Wendy Williams Rejected by Gayle King for Tell-All Interview Because Her Drama is “Too Trashy” for Morning News

Wendy Williams is shopping networks to do an emotional tell-all interview about her messy divorce and personal life, but the person she wanted most shot her down really quick.

According to the Daily Mail, CBS This Morning host Gayle King reportedly turned down Williams’ request for an interview.

Though no specific reason was given, a source tells the publication King felt Williams’ drama would be too “trashy” for a morning news show.

“[King] turned it down, it’s not clear exactly why but there’s a lot of talk that Gayle thought sitting down with Wendy, dredging over her car crash personal life, might be a little too trashy for morning television.”

It was reported last week that Williams has been reaching out to all the major networks like ABC, CBS, and even Oprah’s OWN for a primetime interview.

She’s willing to open up about her divorce from her cheating husband, her addiction issues, and her son–who was recently arrested for punching his father.

However, networks have not been jumping at the chance to interview the talk show host. The consensus is that execs feel an hour is simply too long.

King was Williams’ first choice due to her explosive interview with R. Kelly. Now that she’s out, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America is reported to be the most interested in chatting with Williams.

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PETTY AF: Golden State Warriors Troll Drake at NBA Finals by Playing Pusha T Diss Track

The Golden State Warriors pulled the ultimate petty move tonight by playing Pusha T’s Drake diss track in the Oracle Arena ahead of Golden State’s NBA Finals Game 3 match-up against the Toronto Raptors.

It’s the team’s first game at home and they went all out by trolling Drake, who was a problem on the sidelines during Game 1 when the Raptors defeated the Warriors in their very first Finals appearance.

By Game 2, however, when the Warriors came back and dominated the Raptors on their home court in Toronto, Drake did NOT have that same energy.

With the Warriors and the Raptors tied at 1-1 ahead of Game 3, the first game in the Bay, Golden State decided to remind Drake whose house he was in.

While the team was warming up Wednesday night (Jun 5), Pusha T’s infamous “The Story of Adidon” Drake diss track—the song that revealed to the world (or confirmed, depending on who you ask) that Drake was hiding the fact that he had recently fathered a son with a stripper—played in the background as seen in the video below.

While the move is certainly a petty one, it isn’t completely unwarranted, considering Drake’s antics During Games 1 and 2 in Toronto.

The Warriors kept their foot on Drake’s neck even after winning Game 2 Sunday night (Jun 2), with Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson seen on video as they were headed to the locker room going in on the rapper calling him a “bum ass” and saying that their win over the Raptors was “light work.”

The Warrriors aren’t the only ones in the Bay who have beef with Drake.

A Bay Area-based station announced that they would not be playing Drake’s music for the remainder of the 2019 Finals.

“(We) could not stand on the sidelines and accept Drake showing no love for our Golden State Warriors,” Elroy Smith, KBLX operations and programs director, said of the self-appointed ban. “It is my joy to cease and desist all of Drake’s music on KBLX in support a team that is loved by the Bay Area and around the world. Oh yes, we are proclaiming a 3-peat.”

The Toronto Raptors ended up taking home the first win in Oakland with a 123 to 109 victory over the Warriors in Game 3, putting the Canadian team 2-1 in the series.

Game 4 is Friday (Jun 7) in Oakland.

PETTY AF: Golden State Warriors Troll Drake at NBA Finals by Playing Pusha T Diss Track is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & Videos

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Things We Saw Today: Watch Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. Eat Oysters for Reasons!

The Chefs Show on Netflix

Ever wish you could see Tom Holland eating his first oyster with Robert Downey Jr. and the Russo brothers? Well, you’re in luck! Jon Favreau is teaming up with Roy Choi to bring The Chef Show to Netflix, and he’s giving us all the Irondad content our hearts could need.

In this episode, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Anthony Russo, and Kevin Feige join Favreau and Choi to help prepare the perfect oyster for Holland to try for the first time. In this teaser clip, you can see that Holland really likes it, and honestly? I could watch just this clip over and over again, so I can’t wait to see the actual episode.

