The Riz Test Brings Muslim Representation to the Forefront of Discussion

riz ahmed

The Bechdel Test. The Duvernay Test. The Mako Mori Test. There are a variety of tests out there to measure a film’s worth in terms of diversity and representation, and now we can add a new one to the list: the Riz Test. Posited by a group of film buffs, the test is designed to measure Muslim representation in film and television using a simple list of stereotyped traits, ranging from the character being seen as irrationally angry to having oppressive views on gender dynamics.

“There is no nuance when it comes to Muslims. Instead we are highly likely to be portrayed as one dimensional: the men are mostly depicted as terrorists, while the Muslim women are seen as oppressed veiled victims. Essentially Muslims – men and women – are often presented as dangerous, as a problem, as posing a threat to the West,” said the founders of the Riz Test— Shaf Choudry, Sadia Habib, and a woman identified as Izzy —in a joint interview conducted via email. “As we know film and television are super powerful mediums that audiences often take for granted, so what does this mean for Muslims who are subjected to these deeply negative representations? Well, we think this is deeply Islamophobic and racist.”

Named for and inspired by activist and actor Riz Ahmed, the Riz Test focuses on different facets of Muslim representation in film and television, and is something that has been a long time coming. The creators of the test wrote:

“There have been a number of academic studies and articles written outlining the issue of Muslim representation in the media, but to the best of our knowledge we haven’t as society addressed this in the mainstream. The thing that is most concerning is the ‘otherisation’ of Muslims as terrorists has become so normalised that we don’t even notice it anymore. Taking a look at some of the film classics that we grew up with; Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Arc and even Aladdin all fail the Riz Test.

A 2007 study by the Islamic Human Rights Commission argues that Hollywood and the media at large have cruicial roles in influencing popular opinions of Muslims. We also live in a world where Islamophobic hate crimes are on the rise in the US and Europe. What we hope to achieve with the project is to start the conversation in wider society, for people to realise that lazy stereotypes relied upon so heavily by writers and producers aren’t just offensive but they have real life implications.”

A quick scroll through the Riz Test’s Twitter shows them reviewing films based on a set of criteria, and that very few films, from classics like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to newer films such as Sicario 2, are passing the test. One reviewer writes of British drama Next of Kin: “the narrative of Muslims in TV for the past 17 years has seen this almost symbiotic relationship of Islam and Terrorism. Writers can’t help but combine these [two] things together when portraying my faith onscreen.”

While writing this piece, I personally tried to remember the last time I had seen a Muslim character onscreen who was a heroic character. The Riz Test provided one recent example of a favorite portrayal: the character of Trenton (played by Sunita Mani) from the TV series Mr. Robot. They wrote of the character:

“Trenton is central to the story and is presented as an elite hacker with exceptional talent, who also happens to wear a Hijab. Her hacking skills are at the forefront of the narrative and any references to her religion are framed through a lens of ignorance of other characters. Trenton features from season 1-3 and throughout there are references to her Hijab, visiting the mosque and her Iranian heritage/ One thing that strikes us as significant is the season 2 finale where Trenton appears without her Hijab for the first time. Her character is on the run from the authorities and therefore by taking off her Hijab she is assuming a new identity in a new location, not a cliched ‘liberation’ of an oppressed Muslim woman relieved of the ‘shackles’ of the Hijab. Above all else it’s an awesome show that had us gripped.”

They did add that, unfortunately, few films pass the Riz Test, though they noted that 1999’s Office Space had a Saudi Arabian character who is just portrayed as the average office worker rather as a stereotyped figure.

The Riz Test also has specific criteria defining the treatment of male characters vs. female characters, based on stereotypes about gender roles. Too often, Muslim women are forced into roles in which they are actively oppressed by their male counterparts; in contrast, Muslim men are portrayed as oppressors. There is very little nuance there, something the Riz Test hopes to combat. “We need to see women who have agency, who control and resist the narrative, and we need to see men who are not sexist,” they wrote. “We need to see it how it is amongst the heterogeneous Muslim communities throughout the world. There is no one archetypal Muslim community, no one typical Muslim male or female. Let’s represent Muslim diversity and complexity.”

