Paramount Just Hired a Screenwriter for an Upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

It has been two years since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows came out and while movie ended up grossing $245 million against a $135 million budget, there were still no moves towards a sequel. Until now.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has hired screenwriter Andrew Dodge (Strong Words) to craft the next installment in the TMNT movie universe. The new chairman of the movie studio, Jim Gianopulos, is looking to bring some quality to the brand, which has always gotten a mixed response when it comes to critical reception.

There is no news yet if this upcoming movie will be a reboot or a relaunch of the series (I hope Megan Fox can stay on as April O’Neil), but there are some doubts if the Turtles are the kind of franchise people will come out for, especially since the last handful of Turtles movies were a mix of bad and creepy looking.

To which I say, heck yeah people will come out to see Turtles! The Ninja Turtles, for those who grew up with them, are right up there with Transformers and other major franchises. I even remember getting copies of the Mirage Studios original run of the comics. It is a property with legs, even if recent attempts to transform the series into blockbuster events haven’t worked out.

For me, to get the Turtles right isn’t just about nailing the humor, it’s also about nailing the fight scenes. The Turtles were inspired by Daredevil in both their origin and the ninja elements, so maybe it’s time to lean into that. What made the first season of Daredevil so good to watch was the incredible fight scenes and feeling the creativity of how Marvel/Netflix created a fighting style for Matt.

While the Turtles have gone too deep into the family franchise nexus to go back to their violent gritty roots, and honestly it’s for the better (I don’t think we need to see Donatello dripping with the blood of victims), but I think actually spending time to give each of them their own fighting style and taking the time to make those scenes interesting would be worth it. If you can come up with the equivalent of a “hallway scene” for the Turtles, that will go a long way in terms of word of mouth.

We’ve had funny Turtles movies—the 90s ones are … charming. Yet it’s been done before, and I’m not a fan of Mikey’s humor in modern day being turned into horny teenage boy humor. There is a way to balance both elements without needing to turn Mikey into Peter Quill, and it comes with not wanting to capture something nostalgic and instead, trying to just create a solid story.

The Turtles are rooted in Indie comics, so maybe it’s time to put someone with that sort of inclination behind the franchise instead of Michael Bay.

So, for me, bring on the Turtles. I loved seeing them pop up in Injustice 2 as DLC characters, but let’s just remember that these characters aren’t just comedic relief: they are badass ninja warriors, so let’s see some badass ninja fights.

And maybe let’s kill Splinter for real … just saying!

Master Splinter

(via SlashFilm, image: Paramount)

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Holly Willoughby discusses her dyslexia on This Morning after previously raising concerns about effect on her kids

The presenter doesn’t often talk about the condition

Holly Willoughby on ‘This Morning’ TV show, London 20 February 2018

Holly Willoughby has spoken of her dyslexia during a candid chat on This Morning, despite rarely discussing the topic.

The mum-of-three mentioned the fact that she has the condition when she and Phillip Schofield interviewed actor Martin Kemp – who is also dyslexic – on Thursday’s show, and she seemed particularly interested in how he still manages to read lines and prepare for roles.

‘You’re dyslexic and I’m dyslexic as well,’ Holly, 37, explained during the chat.


MORE: Eek! Which Love Island star did Holly Willoughby just admit she ‘hates’?

‘You say the way you learn and the way you prepare for this is different to other people.

‘You have to find the way that works for you.’

Martin, 56, revealed that he developed dyslexia after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1995 and said that he has learned to do as much preparation as he can.

‘Once upon a time I lived not being dyslexic,’ the former EastEnders star told Holly and Phil.

‘So it’s a weird kind of process that happens in my brain. But when I read the script I digest it a lot more. Before I go into rehearsals I have to know every single word.’

Whilst Holly doesn’t often talk about having the condition, she previously confessed that she was concerned about her children Harry, 7, Belle, 5, and Chester, 2, inheriting her dyslexia.

‘I do bear it in mind quite a lot,’ she told Glasgow’s Sunday Post. ‘Although my mum hasn’t been officially tested she has very similar tendencies to me.

‘I don’t know whether that’s hereditary or not, but I do think about that. Schools are so much more advanced in looking out for it than when I was at school.

‘So if anything was to crop up it’d be noticed a lot quicker than it was with me. And children learn in a different way now.

‘It makes a lot more sense to me and things are a lot more visual. I feel the ways of teaching are better.’