Don’t worry, we don’t have to wait long! The episode airs tomorrow, June 7th, when the show drops on Netflix. So, don’t mind me, I’ll just be getting ready to gif all things Tom Holland as he tries seafood!

Here are some other great stories from today!

  • Paula Pell pens a beautiful essay about how people used to tell her that she could be a knockout and how the Wine Country star learned that it was a mistake to listen to them. (via Glamour)
  • Michelle and Barack Obama are going to be back in our lives, giving us beautiful podcasts to listen to on Spotify! (via Vulture)
  • Godzilla‘s director talks about why the Godzilla franchise was ahead of its time. (via io9)
  • Summer is coming, and things are changing for the kids from Stranger Things in new promo posters! (via Collider)

Did we miss anything out there, Mary Suevians? Let us know in the comments!

(image: Netflix)

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There Are Some Really Big Presentations Happening at Disney’s D23 Expo This Year

ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 14: Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn took part today in the Walt Disney Studios animation presentation at Disney's D23 EXPO 2017 in Anaheim, Calif. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

From celebrating some of the biggest stars in the Disney universe to a peek at Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney’s biannual con, D23 Expo, will be filled with surprises this year. In 2017, some of the highlights of the expo included exclusive first footage of Avengers: Infinity War and appearances from Marvel cast members, Star Wars stars, and first looks at nearly every Disney movie that’s come out since then, including a first glimpse of footage from The Lion King.

What will happen this year we cannot say, but here’s the rundown of all the biggest panels at the con, a.k.a. the ones you’ll want to either be there for or get all the info as it drops.

Friday afternoon will see the Disney+ streaming service panel, with first looks at Lady and the Tramp, The Mandalorian, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and more. There will also be appearances from the stars of these shows, which means that we might get to see Tessa Thompson grace the stage. Personally, I cannot wait to get my grubby paws on the footage from The Mandalorian, and possibly even a hint at an upcoming Marvel show or two.

10AM Saturday will be the panel to beat, though. Disney will unveil their upcoming film slate, from animation to live-action to their biggest franchises. Yes, that means we’ll get Marvel news and Star Wars news. It’s likely we’ll get a behind-the-scenes reel for The Rise of Skywalker, and if Marvel doesn’t do an SDCC panel, then it’s likely that this will be where we get all the Phase Four goodies we could possibly hope for—massively important events for both franchises. No matter what, this will be the panel to attend, which means queuing overnight and losing our voices cheering.

Sunday is for the Disney parks lovers among you. Disney Parks chairman Bob Chapek will host a panel on the upcoming news for Disney parks, including plans to transform Epcot. For those who live for Dole whips and exclusive ears, this will be the panel for you.

Friday morning will be the celebration of some of Disney’s most enduring actors, directors, and musicians. This year’s Disney Legends Awards will go to Wing Chao, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, James Earl Jones, Bette Midler, Kenny Ortega, Barnette Ricci, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Ming-Na Wen, and Hans Zimmer at a ceremony on Friday, which means we’ll get to celebrate these artists and their contributions to Disney’s canon.

Which D23 panel are you most excited for? What do you hope some of the surprises will be?

(image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

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A Quiet Place 2 Adds Brian Tyree Henry to an Already Amazing Cast

Brian Tyree Henry stole the show in Steve McQueen's Widows.

A Quiet Place was one of the smash horror hits of the past year, showcasing not only John Krasinski’s strong directorial eye but some stellar performances from Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Millicent Simmonds. The film, which grossed over $340 million worldwide, is naturally getting a sequel, which both concerns and excites me. I’m thrilled that we’ll get more of the richly crafted world in which aliens that hunt by sound have wiped out most of the population, but do we really need a sequel to every story out there?

With the new cast members who’ve been added, though, I’ve got to say that I’m trending towards being more excited.

Brian Tyree Henry, who is consistently the standout of most ensembles he’s in, is in talks to join the film, according to The Wrap. Henry received an Emmy nomination for his excellent work on Atlanta; last year, he was also featured in Widows, If Beale Street Could Talk, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In the next two years, he’ll be in Child’s Play, Godzilla vs. Kong, and The Woman in the Window. Henry is one of the most in-demand actors working today, which is no surprise given his talent.

