Things We Saw Today: Frozone Cosplayer Makes a Splash at Incredibles 2 Screening


Not all heroes wear capes; some wear white and teal spandex. This cosplayer delighted audiences this weekend when he attended a screening of Incredibles 2 dressed as Frozone. His outfit was on point as he entered the theater shouting Frozone’s signature line, “Honey, where’s my supersuit!?”. Well played, sir. Well played.

(image: Disney)

  • Speaking of Incredibles 2, the Pixar sequel made $180 million its opening weekend, making it the biggest opening ever for an animated feature film. (via Buzzfeed)
  • Level up your napping game by figuring out the best nap length for your needs. (via Lifehacker)
  • E3 teased us with trailers of all the newest games. Here’s a list of release dates, so mark those calendars. (via Polygon)
  • The DCEU seems to be changing course with the upcoming Flash movie by focusing on more comedic elements. (via Collider)
  • Check out Jodie Foster and Tracee Ellis Ross in this female TV directors roundtable discussion. (via Variety)

Happy Father’s Day, Mary Suevians!

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