“Shameless” Actress Emmy Rossum Says She’s Leaving the Show After Season 9

Fans of the hit Showtime series Shameless will see one less Gallagher next year when Season 10 arrives.

In a lengthy, emotional Facebook post on Thursday (Aug. 30), Emmy Rossum, the actress who plays Fiona Gallagher, a star character of the show, has announced that she is leaving the series after nine seasons. Her statement read, in part:

“It’s a hard thing to put into words, feelings. But I’m going to try… The opportunity to play Fiona has been a gift. There are few characters — female or otherwise — as layered and dynamic. She is a mother lion, fierce, flawed and sexually liberated. She is injured, vulnerable, but will never give up. She is living in an economic depression, but refuses to be depressed. She is resourceful. She is loyal. She is brave. I knew it the second I read the pilot script, this was different, this was special…

“I know you will continue on without me, for now. There is much more Gallagher story to be told. I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block.”

While Rossum’s statement didn’t address her reason for leaving the family dramedy, set in Chicago, that stars William H. Macy as the troubled patriarch Frank Gallagher, she did hint at being involved with another opportunity when she said that her TV family has given her the stability and support “to stretch and grow creatively.”

“The way (executive producer/showrunner) John Wells has shepherded me as an actress, and more recently how he’s encouraged me wholeheartedly as a director and a writer, has been an honor and a privilege,” she wrote.

John Wells said in his own statement that Rossum will “forever be part of the ‘Shameless’ family. We are hard at work now creating a season nine finale for ‘Shameless’ which we hope will provide a Gallagher-worthy sendoff for Fiona that honors the great work Emmy has done.”

Warner Bros. Television also released a statement saying that Rossum was given an appreciative farewell and confirmed that she will appear in the Season 9.

“We wish her all the best as she explores the next chapter in her career,” the statement read. “But before that, we are excited for fans of ‘Shameless’ to see Emmy and the entire ensemble cast continue the adventures of the Gallagher family in the show’s upcoming ninth season.”

Shameless Season 9 premieres on Sunday, September 9th on Showtime. Check out the official S9 trailer below:

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Aretha Franklin Had an Outfit Change for Final Public Viewing

Aretha Franklin wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same outfit two days in a row. Literally.

The Queen of Soul had two public viewings over a two-day period at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History of her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, and on each of those days, she was wearing a new outfit.

As we all know and saw from the official photo of Ms. Franklin lying in repose in her golden open casket, on the first day, Tuesday (Aug. 28) she was dressed in all red. But on the second day, Wednesday (Aug. 29), she had an outfit change, and was wearing a powder blue dress and matching blue pumps.

Thousands of more fans lined up outside the museum for Franklin’s second and final public viewing there. Swanson Funeral Home Director O’Neil Swanson II said Ms. Franklin would be wearing a new outfit for another viewing Thursday at New Bethel Church, and she would undergo one final outfit change for her private funeral Friday at Greater Grace Temple.

Friday’s funeral is invite-only, but will be live-streamed online and broadcast on television. It will feature appearances from a number of celebrities and music legends, and is reported to last at least 6 hours.

Former president Bill Clinton, Smokey Robinson, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Cicely Tyson, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Clive Davis, and many others will speak at the funeral, while Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Chaka Khan, Faith Hill, and many more will perform at the service.

Aretha Franklin died on Thursday, August 16th at her home in Detroit after battling pancreatic cancer. She was 76 years old.

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Beyoncé Fan Who Rushed Stage at Concert in Atlanta Says JAY-Z “Can’t Fight” & “Been Sneak Dissin”

26-year-old Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell was identified as the crazed “fan” who made the bold decision to literally go “Apesh*t” and rush the stage at Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s concert in Atlanta last weekend.

As The Carters were leaving the stage following the first of two sold-out shows at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Saturday night (Aug. 25), Maxwell was able to somehow hop on the stage and run after the couple. Fortunately, they were unharmed after their dancers quickly sprung into action and apprehended him before things got too crazy.

