Evelyn Lozada & Tami Roman Go At It on Instagram After Tami Slides Into Evelyn’s Baby Daddy’s Comments

Basketball Wives stars Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman are going in on each other and the new season hasn’t even started yet.

Evelyn called out her co-star after she caught Tami leaving emojis on her baby daddy’s (Carl Crawford) Instagram page.

“You avoided me all season because you didn’t want me to EXPOSE your lies, but you have the nerve to be on my son’s father’s page,” Evelyn wrote on her IG stories. “FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING!!!!! You tried it chicken!”

Calling her “toxic” and “bird brain,” Tami responded to Evelyn’s IG rant. She explained she left the rock hand emojis on Crawford’s Megan Thee Stallion’s post because it popped up on her Explore page and she was simply trying to support the female rapper.

She also advised Tami to move on from her ex and to stop lurking on his social media.

Evelyn wasn’t backing down and took to Insta to, once again, get at Tami, attempting to “expose all the #FakeNews [Tami] put out into the universe for attention!”

She also claimed that she wasn’t lurking in her ex’s comment section, but that he sent her what Tami left on his page.

Finally, Evelyn had enough. She left one more shady post and said she was done with the war of words.

“I will not go back & forth with a psycho stalker who has nothing to lose!” she wrote. “Evelyn you’re sad.”

If this social media fight is any indication, the on and off friends will definitely make sure the upcoming season of Basketball Wives is filled with drama and shade.

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Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Killer Eric Holder Indicted by Grand Jury on Murder Charges

Eric Holder (aka “Shitty Cuz”) has been indicted by a grand jury in the shooting death of rapper Nipsey Hussle.

29-year-old Eric Ronald Holder Jr. appeared before a grand jury Tuesday (May 21) pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a firearm (for the two victims who didn’t die) and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Via TMZ:

As for why the D.A. chose to go to the Grand Jury when they had already charged Holder, the main function is to skip the preliminary hearing.

The D.A.’s office will not say why they chose to jump the prelim — where a judge must find probable cause of a crime in order to make the defendant stand trial — but it’s sometimes done if there’s a problem with the evidence.

Nipsey Hussle was allegedly shot and killed by Eric Holder on March 31st in front of the rapper/entrepreneur’s The Marathon clothing store in Crenshaw. Two men standing with 33-year-old Hussle suffered minor injuries.

Investigators said Holder—who was captured on surveillance video opening fire on Hussle multiple times and kicking him in the head—fled the scene, but he was arrested just two days later.

According to authorities, the shooting was not gang-related and was simply the result of a personal dispute between Holder and Hussle.

Holder was held in lieu of $6.5 million bail and his next hearing is scheduled for June 18th.

If convicted, Holder could face life in prison.

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A New Stranger Things Clip Weirds Me Out, and Not in a Good Way

billy hargrove (dacre montgomery) hits the pools in stranger things.

On Monday, Stranger Things 3 dropped a teaser for the upcoming season centered on Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and his summer job of being a lifeguard at the pool. This is highlighted by an extended scene of the moms of Hawkins, Indiana—including Mrs. Wheeler—primping by the pool before ogling Billy as he walks by shirtless. The rest of the scene is a comedic bit about Billy terrifying a kid who’s running by the pool, but the centerpiece is Billy being sexualized by a bunch of older women.

Honestly, it doesn’t sit too well with me.

I know that Montgomery is not a teenager (he’s 24) but his character is just 18 in the newest season. The moms obsessing over him are all much older. If we raise a fuss about eighteen year old girls being ogled by older men, then it stands to reason that we shouldn’t really be thrilled that a younger guy is being objectified by older women. It’s not a good look period, regardless of the teenage character’s gender.

Billy is also somewhat of a garbage character/person. He tried to murder Mike, Dustin, and Lucas at one point early on in the season (and went after them and Steve later on as well), he was openly racist towards Lucas, and he was abusive towards his sister Max. He’s not really a teenage dream, though I suppose the marketing team might’ve been focusing more on the “humor” of the scene rather than the gross nature of the character.

Women ogling younger men is usually played for laughs. Older women coo over pool boys and flirt aggressively and we’re supposed to laugh, because it’s funny when older women are predatory towards younger men. Stranger Things isn’t the first show to do this, nor will it probably be the last. The big problem is is that it keeps happening, and as a result it continues to perpetuate the harmful myth that sexual harassment and assault is funny when it happens to men.

While it falls prey to a lot of problematic tropes at times (see, the treatment of Nancy), I genuinely don’t think the writers of Stranger Things want to make light of predatory relationships. People making eyes at a hot lifeguard? That’s a popular summer eighties movie trope. But it’s not really funny any more, because there really isn’t much to laugh at about a teenager being the object of a bunch of older women’s attentions.

