Celebrity Big Brother’s most shocking moments EVER: from George Galloway’s cat to ‘David’s dead!’

It’s that time of year – CBB is in full swing and the housemates are being driven stir-crazy. We take a look 
at some of the show’s most outrageous moments ever in celebration…

Emma Willis on ‘Big Brother’ TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire 22 June 2017

Jasmine vs Lee 
and Casey

Back in 2014 we saw one of the most controversial CBB romances ever when Lee Ryan couldn’t decide between Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor. After his romance with Jasmine was cut short when she was evicted, Lee got together with Casey. In true CBB style, Jasmine was sent back into the house to confront the lovebirds. ‘You deliberately went out to hurt me,’ she said to Casey. ‘I’ve had to sit 
at home and watch this, putting your tits in his face and saying you can’t wait to have sex with 
him.’ Love rat Lee was eventually evicted through the back door.


Perez LICKS Katie

A full-on war raged between celebrity blogger Perez and her-of-the-big-gob Hopkins. They hated each other. But viewers finally had enough when it became physical. Perez – who Katie had dubbed ‘walking anthrax’ – returned to the house after a short time away when he’d been able to watch the housemates, and he wasn’t happy with Hopkins. He thrust his hips at her, tried 
to lick her and said: ‘Lick it good, suck this dick like you should.’ Nice. 
The behaviour prompted over 2,000 complaints 
to Ofcom.

Vanessa loses the plot

The early-morning radio host was on the 
first-ever series of Celebrity Big Brother – and she didn’t handle it very well at all. Van wasn’t happy with the fact that she’d been nominated 
for eviction and took to the dining table with 
some chalk to express her anger. While wearing leopard print. Donning a pair of sunglasses, 
she scrawled words like ‘incarcerated’ 
and ‘frustrated’, while the likes of 
Anthea Turner and Claire Sweeney looked on in shock. Well, can 
you blame ’em?

Charlotte wets the bed

We all know that Charlotte Crosby liked to wee in, er, creative places while she was on Geordie Shore back in 2013. But how about CBB? Yep, after a night of heavy drinking, a hungover Charlotte discovered she’d had an accident during the night – and told a bemused Courtney Stodden all about it. ‘I’ve weed myself in the bed… I’m so damp. And 
I still need a wee now – how much wee is in there?’ Only you know the answer to 
that question, Char.

Rylan wins the show

Aww! We all shed a tear when Rylan Clark, one of the ultimate reality stars ever, 
won the show in 2013. And Rylan couldn’t believe it himself, either, pulling all manner of faces as it was announced he was the champion (which we’d definitely seen 
on The X Factor before – remember when he made it through to the live shows from the judges’ houses? After winning the show, Rylan got the job as presenter of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, pretty much coming full circle. 
Well done you, Rylan.

‘Yeah, Jackie’

A legendary moment was made when Jackie Stallone rocked 
up on the third series of CBB 
in 2005. It was a huge shock to Brigitte Nielsen, as Jackie’s her ex-mother-in-law, being the mum of her ex-husband Sylvester. You don’t want to get locked in a house with your ex-mother-in-law, now do you? Especially one who swears and calls people names. As Jackie (who was 83 at the time) entered the house, Brigitte exclaimed: 
‘Oh my God, Jackie!’ Jackie replied simply: ‘Yeah, Jackie.’

Farrah vs Aisleyne and Janice

Ex-Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Janice Dickinson faced actual criminal charges when they got involved in fisticuffs with Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. CBBOTS was even briefly taken off air when the two became embroiled in a war of words, shortly before it got physical. Although the footage was never aired, Farrah claimed Aisleyne threw a champagne glass at her while the show was filming after they got into an argument. The glass then struck fellow panellist Vicki Michelle. Aisleyne denied the claim, tweeting: ‘I did not throw any glass. Ever. Get your facts right. It’s boring now.’ We’ll probably 
never find out what really happened…

‘David’s dead!’

When Flavor Of Love star Tiffany Pollard gets her wires crossed, she gets them very crossed. She was in the CBB house in 2016 alongside David Gest – who was poorly for most of the show. When Angie Bowie was called into the diary room to be told her ex-husband David Bowie had died, she confided in Tiffany – who thought she meant David Gest. It escalated into a fight with the housemates, who eventually deduced David Gest was still, er, alive. Stranger still, Gest sadly did die, from a stroke, a few months later.

Stephanie and 
Jeremy get close

The world’s most toxic celebrity relationship ever 
was born via CBB last year when Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell were thrust together. The ins and outs of their relationship played out on screen as they grew closer – despite the fact that Steph was dating Sam Reece at the time. Steph went on to dump Sam 
for Jez, but things took another turn when Jez allegedly cheated on Steph shortly after he was evicted from 
the show. The pair now have a baby together, Caben-Albi, but things are far from smooth sailing with Jez being found guilty of assaulting Steph just last week.

That racism row 

Big Brother’s most famous star, the late Jade Goody, appeared not just once but twice on the show. During her second appearance, on the celebrity version of the show in 2007, she was accused of racist comments against Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty after she labelled her ‘Shilpa Poppadom’. Fellow contestant Danielle Lloyd was caught on camera telling Shilpa to ‘f**k off home’ and remarking that she ‘can’t speak English properly’. Upon leaving the house, Jade released a statement that read: ‘I am sincerely sorry for the pain and hurt 
I’ve caused to Shilpa’s family. 
I am wrong and I know that my words and my actions were wrong.’ Jade sadly died in 2009.

‘Would you like me to be the cat?’