Moments after the attempted attack, Maxwell hopped on Facebook to let the world know how he felt, saying that he wanted to fight JAY-Z one-on-one because he’s been “sneak dissing” him, but he couldn’t get to him because the dancers and crew members stopped him.

“P***y a** n****s [jumped] me,” he said. “Was gonna let him up so we can fight one on one but n****s want to jump in and it’s between me and him. That n**** can’t fight and he’s been sneak dissin. Y’all n****s hit like b**ches.”


A few hours later, Maxwell posted a series of selfies with the caption: “Still look good, I look [fly] wish u could touch my swag wish you could.” And moments after that he posted some pics with his shirt off. He captioned that post “Flexin.”

Beyoncé and JAY-Z didn’t press any charges against Maxwell, but Atlanta police did. He was originally issued a simple citation for disorderly conduct, but after it was determined that he “made contact” with JAY-Z, he was charged with disorderly conduct and aggravated battery. He never made any contact with Beyoncé, TMZ reported.

Maxwell was taken into custody Sunday evening (Aug. 26) and transported to the Fulton County Jail, where he was booked and held on $5,000 bail. He was released Monday after posting bond.

Sunday night, at the end of their second ATL show, Beyoncé hilariously acknowledged the attempted “attack” from the night before by turning around and doing a high ninja kick as she and JAY-Z left the stage:

Instagram Photo

And last night (Wed, Aug. 29) in Orlando, Beyoncé joked around again as she and JAY-Z were leaving the stage:

Instagram Photo

We love a Queen with a sense of humor!

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Jamel Myles: Quick Facts About 9-Year-Old Boy Who Killed Himself After Being Bullied for Coming Out as Gay to Classmates

A 9-year-old boy died by suicide after he was bullied just days after he came out as gay to his classmates.

Jamel Myles had just started fourth grade at Joe Shoemaker School in Colorado when he took his own life the night of Thursday, August 23rd, just three days after school came back in session following the summer break. He was rushed to the hospital after he was found hanging in his bedroom, according to the county coroner.

Jamel’s mother, Leia Pierce, told the Denver Post that her older daughter told her that Myles’ classmates had told him to kill himself over he came out to them.

Here’s what you need to know about Jamel Myles:

Jamel Myles’ mother says she told her son “I still love you” after he came out to her this past summer. She believes his death was the result of bullying after coming out to his classmates on the first day of school.

Jamel’s mother, Leia Pierce, told Denver’s KDVR that her son had come out to her over the summer. Pierce told the station “he looked so scared when he told me. He was like, ‘Mom I’m gay,’ and I thought he was playing, so I looked back because I was driving, and he was all curled up, so scared. And I said, ‘I still love you.’”

Pierce said Jamel wanted to wear fake fingernails on the first day of school, and she believes that his classmates bullied him after he came out to them. “The same kids who picked on him last year were even meaner to him once he came out and said he was gay,” she told HLN. “They hurt my baby.”

Jamel wanted to become a YouTube star one day, Pierce told the Denver Post: “He said, ‘Mom, I want to be famous YouTube star so I could buy you a new house.”

Pierce added: “My child died because of bullying. My baby killed himself. He didn’t deserve this. He wanted to make everybody happy even when he wasn’t. I want him back so bad.”

Jamel’s interests included Pokemon and wearing a dress with a tiara and high-heeled shoes, his mother said.

Jamel’s mother says she found him hanging in his bedroom. She said she “lost a reason to breathe” after losing her son to suicide.

Leia Pierce said her son was excited about coming out and wanted to tell his classmates. “He went to school and said he was gonna tell people he’s gay because he’s proud of himself,” she said.

Pierce said when he came out to her, he opened up about wanting to dress more femininely. “And he goes, ‘Can I be honest with you?’” she said. “And I was like sure, and he’s like, ‘I know you buy me boy stuff because I’m a boy, but I’d rather dress like a girl.’”

On Thursday, August 23rd, four days into the school year, Pierce found her son hanging in his bedroom. She desperately tried to revive him but it was too late.

Myles was pronounced dead at the Swedish Medical Center, according to a report from the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner. The manner of death, according to the report, was suicide and did not involve a firearm.

