LISTEN: Kodak Black Calls T.I.’s Wife Tiny an “Ugly Bitch” in Diss Track Called “Expeditiously”

Kodak Black is not done with T.I. just yet.

After T.I. teased a Kodak Black diss track on Instagram Live, Kodak responded by saying he “should have made one of [his] fa**ot a** little sons write a rap.”

He then went in on Tiny, saying: “That bitch ugly as hell. I don’t even want piggy! He talkin’ about ‘Bro would’ve stepped up for me.’ First of all, bitch, don’t nobody want piggy, bitch.”

Now Kodak has decided to air his grievances on wax via a new diss track aimed right at T.I. called “Expeditiously.”

The title was inspired by the word Tip used when he called him out over his disrespectful comments about Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend Lauren London.

Throughout the song, Kodak rips into T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

“How you tell me what came out my mouth, you don’t even know Nipsey / Tiny that bitch ugly as hell / I don’t even want Piggy,” Kodak raps. “I can’t beat you ni**as at talkin’ give me a long sentence / You know I keep the pole and I ain’t no hoe, I know some Rollin 60s / And I’m thuggin’ all on my lonely, but I keep some Zoes with me.”

Elsewhere in the song, Kodak seemingly calls out Tekashi 6ix9ine and The Game, the latter of whom also put him on blast for his comments about Lauren London.

“Young ni**a stickin’ to the code, ’cause I don’t condone snitchin’ / I ain’t going out like that rapper, I don’t wanna do no tippin’,” Kodak adds.

“When he said my name on the TV, that boy a bold witness / On the news, see T.I.P. me, that boy don’t got no feelings / Suwoop put the pole on lil’ buddy, they said the Game strippin’ / Old heads ain’t hittin’ on nun, I say them boys kiddin’ / I want all the smoke out the stove but I don’t even roll Phillies / How the hell you callin’ me out when you know I don’t listen.”

The beef between T.I. and Kodak started after Kodak said he wanted to pursue London following Nipsey’s death, but he would give her a year of “crying and sh*t” before making his move.

“Lauren London that baby, though. She about to be out here single,” Kodak said. “She’s finna be a whole widow out here. I’ll be the best man I can be for her. I’ll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year to be crying and sh*t for him.”

He added: “I’ll try to be like a friend if you need to holla or a shoulder to lean on. She can call my line.”

Tip scolded Kodak in a video he shared on social media (“You out of pocket, ni**a, fix that sh*t … quickly, expeditiously”) and then removed the rapper’s exhibit from his Trap Museum in Atlanta, to which Kodak responded: “F**k that p**sy a** museum, I ain’t give you permission to put me up anyway.”

Kodak then offered a non-apology to Lauren London (“If I disrespected you, Lauren London, in any shape or form, I’m sorry, even though I didn’t”) and later claimed that the only reason T.I. was going after him because he wanted London all for himself.

“Dude just wants first dibs on her,” Kodak said on Instagram Live.

This past weekend, T.I. seemingly previewed a diss track of his own targeted at Kodak.

“I’m conditioned to see the vision, you / I don’t care if you’re 81 or 22,” he raps. “All that back and forth, ain’t finna get into / I said what I said and I meant it too.” (FYI: Kodak Black turns 22 on his birthday in June)

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Sinks Don’t Have Basins, and Twitter Has Questions (and Jokes)

Where are the sink basins?

Remember just a few months ago, when Kanye West surprised Kim Kardashian with saxophonist Kenny G at their home, surrounded by vases of single roses for Valentine’s Day, but the romantic gesture left social media puzzled because the couple had no furniture?

Well, now social media has even more questions after getting another glimpse into the super couple’s Calabasas mansion.

Kim and Kanye recent welcomed Vogue into their home for the magazine’s popular “73 Questions” series.

Kim describes her home as a “minimal monastery” as we see little furniture and an off-white color scheme throughout the mansion.

As the camera pans into a bathroom, a massive tub faces a window wall. And then there are the sinks.

Viewers were mystified by the double sinks with no basins, just faucets.

Kim offered no explanation of the architectural marvel, leaving social media to offer their own theories and hilarious commentary.

Take a look:

Amid the jokes and GIFS, there were a few people who offered real explanations for those of us who are still like “But, why?”

Here are two pretty good ones:

What do you think about Kim and Kanye’s sinks?

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Marvel Is Reportedly Pursuing a Gay Asian Male Lead for The Eternals

conrad ricamora plays Oliver in how to get away with murder.

