Warner Bros. Committed to Reviving Suicide Squad’s Biggest Mistake With Harley/Joker Movie – Prepare for more “method acting.”

There has been a lot of talk about how Suicide Squad left much of its Joker/Harley Quinn material out of both the original theatrical cut and even the eventual extended version, but it seems like Warner Bros. is still determined to build a movie around that relationship. Yes, in addition to the Joker origin movie that left us at least equally bewildered. No, we don’t understand why this is happening, either.

Well, except that Suicide Squad made a bunch of money, and a Harley/Joker movie would probably do the same whether it’s any good or not. We’re betting on not, especially with Jared Leto taking up the role once again, although we can at least hope that the movie will learn from Suicide Squad‘s initial mistakes and take the characters’ relationship in a different direction than the cut material from that movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is nearing a deal with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, directors and executive producers on NBC’s hit This Is Us, as well as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Focus, both of which featured none other than Margot Robbie. (Robbie and Leto are both reportedly returning.) It’s expected to come after a Suicide Squad sequel (but before the Joker origin story) and follow that movie’s example of being only loosely related to what’s going on in DC’s interconnected movie universe.

The movie was described to THR, by an anonymous source, as “When Harry Met Sally on benzedrine,” and if that isn’t enough to make you throw up a little in your mouth, there’s a rumor going around that it’s going to replace the Gotham City Sirens movie we would’ve rather seen. While not quite as much of just a downright bad idea as a Joker origin story (here’s a great explanation on why that is), this still isn’t a DC villain movie we can feel excited about.

It just hurts that we could’ve had so much more.

Pictured: Us, speeding away from this mess as quickly as we can.

(via THR, images: Warner Bros.)

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Things We Saw Today: The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad, Viral Dating Ad

A man named Nate set up a long and rambling website that lays out his search for the perfect woman and the extremely specific requirements that he’s looking for (and exactly what he doesn’t want in a romantic match). The site went viral, because it is bonkers.

You really need to read shouldyoudatenate.com with your own two eyes in its entirety to grasp the extent of what’s happening here—or take a look at The Daily Dot’s scathing take-down. I’m going to quote a few of my favorite Nateisms:

It’s true that I’m offering a free, romantic vacation, so keep reading…

… but don’t get your hopes up

Because even though I’m offering a fun getaway wherever you want… chances are almost zero I’m the guy for you.

Even if you’re a healthy, beautiful woman who’s ready to feel the exhilarating chemistry of a truly deep, enriching relationship.

Nate doesn’t want to meet you bleeding-heart hippie liberals who care about, IDK, funding public services with tax dollars. No intelligent, healthy woman that Nate wants to meet has ever benefited from others paying taxes.

Prosperity Poo-Pooers: Don’t laugh. As a bonafide greedy capitalist pig, I’ve figured out that free markets and unfettered entrepreneurial spirit are the best things for this planet. And unfortunately, this idea shocks otherwise intelligent, healthy women. So let’s just get it out of the way now: If you’re dead-set on liberalism instead of libertarianism, our stars were not meant to cross.

And finally, Nate’s not picky, so long as you both slender and slim, and very pretty.

As far as age is concerned, if you are somewhere between 22 and 35 that’s just fine. If you have a slender, healthy body, a reasonably slim waist, and a very pretty face then, quite frankly, you sound like heaven to me!

I would think this whole thing was a joke but I’ve known far too many Nates in my life. Whatever you do, do not bring up the singularity with Nates unless you have a lot of weed to share and nowhere else to be. (via shouldyoudatenate.com)

    • RIP actor and comedian Jay Thomas, who was on Murphy Brown  and most recently Ray Donovan. I’ll always remember Thomas as Carla’s hockey goalie husband Eddie from Cheers. (via Deadline)
    • Did this book buy its way onto the bestsellers’ list? Pajiba investigates.
    • Hocus Pocus lifestyle collection. Hocus Pocus lifestyle collection!!! (via Nerdist
    • Damn, the German magazine Stern went there. (via Mashable)

Totes unrelated to the above …

So what did you see hopping around out there today?

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I Can’t Decide Which Anime Intro Is Better: Spongebob or Overwatch – Top ten anime betrayals.

I’m a sucker for anime-inspired re-interpretations of non-anime things.

