WATCH: Celebrity Big Brother’s Jemma Lucy reveals she SLEPT with Cheryl’s Ex Ashley Cole

It’s a small world for Jemma Lucy

For most, openly sharing that you’ve slept with Cheryl‘s real life actual ex-husband on national TV  would probably be avoided.

You know, dramz and all that.

However, Jemma Lucy is not most.

The feisty Ex on the Beach lady has certainly not shied away from the Celebrity Big Brother cameras- and it would appear that tonights episode is no exception.

Jemma has managed to push her beef with Sarah Harding to the back of her mind, in order to let another relationship to take centre stage- her acquaintance with footballer Ashley Cole.

Yup, it turns out that the 29-year-old actually got jiggy with Cheryl’s ex-husband following their split back in 2010- as revealed by the troublemaker in tonights show!

In a sneak preview from the episode, Jemma and Sam Thompson are discussing her connections with the Chelsea FC players.

Jemma teases Sam that she could ‘ring her mate John Terry‘ to get tickets for a match, to which Sam retorts: ‘You’ve so slept with John Terry!’.

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Jemma then replies, ‘I haven’t! The only Chelsea player I’ve ever slept with is Ashley Cole. I used to go out with him years ago when I was 20′.

After being asked how long ago their rendezvous was, Jemma replied that he had ‘just split up with Cheryl’ when it happened.

Yup. Madness.


Despite Jemma having remained tight-lipped about her dalliance with Ashely Cole prior to tonights episode, a source had recently told The Daily Star that she was open to discussing in the CBB house if the topic arose.

The source shared, ‘Jemma has had a number of relationships and encounters with famous people that she has never talked openly about before. She is not your average kiss-and-tell girl and she doesn’t want that tag’.

The source then added, ‘But she feels very comfortable now to speak about Ashley if asked by her housemates. It will make gripping viewing for everyone’.

It sure did! Watch the clip below…

Alice Perry




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90210’s Jessica Lowndes on rebooting the show: ‘I would love to do it!’

The actress recently launched a charitable clothing line to benefit those in need

It’s been four years since 90210 ended but it still holds a very special place in our hearts. Which is why we were so excited to bump into Jessica Lowndes – aka Adriana Tate-Duncan – at the Look of the Day launch on Wednesday evening!

Jessica, 28, was in London to promote her new clothing line that was designed to benefit special causes that are a big part of her life – especially the MS Society following her mother’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis.

After learning about her incredibly heart-warming project, we had to ask about a possible 90210 reboot and Jessica didn’t disappoint…

Hi Jessica! Tell us about your new clothing line…

It’s on and this is our first collection. It’s called Love Fights and it’s charitable apparel for causes that are close to my heart.

What inspired you to create the collection?

I did this line for my mum because she has multiple sclerosis and it was so rewarding that I decided, after doing one shirt, to design shirts for all the people I want to fight for. We have one that says ‘MS is BS’ for the MS Society; I made one for my gay best friend Jamie that says ‘I can’t see straight’…

So it’s all about giving back to the people who are important to you?

It’s about causes that mean a lot to me and a lot to the people in my life. For me, MS is my fight because of my mum but it’s not just about me it’s about everyone. This line is about love and fighting and never giving up and realising that nobody is perfect. Even if you’re broken we can all come together and be the stitches that make us whole.

This line is forever evolving because each month I’m going to release a design based on a different story that I hear and I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to whatever cause their fighting for. Together we can all fight for them.

What’s your favourite thing about London?

The people! Some of my favourite people on the planet live here. But I love everything, from the architecture to the telephone booths to the taxis and Hummingbird Bakery, which has the best red velvet in the world!

Would you take part in a 90210 reboot?

It was such an incredible part of my life, I feel like I grew up on that show, I was 19 when I booked it and I was 25 when it ended – a huge chunk of my life! I would love to do something like that or even a film. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but it would be so fun to see what Navianna [Adrianna and her boyfriend Navid Shirazi] are up to now!

Are you still friends with the cast?

I see everybody all the time. I just ran into Matt Lanter [who played Liam Court] last weekend. How could I not be? We grew up together; they were like my TV family!

Shop Jessica’s Love Fights collection here

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Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei bravely reveals bald patch after years of wearing extensions left her with alopecia

The reality star has opened up in a candid video

You’d think a Geordie Shore star would be able to nail the art of fake tanning. Clearly not!

