Things We Saw Today: Ruth Wilson Not “Allowed” to Discuss Exit From The Affair

Ruth Wilson in The Affair (2014)

Pay parity between male and female actresses has been getting an even bigger spotlight put on it during these last view months. With incidents like Matt Smith getting more money for playing Prince Phillip than Claire Foy got for playing Her Royal Majesty, Elizabeth II, on The Crown, and the overwhelming number of people agreeing that was some bullshit, it holds everyone to a much higher standard—or so we hoped.

Ruth Wilson, one of the stars of The Affair, gave her first interview following her character’s death on the show.

“I did want to leave, but I’m not allowed to talk about why,” said Wilson said on today’s CBS This Morning.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, when Gayle King pressed her on whether or not her decision was over salary parity, Wilson replied, “I’ve never complained to Showtime about pay parity.” Wilson had been outspoken about parity in general.

“We can’t speak for Ruth, but heading into season four everyone agreed the character’s story had run its course,” said the network in a statement to THR. “Ultimately, it felt like the most powerful creative decision would be to end Alison’s arc at the moment when she had finally achieved self-empowerment. The impact of her loss will be felt as the series concludes next season. We thank the many fans who embraced the character of Alison and especially thank Ruth for her indelible work over the past four seasons.”

Well for whatever the reason, we hope that it doesn’t do anything to hinder Wilson’s success, and she’s also free for the next seasons of Luther.

(via THR, image: Showtime)

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Wakanda Is Crucial in Avengers 4, According to the Russo Brothers

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing duo responsible for a good amount of joy, grief, denial, and anger in my life, sat down to discuss every single hero in Avengers: Infinity War. What they had to say about Black Panther jumped out from the pack.

As much as I might disagree with some of the Russos’ creative choices, there’s no denying that these guys are smart directors who have thought a lot about their enormous cast of Infinity War characters. They sat down to chat with WIRED as part of the promotion for the movie’s Blu-Ray release, and it’s interesting to watch them talk their way through the pantheon.

They run through what they like about each hero, the character’s motivations, and how their arc ties into the Infinity War whole. They also appear to communicate with one another on a near-telepathic level. It’s a good watch if you’re an Avengers fan and want to peek behind the curtain into the mindset of how the folks at the top are looking at our favorites.

When the Russos reach Black Panther (at 7:30 on the video above), here’s what’s said of T’Challa:

“Black Panther as a character has tremendous potential in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” says Joe Russo. “And I think Wakanda is essential to whatever may happen post-Avengers: Infinity War to how the world may deal with what has happened to them.”

This is an incredibly telling pull-quote for me, because the Russos also directed Avengers 4: We Still Don’t Know the Title of This Thing Because Kevin Feige Lives to Torment Us but Maybe It’s ‘Endgame.’

Joe Russo isn’t speculating—if he says that Wakanda is essential to what happens post-Infinity War, with how the world grapples with the Snap, it’s because he knows and directed the plot of what’s coming post-Infinity War.

While it’s clear, as Honest Trailers so recently pointed out, that Marvel had no idea what a phenomenon Black Panther would go on to be when Infinity War was filmed (else they would have utilized T’Challa all the more), the studio has been positioning Wakanda to become the new center of its cinematic universe for a while. So it’s not surprising that Wakanda will prove to be critical in the, erm, endgame—but we hadn’t had such a clear confirmation before.

We know that our lady of perpetual brilliance Shuri—the Russos describe her here as the smartest character in the MCU—survived the Snap, as did General Okoye, M’Baku, and Shuri’s mother, Ramonda. Many of us would love to see Shuri don the Black Panther mantle herself, and she may take a lead role in governing Wakanda.

If I were a betting person, I’d say that the Quantum Realm tech we saw developed in Ant-Man and The Wasp will be brought to Wakanda, where Shuri and her team would likely be able to stabilize and utilize it to a) maybe rescue Scott Lang b) figure out a way to use the Realm to travel around in time. Avengers 4 is being teased as exploring all kinds of reality-bending situations, and there doesn’t seem to be a better base on Earth to ground the Quantum Realm than in the technologically advanced Wakanda.