Holly has also spoken in the past of how she uses coloured scripts to prepare for This Morning and also makes advanced checks on the autocue.

Dyslexia is a ‘specific learning difficulty’, according to the NHS, which causes problems with reading, writing and spelling. It’s a common issue and is thought to affect up to 1 in every 20 people in the UK.

Other celebrities to experience the condition include Tom Cruise, Keira Knightley and Kerry Katona.

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Will Love Island air tonight? Star calls for it be cancelled after Sophie Gradon death

The issue has sparked debate amongst fans

Sophie Gradon in Instagram photo, 19 May 2018

Love Island has faced calls to be cancelled tonight (Thursday 21 June) following the tragic death of former islander Sophie Gradon.

Malin Andersson – who appeared in the 2016 series with Sophie – argued in a stream of Twitter messages that the latest edition of the show should be pulled out of respect to Sophie.


MORE: Love Island stars pay tribute after Sophie Gradon reported dead aged 32

‘IT SHOULD NOT AIR TONIGHT,’ pregnant Malin tweeted, though later appeared to delete the post.

She went on to say: ‘Love Island is now cancelled in my eyes.’

Several fans of the show also joined Malin’s calls for the newest episode not to air.

‘the show should have a memorial, or be cancelled tonight out of respect for sophie,’ one tweeted, whilst another said: ‘Tonight’s episode should be cancelled in memory of Sophie Gradon.’

And one added: ‘I don’t think there should be a show tonight. Doesn’t feel right.’

However, other fans have questioned whether it should be cancelled and instead suggested a tribute to Sophie be included instead, with one writing on Twitter: ‘I wonder if @LoveIsland will dedicate tonight’s show to Sophie Gradon. They should do something to remember her by’

A fellow comment reads: ‘The episode should air. She was very vocal about the series and how she loves her love island roots… but they should certainly pay tribute to her. Rest in peace Sophie’

The show appears to still be going ahead as the official Love Island account tweeted a preview clip on Thursday afternoon.

A few hours earlier the show sent their condolences to Sophie’s loved ones following the sad news of her death.

‘The whole ITV2 and Love Island team are profoundly saddened to hear the news about Sophie, and our deepest sympathies and thoughts go to her family and friends,’ the tweet read.

Tributes have been pouring in for 32-year-old Sophie from fellow Love Island stars and famous friends.

The former Miss Great Britain is said to have been found dead on Wednesday, with a Facebook post from her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong seemingly confirming the news.

Northumbira Police said in a statement: ‘At about 8.27pm yesterday (June 20) police attended a property in Medburn, Ponteland, where sadly a 32-year-old woman was found deceased.

‘There are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. A report will now be prepared for the coroner.’

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Peter Andre reveals the strict rule he’s enforced on Junior as kids continue to live with him amid Katie Price drama

We bet you’re not the only one to do this, Pete!

Peter Andre and Junior Andre take a selfie, April 2017

Peter Andre might be taking care of his kids Junior and Princess right now but it doesn’t mean he’s not afraid to get strict with them.

The singer has revealed that he’s enforced a tough rule for 13-year-old Junior after getting concerned about how much time he spends playing the hugely popular computer game Fortnite.

‘I only allow Junior to play [Fortnite] for a maximum of an hour at a time,’ Pete, 45, writes in his new! magazine column. ‘He knows once his hour is up he has to come downstairs and socialise with the family.’


MORE: Katie Price accuses Peter Andre of stopping Junior and Princess from attending her birthday party

Pete took action after hearing of cases where children and teens have become addicted to the game and he’s probably not the only parent to take this sort of action.

It comes after the dad-of-four confessed during an appearance on This Morning last week that he’d become pretty frustrated with his son playing Fortnite.

‘I’ve just got to get rid of that game they keep playing, Fortnite,’ Pete told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

‘Honestly, I’ve snapped that cable so many times at the back of the PlayStation.

‘If he tries to push it, I’ll just take it away. Sometimes, his PlayStation cable will accidentally break, ha ha!’

Junior and his sister Princess, 10, are continuing to live with Pete after his ex-wife Katie Price confirmed the living situation earlier this month.

It followed reports that Pete had ‘banned’ the kids from seeing Katie, 40, due to becoming concerned about her partying lifestyle and relationship with personal trainer Kris Boyson after her split from Kieran Hayler.

Pete – who also has Amelia, 4, and Theo, 19 months, with wife Emily – hasn’t directly commented on the drama but recently spoke of how he’ll always provide a ‘stable home’ for the children.