Don’t know what I mean? Sure you do. Here, take a look:

Yeah, you saw that right. That’s Spongebob Squarepants, but done up as an anime intro. It’s got all the hallmarks: strong emoting, swishy backgrounds, extreme close-ups, and a hell of a lot of plot introduced in a short, two minute introduction. I mean, I watched this once, and I feel like I saw no less than twenty different spoilers for this hypothetical anime. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that per se, but I mean, it just makes it that much more funnier. Also, forgive me if I don’t feel too sad over anime Patrick’s death; remember, he’s a starfish, he’s totally going to regenerate those lopped off bits nice and easy. That’s the twist. I just ruined your anime twist with some marine biology. You’re welcome.

Okay, so that’s the Spongebob anime intro. But what about this Overwatch one?

If you’ve read any of my words on this site, then you know I’ve got a soft spot for Overwatch, too, so I found myself totally crying (not gonna lie) while watching this absolutely out of this world anime opening for a video game. (I’ll take “Words I Never Thought I’d Type in my Professional Career” for 800, Alex.)

It, too, has everything you need in a typical anime intro: epic fight scenes, names of the entire cast scrolling by super fast, really rad highlights, and it’s also able to harp on the central conflict present within Overwatch‘s there-and-not-there plot.

So, reader, I find myself torn. I don’t know which one I like the most. I find myself leaning a little bit more towards the Overwatch one simply because hey, it’s Overwatch, and I’m obviously desperate for some straight up plot-driven Overwatch content. But the other one is Spongebob, and it really presents a compelling (heh) case for a super dramatic, super banana hammock-y (I see you, Patrick), even violent take on the series. It’s innovative, in other words.

Sure, I could say I like them both equally, but come on, that’s just … that’s too easy. Which one do you like?

(via io9, image: screengrab)

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Man Suing Over Confederate Flag Removal Says It’s Not Racist, Immediately Proves It Is

Look, the Confederate flag, battle flag, or whatever you want to call it is a symbol of racism. It belongs in a museum, not on proud display in government buildings. There’s a grand total of two reasons to argue in favor of flying the Confederate flag: you’re a white supremacist, or white supremacists’ efforts to obscure the truth about racist symbols has worked on you and turned you into their ally. It’s up to you whether you want to remain their ally after you’ve worked that out. (Hint: You don’t, unless you’re also a white supremacist.)

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about which camp Russell Walker falls into. Walker filed a lawsuit in order to return Confederate flags to the York County, South Carolina courthouse that had been removed during renovations and never replaced. In the video above, you can see him arguing that he doesn’t believe it’s a symbol of racism right before he launches into a bizarre comparison between symbols representing the Confederate south and monuments to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

But the truly telling part is when he instead slings the slur “Martin Luther Coon” first, before giving a knowing smile and revising his words. “I shouldn’t have said that,” he chuckles, which is the only true thing that comes out of his mouth. It bears repeating: This is the sentiment people are siding with in the defense of Confederate symbols and monuments. No, no one is necessarily responsible for the words, actions, or opinions of everyone they side with on a given issue, but this racism is the driving force behind the preservation of these symbols, not just a fringe group that can be ignored.

Even worse is the fact that the flag in the courthouse was the full Confederate flag, which has the familiar “southern cross” design in the top left corner of a white background. It’s a design intended to symbolize “the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause,” according to Savannah Morning News editor William T. Thompson, in his argument for its adoption in 1863. So once again, yes, it definitely symbolizes racism and white supremacy first and foremost. Thompson literally referred to it as “the white man’s flag.”

Luckily, Walker’s lawsuit was tossed out, but largely because he lives in North Carolina, not South Carolina, according to WSOCTV (apparent typo notwithstanding). Support for returning the flag doesn’t seem widespread (almost 100 whole people held a rally!), but the lawsuit’s argument was based on the South Carolina Heritage Act, which mandates that only the state legislature can move Confederate symbols in public buildings, so the fight isn’t necessarily over yet.

(via Yoojin Cho, featured image: Shutterstock)

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Woman Allegedly Fired for Getting Her Period at Work Because Women’s Bodies Still Confuse & Terrify Ignorant Men

As if it’s not hard enough living in a world that stigmatizes menstruation, one that insists women feel shame for the natural inner working of their bodies, this story takes the infuriating ignorance surrounding women’s periods to a whole new level. Apparently, some people would rather fire a woman from her job that have to be reminded that uteruses exist and have functions.