If you’re interested in hearing more about what the Russos had to say regarding individual characters, commenter Ricardo Pereira broke them down on YouTube:

Each hero’s part: Iron Man – 0:12 Thor – 1:05 Hulk – 2:22 Captain America – 3:08 Black Widow – 3:52 War Machine – 4:56 Doctor Strange – 5:29 Spider-Man – 6:44 Black Panther – 7:31 Gamora – 8:24 Nebula – 9:04 Loki – 9:32 Vision – 9:53 Scarlet Witch – 11:04 Falcon – 11:56 Winter Soldier – 12:17 Heimdall – 13:00 Okoye – 13:22 Eitri – 13:38 Wong – 14:12 Mantis – 14:34 Drax – 15:00 Groot – 15:33 Rocket Raccoon – 16:11 Star-Lord – 17:03 Shuri – 17:44 Ayo – 18:00 Nick Fury – 18:19 Maria Hill – 18:38

(image: Marvel Studios)

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The Academy’s “Popular Film” Category Remains as Frustrating as Ever

crazy rich asians constance wu rachel

Every time I think about the Academy’s newest category, it’s an instant dose of rage, complete with the urge to write a myriad of think pieces on why this is a patently bad idea. The abundance of other think pieces on the subject have served as a deterrent, but today, my frustrations know no bounds. So, dear readers, let’s talk about my two biggest fears and frustrations with this new category, because there are pretty much two ways it can go: it’ll either go to whichever Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney film is hot that year, or it will be used as a runner-up trophy for whichever film would have come in second in the best picture race.

Let’s talk about the first issue. One of my biggest fears is that this category will become essentially the Disney category, where a popular film that comes out of the studio or one of the infinite other studios it owns will almost always be the winner. The Last Jedi, despite some serious backlash, would’ve probably swept the category had it existed last year, or perhaps Beauty and the Beast; ideally, it would have gone to Thor: Raganrok, which actually deserved some serious Oscar love, but I’m bitter and not willing to give Disney the benefit of the doubt that it would have given that the push it needed.

Disney is in charge of most of the popular films that get churned out every year, due to the fact it owns nearly every Infinity Stone in Hollywood. This category just seems like a way to ensure that Disney gets an Oscar for a big name film every year, which frustrates me. If a film is truly Oscar worthy, like Black Panther, it deserves to be in the Best Picture race. (By the way, does this mean that we can push for Michael B. Jordan to get a Supporting Actor nomination now? Because he’s the best comic book movie villain of all time and should get that gold.)

But there are popular films that come out each year that flat out do not deserve to be nominated in this category, but will score a nomination any way, because Disney is all-knowing and has the money to sink into For Your Consideration campaigns for whatever film blows up at the box office that year.

The other problem is that the category could easily swing the other way and give a couple “popular” popcorn films a nod, but then go to whichever of the Best Picture nominees saw the highest box office returns OR be used as a way to shut out a film like Get Out from the actual race. Something like La La Land could have easily taken the Popular Film award, when it’s currently the kind of movie that already gets serious Best Picture attention—or Les Miserables could have won, or the trash fire that was American Sniper.

To put it succinctly, this is not a good idea because it can go either one of two ways, and both ways will be used to shut out deserving films from the race. It’ll either be Disney’s consolation prize for having the biggest box office, or it’ll be a second-place trophy for a would-be Best Picture nominee while still serving as a way to keep actually unique, well-made films out of the main race. This is where we’ll see films like Eighth Grade and Crazy Rich Asians consigned, despite the fact they would normally land in the big categories.

As films that aren’t just about white, cishet men become more and more commonplace now that Hollywood is recognizing that people pay for representation, in turn, they have to create a category to excuse why they don’t consider these films to be high art. We shouldn’t have to have this conversation in 2018. Genre is not inherently bad, and that means comedy as well as fantasy, science fiction, and horror. The Academy needs a massive shakeup, but this is not the way to do it. Instead, we’re crafting yet another way to keep art down while honoring either the studio that’s willing to shell out the biggest bucks OR to find a way to honor something fairly basic while ostensibly giving these films a shot.

Let genre take back the Oscars. Let wins for films like The Shape of Water and Get Out not be the Academy’s exceptions to their no genre fare rule but the beginnings of an age in which truly quality film receives awards, not just whatever fits into the mold of Oscar bait. Scrap this category and start anew with the knowledge that people want to see the best films nominated and awarded, not just whatever happens to be the biggest Oscar-bait film of the year.

