The World is a Mess, So Here Are Attractive Celebrities Wearing Glasses

Chris Hemsworth in Bad Times at the El Royale

Whenever the world is on fire, we like to escape to the Internet. So why not escape to a wonderful list of lovely celebrities wearing glasses?

That’s all this is—beautiful men and women in pairs of spectacles to make our hearts flutter. We began cooking this up in Mary Sue chat to cure ourselves of the horrors of 2018 and decided that everyone could use a bit of bespectacled levity in their lives right now.

Ryan Reynolds is funny and easy on the eyes, and what is wrong with him? Have we figured that out? Anything?

What’s better than Jon Hamm in a suit? Jon Hamm in an infinity scarf and glasses.

Give us Idris Elba in glasses and with a beard or give us death!

Look, who doesn’t love Gillian Anderson? Especially a Gillian Anderson in glasses?

Okay so we are all in love with Michael Scott now and that’s fine.

Nothing but respect for MY president looking smart as can be in these respectable frames.

Is there any look that Chris Hemsworth CAN’T rock?

Sebastian Stan in glasses is the biggest RT if you agree.

If Oscar Isaac isn’t wearing a beanie and eating Hot Cheetos with chopsticks, then I want him wearing these glasses.

Look, Erik Killmonger was certainly a LOOK. And we have never recovered from that look.

We all love Tessa Thompson but we especially love Tessa Thompson wearing glasses.

These are maybe technically sunglasses but Chris Evans still looks adorable so we’re counting it.

Put Jessica Chastain in every movie with a pair of glasses, please and thank you.

As if we needed more reasons to love Chris Pine.

Look if you told me when I was a kid that I’d still love Cole Sprouse in 2018, I’d probably believe you, and this picture with him in glasses helps to confirm that.

Our very own vampire, Eva Green, in a pair of glasses is here to make you fall in love.

And of course, we couldn’t forget the best babe who loves his glasses and likely uses them to read sonnets: Tom Hiddleston.

So you may have to go back to the trash fire that is the world currently, but at least you can always come back to these celebrities in glasses to make you feel better. If only this was all that existed on Twitter, ever, we’re pretty sure there’d be peace on Earth.

(image: 20th Century Fox)

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Rachel Bloom and the Devil Talk About Rape Culture

Rachel Bloom has always been very vocal about the pressing issues in our culture. If it isn’t singing a song about the importance of voting, it’s a sketch outlining the necessity of mental health checks. Her brilliant TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is often trending on Twitter because of the catchy songs and their relevant topics.

So now, partnering with Refinery29, Rachel is bringing the Devil in to talk about how rape culture is something that we should all be discussing: “Let’s talk about it, not normalize it,” reads the title card.

And, surprisingly, the Devil also makes some great points, while he and his advocate learn what so many women experience and the way their experiences are treated.

But as the Devil points out, rape culture isn’t just geared towards women. In our media, we also make light of consent in regards to men. In movies, TV shows, and comedy clubs, jokes about prison rape are common. It’s considered “funny” or assumed that a man must want to have sex when an older woman comes on to a younger man or when a woman like Kim Basinger’s character in Fifty Shades of Grey takes the virginity of a much young man, we’re supposed to see it as fine. (To be fair to Fifty Shades of Grey, they do a great job of shaming Basinger’s character when it is discovered what she did to Christian Grey. And this is the only time I praise that series for anything.)

What’s also excellent about this informational time with Ms. Bloom is that it’s part of a series of Rachel using comedic videos and songs to teach us about important cultural concerns. Whether it is body image or using the Devil to bring up points about rape culture, Rachel Bloom has a way of addressing issues that show her point of view while also educating us all.

This video is just the first of three that Rachel wrote. The other two will focus on STD testing and vaginal health.

Rachel Bloom may be wrapping up Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but hopefully, this is a new partnership that we’ll get to see more of. Rachel has always had the kind of voice online that makes us want to listen. If it isn’t from her songs, it is from her wit. We want her around as much as humanly possible.

We want to listen to what Rachel Bloom has to say. A lot of the issues she explores as songs, and we’re thankful when those get in our head and make us think about it more and more. But this sketch shows how equally effective a simple back-and-forth conversation can be, and it gives us a blueprint for how to have similar conversations in our own lives.

