Love Island’s Alex might have FINALLY found love… and everyone is going crazy

*Crosses all fingers and toes*

He saves lives on a weekly, heals broken bones on a daily, and likes cars… forever.

Yup, it would appear that the peoples prince, Love Islands Alex, has another shot at romance in the villa – with the arrival of the two new ladies on the Island, Zara and Ellie.

And whilst a new arrival is exciting for everyone, it would appear that it really is Alex’s time to shine – as you can see here…

And, as a combined nation, it would appear that quite literally everyone is rooting for Alex to find love with the new arrivals.

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In fact, during yesterdays episode, many viewers had taken to social media to share their support for Dr Alex’s quest for true love. Upon the arrival of the new girls, the entire nation had been watching with beady eyes – and it has produced some *hilarious* results.

One user has picked up on Alex getting in on all the LOL’s…

Whilst another has picked up on his eagerness to share his love of the fast lane…

Others have shared their joy at seeing Alex like a kid at Christmas…

Some are surprised by their devotion to Alex’s quest for love…

And others are just very, *very* passionate: ‘right well I didn’t see Alex on either of those dates so love island have 23 hours to re film the episode so Alex can do two dates xxx #LoveIsland’.

Yikes! ITV bosses, you have been warned.

However, it would appear that the nation should perhaps take a sigh of relief – as it would appear that fellow Islander and best bud Jack has actually let slip a little BTS secret from tonight’s show during his appearance on spin off show After Sun via live link last night.

PSA: Slight spoiler alert…

When quizzed by Caroline Flack if he is ‘hoping one of the new girls steals Alex’s heart’, Jack replied, ‘So badly. He had a date and everything. He’s gone for a kiss…’ – before realising he’d said more than he was supposed to.

Yup, we’re keeping all fingers and toes crossed for our doctor of love!



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