“Four days is all it took at school. I could just imagine what they said to him,” Pierce said. “My son told my oldest daughter the kids at school told him to kill himself. I’m just sad he didn’t come to me. I’m so upset that he thought that was his option.”

Pierce wrote on her Facebook page:

“I lost a reason to breathe… my heart, my sunshine, my son… he was being bullied and i didnt know. Not till it was to late.. i wish i knew everything so i could’ve stopped this… how do i live with out all my kids? My son man he is the best and i miss and just want to be with him… he is in heave now and im not ready for this.. i shouldn’t be having to bury my son he is only 9… i love u son i love u so much son…. stop bullying stop the shit i lost my baby cause of it and its not fair not fair not fair… i just want my son back..”

She wrote in another post:

“They say be strong for my daughters but, i cant i just cant.. i couldn’t imagine losing any of my kids and i lost 1 and now my kid is alone and i want to be with him.. i cant let him be alone.. i love u son..”

She said in another post on her page:

“What hurts the most about losing my son. Is knowing other kids feel the same way he did.. I wish i could’ve carried my sons pain for him cause i would… i want bullying to stop.. no child and i mean no child should be bullied by anyone.. matter of fact no one should be a bully at any age.. love more and hate less.. I’ve been very irrational these past couple days.. i dont know how to handle this pain.. i shouldnt of said some of them mean things i did but, my heart is in so much pain… i never wanted to feel this pain and i am.. i want justice for my son and every kid who is bullied.. i want bullying to end i never want to hear someone else go thru this pain…”

The principal at Myles’ school said the school is working to make sure “LGBTQ+ students can pursue their education with dignity.”

Joe Shoemaker Principal Christine Fleming told parents in a letter after Jamel’s suicide: “It is with extreme sadness we share with you that one of our fourth-grade students passed away yesterday. This is an unexpected loss for our community… Our thoughts are with the student’s family at this time. We will continue to process this sad news as a school community, and again, please feel free to reach out as needed for ongoing support…

“It is critical that our students receive all the support they need to learn and thrive in a safe and welcoming environment. Our formal policies and practices reflect this commitment to ensuring that our LGBTQ+ students can pursue their education with dignity – from policies and training to prevent and stop bullying to formal policies and guidance materials that fully respect gender identity (including use of preferred pronouns and restrooms).”

Will Jones, a spokesman for Denver Public School told the Denver Post that Joe Shoemaker Elementary School had a team of crisis counselors on hand to speak with students, teachers, school staff and anyone else who is hurting.

“It’s always tough when a little one takes his life, “Jones said. “We have our crisis team there. Fourth and fifth grade teachers at Shoemaker are creating a space for students to share how they are feeling and to process their emotions after hearing this news. Teachers are also letting students know about the DPS crisis team members on hand to meet their social-emotional needs.”

Jamel’s suicide has sparked outrage on social media and quickly became a topic of discussion, shedding light on LGBTQ+ kids, bullying, and mental health.

After the news of Jamel Myles’ suicide spread all over the world, outraged people took to social media to express their anger.

“Never let anyone tell us the fight for equality is over,” said Michael Cashman, an actor, writer, and politician from London. “A nine-year-old boy has killed himself after enduring four days of homophobic bullying at school in Denver, Colorado.
Leia Pierce said her son Jamel Myles, revealed to her over the summer that he was gay, and was ‘proud.’”

Twitter user @SeyvonSilva wrote: “This is f***ing heart breaking. My dude was excited to share who he was. He was 9 years old and confident in himself, but others felt the need to bring him down. This is not okay. You’re a star. Rest easy Jamel Myles, remember his name.”

Actor, producer and tv/film/theatre director Emerson Collins tweeted: “Jamel Myles was nine. This is why we fight for The Equality Act, against conversion therapy, against bigoted “deeply held religious beliefs,” for representation, [visibility] and have [PRIDE] – to change the entire culture LGBTQ youth grow up and come out in.”