And for the love of all that is good, let both Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians receive a Best Picture nod, because if they’re both resigned to the “popular” category then the Academy is truly a lost cause.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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I Am Actually Excited for Iron Fist Season 2, Y’all

Sometimes the snow comes down in June. Sometimes the sun goes round the moon. Sometimes you watch a trailer for a series you had previously written off and go, “hmm, I kinda wanna watch that.”

That’s what happened when I watched the latest trailer for season two of Marvel’s Iron Fist. In their stellar run on Netflix, Marvel has gone gritty. The Defenders bleed, suffer, have sex, and deal with nuanced, darker storylines. Daredevil struggles with morality. Jessica Jones is a sexual abuse survivor who suffers from PTSD. Luke Cage was wrongly imprisoned and experimented on. And Danny Rand … is a rich white guy.

Iron Fist was beset with issues from the jump. While Danny Rand is a white guy in the comics, Marvel missed an opportunity to diversify the character, leading to outcry and frustration from viewers. It also didn’t help that Iron Fist had to follow three very strong and well-reviewed shows, so the bar was already high. While the series did give us the badass Colleen Wing, the tonal inconsistencies and lackluster fight scenes made Iron Fist the weakest link in the Marvel chain.

And then there’s the character of Danny himself. A rich, dorky white guy who spends the first season mansplaining martial arts and mysticism to everyone he comes across. AND, he walks barefoot in New York City so he definitely has hepatitis. It’s not a good look.

Since then, Marvel has taken note of fan criticism and reworked the character. While The Defenders was largely disappointing (and a waste of Sigourney Weaver), Danny Rand became an unlikely source of humor. His boyish enthusiasm played well off of Luke Cage’s stoicism, and I will never tire of Jessica Jones giving him shit.

It looks like season 2 will be a humbling journey for Danny, as his fellow K’un-Lun student Davos (Sacha Dhawan) shows up in New York, looking to take on the Iron Fist mantle for himself. Plus, it seems to have more Colleen Wing/Misty Knight team-ups, which is always something the world needs more of. The fight scenes look much stronger, Danny seems more nuanced, and the classic yellow mask makes its first appearance.

Can Iron Fist turn things around? There have been countless series with lackluster first seasons (30 Rock, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) that then went on to be excellent shows. Maybe the same will be true for Iron Fist. We’ll have to wait until September 7th to find out.

(via io9, image: screengrab)

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Fox News Confuses Patti LaBelle For Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

You’d think that being the Queen of Soul, news outlets would focus on actual Aretha Franklin on the day of her passing. 

Aretha, one of the greatest voices to ever have lived, an icon and a pioneer, has had to share a day that should be all about her with Elvis Presley’s death from 1977 and now, Patti LaBelle, a very much living woman.

It shouldn’t be surprising that outlets like The Wrap and Fox News don’t care to be more sensitive, but that means that we get to be angry. Aretha Franklin is a legend and always will be one of the greatest performers and most important figures of the modern era. And she also has a face that is widely recognizable.

So for her to be a) mistaken as Patti LaBelle or whatever happened or b) for her to have to share in memoriam posts with Elvis Presley, who has been dead for over 50 years, is a disgrace.

In a lovely turn of events, Fox News apologized by stating that it was supposed to be her and Patti LaBelle. so they don’t have someone on their team whose job it is to make sure the graphics come out correctly? Hmm.

Why should Aretha also have to share an in memoriam post with Elvis? It makes no sense when she died today. You can tweet twice, The Wrap.

Is any of it okay? No! Aretha Franklin, a woman who MANY people claim to love, has been marginalized on a day that should have been praising everything she accomplished. If we could pass a damning sentence, Fox News and The Wrap would no longer get to listen to her music ever again. You don’t get that gift.

(via Twitter, image: MOLLY RILEY/AFP/Getty Images)

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Watching Jason Kessler’s Dad Yell at Him for Being a Nazi Is a Beautiful Ray of Anti-Fascist Sunshine

jason kessler, patrick little, racist, white supremacy, antisemitism, dad

I never thought I’d get any pleasure out of watching a conversation between two Nazis, but this clip proves anything really is possible.

I’d never heard of Patrick Little before, but a quick glimpse at his YouTube account tells me that he’s a horrible turd of a human who has, among other things, carried a sign saying “Jews Rape People” into a Holocaust Museums and spouted an antisemitic rant.

Little was live streaming an interview with Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler, talking about slave labor and sex slavery in the Jewish mafia (really), when the interview is interrupted by a man yelling at Kessler to “get out of my room!”

