Ja Rule Says He’ll NEVER Be Cool With 50 Cent: “He’s a Parasite, a Cancer to the Culture & Our People”

In a climate where black-on-black crime is being scrutinized in light of the death of Nipsey Hussle, there’s renewed energy in the black community on healing and mending conflict between black men.

So I guess someone, somewhere brought it up to Ja Rule that he and 50 Cent should try to put their decades-long beef behind them. Especially considering, you know, the fact both men are well into their 40s now and beef between two middle-aged men just doesn’t play out the same as it did when they were in their 20s.

But in case you were holding your breath for a refreshed mentality in either 50 or Ja, please exhale. Ja took to his Instagram to clarify, once again, that he and 50 Cent never can be and never will be cool.

It boils down to the fact that in Ja’s view, 50 Cent is “a parasite, a cancer to the culture” who has no integrity and lacks respect and character for his fellow black people.

As evidence, he runs through a list of people 50 Cent has publicly beefed with: Diddy, Kanye, Taraji Henson, etc. But the straw that broke the camel’s back for Ja is when 50 gave Minister Louis Farrakhan his “ass to kiss” when the Farrakhan tried to broker a peace between the two rappers.

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THIS is why me and 50 will NEVER co exist he’s a parasite a cancer to the culture and our ppl… he comes out with music takes shots at me Kanye etc. comes out with liquor takes shots at Diddy comes out with his show takes shots at Taraji always downing his own ppl… always running his fucking yuk mouth until the smoke gets thick then you wanna make anonymous calls to the Feds and NYPD talking about you scared for your life… lmao smh then when the minister called for both of us to sit with him for hip hop unity you gave this man your ass to kiss complete definition of a SUCKER… I’m saying all this to say I will not be engaging in any more back and forth with this goofy ass nigger Curtis Ratson!!! #BootlickingkneekissingCOON #cloutchasingclown you can have all the money in the world can’t buy class… 🤷🏾‍♂️ #Iconn 12.XII.Twelve

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In all honesty, while I think Ja Rule is a lame, washed up rapper, for the most part, he told no lies in his post.

50 Cent is a petty-ass troll who lacks emotional intelligence and empathy. He doesn’t care about anyone humanity or spirit. He measures his self-worth and value in material things like cash, cars, homes and business deals.

This is a man who has disowned his eldest son and routinely insults his first baby mother on social media for laughs and clicks and doesn’t suffer any crises of conscience about it.

So if he can’t squash beef with his own blood, what hope is there for Curtis to make amends with a total stranger like Jeffrey Atkins? It’s a non-starter.

Case in point, after Ja’s Instagram post made the rounds, 50 Cent responded in kind with an Instagram post of his own.

It consisted of a photo of him smiling as wads of cash surrounded his head while chewing on a popsicle stick with the caption that reads: “I know my spirit irritates some people’s demons, so they hate me but I’m just enjoying life. God is good.”

Trolls gonna troll and 50 Cent will always go for a laugh over peace and stability.

So this beef between Ja and 50 will always be on, even if it’s gonna be microwaved and reheated time and time again because it fits 50’s brand better than being a diplomat or peacemaker can.

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Jussie Smollett’s Brother Says Jussie is Telling the Truth About Being Attacked & is Suffering From Night Terrors

The Smollett family is a talented bunch of singers, writers and actors, but it appears that one of the Smolletts may have missed his calling as a lawyer, because the defense JoJo Smollett has mounted in the form of a guest article on BET.com on behalf of his younger brother, Jussie, is the most compelling clapback that anyone in Jussie’s camp has made to date.

Jojo, who was an actor and producer himself in the ’90s but now runs a nonprofit that helps developmentally disabled people rejoin the workforce, is the oldest of the Smollett siblings.

It’s not clear what spurred the release of the guest column on BET.com, but the article attempts to dismantle the Chicago Police Department’s case against Jussie and also chastises the media for taking the CPD at their word.