Henry and fellow new cast member Cillian Murphy will join Blunt, Simmonds, and Noah Jupe, who’ll return as the family from the first film. Krasinski will return as director, despite initial comments saying he wasn’t planning on it.

I’m a huge fan of both Henry and Murphy, and I cannot wait to see what they bring to the cast. I hope that neither of them are playing villainous roles, though Murphy has always stolen the show as a bad guy, and Henry’s villainous turn in Widows was chilling. It’d be nice to see both in more heroic, or even anti-heroic, roles.

Besides, I’m over the “apocalypses make monsters of us all” narratives. When the horror is so vividly realized as an actual monster, rather than just a metaphor, it might make sense to let that be, rather than to have two new characters be the Real Evil of it all. Krasinski managed to surprise us with the first film and the well-designed scares, so why not work on a little subversion of expectations and not have any of the human characters turn out to be the villains of the piece.

A Quiet Place 2 comes out next year. While there’s no word on the plot or when a trailer will drop, we’ll be sure to watching for any upcoming news.

(via The Wrap, image: 20th Century Fox)

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Marvel Says More Diversity and Inclusivity in Phase 4—so Ironheart, Moon Girl, Miss America, and Ms. Marvel, Right?

Moon Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur being adorable af

Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios EVP of Production, says Marvel is “actively” working towards a more diverse and inclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe for their upcoming 4th Phase, according to ComicBook.com.

With Black Panther having been one of the most successful movies of 2018 while having an almost all-Black cast, it showed everyone that there was real money to be made from having diversity in movies. However, outside of Black Panther, there are only a few Black characters, and they all play supporting roles. Not only that, but when it comes to Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian characters, the numbers drop to practically non-existent.

Alonso said in a statement, “I can tell you we are actively working on making our universe as diverse and inclusive as we can. Be patient with us. We have a lot coming in the future.”

Marvel will premiere its first Asian lead in Shang-Chi, starring Marvel Comics’ Asian-American superhero, now in development under director Destin Daniel Cretton. Cretton is of Japanese descent and grew up in Hawaii. Considering the issues that people in the Asian community have had with Iron FistDoctor Strange, Mantis, I’m glad that they are trying to add significant representation in the next phase.

They have also promised for more LGBTQ+ representation with The Eternals—which is rumored to feature Hercules, who has been written as bisexual sometimes in the comics—and Spider-Man: Far From Home is going to feature trans characters played by trans actors, which is an exciting thing to see.

The Russo brothers promised in May that the MCU will receive its first LGBTQ+ superhero “very soon,” and considering that they thought Endgame’s minimal moment with a gay character was significant, I hope they have actual queer writers working on this. Also, can they just say queer superhero? Because one character cannot be LGBTQ+ all at once. Use the umbrella term or just say which letter they’re supposed to be.

“You don’t get to have this kind of success if the entire world doesn’t see your product. So we are determined to have everyone of those people represented in our films, in some way, at some point in time,” Alonso told the BBC. “Now, we only make two or three movies a year, so it’s difficult to have every single one—but it is definitely one of the things that we have in our minds all the time.”

Marvel has plenty of characters in their roster who have built up fanbases that could make perfect leads. Hell, having a Young Avengers team-up movie would be perfect. I’m looking forward to Marvel bringing in directors and writers who can bring true inclusion to the franchise and not just superficial diversity. Riri Williams, a.k.a. Ironheart, is probably the best example of that from the comics. While she was created by Brian Michael Bendis, it has been the work of Eve Ewing and Kevin Libranda that has given Riri the kind of character stories she deserves.

I am hopeful for the MCU to do better, as someone who is a fan of their films even with their faults, because they have enough source material to pull from that failure to do so speaks more to their own limitations than the comics themselves.

(via ComicBook.com, image: Marvel Comics)

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DC Universe Cancels Swamp Thing After One Season

andy bean and crystal reed in swamp thing.