It would appear that Kevin Feige is making good on his promise to diversify the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a series of exciting announcements regarding The Eternals. First, we found out that Angelina Jolie would likely be joining the cast, followed by Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick).

The film has also landed Marvel’s second woman director (and first woman of color) Chloé Zhao (The Rider) who will be directing from a script by Ryan and Matthew K. Firpo.

And now, Marvel is looking to cast a gay Asian male lead in the upcoming film. According to The Hashtag Show, Marvel the character “James,” is described as “intellectual, emotional, and has a strong sense of family.”

The current frontrunner for the role is Conrad Ricamora, who is best known for playing Oliver on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. The addition of a queer person of color to the cast is exciting, as is the studio’s interest in casting an out actor for the role. The MCU has had some subtextual references to bisexuality (regarding Okoye and Valkryie) which never made it to the big screen. We’re long overdue for a queer superhero and it’s exciting that Marvel is taking the process seriously. While rumors about this casting appeared earlier, this is the first time we’ve learned potential details about the character.

The Eternals, created by Jack Kirby, follows super-powered and near-immortal beings (The Eternals), an evolutionary offshoot of the human race, as they fight against their hideous counter-points, the Deviants. Both races are offshoots of the Celestials, some of the oldest entities in the universe. While The Eternals are hardly well-known characters, this wouldn’t be the first time that Marvel mined more obscure titles for the MCU. After all, most of the general public hadn’t heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before they became a fan favorite.

Jolie is expected to play Sersi, an Eternal who possesses transmutational abilities, along with molecular and atomic manipulation. When she visits Earth, she is often perceived as a sorceress or magician due to her abilities. As for the other roles, they are still under wraps.

Also joining the cast of The Eternals is South Korean actor Ma Dong-seok, also known as Don Lee. Ma is best known for his work in the zombie thriller Train to Busan, with The Eternals being his first American role.

As someone who knew nothing about The Eternals prior to this film, I can’t help but be excited about this inclusive cosmic universe. After over 20 films, Marvel has proven that, more often than not, they know how to hit the mark and deliver a satisfying and entertaining film experience. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted on any and all MCU and The Eternals developments.

While Avengers: Endgame means the end of some of our favorite characters, I have hope that Marvel is only just getting started.

(via CBR, image: ABC)

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Shazam Star Says They’ve Signed On for Five Films, So Bring On the Team Up Films!

The family at the heart of DC's Shazam flees a villain in a still from the film.

Shazam is the DCEU’s latest hit, joining the ranks of Wonder Woman and Aquaman as the films that audiences embraced and enjoyed. The healthy box office returns for the medium-budgeted film and the good reviews all but guaranteed a sequel, but a recent interview with a cast member implied that maybe some characters would be crossing over into the wider DC universe when it finally is reborn.

(Spoilers for Shazam! will follow)

Towards the end of the film, Billy grants his foster family—Mary, Freddie, Eugene, Pedro, and Darla—superpowers like his, turning them into the Shazam family of adult superheroes with kid alter egos. In a profile with Parade, it was revealed that Michelle Borth, who plays the adult version of Mary (a.k.a. Mary Marvel), has been optioned for five films within DC, which pretty much guarantees the return of the Shazam family.

I doubt we’ll get four more solo Shazam films—that’s a lot of Shazam—so this does leave the door open to an interesting possibility. Can the Shazam family team up with the Justice League in a future project?

DC seems to be steering away from team-up films, even dropping the team-up intro that appeared before Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Aquaman in favor of a simple logo. But I would bet they’re trying to build up a League that audiences are more invested in so that when the Justice League takes to the screen again, it isn’t as much of a box office disaster.

I’ve speculated that Shazam would help change the face of future Justice League projects. It’s no secret that right now, the undisputed stars of the DC universe are Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince and Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry. They will undoubtably be the key to any future projects. Gadot re-negotiated her contract following the success of Wonder Woman, but there’s no information on how many films she’s currently contracted to do. Momoa signed a four picture deal, but that has probably changed since Aquaman hit the 1 billion dollar mark.

The Shazam family being optioned for multiple films makes sense, and is deeply exciting. While it was easy to guess that Billy (Asher Angel as a teen, Zachary Levi as an adult) would be joining the League, this means that his family won’t be forgotten in any future team up films. We won’t spend the entire project wondering why Billy isn’t getting help from Mary, Freddie, and co., but they’ll most likely be helping the League as well.