The Geordie Shore girls are well known for their fake tan, HUGE eyelashes and of course, their luscious long locks.

But Newcastle lass Sophie Kasaei has been keeping quiet about the scary effects of her rigorous beauty regime after wearing hair extensions for years.

Now, the brave reality star has opened up to fans in a candid video revealing that she’s been left with bald patches at the sides of her scalp due to constantly wearing a weave without giving her scalp a proper break.

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Urging viewers to look after their own hair, the 27-year-old explains: ‘Because of all the extensions I’ve been getting, I’ve suffered from Contraction Alopecia.

‘Which means that I’ve lost hair on the sides and that it may never come back.’

With her hair scraped back in a bun, Sophie showed off the shocking extent of her hair loss as she revealed bald patches around her temples.

She continued: ‘And that’s not because of the extensions that I’m getting in. It’s because of all the years I’ve been tormenting my hair.

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‘Going forward, I just want to start looking after my hair and I just want to make people aware that if you are getting extensions give your hair a break in between because you don’t want to end up with bald patches like this.’

After the honest video was posted on MTV’s official Instagram page, one follower warned: ‘This is a rapidly growing issue right now’, while another said: ‘Think before you get them.’

And when a few cruel trolls left nasty remarks, one hit back: ‘She’s giving people advice and being so brave as someone in the public eye and who can get slated in magazines/online etc for this and people are laughing at it?’

Before adding: ‘I think she’s bloody brave.’ Agreed!

Original Geordie Shore star, Sophie will be returning with her cousin Marnie Simpson along with the rest of the Geordie crew – Gaz Beadle, Chloe Ferry, Aaron Chalmers, Scotty T and newbie Abbie Holborn – when the new series of the MTV show hits our telly boxes soon.

Fingers crossed Soph’s hair will eventually recover – but the star’s words of warning have definitely made us reconsider hair extensions!

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‘It was awful’: Stacey Solomon reveals she had to drag her children from an overturned car after freak car crash

Stacey Solomon reveals the survival instinct which saved her sons during a freak car crash.

Stacey has eight-year-old Zachary and Leighton, four, from previous relationships.

Stacey Solomon has been giving us *so* much girl power lately.

After the mother-of-two had become subject of some entirely unfair body shaming, Stacey had spoken out about the power of her body and how she refuses to listen to the haters.

‘Atta gal!

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However, it turns out we actually had no idea just how strong Stacey really is- until now!


The Loose Women panelist has now revealed her involvement in an incredibly shock car crash in which her vehicle had become overturned, and how she saved her two children who were stuck inside!

Speaking on the show, 27-year-old Stacey reveals: ‘I had a car accident and the children were in it and the car was upside down and it was a horrific scene’.

Speaking of how she acted in the horrific situation, Stacey continues: ‘Where I thought I would be completely anxious and panicking, my heart would be pounding, it’s almost like my body stopped’.

Stacey, who is mother to nine-year-old Zachary and five-year-old Leighton, then added: ‘The kids were in the back and life stopped for a minute and I just thought, ‘I need to get us out of this situation’.

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Stacey then explains that she had survival instinct which left her in fight-or-flight mode.

The mum shares: ‘I wasn’t in control. As much as I was in control I don’t believe I was in control at that point, something in my brain had taken over and said, ‘This is what you need to do, being in a panic will do nothing’.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Can Nguyen/REX/Shutterstock (4900939s)

When asked about how her children had coped throughout the horrific ordeal, an emotional Stacey explained: ‘My youngest was asleep and remained asleep until a dragged him out of the car, but my eldest was crying and saying, ‘Help me mummy’.

Very movingly, Stacey summed up the ordeal as ‘horrendous’- adding, ‘I don’t even like recounting it sometimes as it makes me feel so emotional. As soon as I got out the car my heart sank I couldn’t feel my arms and my legs I was crying’.

So there we have it, folks. Stacey Solomon- real life superhero, amazing mother and body confidence extraordinaire.

Alice Perry


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Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two host Zoe Ball HITS BACK as fans slam ‘terrible’ new line-up

Many Strictly fans aren’t impressed with the class of 2017

Zoe Ball

Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two presenter Zoe Ball has defended the show following criticism over the 2017 line-up of celebrities.

Many fans of the programme have expressed their disappointment on Twitter at the calibre of this year’s contestants, with some suggesting they struggled to know who several of the stars taking part are, but Zoe has urged everyone not to judge too soon.


