Mugshot Madness: Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan Arrested After Allegedly Punching Girlfriend in the Face

Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan is still abusive. Jordan has been arrested for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face.

According to TMZ, Jordan was arrested Saturday (Jul. 27) in Arizona after punching girlfriend Valerie Bell in the face in a Denny’s parking lot. A second woman witnessed the physical altercation.

Jordan was also taken into custody for several other separate charges, including aggravated assault, theft, and threatening/intimidating with damage to property.

Jordan was arrested without incident and is being held in Pinal County with bail set at $3,250. However, he still in custody because no one had posted the bail.

Arrest documents detail the physical altercation with Bell. And the second woman/witness says that Jordan also snatched her cigarettes—one from her mouth and the pack from her hands—and attempted to throw them on the roof.

He left the scene before cops could arrived, but went to Bell’s home a few hours later where he was ultimately arrested.

Police discovered the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star also had an outstanding warrant against him from April. That’s when he was slapped with the additional charges of theft, assault, damage to property.

It’s unclear what incident the April charges are connected to, but he failed to appear in court to deal with it them, which is why the warrant was issued.

Jordan has had several run-ins with the law over the past few years and RHOA fans know that he has repeatedly exhibited violent behavior.

In 2017, Kenya Moore was granted a restraining order against Jordan for harassing her by calling her 30 times a day and allegedly threatening her.

He was also got into a violent fight with fellow former RHOA star Peter Thomas at a radio station that same year. Jordan claimed Thomas had a box cutter or knife during the brawl. The fight was caught on video.

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Ex-Amazon Employee Who Hacked Into Capital One Was Caught by the FBI After She Bragged Online

A very not so smart woman named Paige Adele Thompson has been identified as the suspect behind the massive Capital One data breach that compromised the personal data of more than 100 million people.

Thompson, a former Amazon employee, was arrested by the FBI in Seattle on Monday (Jul. 29) and was charged with a single count of computer fraud and abuse after she hacked into Capital One’s systems and gained access to private information.

An FBI agent said the feds were easily able to track her down after she bragged about her criminal activity online via Twitter, Slack, GitHub and Meetup.

More via Business Insider:

The breach occurred on March 22 and 23, the complaint said. Capital One, the fifth-largest credit-card issuer in the US, said the largest category of compromised information involved consumers and small businesses that applied for credit cards between 2005 and early 2019.

In the complaint, an FBI agent, Joel Martini, laid out evidence he found on GitHub, Slack, Meetup, and Twitter.

The complaint, filed with the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington, said Thompson posted on GitHub on April 21 about the leaked information.

The post, dubbed the “April 21 File,” contained “a list of more than 700 folders or buckets of data,” as well as code for three commands to obtain Capital One’s credentials and extract data, the complaint said.

Another user spotted the post and flagged it to Capital One on July 17, the complaint said. Two days later, the credit card company contacted the FBI, and investigators began looking into the account that posted the information.

The complaint said the GitHub address where the “April 21 File” was posted included Thompson’s full name and a link to a GitLab page that had a resume indicating she was a systems engineer.

Martini said he found a group organized by Thompson on a platform called Meetup that had an invitation code for a channel on Slack, a team-chat service.

The complaint said that on June 26, one of the users, “erratic,” believed to be Thompson, posted “a list of files” that they “claimed to possess.”

A screenshot of a Slack conversation included in the complaint showed a user telling “erratic” not to go to jail and “erratic” responding with “I wanna get it off my server thats why Im archiving all of it lol.”

The complaint said that on June 18, a Twitter user believed to be Thompson exchanged direct messages about the data breach with another person on the site.

A screenshot included in the complaint showed the user saying they wanted to “distribute those buckets” of information they obtained.

Martini said the message indicated that Thompson “intended to disseminate data stolen from victim entities, starting with Capital One.”

The complaint characterized another message in the screenshot as an acknowledgment that the information “buckets” included Social Security numbers with full names and dates of birth tied to the Capital One accounts.

So you were smart enough to hack into Capital One, but not smart enough to not brag about it all over the internet?