Alisha Coleman worked as a 911 call taker for Bobby Dodd Institute, a job training and employment organization for people with disabilities. She had that job for nearly a decade before she was let go for getting her period at work. Most women know the embarrassment of having your period sneak up on you unexpectedly and having to figure out a way to deal with stained clothing at work or school or some other public place. But to be fired for it is as baffling as it is infuriating.

image: ACLU Georgia

Coleman is now suing her former employer with the help of the ACLU. As Andrea Young of the ACLU Georgia writes, “Employers have no business policing women’s bodies or their menstrual cycles.” Coleman reportedly experienced “two incidents of sudden onset, heavy menstrual flow, a symptom of premenopause.” And terminating a woman for displaying signs of premenopause should most definitely fit under the umbrella of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which protects against workplace discrimination based on “pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions.”

A judge hearing the case earlier this year disagreed and dismissed Coleman’s claim, but she’s now appealing that decision with the ACLU’s help.

Galen Sherwin, Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, wrote in a statement, “Federal law is supposed to protect women from being punished, harassed or fired because of their sex, and being fired for unexpectedly getting your period at work is the very essence of sex discrimination. This kind of blatant discrimination against women in the workplace is why the ACLU Women’s Rights Project was founded 45 years ago, and why the fight for gender equality must continue.”

Coleman told the ACLU, “I loved my job at the 911 call center because I got to help people. Every woman dreads getting period symptoms when they’re not expecting them, but I never thought I could be fired for it. Getting fired for an accidental period leak was humiliating. I don’t want any woman to have to go through what I did, so I’m fighting back.”

Women have it ingrained in them from puberty that they need to live in fear of a blood on their pants and be embarrassed even just to buy tampons at a drug store. That degrading mentality toward our bodies is bad enough, but how are we still living in a world where being a woman is a fireable offense?

(via Revelist, image: Shutterstock)

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Woman Attacked by Louise Linton on Instagram Responds With Wisdom & “Hunanity,” Just as Linton Suggested

Earlier this week, Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, displayed what fit right in as yet another example of the obtuse narcissism and exploitation of political power we see constantly coming from those connected to Trump. First, Linton turned a political trip into wannabe Instagram influencer photo op; then, she railed against a woman who called her out in the comments. She has since apologized, sort of. It’s pretty much absolute minimum you can do with words to qualify as an apology, saying–via a statement released by her publicist–“I apologize for my post on social media yesterday as well as my response. It was inappropriate and highly insensitive.” So lesson learned, I’m sure. She’s a changed woman.

I wouldn’t bring this up at all, except that the woman on the receiving end of Linton’s passive aggressive tirade, Jennifer Miller, has now responded in a spectacular fashion. Miller originally commented on Linton’s post with the words “Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable.” Linton responded with a lengthy screed that said, among other things, “Sending me passive aggressive Instagram comments isn’t going to make life feel better. Maybe a nice message, one filled with wisdom and hunanity (sic) would get more traction.”

Linton probably didn’t expect Miller to do exactly that, but hey, it was her idea. Today, CNN published an op-ed written by Miller, full of the kind of wisdom and “hunanity” Linton could definitely use.

Miller starts by saying she is a caring yet snarky person who is “unafraid to call things like I see them.” Therefore, she stands by her choice to call Linton “deplorable.” She writes, “To see someone in her position — married to a wealthy former Wall Street executive who is now secretary of the treasury and affects national economic policy — hashtag her luxury purchases when so many Americans are suffering economically is, well, deplorable.”

“Americans are hurting — some even dying — as they struggle with racism, poverty and health care costs,” she writes. “And yet the wealthy Linton defends her boasting and derides me, a hardworking, taxpaying American, in the process. Her husband serves in the executive branch of our government. At the very least, she owes the American people the appearance of compassion and, to use her own word, humanity.”

Linton derided Miller in her Instagram comment, shaming her for presumably not being as wealthy as her or making the same “sacrifices” as she seems to think she has. (Because what an incredible sacrifice it must be to serve as an inside player in a political cabinet dedicated to rewarding wealth and corruption.) But while this will no doubt fall on unlistening ears, voices like Miller’s–like all of ours–aren’t going silent.