This adds a great layer to whatever line-up we’re looking at for Justice League 2. Diana, Arthur, and whoever’s left will be fighting alongside a bunch of kids who’s enthusiasm for being heroes cannot be contained. I hope Arthur makes a lot of jokes, and that Diana offers to help mentor and befriend Mary and Darla. I’m sure Barry Allen, whoever he’s being played by then, will be instant friends with Freddie.

The end of Shazam teases that Billy is already buddy-buddy with Superman. Whether Clark is in Justice League 2, and whether he’s still played by Henry Cavill, I can see Superman and Billy being close friends, as they’re both inherently good people. That could be a great way to humanize Superman outside of his relationship with Lois and his mother, which have been the main ways they’ve made Clark human in his past DC ventures.

While some might enjoy DC standalones, I find myself unable to wait for the next team up. As long as they don’t do Flashpoint, I’ll be happy. I know I used to champion that in the DCEU but now, being so attached to the characters who get the most screwed over by it makes it my least favorite idea for them to adapt. So bring on the Shazam family and Justice League team up we deserve. Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom can’t fight themselves.

(via Parade, image: Warner Bros)

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Despite a Troubled Production, the Swamp Thing Trailer Teases DC Universe’s First Horror Series

Swamp Thing as he appears in the DC comics.

The DC Universe streaming service is going creepy for their third live-action series. Swamp Thing, inspired by the DC comics of the same name, is debuting in a little over a month on the streaming site and, amidst rumors of a troubled production, has dropped the first teaser for the series. Check it out below.

The trailer has major Creature From the Black Lagoon vibes, which, from what little I know of the comics, is a good thing. However, while the trailer might be horror themed, the show will put the titular character into a heroic role as he fights to protect his swamp and the environment from human threats. After a string of bad guys whose plan is to save the ecosystem (hello, King Orm the Ocean-Master), it’s nice to see a hero who’s taking a stand for the trees like a creepy, swampy Lorax.

The trailer comes at a bit of a tumultuous time for the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has slashed the episode order on the series from 13 to 10 as rumors swirl that the upcoming Warner Media streaming service will conflict with DC Universe. While I doubt DC Universe and its originals will be canceled, it does present a slight problem for consumers. Will DC Universe be folded into Warner Media? Will it be an extra charge? What does the future hold for DC?

Other DC Universe originals—Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn—are either doing well enough critically and commercially or will be released on schedule; I cannot see them cancelling all current projects. There’s even a Stargirl project lined up for 2020. DC will most likely not cancel all projects in favor of the upcoming Warner Bros. streaming service, and will most likely be folded into the new service.

The production itself is having some creative differences when it comes to Warner Bros. TV vs. DC Universe. Slash Film reported today that the production has been shuttered, with episode 10 being rewritten to bring the show to a satisfying conclusion. The article also showcases a since-deleted Instagram post from star Virginia Madsen that implied the show was finished and was coming to an end before it even began. Abandon all hope, ye who enter the swamp.

Swamp Thing might return to the swamp from whence it came sooner rather than later, but the 10 episodes already look suitably creepy. I’m here for superhero projects exploring different genres, and a horrifying hero might be just what we need to examine a new way to tell specific comic book stories.

(via Twitter, image: DC Comics)

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The Boys Trailer Brings Blood, Guts, and Sex to the Superhero Genre

With Preacher ending its run after its upcoming fourth and final season, fans looking to get their Garth Ennis fix will find plenty of the author’s signature sex, violence, and irreverence in Amazon’s The Boys. The series released a new trailer, which gives us an NSFW glimpse at the world of The Boys.

Based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis (Preacher) and Darick Robertson (HAPPY!), The Boys takes place in world where a team of superheroes, known as The Seven, are international celebrities. The team are managed by Vought, a massive company run by Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), the Senior VP of Hero Management. But despite their superhero status, The Seven are arrogant and corrupt, often abusing their powers.

The only thing keeping them in line are The Boys, a group of ragtag mortals that form a CIA Black Ops team. The Boys are lead by tough ex-soldier Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), who is joined by newcomer Hughie (Jack Quaid), the good-hearted Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), ballistics expert Frenchie (Tomer Capon), and silent The Female (Karen Fukuhara, who will hopefully get more to do here than in Suicide Squad). Simon Pegg guest stars as Hughie’s father.