J Alexander Wtf GIF by swerk - Find & Share on GIPHY

If an award for dumbest criminal of the year existed, Paige A. Thompson would definitely be nominated.

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Jury Finds Katy Perry Stole Part of “Dark Horse” Beat from Christian Rap Song “Joyful Noise”

Katy Perry is guilty of copyright infringement after a jury unanimously decided her hit song “Dark Horse” was, in part, copied from a Christian rap song.

After a weeklong trial, a nine-person jury concluded on Monday (Jul. 29) that Perry’s 2013 hit song “Dark Horse,” in part, copied 2008 Christian rap song “Joyful Noise” by Flame. Perry was not present in the courtroom.

The phase to determine damages awarded to Flame is set to begin today.

Flame—whose real name is Marcus Gray—filed a lawsuit in 2014 against Perry, Capitol Records and other “Dark Horse” writers and producers claiming the song stole an underlying beat from his song, slowed the tempo and used a higher pitch.

Perry and “Dark Horse” producer Dr. Luke’s lawyers argued that any similarities could not be deemed copyright infringement because the beat in question is too common and brief to be protected. Experts were even called to substantiate the argument.

You can compare the two yourself below:

Perry and Dr. Luke also both testified that they had never heard Flame’s song before. However, Flame’s “Joyful Noise” featuring Lecrae was popular in the Christian music community and he argued the defendants may have heard the song on YouTube, Myspace, or during the Grammy Awards.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that there were some “colorful moments” during the trial. Amid technical difficulties while attempting to play “Dark Horse,” Perry offered to sing the song from the stand, which caused laughter from the jury.

And on the day of Dr. Luke’s testimony, there was a shooting outside of the courthouse.

In addition to Perry and Dr. Luke, producer Max Martin, producer Cirkut, songwriter Sarah Hudson, and rapper Juicy J (who was featured on the track) were also named in the suit.

A motion from Perry’s lawyer asking the judge to rule that a reasonable jury couldn’t determine copyright infringement based on the evidence presented is still pending despite the jury’s Monday verdict.

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Just Like Us, Amazon Is Hungry for More Good Omens and Fleabag

Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag

While Good Omens looked like it could be a one-off season, if Amazon has anything to say about it, we’ll be seeing a lot more of David Tennant’s demon Crowley and Michael Sheen’s angel Aziraphale and their odd-couple dynamic. The same goes for Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s sensational modern-lady-in-London Fleabag. Amazon Studios executives were quite forthcoming about what they dream of for the streaming network going forward. And what Amazon wants, it’s hard to imagine that Amazon won’t eventually get.

Amazon Studios does not release viewership numbers, but they seem pleased with the attention that Good Omens received, and its largely positive reviews across the board. The show sparked a passionate fandom following that is still going strong two months after its debut (and Good Omens‘ dedicated book fandom is some 30-years old, so it has long legs). While there has been ongoing speculation about Good Omens‘ TV future, recent comments illuminate Amazon’s post-release enthusiasm.

Amazon’s TV co-head Vernon Sanders spoke over the weekend about the possibility of more Good Omens—it’s clearly something that he wants. According to Deadline:

“We’re lucky to have an ongoing relationship with Neil” Gaiman, the series co-creator, Amazon’s TV co-head Vernon Sanders said during Saturday’s TCA executive session. “We’re so excited about how Season 1 has done for us. The notion has come up about whether we can revisit that world. It’s in Neil’s hands now but we’d love to do it. We’re finding that it just takes a little time, perhaps, in the case of Neil. But whatever he wants to do, we’re interested in.”

In the case of both Good Omens and Fleabag, Amazon Studios has a bit of a conundrum not attached to many properties. Both shows are the product of already famous, award-winning, in-demand, multi-media creators who can pretty much snap their fingers, Crowley-style, and work on anything that they want. And both Good Omens’ Neil Gaiman and Fleabag‘s Phoebe Waller-Bridge have expressed a desire to devote their attentions to other projects for the time being.