(image: screengrab)

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Jason Blum’s Excuse For Not Hiring Female Directors is Pretty Terrible

Jamie Lee Curtis_Halloween

Blumhouse is one of the smartest studios working today. Their horror films are more often than not well received, and producer Jason Blum has had his name on some seriously big projects. He’s worked with some stellar directors and writers, but with the upcoming release of Halloween, it might be time to ask why none of the directors of their theatrically released films have been female. Of course, Blum had an answer. A pretty terrible answer.

“We’re always trying to that. We’re not trying to do it because of recent events. We’ve always been trying,” Blum said. He went on to add: “There are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror.” He went on to talk about how he’d tried to enlist Jennifer Kent, who directed The Babadook, to work with Blumhouse. He then called an assistant to remind him of another woman they’d spoken to in a moment that made me embarrassed to read about. Calling your assistant to remind you of a female director’s name is just never a good look, especially when you can only name two female directors you’ve spoken to.

There are not as many female directors as male directors, that much is true, but to use that as an excuse to not actively court women to direct their films is absurd. Many of the directors who Blumhouse has worked with are hardly big names, and the popularity of the studio combined with their low budget approach makes it the perfect ground to give new talent a shot. All it would take would be a little more digging and care, but if they’re going to such lengths to perfect their strategy of crowd pleasing horror films, they can devote a little time to finding a woman to step behind the camera.

Also, you can ask more than one woman. Just because Kent turned down a project doesn’t mean that there are no other women out there. Make some calls, go to some festivals, and pound the pavement until you find some great, undiscovered talent who deserves a big break. And before someone tells me “oh it should be decided based on their body of work, not their gender,” let me remind you that many of the people Blumhouse has worked with do not have extensive resumes, or are horror maestros. There’s room to take a shot on a woman.

There’s also another misconception buried in that deeply problematic statement. Women directors apparently aren’t drawn to horror. This ties into the notion that women themselves do not like horror films. That is patently not true. Most of the people I see talking about and engaging with horror movies and television shows online are women. The most thoughtful criticisms of the genre are oftentimes written by women. Also, women don’t need to prove that they like a genre to come play with the boys?

It’s a sweeping generalization to say that women do not like horror films, just like saying women do not like superheroes or science fiction. Women are not a hive mind. There are some women who do not like horror, but there are others who adore it. To just write an entire gender off based on a generalization is completely ridiculous. It’s exclusionary and, pardon my French, absolute bullshit.

Blum should step back and think about his actions, apologize, and make a concerted effort to find female directors for his coming projects. Otherwise, his studio will eventually fall behind as talented female directors seek a studio that supports their vision, while Blumhouse is left recycling old ideas and the same directors.

(via Polygon; Image: Universal/Blumhouse)

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Dragon Ball Super Dub Cast on Their Characters & the Universal Impact of the Series


During New York Comic Con, I was very lucky to get the chance to speak to some of the cast members of the Dragon Ball Super dub: Sean Schemmel (Goku), Jason Douglas (Beerus), Ian Sinclair (Whis) and Monica Rial (Bulma).

It was a really fun conversation with some of the most talented people in voice acting. One of the interesting aspects of the conversations was discussing how the voice actors who have spent huge amounts of emotional time embodying these characters expressing how they viewed them.

Toxic masculinity seems like it would be synonymous with DBZ, but really when you look at the original manga and the Japanese version you see that in the world of Dragon Ball the macho, hyper-masculine characters get their asses kicked by the sweet, goofy nice guy who fights for the fun of fighting, and the nobility of a good battle.

Basically, there is a lot of difference between the Goku we should have and the Goku we often get, some of that is from fan-response and projection. So I brought this up doing the interview when I asked what are some things that they feel fans misunderstand about their characters and Schemmel gave this really thoughtful response:

“The main thing that people misunderstand and I’ve been struggling with my entire career because when Funimation had taken the translations and written [Goku] more like an altruistic superhero that they thought American audiences would want. I can understand why they would wanna do that. Since Kai we’ve kept it closer to the Japanese and I’ve been struggling really hard to make it just like Akira Toriyama wants, which is on the record as saying: ‘Goku is not a typical altruistic hero, he likes fighting the strangers no matter what and if the Earth gets saved as a result of that, that’s interesting.’ So what I think people don’t understand is that he’s not a proud Saiyan Warrior like Vegeta, he’s beyond that.”