The response to the Riz Test has been positive from the community, including from Ahmed himself, who publicly showed support for the project on his Twitter page. The support will help the creators achieve both their short term and long term goals with the project, which are all centered around engaging with the industry, collecting data, and to change future generations of films.

“We want parity with the ways in which White people are presented in film – as complicated characters, not just ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’. Like you said, nuanced characters and deeper themes,” they wrote. “Themes that are universal, that speak to humans about communities, about belonging, about identity. But also with the usual genres – thrillers, action movies, romances, animation etc etc – filmmakers should consider how they depict Muslims.”

To close, I’ll leave you with a quote from author Junot Diaz that the creators of the Riz Test also shared as part of their interview: “…if you want to make a human being into a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves. And growing up, I felt like a monster in some ways. I didn’t see myself reflected at all. I was like, “Yo, is something wrong with me? That the whole society seems to think that people like me don’t exist? And part of what inspired me, was this deep desire that before I died, I would make a couple of mirrors. That I would make some mirrors so that kids like me might see themselves reflected back and might not feel so monstrous for it.”

(Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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Why Is Johnny Depp Still Employed, You Ask?

speaks onstage at the Warner Bros. theatrical panel during Comic-Con International 2018 at San Diego Convention Center on July 21, 2018 in San Diego, California.

Over the weekend, with the fallout of James Gunn’s termination from Disney due to the actions of the radical right propaganda artists pulling up Gunn’s old tweets with rape and pedophilia jokes, there was one person whose continued success was on everyone’s mind: Johnny Depp.

The “what about Johnny Depp?” murmurs only got louder when he was brought out on stage as a surprise guest, in full Grindelwald attire (Hiddleston already did that and did it better, you are so 2000 and later) in Hall H of SDCC. The same hall his ex-wife and alleged spousal abuse victim, Amber Heard, was going to be in for her own Warner Bros. film, Aquaman.

This, on top of everything else, had people online fuming. More so than I’ve ever seen most people fume over Amber Heard’s alleged abuse in the past.

Reports from SDCC say that while people did boo Depp when he showed up in the trailer, when the living reverse Dorian Grey himself came out people started to cheer for him, and therein lies the problem. People can have all this righteous fury online, but when you come face to face with that oppressive force many just go with the wave of excitement. It’s Johnny Depp. Edward Scissorhands. Captain Jack Sparrow.

Despite the allegations, the physical and photographic evidence and Depp’s continued spiral highlighted in the Rolling Stone feature and his current lawsuit where he allegedly assaulted a male crew member, Depp has many defenders. Both from fans and from people who have employed him: Warner Bros., Disney, David Yates, and J.K. Rowling herself.

For many, from the moment it was announced why Amber Heard was leaving Johnny Depp, it was assumed that it was Heard’s fault. She was the young, wild, bisexual wife who was taking down a star. Nevermind that she did everything someone is “supposed” to do in a situation of alleged abuse. She took proof, she pressed charges, she left. Yet, she was the one maligned as a gold-digger and an abuser and a provocateur. Which comes from this sense of loyalty to Depp because of course a woman tore him down. As if he didn’t already have massive financial problems and issues with violence. The fact that Depp married Heard without a prenup, with his level of success, is on him. That’s amateur hour.

Not to mention the simple fact that even if Amber Heard was the worst, it is not an excuse for him to lay his hands on her. Nor are his alleged actions the fault of a woman he knew for five years.

