Hilarious Rolf From “Ed, Edd N Eddy” Memes Are Taking Over the Internet

Give the internet enough time and it will meme the hell out of ANYTHING.

This past May, a white woman calling the police on a group of black people for BBQing at a park became a hilarious meme. In June, during the 2018 NBA Finals, J.R. Smith costing the Cavs Game 1 (and ultimately the entire series) against the Warriors sparked a bunch of memes. And the month of July was filled with memes of Cardi B telling everyone what her “momma said.”

Now, the latest meme that’s taking over social media is various versions of Rolf from the early 2000’s Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd n Eddy looking out the window with all kinds of random thoughts going through his head.

Though the origin of the Rolf “staring out the window” memes is unclear, social media is going wild over it. The always chill-less internet has turned Rolf into a bitter baby mama, fast food workers taking orders at the drive-thru window, Fantasia, David Ruffin of the Temptations, and more.

Honestly, there are so many Rolf memes floating around the internet that we’ve lost count at this point.

Check out some of the best ones below:

When you pull up at the Wendy’s drive-thru and all you want is a 4 for $4:

When you find out that dude with felony charges snitched his way out of jail again:

When you find out your baby daddy has a new girlfriend:

When you’re David Ruffin and you know ain’t nobody coming to see Otis:

When you’re Fantasia and you want your man to just go ahead and free himself:

When you Catfish your friend because they called you a fat a** Kelly Price:

When you see that Rent-A-Center truck parked in your driveway:

When you’re Travis Scott and Stormi is still “light-skinneded” as hell:

When you think you’re a tough guy and can fight anybody:

When you try to tone your thug image down hoping the judge gives you probation:

When you’re a strong black woman who knows her worth:

When you work at Chick-fil-A vs. working at McDonald’s:

When you work at McDonald’s and have to tell customers for the 1 billionth time the ice cream machine is down:

When you’re an usher at a black church:

When you’re waiting for Hurricane Florence:

When you’re Snoop Dogg in “Baby Boy”:

When you’re Smokey from “Friday”:

When you’re Joe Budden and don’t like to see young rappers having fun:

When you’re every damn body:

When you snitch on your weed man after he raises the prices on you:

Meet “Young Rolf,” Young Dolph’s twin brother:

When you’re tired of being memed to death:

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