She writes, “If you’re going to work in our government, or choose to be the very visible spouse of a high-ranking government official, you have a duty to care about the citizens of the country you serve. You also have a duty to listen.

“Linton responded to my Instagram post challenging me to compose a ‘nice message’ filled with wisdom and humanity. Well, I’m doing it now, Ms. Linton, and I hope you’re listening. If you’d like to do the same, I will also listen, because you got at least one thing right: I am a nice person. Make that two things — my kids are cute. I’m also level-headed and intelligent. My message: You’re a prominent person now, Linton, so please use your influence for good.”

You can read the full piece over at CNN.

(image: Shutterstock)

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Gaz’s pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey is forced to speak out after being accused of drinking alcohol

Emma has spoken out over the speculation.

Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey take a selfie, March 2017

Today, the news of Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey becoming parents-to-be rocked the reality TV world.

We had tears, celebrations and, most importantly, Dior dummies. Because apparently newborn couture is a thing now.

See: Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby emotionally breaks down when discussing Gaz Beadle becoming a father

And, whist the majority of social media became alight with well wishes for the couple, there was also a teeny bit of unnecessary speculation surrounding the announcement.

See: ‘Literally no words!’ Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle reveals girlfriend Emma McVey is PREGNANT

Internet trolls had spotted a snap shared by the 24-year-old model a couple of weeks back, in which she and Gaz can be seen enjoying a lil’ drink.


3 days…☀️✈️😍

A post shared by Emma McVey (@emma_jane1392) on

A few followers have immediately, and unfairly, assumed that the drink in front of Emma is both hers and alcoholic.

Some have even commented on the snap to criticise the mum-to-be, with replies reading messages such as: ‘up the duff and drinking?’ and ‘she’s pregnant, yet she’s here in this picture drinking alcohol?

However, many have also stepped out in defence of the model- with a lot of people sharing that it’s probably just an alcohol free bevvy or a mocktail of some sorts.

One user writes, ‘I’ve had two kids and drank in the early weeks because I had no idea I was pregnant! Perhaps she didn’t know. Perhaps it’s a cocktail?!’.

Another simply shares, ‘OMG ITS PROBABLY ALCOHOL FREE!!!!!’. 

In fact, Emma has now hit back at the speculation – sharing with The Mirror that the drink was alcohol free. Emma shares, ‘All bars sell none alcoholic cocktails so of course it’s not alcoholic!’.

Sending Gaz and Emma our best wishes during this special time. We’d love to know your thoughts on the trolling, Tweet us @CelebsNow with your opinion!

Alice Perry


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Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell reveals surprising career change… and shows a LOT of shade

Feel the burn, Love Island crew…

Following the end of this years Love Island, we’ve been v. interested to see where the Islander’s end up next.

We’ve had farmyard adventures, break-ups and cast bust ups. However, one thing we did not see coming was one of the Islander’s to become a travel blogger.

However, ever the man of surprises, it would appear that Jonny Mitchell has put his jet-set lifestyle to good use- having started a brand spankin’ new travel blog called ‘My Jaunts Across The Globe’.

From ITV Studios

And, whilst the first edition of Jonny’s blog was supposed to be about his visit to Budapest (in which he took fellow Islander Chyna Ellis on a romantic getaway, only to then pie her at the reunion show), he certainly didn’t shy away from a few juicy Love Island updates…

See: Love Island’s Chyna Ellis hits back at Jonny Mitchell after he DUMPS her live on reunion show

In fact, Jonny opens up his first blog with a teeny bit of a dig to his fellow Islander’s…

The ‘fella writes: ‘I’m the one from Love Island. The one who dumped Camilla, then got with Tyla – blah blah. That stuff’s all a bit ol’ now, I think people want to see what comes next, don’t you?’.

He then adds, And that’s right, while the others are doing sponsored posts for teeth whitening kits, I’ve decided to take a slightly different route as the next road in my path – travel blogging’.

Ouch… even *we* can feel that burn right there.

Jonny then goes on the explain that, despite his initial dig, he is still in contact with a couple of faces from the show- strangely, including Muggy Mike.

Yup, looks like the pair really did manage to let bygones be bygones after their beef over Tyla Carr… 

Jonny writes, ‘Love Island was the most fantastic experience; I’m still in touch with Mike, Sam, Montana and a few of the others – but life moves on, right?’.