Since the allegations against him appeared, Depp has been in five major films, with Fantastic Beasts 2 coming out later this year. For all the talk of “how can he have a job,” well, how many of his movies have you seen? Audiences continuing to buy tickets still make Depp seem bankable. (Though some of his movies have tanked for being straight-up awful: remember Mordecai?) While I don’t begrudge Harry Potter fans who want to enjoy movies like the latest Pirates or Murder on the Orient Express in spite of Depp, I never saw the Fantastic Beasts film in theaters because he was in its final moments. Nor will I see the second one. Between the lack of on-screen gay Dumbledore and Depp’s involvement, what is there really for me?

But it’s not just Depp. When All the Money in the World was going through reshoots to replaced Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer, my first thought was, and while we are at it, let’s get rid of Mark Wahlberg too. Mr. “If I was there on 9/11 it wouldn’t have gone down.” Not to mention the hate crimes he committed in the 80s like yelling “Kill the nigger, kill the nigger” with a group of friends as they chased African-Americans. Attacking two Vietnamese men, on the same day, beating them so badly he was charged with attempted murder.

Despite only serving 45 days in jail, Wahlberg says that he’s “paid for [his] mistakes.” Even though he didn’t apologize for one of the men until 2016 and tried to get his felony conviction pardoned.

We give terrible men second chances all the time, along with the benefit of the doubt and room to grow. The reality is that if we call out Depp, Gibson, Wahlberg, etc. but still see their movies, then all we are doing is validating to the powers that be that people don’t care. If you boo Depp on screen, but then cheer and whoop when he shows up, that boo-ing means nothing.

For those of us to do work in reviewing and talking about pop culture and film, we, therefore, need to change the way we talk about people like Depp who have slid through the cracks and have been allowed to avoid any punishment.

Over the course of this weekend, I have been reading Gunn takes from people I respect. Those who are on the #RehireGunn train and those who are “there are no heroes in this war” side and I find myself mostly in the middle.

I think that Disney acted on behalf of forces that do not give one solitary fuck about rape or women’s rights but went after Gunn for his politics. I think that Gunn through his more recent apology and his brother’s testimony have shown that he has grown up since then. However, I still find the tweets pretty gross and uncomfortable. But most importantly, I find myself wishing that the same people who are this passionate about saving Gunn were this outspoken and organized about taking down terrible people. Or you know, prison reform, since we are talking so much about second chances.

( image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei stuns fans as she shows off her bare bum in cheeky snap

Sophie’s clearly not afraid to strip off!

Sophie Kasaei at 24th MTV Europe Music Awards, Arrivals, SSE Arena Wembley, London 12 November 2017

Sophie Kasaei is feeling very body confident right now and has made this pretty clear by stripping off for a butt naked new photo.

The Geordie Shore star posed with her bare bum on display in the cheeky Instagram snap on Sunday, which shows her admiring a scenic location whilst sitting on a ledge with no clothes on.


MORE: Wow pics! See Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei’s incredible body transformation

‘Watching the world go by 🌍,’ Sophie, 28, captioned the daring picture.

Watching the world go by 🌍

A post shared by Sophie Kasaei (@sophiekasaei_) on

Sophie manages to cover her modesty in the shot – which was taken from behind – by placing a hand over her boobs as she looks out at the view.

The reality star also wears her long brunette locks loose down her back.

Sophie’s nude moment left her fans stunned, with many praising her for daring to bare her bod.

‘Wooooowww!! And the view is good too lol,’ one admirer commented, whilst another wrote: ‘LITERALLY WOW 🔥

And one simply added: ‘Wowsers 😮

It’s clear that Sophie is feeling pretty good right now, having recently posted other snaps with her figure on display in various swimwear.

The South Shields lass has revealed that she’s feeling more body confident than ever after transforming her shape over the past year.

Sophie decided to overhaul her exercise regime following unflattering photos released in November 2016 and went on to lose two stone.

In an Instagram post shared earlier this year the TV star explained that she had seen a change in her attitude and energy since adopting her new lifestyle.