See other poignant social media responses below:

The tragedy of Myles’ story also inspired an unsurprisingly hateful response from the always awful Westboro Baptist Church:

Celebrities including singer Kehlani, transgender actress Laverne Cox, and more have taken to social media to mourn the loss of Jamel Myles.

A number of celebrities, including actors, musicians, and other media figures, have taken to social media to mourn the death of Jamel Myles. Singer Kehlani, transgender actress Laverne Cox, Canadian actress Ellen Page, and Pose executive producer Steven Canals expressed their grief, while also calling for more acceptance and tolerance.

“Jamel Myles’ confidence, pride, and eagerness to share his new found freedom with his parents and then classmates at 9 years old is beautiful and hope that is the memory celebrated continuously,” Kehlani shared on Twitter. “Rest in peace little warrior. The lessons here are clear.”

Laverne Cox tweeted: “This has to stop happening. It must stop. Our bullying culture is killing children. #JamelMyles”

Ellen Page said the news about Jamel Myles was heartbreaking. “I have traveled around the country and the world and have been witness to hope and joy but also deep pain and horror,” she said. “This needs to change. I’m sad and angry but trying to keep my heart warm and open to continue to strive to help eradicate this suffering.”

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow tweeted that he was “so sick of this,” in regards to kids taking their own lives as a result of bullying.

“This BREAKS MY HEART,” tweeted singer Hayley Kiyoko. “People need to understand the power of their words. Wow. I’m so sorry for him and his family.”

Steven Canals, executive producer of the hit FX series Pose, shared a story about the first time he was called gay. “1989. 4th grade. 9 yrs old. First time a fellow male classmate shamed me by saying ‘stop being so gay,’” he tweeted. “I didn’t know who I was then. Jamel did. He was gay. And he was proud, until he wasn’t. My heart aches. #JamelMyles”

Ryan Jamaal Swain, an actor who stars on FX’s Pose, tweeted: “THIS HAS TO STOP FOLKS!!!!!!”

Jamel’s mom is asking people to “show love to everyone” in the wake of her son’s death by suicide.

In the wake of her 9-year-old son’s suicide, Leia Pierce is asking that we all love one another. She wrote to the Daily Beast: “Will you do my son and I a favor? Stand together as equals and show love to everyone, with acceptance of everyone.”

Asked if she had anything else to share, the grieving mother said, “Tell this world my son said they’re beautiful, smart, and they can do it.”

Pierce said her son, Jamel Myles, was “the kindest, most gentlest soul I’ve ever met.”

“We have to stop bullying and teach people it’s OK to love each other,” Pierce said. “We have to stop hating each other for differences, differences that make us equal and unique.”

Amit Paley, CEO of The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth, said that if people see someone being bullied or suspect that it is happening, they should step in and make sure the person being bullied feels supported.

“We know that just one person in an LGBTQ+ young person’s life can make a huge difference,” Paley said. “They can reduce their risk of suicide by 30 percent, and so we would encourage everyone to be that person.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lesbian, gay and bisexual youth are more likely than their straight peers to report being bullied at school and online. The center estimates that LGBTQ+ youth are four times more likely to report having attempted suicide.

Pierce said she wants justice for her son and tougher consequences for students caught bullying others. “I want justice for every child who’s ever been hurt like this,” she told NBC News. “Every child deserves justice.”

“Everyone wants to talk about suicide right now, because my son passed away, but no one wants to talk about the actions that caused him to do that, which was bullying,” she added.

Pierce said she loved and supported her son after he told her he was gay, and wished that everyone felt the same way. “I didn’t care. He could be whatever he wants to be. I’m still going to love him,” she said. “I wish everyone else could have loved him.”

A GoFundMe Page has been set up to help with funeral costs and a celebration of life to be held at a later date.

A woman named Jacque Miller has set up a GoFundMe on behalf of Jamel’s family to help offset funeral costs. So far, the page has raised close to $4,000 from 102 people in just two days—nearly twice its original goal of $2,000. You can donate here.

“We are wanting to make sure, that Jamel is heard,” the page reads. “He chose to love others, He chose to treat everyone equal. He chose to live life.”