Look, I know the show is called The Boys, but the addition of one lady only known as The Female who is almost entirely silent is kind of … a bummer? I’m hoping the show will deviate from her comic book origins to allow her to be a more full-fledged character as opposed to a token.

The Seven, a Justice League knock-off, is led by Superman-esque Homelander (Antony Starr) who is joined by the innocent Supergirl-like Starlight (Erin Moriarty), the Wonder Woman-inspired Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), speedster A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), King of the Seas The Deep (Chace Crawford) and the super-strong Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell).

Tonally, the show should be similar to Preacher, given that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are producing both series. The show also features an A-list showrunner/writer/director in Eric Kripke (Supernatural, Timeless). With the Marvel Netflix partnership coming to a close, there’s still a market for R-rated superhero television. DC Universe is attempting to fill the gap, having better luck with the goofy Doom Patrol than the self-serious Titans.

The Boys could easily become television’s answer to the Deadpool franchise: a vulgar, ultra-violent satire of the superhero genre. After all, Amazon already has one irreverent superhero series with The Tick. The Boys could be an edgy companion piece to Amazon’s continuing slate of shows.

The Boys premieres July 26th on Amazon Prime.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you ready for The Boys or have you had enough hyper-violent superhero stories?

(via Deadline, image: screencap)

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Who Should Kill Thanos in Avengers: Endgame?

Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy

Friendly reminder: if you post leaks in the comments, the Snapture might not take you out but the ban hammer certainly will.

We are nine days away from the official release date of Avengers: Endgame. Despite leaks we are still speculating, and probably will be until the lights dim on the first showings. We hope that Thanos will be defeated, but the question remains how? And if someone takes Thanos’s advice and aims for the head, the question also stands: who will be the Avenger who takes out the Titan for good?

Let’s preface this by saying that Marvel will probably have Tony or Thor be the one to kill Thanos, and if it’s Tony I’m going to be mad. Not because I dislike Tony, but because it would just be a completely un-earned moment for the character. Yes, Tony has been aware of the looming threat of something lurking in the cosmos, but he’s already had his big emotional showdown with Thanos. He’ll get a big send-off and a big heroic moment or several in Endgame, but he doesn’t need to kill Thanos. He needs to achieve catharsis some other way

I feel the same way about Steve potentially taking down Thanos, and I’m a Steve stan through and through. Steve hasn’t even had Tony’s level of awareness of the Thanos threat; he’s been focused on the Earth and what’s happening there. He should get to help take down Thanos, and I’m sure his death may come at Thanos’s hands, but he doesn’t deserve the right to kill Thanos.

Thor has the most to gain by taking out Thanos, and not only because he didn’t aim for the head. Thanos massacred half his people, then murdered Loki and Heimdall in front of Thor while he could only watch. That’s the type of grief that earns a moment where Thor is able to not go in for the final taunt but rather ends it all quickly, before Thanos can snap again.

However, Thor had his shot. As awesome as a scene where Thor takes Thanos’s advice would be, he hasn’t also quite earned the pay-off in the same way.

Similarly, Carol Danvers, as much as I adore her, also shouldn’t be the Thanos killer. Carol has been off defending the cosmos, and while the Snap cost her dearly in the form of the loss of her close friend Fury, to have her show up for one movie and then take out Thanos would feel highly un-earned. I want her to be key to defeating him, but we need someone who’s had a stake in the game for a while to be the one to end it all.

However, if Okoye is the one to do it, I certainly won’t complain.

Ultimately, there are two characters who deserve the Thanos-killer title. One is dead, but we all know that could change in Endgame somehow. The other survived, and is by far the most righteous candidate to bring Thanos down.

Nebula and Gamora, the daughters of Thanos, were abused and mistreated at his hands for years. Gamora’s mother and people were murdered by him. Nebula was built and re-built by him. Thanos pitted them against each other and tortured them, and ultimately killed Gamora for his own power hungry ambitions. If anyone deserves to kill Thanos, it’s them.

Ideally, they would team up to take him down, but we don’t know if Gamora will be resurrected. The honor falls to Nebula, a villain turned semi-ally who has now lost everything at the hands of Thanos. Trapped on Titan with Tony Stark, she saw the Guardians turn to dust moments after finding out her sister was murdered. If anyone has earned the right to take down Thanos, it’s her. In the comics, she plays a pivotal role in this respect.