‘Not only did I drop weight and dress sizes but I also gained so much self confidence. And not just from the way I looked, I felt healthier, less sluggish and full of energy,’ Sophie told her followers.

‘I sometimes had a “can’t be arsed” attitude before and had no energy to do anything, whereas now I’m so “get up and go” with everything.

‘I didn’t realise it would have so much of an effect on my mental outlook.’

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Congrats! Love Island’s Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde are engaged after the CUTEST proposal

Amazing news!

One of our fave Love Island couples EVER, Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey have announced the amazing news that they’re engaged.

The loved-up pair – who met on the show all the way back in 2016 – revealed they’re getting married after Nathan proposed to his lady right outside the Love Island villa.


Confessing why he decided to take Cara back to where it all began, Nathan told OK! magazine: ‘I took her on a little treasure hunt around the villa to different places which meant something to us.

‘Finally, I blindfolded her, led her to the pool and got down on one knee.’

Good morning from the Delahoyde-Massey crew ✌🏼 another day enjoying @zafirohotels 🥂❤

A post shared by Cara Delahoyde (@cara_delahoyde) on

Clearly smitten with her beau, Cara added: ‘This is where we met – we’ve come full circle’.

More: Love Island’s Cara and Nathan lay into ‘Muggy’ Megan: ‘You’ve just got to laugh at her now!’

Cara and Nathan previously split up for a few weeks before welcoming their son Freddie-George in December 2017, with Cara revealing that she was struggling with anxiety at the time.

‘I had bad depression, and coming out of Love Island I had really bad anxiety,’ the 27-year-old said. ‘I didn’t know how to cope with the attention and the fact my boyfriend was going to nightclubs to do personal appearances.

‘It got to a point where we loved each other but we just weren’t happy, and then when I fell pregnant we made that conscious decision that it’s not right to be together at the moment, but if it’s meant to be, then it will work.

‘We didn’t think we would get back together, but we did.’

After Cara said yes, the reality stars have already started planning the big day, with mum-of-one Cara dreaming of a ceremony in Portugal.

Although Nathan revealed he’d prefer to stay on home soil, explaining: ‘We have elderly grandparents and we’d like them to be there, so we have to think about the travelling’.

Well, we can’t WAIT to hear more details.

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‘I’ve heard nasty comments’ Helen Flanagan opens up about her ‘awkward’ experiences with breastfeeding her baby in public

Helen has been very honest about the sometimes not-so-pleasant realties of motherhood.

Helen Flanagan welcomed her second daughter Delilah at the start of the summer, making her older daughter Matilda a big sister.

Ever since her family became a unit of four, Helen has been getting us in all the feels. E.g:

*So* cute!

Most refreshingly, Helen hasn’t been afraid to shy away from the realities of motherhood to a newborn baby – and has been very open with her breastfeeding journey.


Recently, the former Coronation Street actress has shared her experiences with public breastfeeding – sharing that its not always as pleasant as should be when her littlest one gets hungry.

In as her role of campaign ambassador for the Lansinoh Feed With Confidence cause, which is charity supporting mothers breastfeeding in public, Helen has revealed her very real experience with judgemental strangers.

More: ‘Never had this before’ Helen Flanagan opens up about her newborn baby’s health issues

The 27-year-old explains: ‘I’ve personally found the experience very hit and miss; some places are very supportive but I’ve also heard nasty comments. I think there is a lack of understanding on the subject of the whole.’

Helen then adds: ‘Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing to do, but we’re putting women off by making them feel awkward. I’d like to change perspectives and empower more women to feed their babies out and about.’

Recently, Helen had taken to social media to share a candid snap of herself breastfeeding in public – which she had captioned: ‘I have found feeding Delilah while in public has been received in very different ways… from feeling like I should stop as I didn’t want to hear nasty comments to being completely supported by absolute strangers!’

Helen continues: ‘I feed with confidence because I am just a mum, who just wants the best for my baby girl.’