‘J and P have gone, and will go, through tough times in their lives,’ he explained. ‘But no matter what, Emily and I will always provide a stable home for them. People can read in to that how they like.’

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‘She knows what she wants’: Kim Kardashian HITS BACK at backlash over North’s new appearance

Recent pictures of five-year-old North sparked controversy

Mandatory Credit: Photo by John Sheene/ACE Pictures/REX/Shutterstock (9665667i)
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian out and about, New York, USA – 08 May 2018

Kim Kardashian has explained why she changed daughter North’s hair after it sparked a fierce debate online.

The reality star straightened her five-year-old’s naturally curly locks last weekend as the little one marked her birthday and now Kim has revealed that Nori ASKED for the new ‘do.

‘She wanted straight hair and I straightened her hair one time,’ says Kim, 37. ‘It’s funny, because online everyone thought that we pressed it and did this whole thing. It was just a flat iron. I even read that she had extensions on!

‘She has curly hair, so when you straighten her hair, it’s gonna look really long. I can’t believe people didn’t get that. Sometimes you just have to tune it out!’


MORE: Kim Kardashian sparks outrage from fans over THESE photos of North

Kim has revealed that North had a ‘unicorn party’ with cousin Penelope so she allowed her to have straightened tresses for the occasion as well as their trip to New York.

It’s not something that she plans to do very often, though.

‘I’m not gonna let her straighten her hair all the time, but if she wants it that way two or three days a year, then that’s fine with me,’ Kim tells the Hollywood Reporter. ‘She loved it, but she loves her curly hair, too.

‘Chris [Appleton], who does my hair, braided the front of her hair and put it up in a ponytail and she absolutely loved it.’

And with fashion-conscious parents like Kim and Kanye West, it’s perhaps no big surprise that North is already carving out her own style.

‘She loved getting pampered. She loves fashion, too,’ mum-of-three Kim admits. ‘She knows what she wants to wear and what she doesn’t. She’s very vocal about it.’

We’re getting the impression that North has better fashion sense than us, tbh.

Nori’s not afraid to experiment with her mum’s make-up either, with Kim sharing an hilarious video of her applying eye shadow rather liberally earlier this week.

Yep, North is definitely a style icon in the making!

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OMG! Lenny Henry looks unrecognisable after dramatic weight loss

We had to do a triple take!

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had regular Lenny Henry appearances on the TV, and so it’s fair to say it was a refreshing change to see the ‘fella out and about yesterday .

However, as pleased as we are to see Sir Lenny’s lovely face, we were pretty distracted by the 59-year-old comedy legend’s dramatic weight loss…

As you may remember, Lenny looked pretty much like this throughout his mega 40-year-long comic career…

Lenny Henry

However, as he attended the World Refugee Day gala performance of new play The Jungle yesterday, he revealed he currently looks a little something like this… 


Posing in a slick navy two-piece suit and glasses-and-hat combo, we literally did a triple take at the ‘fella – who appears to have slimmed down massively!

Back in 2011, after Lenny had lost three stone, the much-loved funny man had shared the he had lost some weight in a bid to remain as healthy as possible.

See: Dawn French is looking slimmer than EVER: see her weight-loss transformation!


For fear of the risk of diabetes, which sadly his late mother struggled with leaving her forced to amputate both legs, Lenny had decided to ditch sugar and alcohol – and replace them with a good old spot of yoga and pilates,

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, Lenny shared: ‘I’ve lost between two-and-a-half and three stone, I was big. You’ve got to eat no sugar and drink hardly any alcohol… all the stuff you like’.

Sadly for us, he then sensibly added: ‘You can’t Hobnob your way through the day’.

*Sigh*, the sad realities of adult life.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high, and is diagnosed predominantly in two main types.

Type one is when the body’s immune system attacks the cells which produce insulin and type two is when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the body’s cells don’t react to insulin.

We’re so impressed to see that Lenny’s health kick became a permanent fixture in his life!

For more information on diabetes and dietary advice from healthcare experts, head over *here* to the NHS website.

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Love Island stars pay tribute after Sophie Gradon reported dead aged 32

Sophie appeared on the show in 2016

Sophie Gradon on ‘Love Island’, Series 2 TV show, Episode 09, 2016

Love Island star Sophie Gradon has reportedly passed away at the age of 32.