Here are some of the most salient, but conflicting, points from the article:

Jojo Suggests the Osundairo Brothers Did Attack Jussie But Doesn’t Explain Why Jussie Is Letting Them Off the Hook

On February 14, the day that the Osundairo brothers were brought in for questioning as suspects, Fox News reported that the Chicago Police Communications Director, in response to leaked sources within the department, had begun spreading the word that Jussie had supposedly staged the attack, stated that the police chief “has contacted @ABC7Chicago to state on the record that we have no evidence to support their reporting and their supposed CPD sources are uninformed and inaccurate.”

If the CPD had no evidence to support the idea of a hoax, prior to interviewing the Osundairos, then they base their whole case against Jussie on that interview. The police chief later admitted that the men made no mention of a hoax until the final hour that they could legally be held. By this time, Jussie had already refused to sign a complaint against the Osundairos, convinced that these men, one who he had considered a friend and the other an acquaintance, could not be his attackers. Most importantly, detectives refused to show Jussie video, photos, or any evidence to prove they were the attackers.

The fact that these two brothers, who in the final hour confessed to attacking my brother yet say it was Jussie who told them to, is all the evidence that the police and the general public needed to be convinced, should be frightening to everyone.

Is that all it takes to destroy a lifelong dedication to one’s craft and community? Is it really that easy to convince the world of a person’s guilt? Is that all it takes to turn someone’s life upside down in America? Simply ask yourself this, “What if Jussie is telling the truth?”

With not one inkling of solid evidence, many believed the false witness testimony from two suspects who turned into witnesses, even though they lacked standard credibility.

It was under-reported that one of the “witnesses” had previously been arrested for attempted murder ending with a plea deal for aggravated battery, or that the brothers repeatedly expressed homophobia on their social media in the past. Additionally, it was never reported that they changed their story while under police interrogation.

In this section of his piece, Jojo claims that the Osundairo brothers only threw out the claim that they were in on the hoax with Jussie at the end of their police interrogation.

He also claims that the police failed to show Jussie video, photo or evidence that the brothers were his attackers, which prompted Jussie to refuse to press charges against them.

But then Jojo undermines the credibility of the brothers by claiming the brothers had a history of “homophobia” and one of them had an attempted murder charge against them, which makes it seem like the family does believe they did it.

It’s confusing. Because either the brothers did attack Jussie and Jussie refused to prosecute them for it, which raises the question of why he would allow them to get away with it. OR Jussie doesn’t think the brothers did it and instead, the CPD is framing them for something they didn’t do. And if that’s the case, why is he not aggressively in pursuit of his real attackers?

Also, the idea that the Osundairo brothers would be homophobic and still engage Jussie as “friends” seems like a bit of a stretch. Jussie, by his brother’s own admission, plays a visible gay character on Empire and is a vocal LGBT activist and out gay person in his personal life.

If homophobia is their M.O., wouldn’t they have avoided Jussie from the outset? Why would the Osundairo brothers build a supposedly close relationship with Jussie only to assault him randomly for being gay, which you knew he was all along?

Jojo Claims the Chicago Police Department Jumped the Gun in Their TV Interviews and Lack Physical Evidence

One important note, the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department announced publicly that Jussie’s motive in staging an attack was so he could make more money from Empire.

Fox immediately said that wasn’t true but the police chief never withdrew his accusation. The chief also stated as fact that Jussie had sent himself the threatening letter that arrived at the Empire production offices weeks before the attack. The FBI then refuted this claim. Again, the chief did not correct his accusations. Letting it float for the public to either believe or not.

After several of these examples, anyone would have concluded what we knew — that the entire police case rested on two witnesses that lacked credibility and there was no physical evidence tying Jussie to this crime.

Now Jojo is accurate in that people other than Jussie’s camp undermined the narrative that the CPD was pushing. Namely, the FBI refuted the claims that it had been determined that Jussie sent his own threatening letters. But it also didn’t exactly exonerate Jussie.

And while the CPD’s credibility certainly was damaged by the countless leaks to the press and the overzealous TV interviews, it’s also true that the basic facts of Jussie’s story still don’t make any sense.

Why would two MAGA supporters (in Chicago of all places), randomly search Jussie out to attack him at 2 a.m. in subarctic temperatures on a January night? And even if that WERE true, why is Jussie not adamant about finding his attackers and holding them accountable?

