Sarcastic Teenage Groot in New Avengers: Infinity War Spot Is My Everything

As we get to see more and more bits from Infinity War, I’m pretty sure that nothing will top Groot in the full throes of adolescence.

Marvel released two new short Infinity War promo spots, titled “Gone” and “All of Them.” While they both have a foreboding vibe (Thanos means business!!), the longer “All of Them” is worth watching for Groot’s teen snark alone. Moments like this suggest that we’ll at least be getting some levity in between all of that character death and world-destroying.

We’ve glimpsed a bored-looking adolescent Groot playing with what looks like a video game (or is he texting his friends?) before, but new spot he is in full I’mso-over-this glory, shocking his shipmates with his language. I feel this stage of Groot on a spiritual level.

Other new sights from these spots? Black Widow saying to someone—I’m going to guess a member of the Black Order—”We don’t want to kill you, but we will,” which is a great line. We also see some badass Black Widow fight moves and get a closer look at Iron Man’s new Bleeding Edge armor.

Thor looking sad and exhausted and like he’s been to Hel and back, declaring to someone, “Together, we can stop Thanos.” Some magic from Scarlet Witch. Some somber desperate gazing between Scarlet Witch and Vision. T’Challa, stately and resplendent, while his voiceover says, “We fight not for one life, but for all of them.”

If you missed it this weekend, we now also have the scene where Thor—hitting the spaceship window like so much space garbage—is taken in by the Guardians of the Galaxy, some of whom find him most interesting.

Did you spot anything here we haven’t seen before?

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