Whelp, this is disappointing. DC Universe is canceling their brand new series Swamp Thing after one season. The series has received strong reviews so far (including our own), and the cancellation comes barely a week after the pilot episode premiered on the streaming service.

The series starred Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane, a CDC specialist who returns home to Marais, Louisiana to investigate a mysterious epidemic afflicting the townspeople. She teams up with Dr. Alec Holland (Andy Bean) to uncover the source of the illness, but tragic event turns Holland into a supernatural creature of the swamp.

Things seemed rocky with Swamp Thing after Warner Bros. cut the original 13 episode order down to 10. At the time, star Virginia Madsen posted a now-deleted Instagram writing “I’m beyond sad. What a terrible decision. We have been cut to the core by those who have never set foot into the Swamp. And despite the rule I am going to use the hashtag. #swampthing”.

So what happened? How does a highly anticipated, well-reviewed series die on the vine before it’s even given a chance to earn a fan base?
Many speculate that Warner Bros. is losing faith in the viability of DC Universe. After pouring money into several expensive live-action series, the streaming channel’s subscription numbers (which remain secret) may not be high enough to justify the investment.

There are also rumors that the executives at the newly formed WarnerMedia and AT&T disliked the tone and direction of the show. This comes after AT&T’s acquisition of WarnerMedia, and their plans to launch their own competing streaming channel, which may see fellow streaming services under the Warner label collected under one streaming network.

But writer John Gholson presented a concrete financial reason for the series’ cancellation on Twitter, regarding a clerical error in North Carolina’s film and TV tax fund:

This means that Swamp Thing was promised a $40 million tax credit, but ended up with only $14 million. Considering the budget for season one was around $85 million, the corrected tax deduction likely dealt the series a killing blow.

And it’s a real shame, because Swamp Thing was one of the best comic book pilots I’ve seen in some time, and now it won’t ever get the chance to build an audience. After all, in an era of peak television, who wants to invest in a series that has no future? It’s a disappointing end to a well-reviewed and widely anticipated series and a frustrating bait and switch for Swamp Thing fans.

So far, only Titans has been renewed for season 2 on DC Universe. No word yet on a second season for Doom Patrol.

(via Deadline, image: Brownie Harris/Warner Bros. Entertainment)

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The Editor-in-Chief of The Atlantic Doesn’t Think Women Can Write Longform Pieces

covers from the atlantic.

Another day, another oblivious man spouting nonsense about women. In an interview with Nieman Lab‘s Laura Hazard Owen, The Atlantic‘s editor-in-chief Jeffery Goldberg and tech editor Adrienne LaFrance discussed increasing the diversity of their newsroom.

And The Atlantic has been successful in this endeavor. In 2016, women made up only 17 percent of editorial leadership positions. Today, that has risen to 63 percent. In addition, 75 percent of the newsroom hires in 2018 were female. These achievements are laudable and impressive, showing that The Atlantic is clearly putting their diversity initiative into action. Both LaFrance and Goldberg discussed not only the addition of women to their newsroom, but of people of color as well.

But then, Goldberg wedged his foot firmly in his mouth with the following statement:

“It’s really, really hard to write a 10,000-word cover story. There are not a lot of journalists in America who can do it. The journalists in America who do it are almost exclusively white males. What I have to do — and I haven’t done this enough yet — is again about experience versus potential. You can look at people and be like, well, your experience is writing 1,200-word pieces for the web and you’re great at it, so good going!”

Oof magoof. Buddy, you’re giving an interview on diversity in your newsroom! You can’t pat yourself on the back for hiring women and then turn around and make a condescending statement like this. First off, it’s categorically untrue. Women can and have written longform pieces of this length and more. Secondly, for Goldberg to make a statement like this, to the press, as a member of the press, in 2019 is frankly baffling.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these writers whose voices have been elevated by The Atlantic. There’s the cover article about transgender children written by noted transphobic fear monger Jesse Singal. Then there’s the hiring of TERF and Brett Kavanaugh sympathizer Helen Lewis.

The Atlantic has also given a voice to right-wing columnist Kevin Williamson who said that women should be hanged for having abortions and compared black children to primates. Williamson was fired soon after.