Gaiman’s Sandman is being developed at Netflix, and Gaiman stated in the wake of Good Omens that he was eager to get back to good old fashioned novel-writing. Waller-Bridge wrote on the upcoming Bond 25 movie, which is currently filming, and has sworn the second season of Fleabag was its last. After the show’s 11 Emmy nominations, and Waller-Bridge’s involvement in Killing Eve, she’s one of the current hottest commodities in the business.

Per Fleabag, Amazon Studios Head Jennifer Salke joked at the TCA session that she is “basically Waller-Bridge’s stalker,” as The Wrap reports. Salke added,

“Anything Phoebe wants to do we are signed up to do. Nothing would make us happier than to have her bring another season of that show, or anything else she wants to do. I’m forever the optimist. I remain always hopeful until it’s really over.”

Here’s why I, too, remain hopeful. Amazon has what amounts to limitless coffers; they are spending a billion dollars on a Lord of the Rings series. So while there might not be immediate plans for either of these shows to go back into production, it’s not difficult to imagine that a few years down the line, whatever Amazon’s offering could sound mighty appealing.

To be given such a creative—and I assume financial—blank check is unlikely something that will be walked away from, even if Gaiman and Waller-Bridge are keen to stretch their wings somewhere else at the moment.

As for what a continuation of Good Omens might possibly entail, Gaiman and his late co-author Terry Pratchett had been at work on an unfinished, unpublished sequel, some elements of which made it into the first season of Good Omens. Additionally, Gaiman seemed to zero right in on what the people want, as he told The Wrap:

Gaiman also had a few ideas for what a follow-up could look like, referencing that 30-minute cold open in the third episode of the series. “What I discovered in writing that sequence is you could pick any time in human history, you can take Crowley and Aziraphale, you can stick them into it, not doing whatever their respective head office thinks they’re doing, and you have a story.”

Yes, yes you do, and it that is everything that we desire. The 30-minute cold open is widely a fan favorite, and some of the more fun television I’ve seen in a long time. Dropping Aziraphale and Crowley into random points in time for historical adventures could be a great move, and wouldn’t necessarily demand an entire season-long production.

I can’t be the only one who thinks we should apply the tradition of Christmas specials to Good Omens, stat. Meanwhile, if you are very lucky, you might get the chance to see Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag show live in London.

Are you crossing fingers for more from these properties like Amazon Studios executives, or do you think they’ve run their course?

(via The Wrap, images: Amazon Prime Video)

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Honest Trailer Tackles Alita: Battle Angel: A Fun Movie That the Alt-Right Hijacked

There are few movies that came out this year that have as interesting a story as Alita: Battle Angel, directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Rosa Salazar as the titular Battle Cyborg, Alita. Despite mixed reviews, it got a lot of praise for being the first successful manga-to-live-action Hollywood film that both stays true to the source material and delivers a diverse cast. Yet, because of the internet and a slow burn, it became one of the highest-grossing movies of the year, even if you didn’t exactly know what it was about.

Honest Trailers tackles the fun action-adventure elements of the film, with its sword fights, Xtreme sports, and sci-fi elements, with an audience that also turned Alita into their “cool girl” champion when Captain Marvel rolled around. It’s a disappointing narrative because Alita has grown on me a lot from the first time I saw it, and there are so few Latina-led big blockbuster films, let alone by a Mexican-American director and female co-screenwriter (Laeta Kalogridis).

Alita, with “the eyes of a doll, the softness of a body pillow, and the heart of a MacGuffin” is called, in the video, the internet’s perfect woman, being a “sexy killer dumpster baby who’s totally legal,” cause she’s really over 300 years old, and “will kiss you if you give her chocolate.” And while I agree that those are some of the things that elements of fandom may have been latching on to, Alita herself is just your typical wide-eyed protagonist. I appreciate her love of chocolate and the emotional connections she gains in the movie.

The person I blame for this narrative is alt-right troll Jack Posobiec, who, as our Chelsea Steiner pointed out in her post, “posted a video asking fans to skip Captain Marvel and see Alita, dubbing it the #AlitaChallenge.”