The page continues: “I want you to speak on treating each other with kindness and compassion, We want justice for Jamel, the only way to get that is to touch [people’s] hearts, and tell them if we love more it will be harder to hate. When you speak of Jamel speak with the same compassion he had. He wanted everyone to feel loved cause His mommy taught all her kids we are all the same and Jamel treated people as equals because he was taught love.

“Jamel is going to make this change happen, even though he is no longer with us. The funds will be used to help the family in the coming months, with funeral cost, any money left over will go to a celebration of life for Jamel, that will be determined at a later date. We have future plans, but are unable to discuss at this time. Thank you.

“Jamel’s grandmother [has] been handling all of the detail to this point. If you need to reach her please feel free, she said she would be willing to help out n any way she can.”

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10th Anniversary Marvel Film Festival Will Screen All 20 MCU Films in IMAX

Good news, indoor kids! You can spend Labor Day weekend in the air-conditioned confines of your local IMAX theater watching all twenty MCU films. In honor of their 10th anniversary, Marvel has teamed up with IMAX for a multi-day movie marathon. And unlike previous Marvel marathons, these screenings are a la carte and affordable, with ticket prices set at $8.

The schedule for the screenings will be:

Aug. 30: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor

Aug. 31: Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World

Sept. 1: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man

Sept. 2: Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming

Sept. 3: Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp

Sept. 4: Iron Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Black Panther, Doctor Strange

Sept. 5: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Captain America: Civil War, The Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War

Sept. 6: Iron Man, The Avengers

Fans will vote for the final two screenings on September 6th. This will be the first-ever IMAX screening for Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: The First Avenger. The first five days of the festival will be showing the films in release order, while the final two days will focus on “Origins” and “Team Ups” themes.

While there are surely some Marvel die-hards who will brave the butt-numbing week of non-stop action, most of us will be limited by our stamina and our wallets. With that in mind, I’m picking five MCU films that I think are worth seeing in IMAX.

1. Doctor Strange

benedict cumberbatch

Doctor Strange is not my favorite Marvel movie. To be honest, it wouldn’t crack my top five. But I would see it in IMAX in a heartbeat for its spectacular visual effects. There is so much gorgeous detail in the scenes of Strange and his cohorts bending reality and folding cityscapes in on themselves. For their inventive VFX work alone, it’s worth the price of admission to see it all again on such a big screen.

2. Black Panther

chadwick boseman

There are plenty of reasons to want to see Black Panther in IMAX. It’s one of the strongest entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, and it boasts fantastic special effects and inspired action sequences. But what really sets the film apart is the gorgeous cinematography from Rachel Morrison. Morrison’s sweeping vistas of Wakanda are rich and evocative, the effect of which will only be amplified on such a big screen. Though Morrison became the first female cinematographer nominated for an Academy Award for Mudbound, her work in Black Panther is more than worthy of the title.

3. Captain America: The First Avenger

chris evans

Captain America: The First Avenger makes its IMAX debut in this festival, so you get to see Chris Evans’ glorious glow-up happen on the biggest screen possible. Plus, you get the World War II battle sequences, the Steve/Bucky bromance origins, and the one and only Peggy Carter. While First Avenger suffers from the same issues that all Phase One films do (formulaic, off pacing) it remains one of the most winning origin stories of the O.G. Avengers.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

chris hemsworth

The trippiest, funniest entry into the MCU is more than deserving of an IMAX viewing. Ragnarok features a dazzling color palette, as well as brilliant costume and make-up work. Plus, it features some of the most inventive and entertaining fight sequences of the entire MCU. Oh, and did I mention it’s funny as hell? Besides, who doesn’t want to hear “Immigrant Song” playing so loudly that it vibrates your sternum?

5. Avengers: Infinity War

infinity war

Infinity War is the obvious choice, as it unites all the players into one massive storyline. Infinity War was also the first studio film to be shot entirely on IMAX cameras, so you’re getting to see final picture as it was meant to be seen. Infinity War has it all: humor, heart, slow motion running…truly, what’s not to love?