“There’s not this machismo with Goku, there is no ego and no narcissism. And so when I see lines that seem egoic— I had a really hard time with the “I am the hope of the universe” speech, because I was pretty confident it wasn’t accurate in Japanese and it seemed out of character for Goku to be standing above Freeza saying ‘I am the hope! I am so great’ and it was hard for me to sell as an actor. Ironically, fans seem to love it.”

I then brought up how in dubs, there is sometimes a need to Westernize values and cultural ideologies, as well as adding dialogue where there is none, in order to “sell” a moment. Schemmel brought up that in Super where there was an attempt to “macho up” Goku.

“We had a scene recently in Super where Goku has his finger at Goten and they had re-written ‘I’m gonna show this guy whose number one’ and I said uh-uh and checked the script and he’s not saying that, he just has his finger up! Goku does not give a shit and would never tell Goten ‘were gonna show him whose number one’ that is an egoic, narcissistic thing that Goku would never do. Vegeta might—“

Rial: “Vegeta would.”

For Schemmel, if it is powerful in Japan, it can be powerful here, and so he has been fighting throughout his career as Goku to allow the character to be the hero that Akira Toriyama wants him to be and is still doing to this day.

For me, one of the things I’ve always found antithetical to the show was how hyper-masculine the fandom would treat its main protagonist Goku. Despite all the times I myself riff on Goku, one of the things I’ve always loved about the character is how chaotically good he is.

Goku isn’t what you would call an altruistic person, but he doesn’t have malice in his heart, and there’s an innocence to him that I always found endearing. I remember watching the first ending to Super and watching it show Goku grow up from the little kid we see in Dragon Ball to a man with a wife, children, and a grandchild. It made me cry because I watched that adventure come to life.

Ian Sinclair brought up that the most powerful characters in the series aren’t always the bulky brutes. “If you look at how Toriyama made his power scales, smaller is always stronger. Tall skinny guy behind the big scary character … that’s the one who is stronger.”

Which is great for Jason Douglas, who has often been typecast as one type, to be able to play a sophisticated baddie who can be his King Lear. “For me, I’ve often been frustrated in this industry because I feel typecast by the way I physically look. ‘Oh bring Jason in on the big doddering character’, so it’s lovely to play a character who is both powerful and refined. Malice and levity and charm and comedic effect.”

Monica Rial, who plays my favorite character Bulma, also addressed how people really reduce what Bulma’s character has done for the series and how important she. “I built a time machine! […] She’s just a great role model for women and young girls. Here is this woman still in touch with her femininity and sexuality and at the same time she brilliant inventor, she’s a scientist, she’s rich and she’s got all these men afraid of her.”

I asked her if she feels the characters get due appreciation from fans:

“You have two schools of thought,” Rial explains. “You have the people who will write whole dissertations and papers about how Bulma is single-handedly responsible for the show of Dragon Ball and then you have those who are like ‘eh, she’s a girl.’ She is so integral to the plot […] she does it to help her friends and husband be stronger.”

Bulma is the perfect equivalent to balance out Goku and Vegeta. One of the things everyone loved about Super is the domestic drama and how it allows characters like Vegeta to show how much he cares about his family. “Unlike Goku,” Schemmel adds with a laugh.

Ian Sinclair mentioned his own personal theory that Whis is training Vegeta to be a destroyer and that Goku will eventually become a kai, which had my mind racing, but would also be very awesome. That would leave Beerus to become a baddie again, or as Rial put it “[become] the new Piccolo and be the babysitter”, possible a food critic for the New York Times. 

It was awesome to get to talk to them, and I felt so attached to Ian when he said: “I get to talk to the superheroes who I watched growing up as a kid,” which is how I felt talking to them, especially Sean Schemmel. It made me feel like Goku was there with me and that is a life goal for sure. Most of all it, reaffirmed why I never really believed that Dragon Ball was “for girls”—it is for everyone, because the universality of it, the characters and the values it talks about are for everyone.

Additionally, this sit-down was a reminder of the behind the scenes work these voice actors have done to bring this characters to life, of being the official English voices of the characters, but also fighting to have their characters be done justice by both them and the writing team.

“It’s been part of me almost half my life,” Schemmel said. “For me, it’s not just some fun thing I like, it’s my life.” For Schemmel, being Goku is like “the most comfortable pair of jeans” that helped be an anchor for him.