I found this deeply irritating because it reduces all of the good qualities of Alita to this oversimplified girl-with-guns power trope. Is she kind of flat? Yes, but so are most of the characters who aren’t played by Christoph Waltz. Plus, I’m happy that the movie did well, grossing $404.9 million against a $170 million budget, because I want good anime-inspired films to be made. I want to celebrate that a Mexican director made the 10th highest-grossing film of the year without thinking about the alt-right trolls who thought it would be fun to pit two very different movies against each other.

I want to have different female-led movies out from every studio, starring different kinds of wom, without them needing to be pitted against each other. I can promise you that if Carol Danvers and Alita were both real, they would be taking each other out for beer, chocolate, and karaoke.

(image: 20th Century Fox)

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The Characters for Joss Whedon’s New Show Sound Very Whedon-Esque, and Not in a Good Way

joss whedon

We’re not necessarily big fans of Joss Whedon’s newest project, The Nevers. The HBO drama sounds like it’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Victorian England, but with all the worst elements of the series. The full cast list has finally been announced, along with their character descriptions, and yeah … it’s not particularly great.

Take for example the lead character, Amalia True, who will be played by Laura Donnelly. She is described by Entertainment Weekly as being “the most reckless, impulsive, emotionally damaged hero of her time. A menace to stuffy Victorian society, she would die for the cause and kill for a drink.” There’s so much to unpack there, but let’s start with “emotionally damaged.” Must all of Whedon’s heroines be emotionally damaged?

Buffy went through hell and back, and so did Cordelia, Willow, Echo, Inara, River, Zoe, and every other female character Whedon has ever written. The nature of storytelling means your characters will go through some trauma, but Whedon loves emotionally traumatizing his female heroes to a degree that he doesn’t traumatize his male heroes. There is also the element of sexual violence present in his narratives that often is used to torture his heroines. All in all, hyping up the protagonist as being emotionally damaged and impulsive is not the best look.

Then let’s look at Amy Manson’s Maladie. “Committed by her husband (and genuinely unstable), she’s been warped by a power she can’t understand, and tortured by doctors intent on finding its source,” wrote Entertainment Weekly. “She now lives underground, runs a gang and is on an infamous murder spree. She affects a theatrical parody of a bedlam waif, but mad as she is, she’s a woman with a purpose.”

I guess she’s like an evil River from Firefly? Whedon does like his tortured women who use violence ostensibly to defend themselves from the patriarchy and toxic men but who really are acting out a male power fantasy.

Again, this is a trope that’s popular in Whedon’s works. He loves his damaged, partially insane women who are violent. They’re present in most of his work and it’s a deeply problematic trope.

The male characters don’t have it any easier. Take Hugo Swann (James Norton) who’s a “pansexual posh boy whose charm has about five years left on its lease.  He runs a secret club and a side trade in blackmail. He’s devoted to fulfilling everyone’s worst impression of him — and fascinated by the Touched.” Just think, even after Whedon managed to bury his gays in Buffy, he’s still finding a new way to be vaguely homophobic. Making a pansexual character a blackmailer and a cad is not necessarily a great look, particularly given Whedon’s obsession with heteronormativity.

There are more characters to break down. Like Annie, the “career criminal” who happens to be the only Black woman in the cast, or Augustus, who is described as being a “sweet, disarming nerd” which is Whedon speak for “entitled nice guy.” There is so much here that reminds me of those memes where people have bots watch a bunch of Hallmark movies and then write one. It’s like a bot literally wrote these descriptions based on Whedon’s previous titles and didn’t bother to do much except change the names,

There have to be other writers out there who aren’t toxic or dated who could’ve written a Victorian superpower show. Maybe there’s a writer of color or a woman who could have tackled the project. Instead, we’re getting leftovers from the Angel character line-up. I would like to be pleasantly surprised by the show, but given Whedon’s recent track record, I doubt I will be.