Stephanie Davis ‘devastated’ as she’s ‘snubbed’ by Strictly Come Dancing

It all unfolded when Strictly posted a message on their Twitter account on Thursday reading: ‘Nine #Strictly celebs announced! How is our class of 2017 shaping up so far?’

This received several negative remarks, with one annoyed follower commenting: ‘Terrible……the list is that poor X factor might tempt us and it’s been years since that happened….’

Zoe, 46, stepped in to hit back at the criticism though by replying to the Tweeter: ‘you haven’t seen any of them dance yet. Don’t judge so soon. You may well be astounded at what they can do’

Several fans have since showed their support and agreed with Zoe in her defence of the line-up.

‘Well said @ZoeTheBall,’ one follower posted, whilst one added: ‘Well I personally love it and actually know them all! Can not wait’

It comes after widespread criticism on social media following the first reveals of this year’s line-up, which includes comedienne Susan Calman, Reverend Richard Coles and chef Simon Rimmer.

‘Don’t look very good so far, not sure you can use the word Celeb on this bunch #Disappointment #TV #saturdaynight,’ one Twitter user said of the list of contestants.

Another added: ‘Must admit I’ve been a bit underwhelmed so far & had to Google most contestants! Where are the sports people?? #Strictly2017’

Others taking part include EastEnders actor Davood Ghadami and The SaturdaysMollie King.

It’s not just the calibre of the celebrities taking part that has come under fire – some fans of the show has also criticised the fact that JLS star Aston Merrygold is going to be a contestant even though he was previously a judge on the 2013 series of Sky dance show Got To Dance.

Blimey, SO much drama and they haven’t even started dancing yet!

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OMG! TOWIE star Chris Clark’s incredible body transformation revealed in this unrecognisable holiday throwback snap

The TOWIE hunk looked very different three years ago

We love a good ol’ celeb throwback – mostly so we can swoon over cute baby snaps, laugh at questionable haircuts and cringe at a whole load of dodgy fashion choices.

But when TOWIE star, Chris Clark shared a photo of him and his pals from just three years ago – we couldn’t believe it was the same buffed-up Essex lad we’re used to seeing on our screens.

Sharing the EPIC snap on his Instagram page, 23-year-old Chris can be seen partying with pals at Croatia’s Hideout Festival back in 2014.

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Captioning the photo: ‘Throwback/Transformation Thursday for ya! Hideout festival 2014 guess who’, we think it’s fair to say the ITVBe reality star has had a pretty major body transformation.

So much so that we had to double take to check which one is him… (Second from the left FYI).

Throwback/Transformation Thursday for ya! Hideout festival 2014 🤣🤣🤣 guess who 🤦🏽‍♂️

A post shared by Chris Clark (@chrisjclark_) on

Wearing a pair of red and black checkered shorts and with a cigarette in his mouth, a much short-haired Chris is completely unrecognisable in the holiday snap.

And Chris’ throwback definitely got his 289k followers talking, as one even thought it was a different Essex star altogether, writing: ‘Thought that was arg lad not you’.

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Best mate and TOWIE co-star, Myles Barnett – who’s standing next to Chris in the funny pic – also wrote : ‘You’ve got in better shape and I’ve got into worse’.

It’s no surprise that Chris’ fans were so shocked by the snap as he’s now a regular gym goer and also a fan of posting buffed-up selfies on social media à la this…

I’ve had two weeks off and defo don’t like like this now.. back to the gym today 🤣🤣

A post shared by Chris Clark (@chrisjclark_) on

Jon Clark‘s younger brother recently sparked a bit of controversy when reports claimed that he admitted to dumping ex girlfriend and Little Mix lady, Jesy Nelson using his now-girlfriend Amber Dowding‘s phone. Yikes…

But Essex co-star Amber later DENIED that Chris did this by posting a lengthy message on Twitter in which she blasts the ‘false stories’.

‘This was never said by either of us because that never happened,’ she posted on Monday night. ‘Chris and I had no contact while we were separated. He didn’t text anyone from my phone.

‘Everyone has moved on, and we wish the media would too!’

Eeeek! We can’t WAIT to find out more when the new series of TOWIE starts next month

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Love Island’s Kady McDermott hits back at the Scott Thomas split speculation in the BEST way

So, have they? Haven’t they?

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott at The ITV Gala, London Palladium 24 November 2016

The OG Love Island pocket rocket, Miss Kady McDermott, had managed to spark concern amongst fans over the status of her relationship with Scott Thomas last week.

