Stop Making Me Want to See IT When I Don’t Wanna See IT, Stephen King! – IT. WILL. MAKE. ME. CRY.

Damn it. DAMN IT. Why does this movie look so good? Why did the above featurette make me want to see this freaking movie even more? I hate movies like this. You know what I don’t hate? Sleeping well, which I won’t do for at least a month if I see this movie. DAMN YOU, FEATURETTE!

Thanks to the official IT YouTube channel, fans were treated to a new featurette about the upcoming Stephen King adaptation. It focuses on the Losers Club, the group of kids who become determined to face their fears and do something about a clown named Pennywise who terrorizes their town every twenty-seven years.

The best (and by best, I mean the absolute worst because I hate that this featurette makes this movie I would never ordinarily want to see look so damn good) thing about this featurette is the fact that King himself seems to genuinely approve of the adaptation. He says, “I had hopes, but I was not prepared for how good it really was. I’m sure my fans will really enjoy the movie.”

What about the people that hate you for freaking them out about their own periods when they read Carrie when they were twelve, huh? Or how about the people who are writers, but became afraid of letting too many people read what they wrote after reading Misery?! WHAT ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE, STEPHEN, WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE ME?

Shut up. I’m not tear-stained and catatonic in the corner, YOU are.

(via /Film, image: screencap)

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