The former Miss Great Britain – who appeared in the 2016 series – is said to have been found dead on Wednesday, with a Facebook post from her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong seemingly confirming the news.

‘I will never forget that smile I love you so so much baby your my world forever ever and always,’ he wrote.

Northumbira Police said in a statement: ‘At about 8.27pm yesterday (June 20) police attended a property in Medburn, Ponteland, where sadly a 32-year-old woman was found deceased.

‘There are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. A report will now be prepared for the coroner.’


Since the news broke Sophie’s fellow Love Island cast members have spoken of their shock and have paid tribute to the popular star.

‘Such a awful day. my heart is broken & goes out to the very one effected,’ Cara De La Hoyde wrote, whilst Amber Davies posted: ‘I am in absolutely in shock! @sophiegradon what a beautiful woman you were. RIP’

Alex Bowen added: ‘We had lots of little chats and so many laughs. you were the the shoulder to cry on and a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. Shine bright in that sky Sophie gradon’

Others alluded to the notion that Sophie may have taken her own life, with Olivia Buckland tweeting: ‘Awful awful news this morning. I am gutted. I am so sorry the world failed you. You were such an intricate, creative, intelligent soul. Words fail me.

Former Miss Newcastle Sophie was a popular contestant on the 2016 series of Love Island and became part of the first same-sex couple when she paired up with Katie Salmon.

She went on to quit the villa so that she could be with Tom Powell but they eventually split.

Sophie had recently been tweeting about this year’s show and last took to social media earlier on Wednesday.

Last week she attended the funeral of Vicky Pattison’s best friend Paul Burns, who passed away suddenly at the age of 37.

Our thoughts are with Sophie’s loved ones at this incredibly sad time.

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Aww! Gemma Atkinson admits boyfriend Gorka Marquez is ‘the one’

No Strictly curse here

Gorka Marquez and Gemma Atkinson take a selfie, June 2018

Gemma Atkinson and Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Gorka Marquez have been going from strength to strength since they went public with their relationship in February.

And, while many people associate romances on Strictly to the dreaded curse, these two are proving everyone wrong with Gemma even claiming her hunky beau is ‘the one’.


READ: ‘She’s become numb’: Lisa Armstrong feeling ‘isolated’ by Declan Donnelly following allegations of Ant’s new relationship

In a frank interview with ITV’s Lorraine, the couple opened up about their blossoming relationship and even spoke about having kids. Aww!

‘I love the fact that Gorka is an amazing cook and I love eating, so it’s a great combo. Being best mates as well – it sounds cheesy. It’s fun really,’ Gemma confessed.

‘In 10 years, when I hopefully have a couple of kids running around, I don’t want to get out of breath running up the stairs after them. It’s nice to have someone tell you ‘you are beautiful’ regardless,’ she continued.

And, Gorka couldn’t help but profess his love for Gem by revealing he’s lucky to have her.

He said: ‘She makes me laugh, she makes me happy. I’m lucky to have her beside me.’ Aww, you guys!

The couple hit it off when Gemma starred on the BBC dance show last year, and it’s clear the two have a lot in common, but mostly their love for fitness.

‘What I personally love about working out with Gorks is that he’s good at motivating me. We both work crazy hours and it’s sometimes difficult for us to get a bit of time in together,’ Gemma explained. Adding: ‘We have a laugh and it’s a nice bit of healthy competition when we are exercising.’

And you know what they say, a couple that works out together…

Watch Lorraine on ITV, weekdays 8.30am – 9.25am

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Here’s everything you need to know about Love Island’s new arrival Sam Bird…including how he got THOSE abs

Clue: He works out. A lot.

The Love Island villa is far from harmonious this week… and thats not about to change any time soon.

‘Why’s that’, you ask… well, if you listen faintly you *might* just be able to hear the sweet sound of aeroplane wheels touching down on some distant Spanish runway.

Yup, it’s a new arrival!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the brand new 2018 Islander… Sam Bird! 

So, what’s the scoop on the self-proclaimed ‘bird man’?! (His words, not ours)

Well, one and all, Norwich local Sam is a personal trainer and gym owner – not that we could tell or anything…


think he was training hard for love island #loveisland

A post shared by Sam Bird❤🏝 (@sambirdsuk) on

According to his official website, Sam has been weight training since the age of 15, and holds a degree in Personal Training.

So, basically he was a child bodybuilder or something like that.