It also makes the most narrative sense. They’ve been hammering home the idea of Gamora and Nebula moving past their trauma, and Nebula’s mission since Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has been to find Thanos and kill him. It would wrap up her arc perfectly if she was able to take out her monstrous adoptive father once and for all, for Gamora and for herself.

However, Marvel might decide to go the “easy” route and have an Avenger—either Tony or Thor—be the Thanos killer. This also assumes that Thanos will die, though I’m unsure of any other way to neutralize him as a threat. There’s much we still don’t know, and won’t know until we sit down to watch the movie ourselves. Until then, place your bets on any inter-office death pool on if Thanos is a goner and, if so, who will be the one to ensure he doesn’t Snap again.

(image: Marvel)

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Gets Roasted During His Own TED Talk AMA

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey roasted at his own ama.

Twitter, like a shitty boyfriend or an overpowering Oreo addiction, is bad for all of us, but we just can’t seem to quit it. After all, where else would be get our latest news, memes, and dangerously irresponsible ramblings from the president? Despite its myriad problems (and by problems, I mean Nazis), Twitter continues to reign supreme among social media platforms, for better or for worse.

In an effort to pave a new future for the company, CEO Jack Dorsey participated in an AMA hosted by TED Talks. Twitter users were encouraged to ask questions with the hashtag #AskJackAtTED, and reader, it went about as well we thought it would.

In a brilliant move, the questions that poured in were projected onto two giant screens behind Dorsey, providing a stunning backdrop of people asking WTF Dorsey was going to do about the proliferation of Nazis and hate speech on the site. As Dorsey laid out his plans for the company, which included “reducing outrage” and “incentivizing healthy conversation,” tweets kept pouring in about the company’s seemingly indifferent attitude towards harassment and abuse.

The tweet screens were turned off halfway through the interview (no surprise), although TED Talk organizers said that was their plan all along. In addition to questioning Twitter policy, plenty of users just went after Dorsey’s appearance, which hopefully doesn’t come as a surprise to the guy who runs Twitter. The CEO appeared disheveled with a long beard and knit hat, prompting plenty of jokes.

Dorsey laid out his plans to revamp Twitter by moving the focus from individual members to topics of conversation. He admitted that the current operating procedure of the site does not promote a healthy exchange of ideas, saying, “In the past, it’s incented a lot of outrage, It’s incented a lot of mob behavior. It’s incented a lot of group harassment.”

His plan includes a more proactive approach to removing abusive tweets, as opposed to relying on user reports. Dorsey said that their system now eliminates up to 38% of those tweets.

Dorsey also wants to make the site “more meaningful,” saying, “You don’t necessarily walk away feeling you have learned something … It takes a lot of time and a lot of work to build up to that.” Great plan, dude, but before we get to educating the masses, how about you address the rampant abuse and hate speech targeted at women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks? Like, get that up to 100% first and then tackle that other stuff.

TED’s Chris Anderson and Whitney Pennington Rodgers pulled no punches during the interview, pressing Dorsey on his policies. Anderson said it best when he compared Twitter to the Titanic, saying,

“We are on this great voyage with you on a ship, and there are people on board in steerage who are expressing discomfort and you, unlike other captains are saying, ‘well, tell me, I want to hear,’ and they’re saying ‘we’re worried about the iceberg ahead,’ and you say, ‘our ship hasn’t been built for steering as well as it might,’ and you’re showing this extraordinary calm, but we’re all saying, ‘Jack, turn the fucking wheel!’”

(via Axios, image: David Becker/Getty Images)

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All of Us Are Out Here Endlessly Buying New Notebooks

You have six blank notebooks at home

A few days ago, a Tweet went by that made me smile: “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you already have six blank notebooks at home,” Twitter user @TraceOddity wrote. Actually, that smile was more of a grimace, because six notebooks? Try thirty-six. I am a repository of mostly-unused notebooks. And apparently, I’m far from alone.

The Tweet struck a chord, garnering a staggering 181k “likes,” 41k retweets, and thousands of replies. I think I’m a little surprised by this result because I’m a collector by nature, so I rather thought this bottomless notebook hoarding was just another thing I did.

I know a lot of writers, and writers love a good notebook, but I assumed that they were getting more mileage out of them. Yet as soon as the Tweet was dropped in our Mary Sue chat, every staff member said that they felt called out.

I don’t think there’s any one reason why we’re apparently buying more and more notebooks while we have untouched notebooks languishing at home. I certainly don’t think you have to be a writer or an artist to have this affliction. Anyone bent on tackling any sort of project may understand the temporary hope a fresh notebook offers. As far as indulgences go, it feels manageable, a self-selected present that will surely result in increased productivity.