This does come on the heels of last season’s episode where Billy, at age 17, attempts to seduce Mrs. Wheeler, which was highly uncomfortable to watch. Maybe Billy’s story will be given more nuance in the full season; he’s probably still the worst and I’ll never forgive him for how he treated Lucas and Max, but he doesn’t need to be just there for a bunch of jokes about how horny older women are.

Stranger Things might do better by women this season, but they should continue to aim higher and do better in general, and that probably means that jokes about older women lusting after teen boys should be left in 1984.

(image: Netflix)

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Things We Saw Today: Documentary About Queer Fandom Queering the Script Premiering in Toronto May 26th

Queering the Script Header Image

An exciting project I’ve been looking forward to is the documentary Queering The Script, directed by Gabrielle Zilkha and produced by Steph Ouaknine, one of the co-creators and producers of the web series Carmilla. The documentary charts the evolution of onscreen queerness but also demonstrates the extraordinary impact of activism on its many diverse fans, who have made their voices loudly known to ensure that they see themselves accurately portrayed onscreen.

I had the privilege of getting to present the trailer for the documentary at SXSW and was one of the people interviewed in it. Not only is it great to see a documentary like this coming that celebrates queer fans, but it was also done by two queer women, as well. I am also glad that a diverse group of people were interviewed, from actors to producers to critics, including Ilene Chaiken, Stephanie Beatriz, Lucy Lawless, and Angelica Ross, along with the voices of fans everywhere.

It’s an exciting project, and if you’re in Toronto for the Inside Out event, you’ll be able to get a first look at it Sunday, May 26 at 12:15PM.

(via Inside Out; image: Shaftesbury)

Waiting for this Memorial Day weekend to take off!


(Credit: Square Enix)

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Dany’s Big Speech in the Game of Thrones Finale Is Filled With Nazi Imagery—Here’s the Issue

Daenerys Targaryen in front of her army mimicking Nazi images

Fans and critics alike are still processing the finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones and honestly, that might be the greatest thing that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have done for the franchise: given it a discussion-worthy ending that fans will be talking about for years to come. Still, one aspect that continues to bother me (among many) is the Nazi imagery that was paired with Daenerys Targaryen’s speech during the finale.

Nazi imagery is often used in Western media because the images tied to Nazism have been so codified that they can be placed into anything (even Disney movies) where the shorthand will tell you how you’re supposed to feel about the character. As a child, I didn’t instantly see The Lion King‘s “Be Prepared” and notice the goose-stepping hyenas, but once you do and you know what it means, it’s a chilling image to see so easily emulated.

Helene Bertha Amalie “Leni” Riefenstahl is the fascist director who is behind Triumph des Willens (“Triumph of the Will”) and Olympia, two of the most effective propaganda films ever made. A lot of images we have from Nazi Germany come from Riefenstahl’s works. There have been plenty of smarter people than me who’ve talked about Triumph of the Will and the language of propaganda films, but what I want to touch on is the way we have separated Hitler’s ideology from the images associated with Nazi propaganda.

Part of the problem of taking images of fascist Germany and uncritically planting them into other media that does not address Nazism is how it erases the racist and ableist genocide connected with Hitler’s Germany.

In an interview with Variety, Emilia Clarke said she watched Hitler’s speeches and those of other dictators/leaders to prepare for delivering her own lines because she wanted to be able to convey the power of what she was saying without needing to understand the language.

“In giving all these speeches in fake languages, I watched a lot of videos of — now it seems funny — dictators and powerful leaders speaking a different language to see if I could understand what they were saying without knowing the language. And you can! You absolutely can understand what Hitler’s f—ing saying, these single-focus orators speaking a foreign language. So I thought, “If I can believe every single word I’m saying, the audience won’t need to be looking at the subtitles too much.”

You can also see the header image, with Dany in her black military styled garb, facing her Unsullied soldiers in perfect formation, the Dothraki in the background, and of course, the Targaryen flag draped in triumph over the rubble of King’s Landing. Now, I’ve already made my feelings about Dany’s turn to “madness” clear, but what I find so frustrating about the optics of this is that Daenerys Targaryen is speaking to her mostly non-white army. Not only is it gross and lazy to use Nazi imagery in this way, but it also illustrates that the creators wanted to use the shorthand of the images without thinking about the ideology.

Beyond being racist, homophobic, and ableist, Nazi Germany was also sexist. Women were confined to the roles of mother and spouse and excluded from all positions of power and responsibility. Of course, women were part of the propaganda machine that existed, as shown by Leni Riefenstahl. However, let’s think about the implications of depicting a woman who was clearly one of the heroes of the show, someone who was seen as an emancipator and an overall force for good for the majority of the run, as a Hitleresque figure at the very end?