Jussie Has PTSD From His Attacks and Blames Social Media for His Reputation Damage

What concerned me the most is, as the CPD continued their campaign against Jussie, I started to notice an online “bandwagon” approaching ignoring whether there were any real facts to suggest his guilt. In an effort to fit in with the momentum on social media, many appeared to roast him, demean him, and laugh at a traumatic and painful ordeal.

Jussie is as strong as iron, but following an attack like this, there is a normal and natural amount of post trauma that mostly anyone should expect to suffer. I have literally seen him violently awakening from night terrors, following the assault. Some of my siblings, as well as Jussie’s partner and closest friends have seen similar things.

I mean, no offense, but Jussie didn’t sustain any lasting injuries from the alleged assault. Based on the mugshot, homeboy has a bruised cheek and a minor cut.

Also, Jussie didn’t help the situation when he got onstage and made outlandish claims like “I’m the gay Tupac,” so you can’t put this all on everyone else, Jojo.

Jojo Claims Jussie Had No Choice But to Forfeit the $10,000 Bond

Jussie has been an entertainer since the age of five, and loves his craft. He is a consummate singer, dancer, actor, and the funniest person I have ever known. Today, unfortunately, he finds his livelihood in jeopardy.

Jussie was concerned that forfeiting the $10,000 bail could look like an admission of guilt. In fact, not paying, and proceeding with a potentially multi-year process that would bankrupt him and his career was not a realistic option. Even now he carries immense financial burdens for his legal defense and security needs.

This makes zero sense. Jussie was absolutely right to believe that the forfeiture of the bond money would seem like an admission of guilt, because it is.

No one, especially someone who claims the CPD has NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM, would forfeit their bond and walk away from the case completely.

If the CPD’s entire case is baseless and you stand on that, why would you not proceed with the defense of clearing your name, since you’ll emerge victorious and likely be able to recoup those litigation causes anyway?

And by the way, the decision to forfeit the bond in an attempt to avoid a costly, prolonged legal battle is a moot point since the CPD is pursuing Jussie in court on civil charges. So what was the point?

All in all, while Jojo’s letter made some valid points, it didn’t do enough to cover the Grand Canyon-sized holes in Jussie’s story, but for a former-actor, it was a decent attempt at playing lawyer for his brother.

And of course, the choice to use BET.com as a platform was smart as they were more likely to be more friendly to Jojo’s biased POV and not scrutinize the content as much as, say, The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

For example, Jojo misspelled the Nigerian-American brothers’ names as “Osundario” instead of “Osundairo” and BET failed to correct it, indicating this was likely a piece that went to press with a minimal amount of editing or fact-checking.

Butm what do y’all think? Did Jojo’s little letter make you shift to Team Jussie or are you still lookin’ at him sideways?

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5-Year-Old Boy Thrown From Third Floor Balcony at Mall of America “Showing Signs of Recovery” As GoFundMe Nears $1 Million

A five-year-old boy thrown from a 3rd-floor balcony at the Mall of America last week is fighting for his life in the intensive care unit, but his family says he is “showing signs of recovery.”

The family gave an update of “miracle child” Landen Hoffmann’s recovery on Good Friday (April. 19). The family said:

“Our miracle child is showing real signs of recovery. New test results have been positive, though he remains in intensive care with a long road ahead. Our faith in God, and our Savior Jesus, is strong, and we are gaining more reason for optimism day by day.

“We continue our appeal for privacy as we focus on our son, and thank you for respecting our wishes. Just know that we absolutely feel your overwhelming love, prayers and support, for they seem to be working. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.”

In just six days, a GoFundMe fundraiser dedicated to helping Landen and his family is on its way to reaching its $1 million goal. As of this reporting, the page had received more than $915,000 in donations by nearly 26,000 people.

“Just know that we all feel your overwhelming love, prayers and support,” the GoFundMe page states. “He is answering our prayers and they ARE working.”

The message continues: “Please continue to pray for Landen and his family, every single prayer is important.”

Emmanuel Aranda, 24, has been charged with attempted murder after admitting he purposefully threw little Landen over the balcony.