I have found feeding Delilah while in public has been received in very different ways… from feeling like I should stop as I didn’t want to hear nasty comments to being completely supported by absolute strangers! I feed with confidence because I am just a mum, who just wants the best for my baby girl. @lansinohfamily have launched their Feed with Confidence Awards for 2018, which aim to recognise places and people who support breastfeeding in public. The exciting bit is they have asked me to be a Feed with Confidence Ambassador. Every mum should feel confident breastfeeding in public no matter if it’s a café, gym or garden centre! Visit the Lansinoh page where the link to nominate a place or person is in their bio. For every entry you place, you will also be entered in to WIN a family break – all the info is on the entry page 🤱💗xxx

A post shared by Helen Flanagan (@hjgflanagan) on

We love Helen’s openness about such an important topic. For more information about her breastfeeding campaign, head over here.


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Katie Price admits to having sex on planes following X-rated photoshoot with Kris Boyson

Pricey’s not afraid to join the mile high club

Katie Price at ‘Loose Women’ TV show, London 20 July 2018

Katie Price has never exactly been the shy and retiring type and now she’s made a pretty saucy sex confession.

The glamour model admits that she’s joined the mile high club by getting intimate on planes – though is very particular about where the deed happens.


MORE: Has Katie Price been ‘forced’ to sell her family home after major money troubles?!

When asked if she’s got frisky whilst flying, 40-year-old Katie told Fabulous magazine: ‘Yes! Not in the toilet, that’s so obvious.

‘You just do it other ways don’t you? Put the blanket over you, little… yeah.

‘You can only do it in first class in my way.’

Ooh-er. The revelation comes after Katie was seen frolicking totally naked on the beach with boyfriend Kris Boyson in some X-rated photos.

In the pictures the mum-of-five is seen apparently trying to pull down 29-year-old Kris’ shorts in the sea during their recent vacation to Thailand before lying on the sand with nothing left to the imagination.

Since returning from the trip Katie hasn’t held back in showing her affections for Kris – who she went public with in May following her split from third husband Kieran Hayler – and gushed over a topless photo of him on Instagram over the weekend.

‘My @krisboyson ❤ I call him undercover fit lol 😝,’ Pricey captioned the shot.

My @krisboyson ❤ I call him undercover fit lol 😝

A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

Kris also joined Katie when she made her return to Loose Women last week and showed his support for her from the audience.

During the interview they spoke positively about their relationship, though Katie quashed rumours that they’re already thinking of getting married and having babies.

‘All that’s happened to me has made me learn,’ she explained. ‘I’m on the pill so I can’t get pregnant. I’m not even divorced yet.

‘I’m going to enjoy it. I think I’m growing up a lot now. If we’re meant to marry, we’re meant to marry.’

Well with her raunchy antics it looks like Katie is certainly enjoying herself…

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Wow! Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall looks unrecognisable after incredible weight loss transformation

We can barely believe our eyes!

We’ve been wrapped up in the cobbles of Coronation Street for so long, its easy to forget that our best loved soap stars are actually real life actors and actresses.

We know. Mind = Blown.

And so, we were pretty much blown away at the sight of Corrie actor Alan Halsall, who is best known for playing northern mechanic Tyrone Hobbs.


Alan has played Tyrone for the past 20 years, and you’re probably already well acquainted with him looking a little something like this…

However, it would appear that the 35-year-old actor has undergone quite the transformation away from the Corrie cobbles – and now looks pretty unrecognisable!

More: Shayne Ward inundated with heartbreaking suicide stories after Corrie storyline

Taking to Instagram, the soap star has shared a snap of himself all suited and booted for a pal’s wedding – boasting what appears to be a new, impressively lean, physique!

Alan has caption the snap: ‘What a fantastic day & night celebrating Mr & Mrs Minor’s wedding day !! #somuchGin’.

Looking good, Tyrone, looking good!