Will you be dropping in to see any of the IMAX screenings? If so, what makes your list? Let us know in the comments,

(via The Hollywood Reporter, image: Marvel)

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In Today’s Good News, Woody Allen’s Movie A Rainy Day In New York Is Shelved

woody allen, me too, times up

On occasion, bad things happen to bad people and the world is somewhat at peace. Today, Page Six reported that Woody Allen’s latest film, A Rainy Day In New York, has been shelved indefinitely by Amazon.

Produced on a $25 million budget, the filmed starred Selena Gomez, Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Rebecca Hall, and Jude Law. Previously, the film had come under some fire for a scene in which an older man flirted with a fifteen-year-old girl, proving that Allen’s films all have an undercurrent of creepiness to them that reflect the allegations brought against him.

Last year, Dylan Farrow brought allegations of child abuse by Allen, her adoptive father, to the forefront of discussion again. As a result, both Chalamet and Hall both donated their salaries to charities such as #TimesUp, and Hall spoke about her regret at having worked with Allen. Gomez, on the other hand, has expressed no such regret about working with Allen, and her mother even spoke about how Gomez came to the decision to work with him, saying in an Instagram comment:

Sorry, no one can make Selena do anything she doesn’t want to. I had a long talk with her about not working with him and it didn’t click. Her team are amazing people. There is no fall person here. No one controls her. She makes all her own decisions. No matter how hard you try to advise, it falls on deaf ears.

2018 marks the first year in which Allen has not gone into production on a new film. Many expected Rainy Day to have a wide release in 2019, but sources have said that Amazon has shelved the production and will either not release it or drop it on their streaming service with no publicity or fanfare. Allen still has a deal with Amazon, but so far no new productions have been announced.

Honestly? This film will not be missed. Allen’s alleged abuse, while never proven in court, is well documented; his work is marked by a distinct sexualization of younger women and blatant misogyny. The fact Hollywood has allowed him to go unchecked for years speaks to a deeper problem that movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have been trying to solve. In the same vein of Roman Polanski’s continued success after he raped a young woman, Hollywood loves to protect white male predators who make what they perceive to be good art.

Amazon shelving the film is a good step in the right direction, as it means they are not giving Allen a platform from which he can achieve more undeserved glory and accolades. The scene with the flirtation between a teenaged girl and an older man points to the entire film having a similar predatory edge, and it is for the best that it isn’t given the hype that Allen’s devotees think he deserves. Time might really be up for Allen; let’s hope so, at the very least, because of all the predators in Hollywood, he needs to go first to set the precedent that just because someone is an auteur doesn’t mean they get a free pass.

(via IndieWire, image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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BBC Elephant Man Remake Facing Backlash for Not Casting Disabled Lead

John Hurt and Anne Bancroft in The Elephant Man (1980)

The BBC is currently facing criticism for their casting choice in the current remake of The Elephant Man, where Stranger Things‘ Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) will play Joseph Merrick.

Merrick’s story has been frequently adapted, most well known in David Lynch’s 1980s movie The Elephant Man, starring Anthony Hopkins, with Jon Hurt as Merrick. In film, television, and plays, Merrick has been played by actors who are able-bodied.

The British disability equality charity Scope has called out the BBC for continuing this pattern by choosing to cast the Stranger Things actor rather than a disabled actor, according to ET Canada. “It’s disappointing that a disabled actor has not been cast in the remake of The Elephant Man, as it’s one of the most recognizable films to portray a disabled character,” said Phil Talbot, Scope’s head of communications.

Talbot brought up the fact that, in the film industry, there’s a constant lack of diversity when it comes to hiring disabled actors in the first place, with studios still not working to make roles accessible for disabled actors. “Disabled actors still often face huge barriers to break into the business. Not only are the roles few and far between but castings and locations are often not accessible. […] There is a massive pool of disabled talent being overlooked. The creative industries should be embracing and celebrating difference and diversity, not ignoring it.”