The man, Kessler admits, is his father, who is not a fan of his son’s antisemitic views. Jason says the two are at a “crosshairs” over the issue of hating Jews vs. not hating Jews, because his father consumes too much “anti-German propaganda,” a.k.a. watches The History Channel a lot.

You can hear Kessler Sr. yelling offscreen for his son to get out of his room, saying “I want this to stop in my room, Jason! This is my room!” Because apparently, despite Kessler positing himself as the successful leader of a white supremacist movement, all those lawsuits he’s dealing with have forced him to move in with his family. Now, I wouldn’t normally shame a person who’s taking advantage of their support system after falling on hard times financially. But Kessler is having a hard time financially specifically because he advocates white supremacy so I find it delightful that he can’t support himself.

Little then says that he, too, is finding himself burdened by the financial woes that come with being a racist, antisemitic POS, saying that if he can’t find renters for the boat he’s broadcasting from, he’ll have to sell it at a loss.

The only person in this entire story I feel the slightest bit bad for Jason Kessler’s father.

(via FlyingOverTr0ut on Twitter, image: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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5 Mind-Bending Stories From Asian Mythology You May Not Have Heard Before

The Goddess en:Kali, 1770 Print, Colored etching on paper, Sheet: 22 1/4 x 16 3/4 in. (56.52 x 42.55 cm); Image: 21 7/8 x 16 3/8 in. (55.56 x 41.59 cm) Indian Art Special Purpose Fund

With Crazy Rich Asian out and slaying the box office, I wanted to look back at some of my favorite Asian mythological stories. So often when we talk about mythology, it is overwhelmingly Green, Roman, Norse, and sometimes Egyptian if we are feeling “exotic.”

Asian mythology is filled with fascinating characters and stories, and I’m highlighting 5 Asian Myths/Figures that I find super interesting. If you are looking for a collection of reimagined Asian myths, the anthology A Thousand Beginnings and Endings edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman is an excellent place to start, as it has stories from all over the Asian continent.

(5) Kali Will F*ck Up Your Life (Indian/Hindu Mythology)

Kali is so cool. While she is probably one of the most appropriated goddesses in Indian mythology, there are still a lot of people who don’t know the context of why she is stomping/dancing on her husband Shiva. That comes from the time she finished off one of the biggest foes in myth, Raktabija. Raktabija was a really annoying baddie because of the fact that any time a drop of his blood was split it would make another clone of him. As a response to this god-mod bullshit, Durga summons Kali in order to fight Raktabija.

Being an ultimate badass, Kali easily kills off Raktabija clones and in a move that would make Khal Drogo impressed, consumes Raktabija’s blood (you can guess how) and stops him from making any more clones, killing him dead.

Kali proceeds to dances on the corpses of her enemies, and seeing that her dancing is causing the world to end, Shiva takes the place of the earth and has Kali dance on him to spare the planet. Seeing that she’s accidentally hurt her husband, it snaps Kali our of her rage and she returns to her Durga form.

(4) The Fox Girl, or Naruto Could Have Gone Very Differently (Korean)

Due to anime, I have always had a passing idea of what a kitsune is, the trickster/lover fox spirit that has been in InuYasha, YuYu Hakisho and of course, Naruto. However, what I didn’t realize is that many Asian cultures have their own version of the fox spirit. One of the darkest stories about the Korean fox spirit, Kumiho, I first heard on the Myths and Legends podcast (episode 20).

“The Fox Girl” tells the story of a wealthy man who has a son but longed for a daughter (that’s a twist) and prayed every day for one. After years of prayer, he finally got his baby girl and she was deeply treasured and adored by her father. One day, when she was a teenager, after she went out by the mountains and didn’t return for a while, her father sent out a search party to find her. The young girl was found, but was not the same.

Shortly after her return cows starting dying. The cowherd stayed up at night to find the culprit and found the young girl magically putting her hand through the cow’s belly, pulling out its liver and eating it. The girl’s father did not want to believe it and dismissed them again and again until finally, his son decided to see what was going on. Like the others, he spotted his sister killing the cows. His father did not want to believe it, accused his son of being jealous, and exiled him.

