Things We Saw Today: On Good Friday We Celebrate Tessa Thompson Serving Us Denise Huxtable Vibes

It is no secret that we at TMS love Tessa Thompson, for being both an amazingly talented actress, a gorgeous human being and of course a grade A-nerd. In her recent cover shoot with Bunch Magazine, Ms. Thompson serves some serious Lisa Bonet/Denise Huxtable looks with her waist-long dreads and bohemian style dress. It is a reminder of the amazing history of black fashion icons and Tessa wears it well.

(image: Screengrab)

  • Some Star Wars fans are starting a petition to get Meryl Streep to take up the role of General Leia in order to continue on the story as it was intended. The passing of Carrie Fisher was (and frankly is still) an emotional event and while I understand that some fans want to see Leia get her final story, I think having Meryl Streep play Leia is the wrong move. Just release the story as an AU novel. Leia is Carrie Fisher and I’m more interested in giving her a powerful, final sendoff than replacing her with another actress. (via ComicBookMovie)
  • With all the reboots coming up, it is noted that a lot of the classic black sitcoms have not been picked up for that same attention. I mean a Moesha reboot or a Living Single reboot? I would be here for that. Y’all can keep Family Matters though. It is the Full House of black sitcoms and by that, I mean basic. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Roxane Gay pens a thoughtful essay about the Roseanne reboot and despite its desire to “explore” the family dynamics of a post-Trump election, it fails more than it succeeds, even when it is funny. (via NYT)
  • Want to know all about the crazy cultural development of Easter, well here you go:

(via Twitter, image: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Essence)

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