So according to Goldberg, hiring transphobic, virulently racist and sexist men is not a problem because they can hit the 10,000 word mark. Women of the internet were quick to take The Atlantic and Goldberg to task over his ignorant and offensive comments:

Hopefully Goldberg will learn something from this gaffe, and continue to work towards diversity in the newsroom.

(via Jezebel, image: The Atlantic)

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Keanu Reeves Has BEEN the G.O.A.T.

Keanu Reeves in Always Be My Maybe

We have spent three decades with Keanu Reeves. From the dawning of his career until now, he has consistently been a great man to look up to and admire. I should know; I still have my action figure of Neo from The Matrix somewhere, and he’s one of the few childhood crushes that I’m still proud of.

The thing is, he’s been through a lot. From the death of his daughter to a string of losses throughout his life, from friends to an ex-girlfriend, Reeves has lost so many, and I think, in a way, it kept him humble and made him appreciate everything that life did give him.

Just look at how he answered an extremely impossible question that Stephen Colbert recently asked him when Reeves stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

Maybe part of the deal with Keanu Reeves is that he’s just a decent human being, and in 2019, those little things go an extremely long way. Even back in 2011, he was a viral sensation by just being a decent person and letting a woman with a large bag have his seat on the subway.

I truly think that, right now, we cling to men like Keanu Reeves because he seems like a safe bet, like someone who is humble, well-spoken, and appreciates everything he’s given. And to see someone like that continue to rise and shine in Hollywood is rare and heartwarming when it does happen.

So yes, our love of Keanu Reeves has been renewed, but it isn’t anything that hasn’t already been there. Just look at Twitter, and you can see all the love we’ve constantly had for him.

Since he came crashing into our lives as Ted Logan in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and beyond, we’ve appreciated everything that is Keanu Reeves, and I’m honestly glad we’re all talking about him again. No one ever should have stopped.

(via The New Yorker, image: Netflix)

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Liam Payne moves on from Naomi Campbell as he ‘confirms’ romance with supermodel Duckie Thot

Liam’s on to the next!

It seems that former One Direction star Liam Payne has well and truly moved on from his short lived romance with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Liam Payne

The unlikely couple began dating earlier this year but cooled off the fling back in April.


At the time, a source told The Mirror: ‘Liam and Naomi had a lot of fun together, they got on well and had a laugh. But it just wasn’t meant to be.

‘They are going to stay friends – there are no hard feelings with either of them.’

MORE: Cheryl poses topless in video for new single Let You as she makes dig at ‘controlling’ exes

Now, it looks like 25-year-old Liam has made it Instagram official with another catwalk beauty- Australian supermodel Duckie Thot.

The pair attended the stars studded Cartier and British Vogue Darling dinner last night where Duckie, 23, snapped a rather cosy photo of her and Liam.

Taking to Instagram, the stunning L’Oréal model uploaded the photo where she can be seen holding hands with pop star, Liam, who shares two-year-old son, Bear, with ex Cheryl.

As the pair both flashed some very glitzy bling, Liam’s distinctive hand tattoos gave his identity away.

Not that they needed to, though. Duckie made sure to tag her new flame in the sweet upload.

This comes days after Strip That Down singer Liam described his experience in smash hit boy band, One Direction as ‘toxic’.

Admitting that at times he struggled to cope with the group’s mammoth success, he revealed he turned to alcohol to get him through the whirlwind experience.

Speaking to Men’s Health Australia, Liam said: ‘When you’re doing hundreds and hundreds of [concerts] and it’s the same 22 songs at the same time every single day, even if you’re not happy, you’ve got to go out there.

‘It’s almost like putting the Disney costume on before you step up on stage and underneath the Disney costume I was p***ed quite a lot of the time because there was no other way to get your head around what was going on, I mean it was fun.

‘We had an absolute blast but there were certain parts of it where it just got a little bit toxic, it’s difficult when you have the level of fame that we had in the band.’

The post Liam Payne moves on from Naomi Campbell as he ‘confirms’ romance with supermodel Duckie Thot appeared first on CelebsNow.

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