“This time, I’ll use it, and really do [insert project],” you think to yourself, as though this matte cover with the dinosaurs on it has better energy to receive your input than the one with cats or classical art.

Other considerations abound, and contribute to additional purchases: the size of the book, the cover (hard or soft?), the paper quality, the paper ruling (lined or unlined? College-ruled or wide?), what pens will pair best with it. I can’t go on a trip without the perfect-sized travel notebook for whatever bag I’m taking, can I? How can I attend this press event without a notebook of the right consistency and professional appearance? Oh, you’re offering free branded notebooks at your event? Don’t mind if I take one or three.

I can’t speak for others, but I know I’ve been like this for a long time. When I was 12, a “psychic” at a country fair told me to go home, gather up all of my assorted notebooks, and try to consolidate my ideas. I always thought she was incredibly intuitive, but in retrospect I probably told her that I was a writer and she was aware of this all-too-common condition. It’s only worsened with age and a paycheck. I have actual entire bookshelves full of nothing but mostly unmarked notebooks. For every notebook I’ve filled, its many empty brothers are nearby, crying out for ink. But even with an increased awareness of Notebook-Buying Syndrome, I can’t tell you that I’m liable to stop.

I know that I’ll discover notebooks in far-flung locales I simply must have, because how will I ever encounter them again? I know that I’ll be gifted more notebooks, because what safer bet is there for a writer? And I know I’ll have a project or the desire to be inspired to one, and surely this time—surely—this new notebook will do the trick.

Let’s take a look at a few of the Twitter replies that hit just a bit too close to home.

In which I am further attacked:

Listen, I—

Might you consider this:

How did you get inside my apartment to take a picture?

At least we’re prepared for a dire future:

And of course, the counterargument we can all understand:

Is this you? How many notebooks are you sitting on at currently? I’m afraid to go count. The answer is “a lot.”

(via Twitter, Petty Mayonnaise, image: Tirachard Kumtanom/Pexels )

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Things We Saw Today: The New Dark Phoenix Trailer Looks … Familiar

After being pushed back twice, Dark Phoenix is finally (hopefully) scheduled to hit theaters in June. A new trailer dropped today and for the most part, it’s similar to what we’ve in the other trailers so far. It’s also a pretty by-the-numbers summary of the Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix story you likely already know. On top of that, it’s the kind of trailer that looks to tell you pretty much the whole movie. (It also feels worrisome that we keep getting the same footage over and over. Hopefully, that’s not a sign that there’s only 2 minutes of decent stuff in there.)

The movie looks gorgeous, to be sure, and Sophie Turner looks like she’s really nailing the role. But every new bit of footage we get from the film seems to inch closer and closer to a full retreading of Last Stand ground, and that’s not something anyone has been asking for. Dark Phoenix is clearly the franchise’s attempt to have a second go at getting Jean’s story right, but we can’t know from the trailers if they’ve finally realized the key to telling that story, which is to actually make it about Jean.

Our Princess Weekes nailed it after the first trailer came out when she wrote that the Phoenix Saga “is about Jean. Not about Charles and Magneto playing philosophical chess about women … again. Getting The Dark Phoenix storyline right means focusing on Jean and what she means as a character from the very beginning.”

Do we trust this movie to do that? It’s not super encouraging that they brought back one of the writers from Last Stand (and other films in the franchise) and let him direct the new movie. Pajiba shared this all-too-appropriate take from Alanna Bennett:

I don’t know, y’all. I want this movie to be good. I’m trying to be impressed. I’m just coming up lacking. What do you think about the Dark Phoenix trailer?

  • White nationalists are taking to TikTok to spread their hateful messages. (via HuffPost)
  • Sony is limiting sexually explicit content in their video games. (via Variety)
  • “When Genre Becomes a Prison”: “Old Town Road” was not the country music industry’s first time moving their goalposts to exclude Black artists. (via Vulture)
  • Oh, I am VERY excited for Emma Thompson and Paul Rudd!

  • Give this to me now, please!!!

  • This is a fascinating (and, warning, really emotional) look at how martyrdom became a collective fantasy for Columbine survivors twenty years ago. (via Vox)
  • Don’t worry, everybody! PornHub is going to save the bees! (via AV Club)

What did you all see out there today?

(image: YouTube)

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