We live in a world where Nazis and Nazi ideology are constantly being rebranded and repackaged in order to become more acceptable for the mainstream public, so we need to be cautious about how this imagery is used in media. Using it as a visual key marker for a character’s descent into “madness” is not necessary. It’s important that we remember the ideology beyond these images and stop divorcing the two.

(via Screen Rant, image: HBO)

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Meghan Markle’s transatlantic pals ‘fly to the UK to meet baby Archie for the first time’

Archie’s getting some US visitors!

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s glamorous transatlantic pals are flying in to see baby Archie, it is claimed.

Over the past week or so there has been a stream of royal visitors to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor including Princess Diana’s sister and of course the Queen.

But now it seems Meghan’s friends from her Suits days are keen to get in on the action.

Little Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor was born on May 6 and has only been pictured once – at an official photocall soon after he was born.

Earlier this week Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney was spotted with her five-year-old daughter Ivy at a Canadian airport, about to board a plane to London.

More: Meghan Markle and X Factor winner ‘exchanged messages’ before she met Prince Harry

Before that stylist Jessica, 39, posted a picture on Instagram of her little girl with the caption: “Packing for our first Mother/Daughter trip. Are matching shoes too much?”

One fan commented: “I hope you’re heading to London to meet Archie!”

Another said it “will be a very special trip” while yet a third said: “Tell them the Sussex squad army is here to defend them!”

Meghan’s other celebrity pal fashion designer Misha Nonoo is also set to visit, it is believed.

Read more: Holly Willoughby’s floral summer dress divides This Morning viewers 

Misha, from New York, is opening a pop up shop in London’s Marylebone area on June 1.

Misha was among the high profile guests at Meghan’s New York baby shower earlier this year, as well as Amal Clooney and Gayle King.

Meanwhile Meghan’s mum Doria, who has been in the UK since before the baby was born, is reportedly back in LA.

View this post on Instagram

Holiday wishlists require serious concentration 📕✍

A post shared by MISHA NONOO (@mishanonoo) on

Yoga teacher Doria, 62, has returned to her studio in sunny California but Meg and Harry have set aside a suite for her in their new family home.

Baby Archie hasn’t been seen since his debut photo call and it is expected he won’t be shown in public until his christening in a few months.

No godparents have been confirmed yet but rumour has it George Clooney may in the running.

Watch this space!

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Katie Price ‘owes vets £3k’ and is now ‘blacklisted after refusing to pay’

The mum-of-five is still battling money problems

katie price

Katie Price has been blacklisted by her local vets after refusing to pay a £3,000 bill.

Katie Price

The former model, who’s financial struggles have been made public in recent months, visited Sussex Equine Hospital for her pet horses – but has told them she won’t be coughing up the giant bill.


A source told the Sun Online: ‘Katie’s used the vets for a long time – they were called out when her horse Wallis was ill, and even came out as an emergency when another of her horses had to be put down after he was hit by a car.’

‘But now she’s informed them she won’t be paying up.’

MORE: Katie Price brands Peter Andre a ‘glorified babysitter’ just days after grovelling public apology

katie price

The source continued: ‘It’s a small business and it’s a lot of money to them. They’ve now blacklisted her and won’t answer any of her calls to come to her house, even if it’s an emergency.’

Katie has been struggling with money woes lately – she only narrowly avoided bankruptcy late last year after borrowing £22k from a friend and is now paying thousands of pounds back each month as part of an IVA agreement.

But one way Katie is planning to earn some extra cash is to sing at funerals for a £5,000 fee.

A source recently revealed: ‘She will happily pop along to a funeral and sing a couple of songs of choice.’

katie price

The insider added of Katie, who represented the UK in the 2005 Eurovision song contest, ‘If she can put a smile on a few people’s faces, then why not?

‘She realised she was missing a trick – she could perform at weddings, bar mitzvahs and funerals, too, so now they have been tacked on to her CV.’

We hope it earns you some extra cash, Kate!

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Louise Redknapp calls ex Jamie a ‘stranger’ in emotional new lyrics as fans tell her to ‘get him back’

Louise has shared some very cryptic words…

Louise Redknapp has given fans an insight into her recent split from ex-husband Jamie Redknapp, in the form of some unreleased lyrics from her new music.

The former Eternal star, 44, who is currently performing in the West End’s 9 To 5 musical, shared the emotional lyrics on Instagram today.


Alongside the heartfelt post, Louise added ’ 24.05.19 🎶’ hinting that a new musical release is coming in a few days.