Fans have been quick to comment on Alan’s rather unexpected transformation, with replies reading messages such as ‘I mean, when did he get so good looking!’ and ‘Serious transformation’.

Alan has been updating fans on his healthy lifestyle, sharing some snaps documenting his outdoorsy lifestyle.

In one snap, Alan poses with a group friends enjoying a charity golf day.

In another, the father-of-one shares his gym routine – which he has captioned, ‘Nice little workout today’.

Nice little workout today with big @m7ufc @davidlloydmanchester 💪🏻

A post shared by Alan Halsall (@alanhalsall) on

Alan’s transformation follows the confirmation that he and his former wife and mother of his daughter Sienna, fellow Coronation Street actor Lucy-Jo Hudson, had decided to call it quits.

Actress Lucy-Jo had confirmed the news in a statement to HELLO! that read: ‘I can confirm that Al and I are in the process of divorcing. We remain friends and devoted Mummy and Daddy to our daughter Sienna. We would appreciate privacy so that we can focus on Sienna’s continued happiness.’

Well, you know what they said about break-ups… transformation time! Tweet us your thoughts @CelebsNow!

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‘Any girl would be upset’ Are Jack and Dani about to crumble after the Love Island lie detector test?!

Has Jack been telling porky pies?!

Editorial Use Only. No merchandising
Mandatory Credit: Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock (9761025n)
Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham reaction to Twitter challenge
‘Love Island’ TV Show, Series 4, Episode 40, Majorca, Spain – 13 Jul 2018

Jack and Dani.

A combo so divine, they can truly only be compared to classic duos like fish and chips or Ant and Dec.

However, it would that all our hopes and dreams of a Jack and Dani wedding are being threatened – as the fateful Love Island lie detector test is a mere matter of hours away!

And by the looks of things, our precious Jani aren’t gunna have an easy ride during tonights dreaded test…

More: Love Island fans convinced this photo proves new Jack and Laura knew each other before the villa

In fact, ITV bosses are alleging to quite some turmoil for the couple – as fears that Jack has been telling fibs with his feelings are made a reality.

Could a few porky pies leave Jack and Dani in a bit of a barney rubble?! (And yes, we did just google ‘cockney rhyming slang for trouble’).

Before the challenge, Dani can be seen telling the beach hut: ‘I want him to pass with flying colours. Of course I don’t want him to let me down’.

More: Love Island fans convinced this photo proves new Jack and Laura knew each other before the villa

A distressed Dani then adds: ‘I absolutely love the kid. So yeah, it would kill me.’

And, as any ‘gal would, 22-year-old Dani has used the challenge as an opportunity to really dig down deep into her boyfriends’ psyche…

Questions range from the considerable mundane ‘do you really love Dani’ to the nail biting ‘could Dani be more sexy’ and ‘did you only couple up with Dani because you knew who her dad was’.

Others questions include matters such as whether Jack fancies anyone else in the villa and if he’ll remain loyal (babes) after their time in Love Island ends.

Yup, we just can’t.

And by the looks of things, Jack managed to stumble on a few of Dani’s questions.

It’s not known which questions Jack failed, but the pair are left rowing after the test as Dani insists: ‘Any girl in the world if they’ve got that question and their boyfriend got it wrong they would be upset’.

Oh, and by the looks of tonights preview, he’s not the only ‘fella who will be in the doghouse after tonights shenanigans.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be watching with our hands over our eyes!

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Ooh! THIS Love Island star signs up for Celebs Go Dating after relationship drama

This should make for interesting viewing!

Nadia Essex on ‘Good Morning Britain’ TV show, London 10 January 2018

Celebs Go Dating will soon be heading back to our screens – yay! – and we’re even more excited after hearing that a certain Love Island star has signed up…

Yep, 2017 islander Olivia Attwood is joining the agency’s books in an attempt to find romance following the drama of her split from Chris Hughes earlier this year and it sounds like she’s going to make for fantastic viewing.