Landen fell approximately 39 feet and suffered multiple fractured bones in his arms and legs, was bleeding from his head, and had massive head trauma. He’s being treated at the Children’s Hospital.

Aranda, who has a history of mental illness, says he was at the mall “looking to kill someone.”

He intended to kill an adult one day prior to the senseless attack on Landen. However, he was unable to follow through and returned to the mall the next day and chose a child instead.

Aranda was a complete stranger to Landen and his mother at the time of the attack. The young boy was chosen at random.

Via Fox 5NY.com:

The boy’s mother said she and her son were with a friend and a friend’s child outside the Rainforest Café on the third floor of the mall around 10:15 a.m. when Aranda, whom they did not know, approached them.

Aranda came very close to them, so the boy’s mother asked if they were in the way and should move. Aranda then picked up her son, threw him off the balcony and fled the scene.

Landen’s family is asking for privacy during this matter and are not releasing any photos of him as he recovers.

However, those who want help can donate through the GoFundMe page or send cards and well wishes through a P.O. Box.

Prayers for Landen
P.O. Box 43516
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443-4200

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John Singleton Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Legendary film director John Singleton has reportedly been hospitalized after suffering a stroke recently.

LoveBScott.com reports that the 51-year-old’s “condition is unknown at this time” and “we’ll keep you updated with any significant developments.”

John Singleton’s iconic filmography includes movies such as include “Boyz N the Hood” (1991), “Poetic Justice” (1993), “Higher Learning” (1995), “Baby Boy” (2001).

Singleton is also responsible for a number of other big movies, like “Shaft” (2000), “2 Fast 2 Furious” (2003) and “Four Brothers” (2005).

On top of all of that, he recently co-created the FX crime drama Snowfall.

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Adele Announces Split from Husband Simon Konecki After Seven-Year Relationship

Adele is, unfortunately, saying “goodbye” to her husband, Simon Konecki. The couple has split after seven years together.

The separation was announced today (Apr. 19) in a statement released by representatives for Adele.

“Adele and her partner have separated. They are committed to raising their son together lovingly. As always, they ask for privacy. There will be no further comment.”

Adele and Konecki, an entrepreneur/philanthropist, have a 6-year-old son together named Angelo.

The couple began dating in 2011, but has pretty much kept their relationship out of the public eye, splitting their private time between London and Beverly Hills.

“The reason her relationship works with Simon is because they are on the same page,” a source told People in 2016. “Their priority is their son, and Adele loves being a mother. Angelo is a very happy little boy.”

In 2017, the 30-year-old singer confirmed that she and Konecki, 44, had married after much speculation due to a ring being spotted on her left hand.

She was photographed without the ring in March 2019 while at a recording studio in New York City.

As news of the split was just announced, there’s no word if the couple has taken any action towards divorce. We wish them well during this time.

Adele Announces Split from Husband Simon Konecki After Seven-Year Relationship is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & Videos

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Someone Great Is a Love Letter to Female Friendship and Growing Up

Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, and Brittany Snow in Netflix's Someone Great.

We need a new genre name for movies like Someone Great. To call it a romantic comedy would be to inaccurate, as the film follows the events of a break-up. To call it a “chick flick” is reductive and insulting. And why does a comedy about a group of female best friends behaving badly always fall under one of those monikers? We don’t have a similarly demeaning name for the dozens of wacky male-led comedies (although may I suggest bro-show? Or bromance?).

Someone Great is, in fact, a comedy with moments of drama and poignancy. The film centers on Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) a New York music journalist who has just landed her dream job at Rolling Stone. Unfortunately, her boyfriend of nine years Nate (LaKeith Stanfield) doesn’t want to do long distance and breaks up with her. With one week left in NYC, Jenny rallies her BFFs, commitment-phobic Erin (She’s Gotta Have It‘s DeWanda Wise) and uptight Blair (Pitch Perfect‘s Brittany Snow) for one last wild night out the Neon Classic concert.