Despite the initial few digs, Jonny then goes on to discuss his favourite spots in Budapest- and it’s fair to say we’re v. impressed with his penmanship.

The ‘fella then signs off his first blog with one last cheeky message- which reads: ‘Off for a drink with Muggy Mike now, perhaps he’d be interested in a trip to Budapest?’.

Oh Jonny, how we love you (but we’re still a teeny bit angry about the Camilla thing).

Check out the full blog *here*.

Alice Perry 

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Sarah Harding shares a heartfelt message for her estranged Girls Aloud bandmates ahead of the CBB final

Sarah shares a message to her former bandmates ahead of the CBB final.

Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother, 10 August 2017

Since setting foot in the CBB house, we’ve been just dying to hear about Sarah Harding‘s girlband life in Girls Aloud.

Because, ya’know, it’s not like our biggest ambition in life to sing in a band with Chezza and co.

(It is. It truly, truly is)

And, it would appear that Sarah has finally lifted the lid on life inside the biggest girlband to ever hit up the UK, if not the universe (shortly followed by Little Mix, of course).

In fact, Miss Harding has been chatting with BB in the diary room ahead of the final on Friday- and has shared a pretty emotional message for her Girls Aloud ladies…

In scenes which will air during tonights episode, Sarah is reflecting on her decade in the band and how their split in 2013 affected her.

See: OMG! Celebrity Big Brother viewers ask: What has Sarah Harding done to her face?

The 35-year-old tells Big Bro: ‘I’m such a fun loving person when I’m on form and with the right people around me, but I’m also really sensitive and my confidence was severely knocked over the last five or six years since the band ended’.

Sarah adds, ‘Nobody really tells you what to do when you’ve been up there for a majority of years. You’ve had a lot of crazy life changing scenarios happen during that time and then all of a sudden it’s gone’.

Speaking of her time in the band, Sarah then shares: ‘I hugely underestimated how big we were because I was in a bubble. I do miss them… I do miss them – but we are all grown up now. Most of them are getting married and having kids, which is what I want to do’.

Sarah’s heartfelt message to the Girls Aloud ladies follows her slightly controversial solo-performance of the bands original hit Sound of the Underground during last nights episode.

I.e: that moment she ran out of bed to dance with a broom, as the CBB housemates cheered her on.

Despite the fellow housemates seemingly lovingly the impromptu performance during , viewers were slightly more critical…


What were your thoughts on Sarah’s performance? Tweet us @CelebsNow!

Alice Perry

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Sam Faiers is experiencing every mother’s nightmare…

Forget messy celebrity bedrooms, how about messy children’s play rooms and that’s what poor Sam Faiers was faced with when she caught baby Paul Tony, trashing his…

Former TOWIE star Sam Faiers had only just tidied up when she found her boyfriend Paul Knightley and their son Paul, sat in the middle of a ball pool in the playroom with all the toys scattered around the floor. OH-oh!

Sam uploaded the cute video to Instagram of her 19-month-old son playing, whilst she vented her frustrations in a softly spoken manner, by saying to him: ‘What are you guys doing? I just tidied this whole room. It’s bed time look at the mess.’

Oblivious to his mother’s pet hate, baby Paul continues to giggle and look at his dad whilst pulling faces.

MORE: For all the latest celebrity news

The next morning, Sam enters the playroom to find that for what was once tidy moments before, now had toys strewn all over the place.

Sam can be heard saying to her son, who is walking around in odd-coloured shoes: ‘You’ve just trashed the room again, in seconds, and where did the bay leaves come from?’

Aside from the mystery green leaves scattered on the floor, Paul proceeds to play at the table picking up toys and throwing them onto the floor.

Sam adds: ‘What are you doing? Oh my God.’

No matter what Sam posts of her son, he always looks like butter wouldn’t melt and we would easily forgive him in an instant with those cute dimples and beaming smile.

Sam has previously shared snaps of Paul from a recent family trip to Spain. In the pic, Paul is looking super smiley as he rocks a very cute red dungaree set with collared tee and white shoes. OH, and he’s holding a tiny Peter Rabbit ball.

The 26-year-old, who is expecting her second child, certainly has her hands full with the one she’s already got… something all mums out there can TOTALLY relate to, right?

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