A BBC spokesperson responded, saying, “The Elephant Man is an iconic drama that has had an important role to play in highlighting changing attitudes to disability and we are currently in the process of casting disabled actors in a variety of key roles.”


When it comes to narratives about disabled people, many of us who are able-bodied tend to make excuses or hand-wave the issues in some ways, because we like the end product, tell ourselves that hiring a disabled actor would be “hard,” and design straw man arguments like “so we should just grab any disabled person and put them in a lead role?” No, you should hire trained disabled actors.

VisABLE People is an agency that specializes in getting disabled actors roles in the advertising industry, television, film, radio, and theatre. I mean, it’s not as if it hasn’t been done before, or did we forget that Marlee Matlin exists?

We also need to realize that part of the problem is how stories like The Elephant Man deeply infantilize disabled bodies. As the video above (@11:18) by The Scrivener/Sarah breaks down, the problem with The Elephant Man is that it turns Merrick into this painfully tragic figure whose pain is meant to remind us that disabled people are human.

But the role of disabled people isn’t to make abled bodied people feel enlightened or to have their pain be a reminder of their humanity. The dismissal of their humanity is something able-bodied people need to fix, because we are the ones doing it and perpetuate it. They exist beyond their disabilities, and failing to cast disabled actors, and excusing the film and theatre industry for continuing to do so, only proves that these narratives only create superficial empathy.

If you really care about disabled people, you should want them to be able to work, and not say that their wanting to do so is an inconvenience.

(via ET Canada, image: Paramount)

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Titans Reveals First Official Images of Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy

Titans-Official-Robin-Image (1)

The future of DC Universe as a streaming service has a lot in its favor: it will provide access to DC movies and television shows like Batman: The Animated Series, JL/JL: Unlimited, Superman: The Animated Series, and all of the CW shows out today.

However, it will also have original content like Titans which has had mixed-to-bad responses from fans for a multitude of reasons from poor costuming to “fuck Batman” because why bruh.

However, since they have already pumped money into the project, they have released some official images to hopefully quell fears that the entire production is cheap.



Robin/Dick Grayson played by Brenton Thwaites with his razor-sharp Robin shuriken. This is the Dick Grayson who kills people and steps on their necks to snap them.



Raven played by Teagan Croft and totally not a character from American Horror Story or The Conjuring.



Starfire played by Anna Diop in the costume that launched a thousand think-pieces, which is allegedly not going to be in the actual show and yet here we are … still seeing it.

Beast Boy


Finally, Beast Boy played by Ryan Potter and I would say, overall, looks the best out of the cast, but we will see how the green make-up looks in motion. That will be the true test.

Overall, I think that I personally find everything about the Titans aesthetic to be sort of the worst of what “dark” DC has to offer. I’m not saying that it can’t exist, because multiple versions of characters are fine, but also it’s just the overall distrust that people can’t just enjoy characters who are no grim-dark, who don’t have terrible Trump dads and want to save the world because it’s the right thing to do. Especially when there are characters in the universe that are darker characters should be included.

I mean according to Screen Rant, they have cast a character to be Jason Todd, and so I couldn’t help but wonder, if you have Jason Todd, the king of “fuck Batman” why are you making Dick Grayson, that asshole. We will have to see if there is a method to the madness called Titans which we will find out in October.

According to Comicbook, “the live-action Titans television series will make its debut on Friday, Oct. 12th. The series’ twelve-episode first season will release new episodes on a weekly basis which will be available exclusively on the DC Universe app. Fans will also be able to get a sneak peek at Titans during a world premiere screening of the series hosted by Warner Bros. Television at the upcoming New York Comic-Con.”

Until then, let’s just watch this clip of Young Justice: Outsiders with Nightwing and Oracle shall we?  Let us know what you think of these promo shots. Do they do anything to quell your worries that this will be a hot mess?

(via Screen Rant, image: DC Universe)

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Is That a Sabrina Hint in Riverdale’s Season 3 Promo?

Can you believe that in the year 2018, we have lived to see not one, not two, but three seasons of Riverdale come to pass? Sometimes good things do happen. Despite my many, many criticisms of the series, it is a show I continuously go back to because it just has a fun cast of characters, and I can truly say that you never know exactly what to expect when you tune in.

