Colin Trevorrow Will Return to Direct and Write Jurassic World 3

Colin Trevorrow, who directed and co-wrote the first Jurassic World movie back in 2015, will return to the franchise to direct and co-write the third Jurassic World film. Director J.A. Bayona has taken the the helm for this year’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the second film in the franchise, which is due out in theaters on June 22, 2018. However, executive producer Stephen Spielberg confirmed to EW: “Colin Trevorrow is going to write and direct the third Jurassic World story.”

While Jurassic World was a box-office smash, with a record-setting opening weekend, it also received some heavy criticism for its treatment of women. From the infamous high heels run to the weirdly prolonged death of Claire’s assistant to this useless and degrading scene, Jurassic World was a real step back from the original Jurassic Park.

Trevorrow has also posted some questionable, sexist things about women directors on Twitter. Asked by a fan whether he would have been given the same opportunity if he were a woman, he wrote, “Many of the top female directors in our industry are not interested in doing a piece of studio business for its own sake … To me, this is not a simple case of exclusion within an impenetrable corporate system.” Trevorrow later clarified that he does believe sexism is a problem in Hollywood, and that “there are centuries-old biases at work at every level, within all of us.”

After seeing the first Jurassic World, I’m personally not particularly excited to see Trevorrow return to the franchise. Trevorrow has previously cited Claire as the center of the franchise: the character who “who evolves the most over the trilogy” and whose story “mirrors this changing world.” I love the idea of a woman-centric dinosaur franchise, but I don’t really trust Trevorrow to be the one to write it. My one consolation here is that Trevorrow will collaborate with Pacific Rim Uprising writer Emily Carmichael. I hope that having a female co-writer will help to curb the sexism we saw in the first film—but then again, he had Amanda Silver as a co-writer on the first movie, and we saw how that one turned out.

What do you think, though? Are you excited to see Trevorrow return to the world of Jurassic Park?

(via EW; image: Universal Pictures)

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