(via Entertainment Weekly, image: Shutterstock)

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Maybe Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Just Shouldn’t Have Used Real People

Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (2019)

I didn’t mind Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but I can see its faults that have been raised by others—mainly in the fact that they used the clout of famous real-world celebrities and the infamous Manson family to carry that portion of the story, rather than exploring what Hollywood was like prior to the brutal killings carried about by Tex and some of the women from the Spahn Ranch group.

As with many Tarantino films, there is a problem with the female characters in it, mainly because his male characters are so strong with so many layers to their backstories, and the women just kind of exist. There are exceptions to this rule, but the exceptions only exist because they’re women we have known from real-world history. While I do think that the movie does right (to a degree) by Sharon Tate, it doesn’t do much to explore her as a woman outside of the barebones of what we know about her.

She’s the kind of woman who had potential, but it was taken from her when the Manson family took to the Hollywood hills to begin the plan that Charlie Manson had in mind. There is a beautiful piece by Lindsey Romain on Nerdist about how the movie treats Sharon, and I agree with it. If you’re already familiar with her, it feels like a tribute.

If you don’t know anything about Tate, though, the movie makes her out to be this magical being that almost feels like she wasn’t real, when she very much was. You probably wouldn’t come out of the movie knowing anything more than you did before. Other than small instances, the movie does a pretty bad job of explaining the significance of the real-life people it uses for its story. For example, Bruce Lee is used as a joke, trying to show the “power” that Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth has, while the reality of Lee was so much more.

An easy solution for all of this? Just don’t use real people. While I liked the movie, I didn’t need to watch nearly 3 hours of a movie that results in Charlie Manson, seemingly, getting away with drugging and manipulating teenage girls into doing his bidding as he began to start a race war in Los Angeles. Base it on that time, make a character something like Charlie Manson, but not give him the name? Why not do the same with the other real people?

Do I hate Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? No, but I don’t like the idea of Charles Manson just … getting away with everything, or the idea that Roman Polanski wasn’t always a terrible human. I do like the fact that it didn’t make the focus of Sharon Tate’s existence into being a gruesome murder victim, though, and I will say that Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton is the comedic performance I needed. Give me Leo talking to himself in that trailer for the rest of my days.

Still, the movie isn’t perfect; it has its flaws, and saying you’ll definitely love it if you love movies is a false statement, because this is a time period in Hollywood history that hits people differently, and we don’t all have to love the idea of the struggle of the straight, white, male actor.

(image: Sony Pictures)

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Get Ready for All Your Steve and Peggy Emotions in New Avengers: Endgame Bonus Feature

It’s the digital release day for Avengers: Endgame, which means that we’re finally getting a look at all the goodies packed into the home edition. There’s a blooper reel, deleted scenes, and behind-the-scenes features, some of which will make you cry. This one, centered on Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, will definitely bring a tear to the eye of Steve fans who were happy that he got his last dance with his best girl.

The discussion of Steve’s journey brings the decision to have him remain in the past with Peggy into more clarity. Screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have been writing Captain America since the beginning, and they have crafted an interesting arc for Steve throughout the films. They talk about him going from identifying himself fully as Cap to forming his own idea of himself, and then, ultimately, making the choice to get himself a life where he was Steve Rogers, rather than Captain America.

There’s no clarification as to what timeline Steve ends up in, or if him staying behind creates a new reality. There’s emphasis mostly on the importance of Steve and Peggy, and why they’re a good match. While it would have been nice for Bucky and Sam to get a little more emphasis in the video, it makes sense that they’re going to focus on the endgame (pun intended) ship and why Steve would ultimately decide that he wanted to stay behind and live out his days with Peggy.

The video won’t change anyone’s minds about the ending—either you liked it or you didn’t. However, it does make it seem as though McFeely and Markus had an idea of how they wanted Steve’s story to end from the first film onward. While many expected him to ultimately sacrifice his life for the greater good, Steve got to get a happy ending. Originally, I argued that Steve had to die to make Endgame make sense, but ultimately, the story of Steve living and getting to have that life he always wanted is more powerful.

However, your mileage may vary, and for many Steve fans, the ending will always be a divisive point. Still, it’s nice to get a little emotional about Steve/Peggy on a lovely Tuesday afternoon.