The film follows the beats of your traditional “one crazy night” comedy: the struggle to get highly coveted VIP tickets, the “getting ready” music montage, and pre-game shopping for drugs, booze, and late night snacks. But interlaced with the dynamics of our girls behaving badly are the bittersweet flashbacks that tell the story of Nate and Jenny’s romance. Someone Great artfully captures the aftermath of a break-up, as we watch Rodriguez relive pivotal moments in her relationship.

Grief is never a straight line. It ebbs and flows, striking you in the most unlikely of places. A walk past your favorite spot, a song on the radio, can all evoke a flood of memories. Even simple tasks like grabbing a Diet Coke at her local bodega cause Jenny to flash back to moments of intimacy with Nate.

As the saga of Nate and Jenny unfolds, we learn that the problems of the relationship went much deeper than a cross country move. Nate and Jenny got together in college, but as they’ve grown through their twenties, they’ve become different people. All three women of Someone Great must contend with growing up and entering their thirties. Erin, who has never had a serious relationship, finds herself afraid to commit to her girlfriend Leah (Rebecca Naomi Jones). Blair is stuck in a dead-end relationship with her boyfriend Will (Alex Moffat) while fighting her feelings for college friend Matt (Peter Vack).

If this all seems heavy, don’t fear. Someone Great is still jam-packed with laughs, shenanigans, and delightful cameos. Jaboukie Young-White pops in as a woke wealthy hipster and RuPaul makes an appearance as the girl’s drug dealer. It moves briskly, with a killer soundtrack and artful cinematography.

With so many films about grown men coming of age, it’s refreshing to see women navigate the same journey. Life in your twenties is markedly different from life in your thirties, and that evolution can be painful as well as fulfilling. The film brims with authenticity, thanks to its writer/director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who created the criminally underrated series Sweet/Vicious.

Someone Great is a perfect “Girls Night In” film, and one you’ll want to revisit again and again. I’m excited to see what Kaytin Robinson does next.

(image: Sarah Shatz/Netflix)

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Things We Saw Today: The New Trailer for Tuca & Bertie Has Landed

The latest trailer for Tuca & Bertie has landed, and honestly we are so ready. Created by Lisa Hanawalt (the artist and production designer behind BoJack Horseman), the animated comedy follows “comedy about the friendship between two 30-year-old bird women who live in the same apartment building: Tuca (Tiffany Haddish), a cocky, care-free toucan and Bertie (Ali Wong), an anxious, daydreaming songbird.”

If the loss of Broad City has you craving a new show centered on female friendship, then Tuca & Bertie seems ready to take on the mantle with its absurdist, trippy comedy that also delves into real-world issues. Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) co-stars as Bertie’s boyfriend Speckle, and the voice cast includes Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler, Nicole Byer, Tig Notaro, and more.

With the creative team from BoJack Horseman at the helm, and the all-star comedic talents of Haddish and Wong, we can’t wait to dive into the wacky world of Tuca & Bertie.

The series lands on Netflix on May 3rd.

(via AVClub, image: Netflix)

  • Word has it that the racist Song of the South will not be appearing on Disney+, which is honestly a good move for everyone. (via CBR)
  • Alex Kurtzman dishes on the events of Star Trek: Discovery‘s intense season finale. (via io9)
  • Delve into the world of the Continental in John Wick 3. (via /Film)
  • Here’s some good news out of the devastating Notre Dame fire. The cathedral’s 180,000 bees survived the blaze.

  • The Russo brothers are working on a new documentary about beloved Marvel figurehead Stan Lee. (via CBR)
  • A very different Catwoman will be showing up in the Gotham series finale. (via Entertainment Weekly)
  • Check out this interview with Michelle Gomez aka Madam Satan on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. (via Collider)
  • Here’s some solid 420 advice from My Favorite Murder‘s Karen Kilgariff:

What are you up to this weekend, Sue Believers?

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True Detective Pikachu Nails the Tone of the Original HBO Series

A film like Detective Pikachu is built to be parodied. As the first live-action entry into the Pokémon universe, the goofy genre mash-up is ripe for parody. That’s not to say it won’t be a good movie (we’ll know that soon enough). But there’s plenty of humor to mined from the title alone.