Goku is so wonderful and a great hero because of his sweet, dumb goodness and that makes him everyone’s anchor.

(image: Toei Animation)

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Awkward! Cheryl and Liam Payne were ‘planning THIS romantic gesture’ before split

We would have loved to see this…

Liam’s poses did look less active than Cheryl’s on the red carpet. He is in ‘bland’ mode, here – staring at the cameras with a serious-looking expression and apparently taking no notice while she gazes up at his face, using an expression of adoration and support.

Despite being together for over a year, former singing couple Cheryl and Liam Payne seemingly never worked on any music together.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

However, now it turns out the stars very nearly followed in the footsteps of Beyoncé and Jay-Z by releasing a collaboration, but split up before we got a chance to hear it. Damn!


Producer Jonas Blue made the revelation while chatting about Liam’s new single Polaroid which he wrote.

‘About a year ago I said to my manager that I would love to do a collaboration with them both and I reckon it would have been Polaroid,’ he told the Daily Star.

‘It would have been perfect as I knew when I wrote the song I could hear Liam’s voice on it.’

Instead of hitting the studio with his former girlfriend, Liam, 25, released the song on his own featuring Jonas and Lennon Stella earlier this month.

More: Cheryl’s comeback song release date ‘LEAKED’ as she prepares to spill the beans on Liam Payne split

And despite speculation Liam penned the catchy track about his break up with 35-year-old Chez – who he shares son Bear with – it turns out the One Direction star had absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics.

View this post on Instagram

Sup.. 😏

A post shared by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

Jonas, 29, told the Metro: ‘This song actually stemmed from a Polaroid that I had of me and my girlfriend. It has been written that Liam wrote it about his break-up, but he didn’t have any involvement in the writing.

‘When I wrote this song, they (Liam and Cheryl) were still together. I got it over to him and he was like, “I absolutely love it”.’

Cheryl Liam Payne

While Liam might not be spilling the beans on his split from Chez, the mum-of-one is reportedly about to tell all on their relationship with her new music.

Speaking about the first song from the album Love Made Me Do – which is reportedly due to be released later this month – a source told The Sun: ‘It is a very edgy pop-dance track and not a typical song which you would expect from Cheryl.

‘She’s not holding back on her feelings and inevitably it will lead to a lot of speculation.’

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Lady Gaga flaunts HUGE sapphire ring after confirming engagement to Christian Carino… and you won’t believe what it cost!

What a sparkler!

attends ELLE’s 25th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration presented by L’Oreal Paris, Hearts On Fire and CALVIN KLEIN at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on October 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any sweeter for Lady Gaga, she goes and gets engaged. Oh, and just FYI – she’s got a pretty decent sparkler on her finger to prove it…

Lady Gaga, who is currently raking in all the accolades for her movie role in A Star Is Born alongside Bradley Cooper, left fans gobsmacked after confirming her engagement to Christian Carino, 49.

More: ‘I’m in severe pain’: Lady Gaga hospitalised as she’s forced to cancel tour date at last minute


The 32-year-old showbiz mogul announced the happy news whilst speaking at the Elle Women in Hollywood event on Monday.

Accepting her gong as an influential woman, Gaga made the bold statement of her relationship status as she thanked her ‘fiancé Christian’ in front of the whole audience.

Not sure how we didn’t already guess, because hello to that rock on her hand…

And it’s fair to say Christian certainly has excellent taste in diamonds – having selected a phenomenal engagement ring reportedly worth over £300,000!

The sparkler is believed to be a 6-7 carat pink sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo made up of 3-4 carat diamonds, and worth a cool $400,000 in American dollars.

Not too shabby, Lady G.

A diamond expert, the President of WP Diamonds Andrew Brown, told E! News: ‘Lady Gaga’s spectacular ring appears to be a 6-7 carat pink sapphire with a diamond halo totaling 3-4 carats.

‘This is likely a high quality, no heat treatment, pink sapphire. It looks like it may be a Padparadscha sapphire, in which case this ring would easily retail between $300,000 and $400,000.’

Gaga was first linked Christian, her talent agent whose high-powered clients also include Justin Bieber, Amber Heard and Miley Cyrus, in February 2017.

Speaking of her relationship with Christian, Gaga told Page Six: ‘The best part about being in love with someone is having them there to catch you if you fall.’