While last season’s Black Hood storyline was our ’80s horror movie slasher, this third season looks culty, and you know what that means: mother fucking Sabrinaaaaaaa.


Besides the promise of witchier things to come, the trailer also highlights the romantic angst of Veronica and Archie. As we may have been trying to forget, Archie spent most of the last season trying to prove himself to Hiram Lodge by committing crimes, and then found himself being framed for murder by Hiram. How will Veronica handle this evil daddy issue, we shall find out, but she promises her dad that no matter what, she and Archie are “endgame.”

Serpent Archie

Archie is sporting a Serpent tattoo, probably with permission from the “King of the Serpents,” Jughead (that sentence makes me lol), likely to get some protection in jail from all the other gangs. I doubt that Archie will spend very long in jail, as the promo indicates, but at least he got a good press-on tattoo out of the experience.


In other couple news, we see the two main hetero couples hanging out and making out, but, surprise, Kevin and Moose also get to share a kiss. I hope that this means Kevin will get some screentime and get to have a positive relationship. Maybe? Please? At least Moose means some bisexual male representation, something we are severely lacking in, pop culture-wise.

Toni looks great, as does Cheryl, as she very on-brand chews a cherry. I hope we can see some more Choni scenes, because those two characters have great romantic chemistry, and I have a mighty need for it.


FP and Alice get to have sex (finally), and we get a glimpse of the serpent tattoo on Alice’s thigh. I wonder how she covered that up on trips to the beach?


And then finally, the thing that’s really important: the cult/witchy stuff. While the Chilling Aventures of Sabrina is going to be on Netflix, Riverdale is not missing the chance to bring that level of drama to the series. We see Betty reading a book with witch/cult images before passing out, and a very Hannibal-inspired horned creature. Plus, there is a scene of what looks like Alice holding a baby next to another woman holding her baby. Very Witches of East End. I’m here for it.

The trailer ends with Jughead in the field, calling out for help as bodies are arranged helplessly in an occult-like fashion.

Yes. Yes. I’m so excited. I don’t care if it’s gonna be corny; I want some Sabrina in my Riverdale.

So for those still in the cult of Riverdale, what do you think of this promo? Is it looking better than all that Black Hood crap, and will Archie be allowed to be a normal teenager this season? We shall see.


( image: Screengrab/CW)

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Things We Saw Today: Sean Penn is on a Mission to Mars in Hulu’s The First

Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn is going boldly where countless films and television series have gone before in his first foray into television. Penn stars in The First, a new co-production between Hulu and Channel 4, which follows a group of astronauts training for the first manned mission to Mars. As they gear up for the intense mission, the astronauts must reckon with the gravity (space puns!) of leaving Earth and saying goodbye to friends and family forever.

The stakes are especially high for team leader Tom Hagerty (Sean Penn) who appears to be raising his daughter on his own. Hagerty and the rest of the team are working alongside visionary aerospace magnate Laz Ingram (Natascha McElhone) to prep for the life-altering mission. The First was created by Beau Willimon (House of Cards) and features LisaGay Hamilton, Hannah Ware, Keiko Agena and Oded Fehr in the cast.

(via Deadline, image: Hulu)

  • Michael Che leaps to Louis C.K.’s defense, to the surprise of no one. Sigh. (via Huffington Post)
  • Word on the street is that Star Wars: Episode IX is looking to cast a “young Charlize Theron” in an unknown role. Man, how long does a girl have to wait for a “young Ruth Buzzi” casting call? (via LRM)
  • File this under things we’d watch: Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu will direct Ken Jeong’s Netflix stand-up special. (via Hollywood Reporter)
  • We are here for the romcom renaissance, and for this article. (via Vox)

Also, Prince Harry sang some of King George’s song in Hamilton and it was everything we wanted it to be.

What are you seeing tonight, Mary Suevians?

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The Mary Sue has a strict comment policy that forbids, but is not limited to, personal insults toward anyone, hate speech, and trolling.—

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