During his exile, the young man came across a priest pretty much told him “you sister is def possessed by a fox spirit.” The son returned home with this knowledge only to find their home empty save for his “sister.” His parents had been eaten by her. The fox attempted to kill him as well, but he escaped. As the fox chased after him, still in his sister’s form, the young man threw three magic potions at the fox he’d gotten from the monk. The last potion created a blue lake that drowned the fox and before it died it finally shed the young girl’s form.

(3) Mt. Mayon: When Bad Boys Ruin a Good Thing (Filipino)

Yeah, I like Overly Sarcastic Productions a lot, but they also do a wide variety of mythology so them’s the breaks.

(2) Banu Goshasp (Iranian)

Banu Goshasp is one of the MVPs of ancient Iranian mythology. There are a lot of stories about Banu Goshasp, many of which are not translated into English, but two of the most popular were when Banu almost killed her own father when he tried some suspect parenting style moves.

He was trying to teach Banu a lesson about going out into the great world somewhere and disguised himself as a slaver and pretended to attempt to kidnap Banu. Not noticing it was her father and not wanting to be a slave, Banu attacked him and almost stabbed him to death before realizing “that’s not a slave trader, that’s my dad.”

However, that was not an end to Banu beating up dudes who attempted to bother her. She beat up potential suitors and challenged them to warrior tasks, like jousting, that she beat them in order to remain unmarried. She eventually did settle down with a hero, but he really had to work for it. In the Rejected Princesses book, one of my favorite things mentioned about Banu was her response to being insulted:

After a particularly nasty warrior insulted her for being a woman, she informed him she that was going to: shave off his beard; kill him; chop him up; and feed him to dogs. Not necessarily in that order, either. She carried through on around half of said threats.

Now it doesn’t say which half, but I’m going to say kill him and shaving his beard definitely happened.

(1) The Soul of the Great Bell (Chinese)

I read this story ages ago in a blue myth book that I held on to for years until my father donated my books to the library (without permission).

Stories about filial piety (the Confucian philosophical virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders, and ancestors) are very popular in Chinese tales—in fact, The Ballad of Hua Mulan is also an example of filial piety narrative. “The Soul of the Great Bell” is about a man named Kouan-Yu who was a renowned bellsmith, called upon by the Emperor to make a bell that would kill all other bell’s asses.

Kouan-Yu got to work making the bell and for some reason, the metal would not form together. He tried twice to make it and the Emperor was all right about one mistake, but two was deemed unacceptable. He was told that if he shamed the Emperor again with failure he would be beheaded. Really nice leadership skills.

Kouan-Yu had a daughter named Ko-Ngai who was beautiful and single because she loved her father too much to leave him. Hearing this news about her father she went to an astrologer for guidance (see, not just for this generation). The astrologer told Ko-Ngai that without the blood of a virgin, the bell would never take form.

When it came time for the bell to be formed for the third time, Ko-Ngai cried out her love for her father before jumping into the furnace filled with molten metal. Her handmaiden was only able to grab her shoe and Kouan-Yu had to be held back from jumping in with his daughter. The sacrifice worked; the bell was more beautiful than any other bell, and when the string was pulled for it to cry out the sound it made was: Ko-Ngai.

What are some of your favorite Asian mythological stories/figures? Let us know below!

(image: Richard B. Godfrey/Public Domain)

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Disney Continues to Stand by James Gunn’s Firing

James Gunn fired from Guardians of the Galaxy

Even with a cast letter and the promise of one star quitting should the script be scrapped, Variety is reporting that Disney has officially decided against re-hiring James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise who was recently fired due to harmful tweets joking about pedophilia. Rumors were swirling around that Marvel was considering rehiring Gunn, but Variety’s article makes it clear that Disney is putting their foot down when it comes to the decision.

According to sources, Gunn and his UTA rep met with Disney to present his case. Disney chairman Alan Horn met with him as a courtesy. However, Horn ultimately decided to stay the studio’s current course. Marvel head Kevin Feige was reportedly out of town, and sources also claim that he was in support of Gunn’s rehiring; however Feige will stand by the studio’s decision regardless.

This is the latest episode of the drama surrounding Gunn’s firing. Petitions have circled to have the ousted director reinstated, but it looks like nothing will sway Disney from their course. Once more, though, we will have to endure another round of discussions over whether or not Gunn’s firing was deserved. The usual arguments on both sides will be trotted out, and I have little interest in commenting either way at this point in time, having made my thoughts on the subject clear.