Can’t wait for him to join the villa🔥🔥

A post shared by Sam Bird❤🏝 (@sambirdsuk) on

However, despite his almighty abs of steel, Sam’s wracked up an equally impressive clientele and is actually pretty well acquainted with the spotlight already – having worked with Made in Chelsea celeb pal and Queen of the I’m A Celebrity jungle  Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo.

See: Love Island 2018: Fans question whether this islander has LEFT the villa after mysterious absence


It’s believed the duo worked together r in 2016 and 2017, as Sam had shared some since-deleted snippets of their work outs onto his Instagram.

In one since deleted post on his Instagram page, Sam has shared a snap of himself and Toff having a good ol’ laugh in the great outdoors – which he has captioned ‘Training in the park @toffgeorgia’.

However, it would appear that Sam’s good looks actually don’t always work in his favour… as the ‘fella confessed in his introductory video for the show that he was that he was ‘too pretty’ by a girl.

However, he’s pretty confident his good looks and gym-honed body will make waves within the villa – adding, ‘So I think the boys will be intimidated. I’d take a girl aside and say ‘You obviously fancy me”… so no one is safe!’.

Bring it on, Birdman! Catch Sam’s entrance into the villa tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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Love Island 2018: Fans question whether this islander has LEFT the villa after mysterious absence

Anyone else spotted this?

This image is strictly embargoed until 22.30 Monday 28th May 2018

From ITV Studios

Love Island: SR4 on ITV2

Pictured: Adam Collard, Hayley Hughes, Jack Fincham, Kendall Rae-Knight, Niall Aslam, Samira Mighty, Dr. Alex George, Dani Mas Dyer, Wes Nelson, Laura Anderson and Eyal Booker.

This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the programme or event mentioned above, or ITV plc. Once made available by ITV plc Picture Desk, this photograph can be reproduced once only up until the transmission [TX] date and no reproduction fee will be charged. Any subsequent usage may incur a fee. This photograph must not be manipulated [excluding basic cropping] in a manner which alters the visual appearance of the person photographed deemed detrimental or inappropriate by ITV plc Picture Desk. This photograph must not be syndicated to any other company, publication or website, or permanently archived, without the express written permission of ITV Plc Picture Desk. Full Terms and conditions are available on the website

For further information please contact: / 0207 157 3052

Love Island 2018 has been bringing the drama big time this week – what with the whole Adam Collard situation and Dr Alex George FINALLY getting a kiss – but there’s one islander who seems to have been absent from our screens.

Many viewers have noticed that Eyal Booker has been mysteriously missing for the majority of the past couple of episodes, so much so that some have questioned whether he might have LEFT the villa.

Eyal, 22, was a big part of the show last week as he caused drama by making a move on Megan Barton Hanson, despite Alex being interested in her too.

Megan went on to choose Eyal at the recoupling, but the curly-haired star has barely been seen on our screens since.


MORE: Love Island viewers are upset with how Samira is being treated after THIS happened

‘Catching up on #LoveIsland. Has Eyal gone home?’ one confused viewer tweeted, whilst another asked: ‘Where the hell has Eyal slithered off too????’

And one quipped: ‘Eyal is as missing in these episodes As Charlie’s eyebrows #LoveIsland #NotABadThing’

‘Someone needs to go round checking all the wardrobes in the villa and see if Eyal’s inside looking for Narnia because he’s not in #loveisland anymore,’ a fellow fan posted.

However, it looks like Eyal IS still around as he briefly popped up in Wednesday’s episode to give his reaction to Megan and Rosie Williams doing a topless photoshoot.

And that reaction was the word ‘rah’, something that didn’t go down well with many viewers…

LOLs. Sounds like quite a few fans of the show aren’t missing him too much then…

Whilst Eyal has had limited screen time, his other half Megan played a big part in the show when she posed in lingerie with Rosie to give them a boost after Rosie’s falling out with Adam.

The pair’s antics divided viewers though, with some labelling their shoot ‘cringeworthy’.

‘I’m cringing from the depths of my soul. The desperation is so embarrassing. Rosie, befriend dignity, and get a life. Adam’s reaction was spot on,’ one viewer commented.

‘Pretty embarrassing that,’ another added.

Others were supportive of the ladies’ racy snaps though.

‘Why is everyone saying cringe, they just wanted to have some fun and appreciate their bodies,’ one admirer tweeted, whilst one said: ‘The girls were just trying to make themselves feel good.’

What do you think? Let us know @CelebsNow…

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