The intimate words read: ‘We used to be in love, we used to be inseparable,/ now it’s a little awkward…/ it’s like we’ve never met before/ it’s almost like we’re strangers/ remember when we had it all,/ we used to dream big, but now it’s just…/ small talk.’

MORE: Louise Redknapp reveals she will ‘always be sad’ about divorce amid claims ex Jamie has ‘moved on’ with model

View this post on Instagram

24.05.19 🎶

A post shared by Louise Redknapp (@louiseredknapp) on

Many of Louise’s fans were quick to assume the meaning behind the photo, with hordes of her 623,000 followers referencing her break up from footballer Jamie, 45.

The couple, who married back in 1998 and share two sons, called it quits on their marriage last year.

Addressing the topic, plenty of commenters made sure to show their support for Louise.

One loyal fan wrote: ‘Stay strong since Jamie split- your a powerful / glamorous – independent woman!! 💕,’ while another added: ‘❤ Keep going girl ..look at your boys 💙💙.’

Meanwhile, other followers expressed their hope Louise and Jamie would reunite, with one pleading the pair get back together, writing: ‘If the words are reference to jamie then get back together you only have one true love in yr life and life is too short be happy be together be a family again ❤,’ and a second penning: ‘If you want him back fight for him ❤.’

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Holly Willoughby’s floral summer dress massively divides This Morning viewers

Whatevs, we love it…

Holly Willoughby on This Morning

Holly Willoughby’s outfit choice on today’s episode of This Morning has divided fans’ opinion.

The blonde TV presenter opted for a pretty floral number with short sleeves but some fashion followers said it made her look old before her time.

The dress, by French designer Claudie Pierlot, was white with red and yellow flowers on it and Holly, 38, teamed it with a pair of nude strappy high-heeled sandals.

But despite Holly’s summery look, some fans were not so keen.

One Instagram user said she looked like ‘a granny’ and that the dress was too costly at £239.

Holly Willoughby poses in a floral dress

More: Holly Willoughby stuns in all white outfit on This Morning – here’s where you can buy it

Someone else said she looked ‘school marmish’ and that her Celebrity Juice outfits were more youthful.

However her loyal followers jumped to her defence saying she was ‘stunning’ and ‘so pretty’.

One posted: ‘Love this dress. You look fabulous as ever Holly.’

Whatever, we think she looks fab!

Meanwhile, Holly, a mum of three, and SAS nut Ant Middleton clashed on This Morning over their differing attitudes towards parenting.

More: Louise Redknapp calls ex Jamie a ‘stranger’ in emotional new lyrics

Father-of-five Ant had told his 10-year-old son Gabriel that he couldn’t cry at school, much to Holly’s disgust.

Ant said: ‘The other day my son came home from school crying and he said that everyone at school had called him a cry baby.

Holly hit back with: ‘The other way of looking at it would be to tell the other children to stop calling him a cry baby, that would almost be a better way of looking at it.’

Holly is married to producer Daniel Baldwin since 2007 and they share children Belle, Chester and Harry.

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Love Island bosses reveal increased duty of care after deaths of Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon

The ITV show is changing up its aftercare process

Love Island bosses have announced the new details of the show’s duty of care process just a few weeks before the fifth series of the ITV dating show is set to start.

With the next season of the award winning reality programme set to begin on 3rd June, telly execs have announced ‘key changes’ in the way contestants are looked after.


The updated care programme for Islanders will include enhanced psychological support, detailed conversations with cast members about the impact the show could have on their lives plus a ‘proactive aftercare package’ for after stars leave the iconic Spanish villa.

The singletons jetting off to Majorca in the hope of finding love will also receive training on how to manage social media plus support on how to deal with finances.

MORE: Love Island line-up 2019: Take a look at the rumoured contestants heading into the villa

Creative Director ITV Studios Entertainment Richard Cowles said: ‘The format of the new series will be familiar to Love Island viewers and we can’t wait to see how the new Islanders take to life in the villa and how relationships blossom. We hope that viewers will be hooked as they watch these young singles fall in love – hopefully it will be a summer to remember for both the Islanders and our viewers.

‘Due to the success of the show our Islanders can find themselves in the public eye following their appearance. We really want to make sure they have given real consideration to this and what appearing on TV entails. Discussing all of this with us forms a big part of the casting process and, ultimately, their decision to take part.

‘Also, as we are outlining today our welfare processes follow three key stages: pre-filming, filming and aftercare and we are increasing our post filming support to help Islanders following their time in villa.’

News of the bettered post-show care comes after former Love Island star Mike Thalassitis took his own life earlier this year.

Since the death of the 26-year-old football player, calls have been made for the management of the reality contest to up it’s game in terms of looking after contestant’s mental wellbeing.

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