‘Olivia will be brilliant on the show – she’s great value and genuinely looking for a new man,’ an insider tells The Sun. ‘Fans of hers have been desperate to see her back on TV following her time on Love Island last year and spin-off show with Chris.


MORE: Love Island’s Caroline Flack sparks speculation she’s BACK with ex Andrew Brady after this subtle sign

‘She will start filming for the series this week and is already excited to get to know the other singletons at the mixer launch party.’

Eek, we can’t wait to see this!

Liv, 27, seemingly confirmed the news on Monday by replying to a tweet about the story with several happy emojis.

The former islander hasn’t shied away from dropping hints lately either, having answered an Instagram fan’s question about whether she’d date a fan during a Q&A session on Sunday.

‘If your boyfriend ain’t your fan then you got the wrong boyfriend,’ Olivia replied.

Good point, Liv!

Olivia became a popular face on our screens last summer when she hooked up with Chris on Love Island and the pair dated for several months.

Unfortunately it all ended in tears when their dramatic break-up unfolded as they filmed their spin-off show Crackin’ On earlier this year.

Olivia then rekindled her romance with former flame Bradley Dack but this seems to have come to an end.

Meanwhile the model briefly popped up on TV again last week when she made a hilarious appearance on ITV2 game show Celebability – during which she was forced to confess that she was once arrested for having sex on the beach in Portugal!

Something tells us Olivia could prove VERY entertaining on Celebs Go Dating…

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Mel B finally reveals whether Spice Girls reunion will happen – as she takes a swipe at ‘difficult’ member

Look away, Victoria!


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (9768250f)
Melanie Brown
‘Loose Women’ TV show, London, UK – 23 Jul 2018
Welcome back Mel B!
Hold onto your hats, the scariest of the Spice Girls is back! We’ll be catching up with Mel and hearing about what she’s been up to since the last time she was on the show. From her new book, going back in time, to appearing on Amerca’s Got Talent, Mel will be dishing out all the gossip. We’ve missed her! And we couldn’t get her back without re-uniting her with the original spice bus!

Ever since they teased a reunion last year, we’ve been counting down the minutes until the Spice Girls finally get back together.

Spice Girls Mel B Victoria Beckham

And it looks like it could be happening sooner than we think as Mel B has now revealed all her former bandmates are onboard – even Victoria Beckham!


Appearing on Loose Women for the first time as a panelist, the 43-year-old excitedly admitted: ‘We are getting back together for sure, I’m seeing Geri later today. It was an amazing, brilliant journey!’

More: ‘You need patience!’ Victoria Beckham pokes fun at David with hilarious insight into family life

When she was then asked whether the whole group would be involved, Mel said: ‘There’s one that’s been a bit difficult. But she’s getting roped in.’

Before adding: ‘We are going to start this year and then go on till next year.’

Now, while Mel didn’t give away who the ‘difficult’ member of the former girlband is, we reckon she might be taking a little dig at Victoria who was rumoured to have pulled the plug on a Spice Girls reunion earlier this year.

Despite sharing a photo next to Mel and the rest of her pals Emma Bunton, Geri Horner and Mel C, insiders at the time claimed 44-year-old Vic wasn’t keen on slipping back into that LBD and taking to the stage.

Love my girls!!! So many kisses!!! X Exciting x #friendshipneverends #girlpower

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

‘The Spice Girls are in disarray’, a source told The Sun at the time.

‘While Victoria has always insisted she’d never tour, the others believed Simon would get her on board.

‘They had a £150million proposal in the offing — with a headline performance at Wembley — and even Mel C, who had previously been reluctant, was signed up.

Thanks to all @sothebys for a lovely evening x VB #VBXOMP #VBDoverSt

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

‘With things still up in the air, there were a few heated debates between the girls and Victoria.

‘Simon was brought in to convince her to take the offer but now he’s failed they feel he’s used them to put his name back on the map.’

PLEASE let this happen.

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