Lady Gaga’s appearance at the awards ceremony was certainly an emotionally charged affair – as A List ‘pal Jennifer Lopez presented her award with a very moving speech for the ‘inspirational’ star.

During her speech, 49-year-old J.Lo said: ‘You inspire not only me, but a generation to keep challenging themselves and keep chasing their dreams.’

The showbiz pals then shared an emotional embrace.

Lady Gaga certainly went on to live up to Jenny from the Block’s hype, delivering a touching speech covering incredibly powerful subjects such as battles with PTSD, sexual assault and womanhood in Hollywood.

A massive congratulations to Lady Gaga and Christian Carino!



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Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards STUNS fans as she reveals bold new look in sexy selfie: ‘You look so different!’

WOW! 😍😍

The Little Mix ladies have finally returned to the charts again with their incredible single Woman Like Me.

And it looks like Perrie Edwards has got a new look to go with her new track, as she’s shared a smokin’ hot selfie on Instagram.


In the photo, the 25-year-old can be seen posing up a storm for the camera while wearing a VERY bold lime green top.

With her blonde locks poker straight, Pez opted for low-key makeup simply accessorising the outfit with some huge gold earrings.

‘A woman like me wears green to be seen! 🐸,’ she wrote next to the snap. Before thanking her fans and adding: ‘The feedback on the single has been amazing! I love you all to the 🌙 and back!’

More: Perrie Edwards gives rare insight into Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain relationship as Little Mix open up on MARRIAGE

Obviously, LM’s loyal following rushed to comment on the photo, with one asking: ‘Is there any look you CAN’T pull off? 😍

‘You look different. But also absolutely gorgeous!!💚💚,’ noticed another.

A third said she looks ‘totally different’, while a fourth added: ‘You can wear anything.’

Pez’s bandmate Jesy Nelson also gave fans a glimpse of her pal’s new look as the pair posed for a photo together on the set of a video shoot.

The snap shows 27-year-old Jesy also opting for an eye-catching lime green top which she paired with a silky pair of patterned trousers.

‘Just two little limes hanging out 💚,’ the X Factor star wrote alongside it.

Meanwhile, the girls announced the title of their eagerly anticipated fifth album on Monday revealing they’d called it LM5.

Taking to Twitter, Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Ann Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall said they’d taken inspiration from the fans when naming their latest effort.

‘We love how you’ve named each of our eras over the years. So we’ve decided to call our next album…#LM5’ they wrote.

‘We’ve worked so hard on this, we are so proud & can honestly say this is our favourite album to date. You’ll be able to pre-order it from THIS FRIDAY. 16.11.2018. The girls x.’

Is it November yet?

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David Beckham’s sister’s ex opens up on secret family feud as he begs to see his daughter

Joanne’s former partner has spoken out on their family feud

The ex-boyfriend of David Beckham‘s sister Joanne has opened up on a secret family feud with a heartbreaking post online.

Kris Donnelly welcomed little Peggy with Joanne back in December 2017, but the couple split in April this year.


And now the former Big Brother star has shared a poignant message on Instagram claiming he’s desperate to see his baby.

Next to a photo which sees 33-year-old Kris holding ten-month-old Peggy, he wrote: ‘I won’t stop until I get hold of you like this again.

‘They can take you away from me but they can’t take away the special memories we made or stand in the way of us making more.’

Kris – who appeared on Big Brother back in 2009 – also commented: ‘Stayed quiet too long on this now!!!’

More: Fans spot THIS after David Beckham posts super cute throwback snap

It’s thought that the reality star built up a strong bond with 43-year-old David and his family before the couple split earlier this year.

‘It is heartbreaking and it is a sensitive subject because of who the family is,’ he told the Daily Mail.

Before adding: ‘But I just want to see my daughter.’

This comes after Joanne and Kris called time on their two year relationship following the birth of their daughter.

A friend told The Sun at the time: ‘Joanne and Kris have had a really tough few months.

‘Looking after a newborn knocked them for six, and dealing with the constant exhaustion and worry put a huge strain on their relationship.

‘They were bickering more and more, and in the end decided to call it quits for the sake of their child.

‘They have now unfollowed each other on social media and are focusing on being the best solo parents they can possibly be.’

David Beckham

The insider added: ‘David is ­obviously making sure he is there for his ­sister and supporting her.

‘But he’s sad that they have split as he thought they were well matched.

