since 2016, with her last album The Female Boss being released over six years ago.


MORE:Tulisa blames X Factor for music delay as she admits: ‘I played a version of myself’ on the ITV show

This morning the former X-Factor judge took to Twitter to announce that the single was finally available, sharing the raunchy music video with followers.

She wrote: ‘It’s finally here guys check out the video for my new tune #daddy out now.’

Appearing in a neon pink wig and donning a black PVC corset, the ex N-Dubz songstress sings the provocative lyrics: ‘I wanna call you daddy.’

Meanwhile, the raunchy video, set in a strip club, features pole dancers dressed in latex lingerie performing seductively as Tulisa suggestively applies a tube of pink lip gloss.

Fans were quick to bombard Tulisa with support for the X-rated vid, with one enthusiastically penning: Queeeeeeen you came thruuuuuu I’m so bloody proud of ya! , ’ while another added: ‘Can’t believe our T is back I missed you and your music so much! Ly T hope I will meet you one day.

Although, not all of Tulisa’s followers were as keen on the sexual single, with one confused Tweeter writing: ‘I can’t be the only one thinking that @officialtulisa new song is creepy AF? Call you Daddy??? About someone you’re f***king??? Daddy??? Am I missing something?,

Another replied in agreement, typing: ‘Creepy as!! WTF!’

Speaking on her hiatus from the industry, Tulisa revealed she’s ready to focus on music again, saying: ‘I took some time out of the spotlight to refocus on what is important to me, and that’s music.

‘I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio writing and recording new music, and now I have many new tracks ready to go.’


Speaking to Metro the pop star added: ‘For me it’s not about chasing celebrity or chart positions. I lost my way for a while trying to make music for other people or what I think people wanted to hear.

‘Now it’s all about putting out music that I love and is true to myself. These songs are a return to my roots and if you happen to like them, then brilliant!’

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