Which brings us to True Detective Pikachu, a noir take on Pokémon as filtered through the lens of the first season of HBO’s True Detective. While the show aired its third season earlier this year, none have come close its iconic first season starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. True Detective season one featured a nonlinear, twisty narrative that explored inner darkness, masculinity, and the nature of evil.

True Detective Pikachu does a great job of capturing the drifting hopelessness of the series, with an embittered Pikachu (Tommy Kang) subbing in for McConaughey and Ash Ketchum (Bill Bria) taking on the Harrelson role. As the duo investigate the murders of various Pokémon, they ponder their own morality. “I believe Poke consciousness is a tragic step in our evolution. We are creatures that should not exist,” grumbles Pikachu, as he chain smokes cigarettes.

We see a struggling Ash trying to convince his wife that he chooses her, while flirting with Pokémon strippers (which will haunt my nightmares). We also catch glimpses of Team Rocket members Jesse and James, as well as a wartortle, a vulpix, a venomoth, and a meowth aka “the yellow cat”.

The entire video is a darkly humorous look at a world where Pokémon have substance abuse problems and must contend with their inner demons. The video was made by Sam & Bill Comedy, and directed by Sam Haft. When asked how the project came about, Haft said, “I originally wrote a version of this sketch in a pitch packet for a writing job that my lit agent sent me. I didn’t get the job and then got dropped by my lit agent. So of course, I sprung into action wasting a ton of money making this comedy abomination. Now nobody else has a lit agent. Coincidence? Yes.”

It’s clear that the short creators have deep affection for both Pokémon and True Detective. Enjoy this trippy comedy short, and stick around for the twangy version of the theme song.

(via Birth.Movies.Death, image: Sam & Bill Comedy)

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Mary Sue Meets Mary Jane: Our Top 5 Favorite Marijuana Moments in Pop Culture

ilana smokes up in broad city.

Stoner comedies have long been the domain of men, from Cheech and Chong to Jay and Silent Bob to the myriad Judd Apatow movies. When women do appear in these films, they’re either the disapproving girlfriend or the object of desire. But oh, how times have changed. As recreational marijuana laws sweep the nation, smoking weed is no longer solely the domain of stoner bros. Pop culture is starting to come around to the idea that women toke up as often as men do.

The days of Reefer Madness paranoia are long gone. Most films and television shows will show characters enjoying marijuana with the same casualness and lack of consequences as they enjoy alcohol. Netflix’s Someone Great featured its core cast of women dabbling in vaping and smoking, as have blockbuster female-led films like Girls Trip.

To celebrate 420, we’re counting down our top five favorite female-led marijuana moments in popular culture. So curl up, grab your vape, and smoke ’em if you got ’em!

Abbi and Ilana, Broad City

abbi and ilana light up on broad city.

(image: Comedy Central)

No list of female stoners would be complete without the patron saints of marijuana: Abbi and Ilana of Broad City. From the very beginning, weed has played an active role in the duo’s shenanigans, making them the most high profile female stoners on television. It’s impossible to pick just one scene, as weed is practically a member of the supporting cast, but highlights include Ilana convincing Abbi to smuggle weed in her vagina (nature’s pocket) or blending up a “firecracker smoothie” to help Abbi recover from dental surgery. And even though the series ended last month (sob!), Broad City will be a beloved re-watch for smokers everywhere.

Peggy Olson Gets High at the Office, Mad Men

Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson wants to smoke weed on Mad Men.

(image: AMC)

In season three, episode three of Mad Men, “My Old Kentucky Home”, we find Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) working away her Saturday on a Bacardi campaign. Instead of working, the men procure some marijuana and start smoking in the office. In a classic Peggy moment, she storms into the office and declares “I’m Peggy Olson, and I want to smoke some marijuana”. It’s yet another example of Peggy forcing her way into the boy’s club of Sterling Cooper, and excelling beyond her peers. Peggy finds a newfound confidence in herself and a great campaign idea. Who says Type A’s can’t enjoy a smoke?

Anna Faris, Smiley Face

anna faris goes on a trip in smiley face.