‘He had formed a close bond with Kris and made a big effort to ­welcome him into the ­family.’

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Lisa Armstrong breaks silence on Ant McPartlin divorce as she’s spotted WITHOUT wedding ring

Lisa has made her feelings VERY clear

Lisa Armstrong at Pup Aid, London 1 September 2018

Lisa Armstrong has broken her silence following her ‘quickie’ divorce from ex Ant McPartlin.

Lisa Armstrong

According to reports, the make up artist was granted a divorce from Ant in just ’30 seconds’ yesterday on the grounds of adultery and the fact he became ‘intolerable to live with’.


But it looks like Lisa is ready to move on once and for all as she took to Twitter just hours after officially becoming a single woman.

Making her feelings crystal clear, she ‘liked’ a Tweet from a fan which read: ‘Get ready to pull up your big girls pants tomorrow lovely lady cos its your turn to start afresh. #Thisisyourturn.’

Lisa then showed her appreciation for another Tweet which said: ‘Just a message to let @lisaAmakeup know she is a strong bad-ass woman who I know will come out on top of this shit storm she’s been going through. Mad respect for her!’

More: Ant McPartlin admits to adultery as he’s granted quickie divorce from Lisa Armstrong in just 30 seconds

Former couple Ant and Lisa – who were married for 11 years – were granted a divorce on Tuesday 16 October at the Central Family Court in London.

A published court report claims: ‘Ms Armstrong had sought the divorce, with court documents indicating that “the respondent has committed adultery and that the petitioner finds it intolerable to live with the respondent”.’

Because Ant and Lisa were still married at the time his new relationship with Anne-Marie Corbett started, despite having already split up in January, this means Ant could admit to adultery.

This comes after 41-year-old Lisa made an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two yesterday evening as she gave a tutorial on how to get a glam punk look.

And as the celeb make-up artist got to work, the camera zoomed in on her hands to show her wedding ring finger was noticeably bare.

Meanwhile, Ant has reportedly been dating former PA Anne-Marie since June as he continues to take time out from his TV commitments following his drink drive charge in April.

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Chloe Sims and Eyal Booker put on a VERY flirty affair at ITV Palooza as they leave holding hands

Chloe and Eyal…. Cheyal?!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Anthony Harvey/REX/Shutterstock (9934598lf)
Chloe Sims
‘ITV Palooza!’, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK – 16 Oct 2018

Currently hunting for romance on channel 4’s Celebs Go Dating,  Chloe Sims and Eyal Booker set tongues wagging at the star studded ITV Palooza event last night. Yup, the dating experts might have a lil’ something to say about this…

In fact, the duo looked a little more than just totally platonic co-stars – as TOWIE star Chloe, 35, and Love Islander Eyal, 23, left the ‘do hand in hand!

More: Chloe Sims HITS OUT at rumours Love Island’s Amber Davies is joining TOWIE: ‘I’m fed up!’


In the snaps, the reality TV pair hold hands as they laugh to each other, skipping past the awaiting paps without a care in the world.

V. v. interesting stuff…

Does this spell a new reality TV romance? We’ll certainly be watching this space….

As per, Essex babe Chloe looked unreal for the celeb knees up – opting or a suede slate grey strapless gown which boasted a risqué V-shaped cut neckline.

Keeping things glowy, the mother-of-one styled her golden tresses into beachy undone curls which she dressed up with her trademark glam makeup.

Can we hold your hand too, Chlo?!


Love Island’s resident hippy ‘fella Eyal ditched his Islander swimming trunks for the glitzy affair – also scrubbing up very well.

Taking to the red carpet, the model opted for a classic black tux , embroidered with ornate floral velvet detailing, and a crisp white shirt.

Whilst we’re *all* for a Chloe and Eyal romance (a.k.a: Cheyal), Channel 4 bosses might be a little less enthusiastic – as they’re supposed to be dating members of the public as part of the Celebs Go Dating process.

However, it would appear Eyal is causing quite the drama with the celeb ladies already.

In fact, a source recently shared with The Sun that Eyal is quite the ladies man – having caught the eyes of Chloe and her fellow co-star Olivia Attwood.

‘Everyone from Chloe to Olivia think he’s so fit and such a nice guy. He’s the talk of the show – he’s so intense when he speaks to you, it’s hard not to fall for him’, the source said.

We’ll be crossing all fingers and toes for news of a Cheyal romance…


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