The Love Island lady, who rose to fame in last years series of the show, had taken to social media to share that she was beginning a new chapter in her life.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Can Nguyen/REX/Shutterstock (8854822o)
Kady McDermott

The tweet, which simply read ‘New chapter‘, had sparked much concern amongst fan- with many assuming it referred to the ending of her relationship with Scott.

The pair had also unfollowed each other on social media platforms- which only furthered the speculation.

See: ‘New chapter’: Love Island’s Kady McDermott sparks rumours she has split from boyfriend Scott Thomas
A week later, the 22-year-old has now spoken out over the speculation- and we’re still just as confused.

After her lack of social media PDA on Scott‘s 29th birthday earlier this week, Kady had hit back at the speculation that this was confirmation of her single relationship status.

Speaking on Snapchat, Kady tells the camera, ‘Regardless of my situation with Scott, I did wish him a happy birthday’.

She then added, ‘Just because I haven’t tweeted it or put in on Instagram, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Remember guys, things do happen in real life not just social media’.

See: ‘Fake as f*ck!’ Love Island 2016’s Kady McDermott SLAMS Jessica Shears and Dom Lever in hilarious rant

And now, the Love Island lovely has hit out again- slamming a report which claimed her split from Scott had been confirmed by a source.

Quote Tweeting the report, Kady writes: ‘Whoever this “source” is, is a liar and knows shit. False accusations like this is exactly why couples have breakdowns’.

When challenged by a fan, Kady had then followed this up with a message which reads: ‘I do not care about rumours, it’s when people are selling false stories and mags write “exclusive” when it’s not from me and Scott’.

Yikes- Kady is not to be played. We guess we’ll just have to watch this space for the future of Skady…

Alice Perry

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‘Came out of nowhere!’ Katie Piper shows off huge baby bump and fans can’t get enough!

Check out Katie Piper’s beautiful bump!

Katie Piper on ITV’s This Morning, London 11 April 2017

Some people just really suit pregnancy, don’t they? Including Katie Piper, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Richard Sutton.

The TV star announced her pregnancy back in June, and since then has been keeping us updated on her growing bump with social media photos and videos. And we can’t get enough!

For ages though, Katie’s bump remained small and barely noticeable. Until now.

Pregnant Katie Piper lets daughter Belle give her a makeover and the results are HILARIOUS

Taking to Instagram, Ms Piper uploaded a pic of herself shopping with a friend, and her bump looks AMAZING. One thing’s for sure though, her bump has definitely grown..

Work hard Shop hard with @toby_salvietto

A post shared by Katie Piper (@katiepiper_) on

Doesn’t she look glowing!

Fans of the star have also commented on Katie’s incredible baby bump. One user wrote: ‘Wow that bump came out of nowhere 💙’,  and another wrote: ‘Oh come on that bump too perfect it just a football up your dress.


Another fan wrote: ‘Gorgeous bump love it.Ir dress is fab.U look amazing xxx😍’, and another added: ‘How do u stay so slim when pregnant you lool amazing x.

We definitely agree with that! In fact, another of Katie’s followers said exactly what we were thinking…

Aw you look so beautiful! That dress and bump! ❤️’

Katie Piper reveals her makeup bag favourites!

Katie is already mum to two-year-old daughter, Belle, and has admitted that her and Richard have been trying to conceive for about a year and a half.

Speaking about her pregnancy, Katie also revealed that she’s been experiencing morning sickness.

‘I have felt really nauseous and tired with this pregnancy and don’t recall it being that way with Belle. But I don’t want to sound like I’m moaning because we’re over the moon and really excited.’

So does Katie know the sex of her baby?

Ms Piper admitted: ‘This morning, when I was getting dressed, Belle came over and kissed my tummy. I asked what she thinks I’m having and she said, ‘A girl, like me’.’


Speaking to OK! magazine she added: ‘I really don’t have a preference, but I have a special bond with my own sister Suzy, who’s also pregnant, so another girl would be lovely.’

Well, whether it’s a boy or a girl, Katie’s bubba will be a beaut for sure!




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WOW transformation! Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow stuns fans with bold new look

Camilla’s had a post-villa makeover

Prince Harry’s rumoured former romance, Camilla has gone through quite the transformation as well…

Love Island star Camilla Thurlow has been a busy lady since leaving the villa but now she’s found the time to treat herself to a makeover – with some pretty bold results!