(image: Anonymous Content)

While women smoking weed has become prevalent on television, there is still a lack of female stoners in cinema. The 2007 Gregg Araki film Smiley Face is the first female-fronted weed movie, starring Anna Faris as Jane, a struggling actress who accidentally eats a plate of her roommate’s weed cupcakes. From there, we follow Faris on a trippy journey through Los Angeles, as she struggles to make her audition and come up with the money to pay back her roommate. Along the way, Jane encounters a variety of crazy characters, steals some original Karl Marx essays, and jump-starts a labor dispute at a sausage factory. Faris has never been better, and the hysterical film is 420 must-watch.

The “Old Fashioned Ladies’ Pot Party”, 9 to 5

dolly parton, lily tomlin, and jane fonda in 9 to 5.

(image: 20th Century Fox)

The 1980 comedy 9 to 5 is a feminist classic that still holds up nearly 40 years later. The film follows Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda as a trio of office workers who find themselves belittled and harassed by their misogynist boss. In an early scene in the film, Tomlin’s son offers her a joint to relax, which leads to a delightful scene where the women get high together. As they smoke, they fantasize about revenge scenarios, which include Parton lassoing their boss and Tomlin imagining herself as a deranged Disney princess. If you enjoy Fonda and Tomlin’s smoke-filled shenanigans on Grace and Frankie, this is where it all started.

Tiffany Haddish, Girls Trip

tiffany haddish and jada pinkett-smith in girls trip.

(image: Universal Pictures)

Girls Trip was not only a smash hit comedy, but it proved to be a star-making vehicle for Tiffany Haddish. Haddish stole every scene as the hard partying Dina, who smuggles weed to New Orleans in her “booty hole”. As female stoners continue to get more screen time, those roles are usually relegated to white women. Girls Trip is refreshing in that it showcases women of color enjoying recreational marijuana without judgement or consequence. More of this, please.

Who are your favorite female stoners in pop culture? Share your picks in the comments!

(image: Comedy Central)

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Holly Willoughby reveals she bumped into THIS celeb friend on ‘perfect’ holiday to the Maldives

Holly Willoughby

While most of us are just enjoying the gorgeous summer sun that’s hitting the UK at the moment, This Morning star Holly Willoughby has just jetted back from a luxury break in the Maldives.

The presenter and her family, including her three children Harry, 9, Belle, 8, and Chester, 4, and husband Dan, all headed off on an Easter holiday to the sun-soaked country, while Holly has some precious time off work.

And excitingly, the TV star revealed that she happened to bump into one of her celeb pals during the break too!

Holly revealed to her 5.4 million Instagram followers that was surprised to meet Davina McCall on holiday in the Maldives, but that it was lovely to spend some ‘real time’ with her.

Clearly close buds, Holly and Davina also posed next to some surf boards, showing off their new holiday activity – and their incredible figures!

In the caption of the snap, Holly wrote, ‘And look who I bump into… such a surprise to get to spend some real time with @davinamccall … you are a total dream boat my kids adore you and seeing our two Chester’s together was just AMAZING!… thank you for taking me surfing… love ya! 💕

How lovely! See the photo HERE.

Holly’s followers were delighted to see the TV pair together, with one commenting on the pic: ‘How amazing! Gorgeous ladies! 💕

While another wrote: ‘My two favourite people together 💕💕’.


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This Morning host Holly also shared some more pics of her Maldives getaway, including a rare snap of her three children.

As the kids posed against the backdrop of a stunning sunset, Holly wrote, ‘Heavens above… ✨

See the picture HERE.

She also shared a third photo of herself sitting by the crystal clear water (Us, jealous? Never…), sporting a deep golden tan.

Alongside the image, she revealed that it had been the ‘perfect’ holiday. Holly wrote: ‘Hard to say goodbye to this… @sixsenseslaamu I unpacked my bag and my mind… home now with beautiful memories of our time at what is such a special place… thank you @sororeslondon for all your help in creating the perfect holiday 🌊💜🐬’.

Holly and her TV partner in crime Phillip Schofield are thought to be returning to This Morning on Tuesday following the Bank Holiday weekend, after Rochelle Humes, John Barrowman and Emily Atack filled in during the Easter break.

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