(image: Marvel)

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Japan Signs Off on First Human-Animal Hybrids but Why God Why?

john candy as barf in spaceballs

Whelp, here’s an idea that couldn’t possibly go wrong: Japan has become the first country to create animal embryos that contain human cells, resulting in a human-animal chimera or humanimal. Japan’s science ministry has approved the project spearheaded by scientist Hiromitsu Nakauchi, who currently leads teams at both the University of Tokyo and Stanford University.

His plan is to grow human cells in mouse and rat embryos and then transplant those embryos into surrogate animals. Eventually, Nakauchi hopes to produce animals with organs made of human cells that can be used for human organ transplants in the future. This isn’t the first time science has developed human animal hybrids: in 2015, scientists developed pig-human hybrids for similar reasons, but Nakauchi’s landmark experiment will be the first one that sees the embryos brought to term.

But thanks to a change in Japanese law that forbade animal-human embryos to grow past 14 weeks and forbade them being implanted in a surrogate uterus, these animal-human chimeras will be allowed to develop full-term. So here’s the thing: if science fiction and horror genres are anything to go by, this seems like an extraordinarily terrible idea. As we’ve learned from stories ranging from ancient mythology to The Island of Dr. Moreau to The Fly to the living nightmare that is the new Cats trailer, humans and animals shouldn’t mix.

These developments unlock a Pandora’s box of questions both ethical and moral, designed to puzzle scientists and philosophers for years. But despite literally every folk tale, fable, work of literature or pop culture entry that sees man toy with nature, this seems inherently dicey. As Dr. Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

But before we get bogged down in questions like “will we finally have talking dogs” and “does this mean I can really be Spider-Man?”, Nakauchi has assured skeptics that every step of his work will happen slowly and deliberately, with full-term embryos not on the horizon for some time. Plus, his experiment is designed to effect a single organ, of which he said, “We are trying to do targeted organ generation, so the cells go only to the pancreas.”

In 2017, Nakauchi used similar techniques to grow a mouse pancreas in the body of a rat. So you know, we’re a ways away from Brundlefly here. And that’s undoubtedly a good thing. As science-policy researcher Tetsuya Ishii of Hokkaido University said, “It is good to proceed stepwise with caution, which will make it possible to have a dialogue with the public, which is feeling anxious and has concerns.”

Yes, when it comes to human-animal hybrids, let’s proceed with a fuck-ton of caution, for everyone’s sake.

jeff goldblum

(Universal Pictures)

(via, image: MGM)

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Things We Saw Today: Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie Get Thirsty

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan at SDCC

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie doing anything together is a recipe for a great time, but reading thirst tweets? Even better. The two stars of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier took San Diego Comic-Con by storm and, in doing so, sent the fans into a tizzy. Thirst tweets from our favorite boys from the MCU? What could possibly go wrong?

In a surprising turn of events, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie did not mention Tom Holland once in the video. The couch debate came up but no Holland shame so, they’re growing.

While fun, the problem is more that these are … very tame thirst tweets, by thirst tweet standards? Remember when M’Baku was blowing out m’backs? That was even on the tame side compared to how stan Twitter can get down and dirty. Fans took to Twitter to point this out too because, let’s be real, the best kind of thirst tweets are the ones that are blurred out that they’re so dirty.

Can we get a re-do? Who picked these tweets because breaking someone like a pistachio was tame and cute. All it did was teach us that Sebastian Stan says “pistachio” in a cute little way.

(image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Here are some things we saw today:

  • Critics of Hannah Gadsby don’t understand autism. (via Medium)
  • An Avengers: Endgame featurette has animated scenes that the production wrote. (via MCU Exchange)
  • Our Spidey-Sense is tingling! Tom Holland is coming to Philadelphia’s Keystone Comic-Con and excited! (via Keystone Comic-Con)
  • Kristen Stewart takes us on a journey through her career. (via Vanity Fair)

(Please watch this video for your health.)

Did we miss anything out there today, Mary Suevians? Let us know in the comments below!

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