The 28-year-old – who finished the series as runner-up with love interest Jamie Jewitt – revealed a dramatically darker hairdo to her Instagram fans on Thursday and seemed to be loving it.


Love Island’s Chris Hughes admits he ISN’T speaking to cast anymore

‘AnaCam Skywalker heading back to the dark side 💁🏻#brunette,’ Camilla captioned a selfie of her revamped mane.

AnaCam Skywalker heading back to the dark side 💁🏻#brunette

A post shared by Camilla Thurlow (@camillathurlow) on

Cam smiles for the camera in the photo as she shows off her brunette tresses styled in soft waves.

Fans of the former Islander gave the thumbs up to her sultry transformation, with one excitedly commenting: ‘OMG CAMILA SOO GORGEOUS 😻♥️’

Another wrote: ‘You look much better as a brunette. But you are beautiful inside and out and that shines through no matter what colour hair you have.’

Others called the new ‘do ‘stunning’ and ‘gorgeous’.

Camilla’s fella Jamie also showed his approval by cutely writing in the comments: ‘WOW 😍😍😍x’

Awww. Later in the evening Camilla made the most of her glam new look by going on a girls’ night out in London with fellow Islander Gabby Allen.

It comes after the reality star – who works as an explosive ordnance disposal expert – recently returned from a humanitarian trip to Greece with Jamie where they helped with various charity projects.

The pair volunteered at a refugee camp and shared images of themselves serving food, distributing water and helping children.

They also revealed that they’d be filming a short documentary during their time in the country. Good work, guys!

It looks like Camilla and Jamie’s romance is still going strong too, with Jamie posting a cute snap of them cuddling up on the sofa after returning from their trip.

‘Home sweet home. Food glorious food 👀😝 mummy jewitt takes the pictures! @jennyjewitt,’ the model captioned the picture.

Home sweet home. Food glorious food 👀😝 mummy jewitt takes the pictures! @jennyjewitt

A post shared by Jamie Jewitt (@jamiejewitt_) on

Here’s hoping these two keep on being as adorable as they are together.

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Mel B’s husband Stephen Belafonte WINS latest legal battle in their bitter divorce as proceedings continue

It’s a blow for Mel B

MTV Video Music Awards: Melanie Brown and Stephen Belafonte look happy
Spice girl Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte are all smiles as they arrive at the event.

Mel B’s divorce from estranged husband Stephen Belafonte has become one of the most shocking celeb splits we’ve seen.

With claims of abusive behaviour, a restraining order as well as some strong words from Mel’s former Nanny, it shows no signs of slowing down.

However as the bitter break up continues, it’s Stephen who has won the latest round of the lengthy legal battle.

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The judge has ruled the former Spice Girl‘s ex has the right to apply for custody rights over her 10-year-old daughter Angel – who’s her second youngest child with Hollywood actor and ex-hubby Eddie Murphy.

Despite Stephen not ebing her biological dad – the TV producer claims he’s played an important role in raising her and will fight for visitations rights in the future.

Mel B and her children, Angel and Madison [Instagram]

Approving the request at the latest court hearing in LA, Judge Riff said: ‘Mr Belafonte claims it’s in the child’s best interests for him to have contact, frequent and continuing, with the child he says he raised from an infant.

‘The petitioner (Mel B) says it is clearly not in that child’s interest. Those are the assertions.’

More: Mel B debuts new super short hair, and we can’t get over different she looks!

Mel filed for divorce from Stephen – who she shares daughter Madison – after 10 years of marriage in March and the messy split has been played out in the public for the past five months.

Stephen and Mel pose for a selfie last year [Instagram]

Following the latest news, Mel’s lawyer Susan Wiesner pleaded for Angel’s involvement to be kept private, accusing her ex’s legal team of ‘creating a media circus’ during the hearing.

‘Angel has the right to privacy,’ Ms Wiesner argued.

‘Like it or not, he is not the parent. Mr Belafonte is going to file a paper that’s going to the media. You’re opening a Pandora’s box.’

Before adding: ‘The reality is that this is going to become even more of a circus.’

Mum-of-three Mel alleges that 42-year-old Stephen has tormented her with years of physical and mental abuse.

However the star’s ex – who’s already failed to win temporary rights over Angel – has always dismissed the singer’s claims as false, with his lawyers describing them as ‘nothing more than a smear campaign’.

Another hearing in the case is set for Friday, with a full divorce hearing scheduled to begin on 25th September.

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