What I will say is that Gunn is already being courted by other franchises and studios and that’s all we need to know on the matter. Gunn’s career will not be negatively impacted in any way by this; he still has his devoted fans, his position of power, and everything except the Guardians franchise, which he notably took away from a female writer. This is just a final note in this story, and soon everyone involved will move on to other projects, because as I said in my op-ed on the subject, Gunn and his career will be fine. It’s time to accept the consequences for his actions and move forward; his fans could learn the same.

(Source: Variety; Image: Getty Images)

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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 sparks HUGE backlash for ‘extremely poor taste’ decision after Aretha Franklin death

This didn’t go down well

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 sparked an angry reaction from viewers during tonight’s launch show over the use of an Aretha Franklin song hours after her death.

The programme played the late singer’s famous hit Respect when American reality star Natalie Nunn made her entrance into the house in eventful style.


MORE: Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis leaves fans gobsmacked with her appearance at launch show

Natalie, 33, danced to the track as she left her limo and talked to host Emma Willis before breaking into a twerk on the stairs.

This came despite the fact that soul singer Aretha passed away earlier today at the age of 76 after a battle with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Many viewers felt that the use of her music for Natalie’s arrival was in poor taste so soon after news of the icon’s death.

‘Extremely poor taste in playing that song to the entrance of that wannabe, today of all days. Hang your heads in shame,’ one angry fan wrote on Twitter, whilst another asked: ‘Who does the music on Celebrity Big Brother? Aretha Franklin tonight! Really???’

And one added: ‘You’ve got to be joking ! why the hell are they playing respect by Aretha Franklin who’s a true legend and just passed away for somebody in #cbb that song should only be played for Aretha Franklin right now and nobody else have abit of respect !’

Others called the decision ‘insensitive’, ‘tasteless’ and ‘disgusting’.

American reality star Natalie found fame on the show Bad Girls Club and also appeared in other series including Marriage Boot Camp and Mother/Daughter Experiment.

The housemate made it clear that she’s not going to be the shy and retiring type too when she announced: ‘I give you a few hours before I become the b**** that I am.’

And just to hammer that message home Natalie chose to wear a flouncy dress and a tiara for her entrance into the house.

We’re expecting drama from this one…

The post Celebrity Big Brother 2018 sparks HUGE backlash for ‘extremely poor taste’ decision after Aretha Franklin death appeared first on CelebsNow.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis leaves fans gobsmacked with her appearance at launch show

Wow, Emma!

Emma Willis on ‘This Morning’ TV show, London 5 April 2018

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 has officially kicked off but it was host Emma Willis who got viewers talking during the launch show.

The 42-year-old left fans gobsmacked over her appearance on tonight’s opening programme, with many taking to Twitter to gush over her hair and figure.

Emma sported her short locks in a slicked back style and looked sharp in a navy blue jumpsuit for the occasion – basically a total babe.

Fans seemed to take this viewpoint too, with many stunned by just how fab she was looking.


MORE: Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jacqueline Jossa ‘leaves the country’ as Dan Osborne enters the house

‘I wish I looked as hot as @EmmaWillis! So beautiful,’ one admirer tweeted, whilst another wrote: ‘Omg @EmmaWillis I literally can’t cope with how perfect she looks this evening! #BigBrother #CelebrityBigBrother’

And one added: ‘@EmmaWillis outfit tonight on #CBBUK is giving me life’

Meanwhile some were stunned by her figure.

‘Her bod is amazing,’ one tweet read. A fellow fan agreed: ’You look amazing!!! Girl crush’

Emma certainly got viewers talking, with her name soon trending on Twitter during the launch show.

Unfortunately it wasn’t all positive though. Some watchers of the show weren’t quite so keen on her look…

‘You always know one thing’s for sure when watching #CBB every year… @EmmaWillis hair style just gets worse and worse,’ one posted on Twitter – ouch.

Others were baffled by her bouffant ‘do, with one writing: ‘Emma Willis’ hair is like an evil step mother in a Disney film, not digging it’

The mum-of-three has previously revealed that she doesn’t worry too much about what people think of her style though.

‘My main thing is being comfortable and looking like myself,’ Emma told the Daily Mail. ‘But to be honest, what I wear is pretty much the last thing I think about.’

Emma seemed pretty excited during the launch show as she welcomed stars including Kirstie Alley, Ryan Thomas and Dan Osborne.

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