We cringed more than we ever have before when politician George Galloway did a spot of roleplay with EastEnders actress Rula Lenska. Asking Rula: ‘Would you like me to be the cat?’ he then paraded round on all fours and rubbed his ‘whiskers’ on Rula, as well as drinking ‘milk’ out of her hands. Rula cooed in response: ‘Good girl, good girl, you’ve got cream all over your whiskers.’ Bleurgh! The whole disturbing charade wasn’t great for George’s political reputation, with one of his constituents fuming: ‘It’s an insult to local people that we’ve got our MP acting like a fool pretending to be a cat.’

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Alicia Douvall: ‘If either of my daughters want plastic surgery I’ll send them for therapy’

Cosmetic surgery addict Alicia 
opens up to Now about her new healthy lifestyle and being a mum

Alicia Douvall has had quite a transformation over the last few years. After the privately educated former glamour model fell pregnant with daughter Georgia, now 22, at just 16, she went on to face a tough time 
of it in the media, when she became notorious as a kiss-and-tell girl. During the noughties, she was linked to a string of celebs including Dean Gaffney, Mick Hucknall, Simon Cowell, Mickey Rourke and Lee Ryan.

And then there’s all the surgery. Alicia, 38, developed anorexia aged 12 and in recent years has admitted she suffers with body dysmorphia – and estimates she’s had around 
400 cosmetic operations, including 16 boob jobs, to date – although insists she’ll never go under the knife again.

It was after the birth of her second daughter Papaya, now five, in 2011 that things changed for Alicia. Launching an organic skincare brand in 2013 and adopting a clean-eating lifestyle, she’s a million miles away from the girl we’d see falling out of clubs 15 years ago.

Alicia and daughter Georgia

When Now calls her up for a chat on the phone, we’re struck by how shy she is – especially for someone who’s been in the public eye for years. You could even describe her as hesitant and reluctant to 
speak – but then, that could be because she’s been so burned 
by the media in the past.

Here, we chat to Alicia about motherhood and healthy living – not to mention the crazy names she’s got planned if she has any more babies…

Hey Alicia! Things have really changed a lot for you over 
the last few years. You’re 
best known for your plastic surgery – is that now in the past for you?
I’m definitely not going to have any more work done. That part of my life has now finished. I’ve moved on to the next chapter and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

You’ve turned a corner in a huge way – you’re now living healthily and you have your own organic skincare brand…
Exactly! I’ve seen much better outcomes in myself by eating healthily, exercising and having a positive mental attitude. That’s given me much better results than plastic surgery ever did, really.


If you could go back in time and reverse any of your surgeries, which one would 
it be and why?
Definitely when I had implants in my face. It was like a step too far. It completely ruined my face. I didn’t think I’d ever recover from it, but I managed to 
have reconstructive surgery, which put 
me back to the realms of normality. But 
of course there’s permanent damage that I created because of all the plastic surgery.

What if either of your daughters told you they wanted to have cosmetic work done – would you advise them to steer clear of it?
If either of my daughters came to me and said they wanted surgery, I’d seriously worry that I’d not brought them up as confident, happy, self-assured children. I’d probably have them go for counselling to work out why they weren’t feeling happy with themselves 
as they are.

Which celebrities do you think have gone too far with surgery?
It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, isn’t it? There are lots of people who I think – and maybe other people think, too – have gone too far but they might be very happy with that look. So it’s subject to what they think of it, really. Plastic surgery is like wearing your insecurity on your sleeve.

You recently branded 
Katie Price’s non-surgical 

facelift ‘the worst you can have’. Do you stand by that?
[Laughs] Well, yes. It’s not 
a good job, is it?

What’s your daily fitness and diet regime like?
I try to do lots of stretching and yoga every day, and I work out at the gym around three times
 a week. I play tennis as well. But I’ve just moved house so my fitness level is not as 
good as it should be at the moment – I’ve been so busy with everything! Food-wise, 
I eat very healthily. I love making organic, raw, vegan food. I can eat exactly what 
I want. I literally eat all day because I have such a clean diet. I don’t make food an obsession – nature gives you the best takeaway food there 
is, which is fruit.

So are you dating anyone at 
the moment?
Yeah, I’m dating at the moment.

Have you ever been on Tinder?
[Laughs] I’ve never been on Tinder, no.

Are you just kind of dating generally, or is there one special guy at the moment?
I’m really protective when it comes to my personal life these days, because I just feel like I’ve said too much in the past and it really didn’t do me any favours. I like to keep the specifics to myself.

OK. What about having more babies in the future?
I would like to have some more children, yes. At the moment, 
it probably isn’t possible, but 
I’ll definitely be looking into it in the future.

You’ve mentioned you might like to adopt…
Yes, I’d look at that option. Definitely.

The cutest sister! ❤ and Tennis super star 🎾🌟 #cute #sis #littleone #sweet #tennis #girl #park #flowers #flowergirl #childmodel

A post shared by Georgia Destiny Douvall (@georgiadouvall) on

Where did you get your daughter Papaya’s name from?
I wanted a name that was unique. Her father said: ‘Whatever you do, don’t call 
her anything stupid,’ and 
I thought: ‘Well, that’s quite 
apt – I’ll call her Papaya.’

If you had another baby, do 
you think you’d pick another fruity name?
Well, it would definitely have 
to go with Papaya. I couldn’t call the next kid Emma!

Your daughter Georgia is 22 now. Do you think you’re 
ready to be a grandmother 
any time in the future?
Well, it does cross my mind 
that I could be a grandma at any point, but I think Georgia’s far too sensible to have kids so young. I think she’s going to build a career for herself 
and make a future first. She wants to be an actress.

What would you say if either 
of your girls got pregnant at 
a young age like you did?
I think that, obviously, I did 
it far too young. I wasn’t established in any way and it was hard – too hard, really. 
But there are pros and cons 
for having a baby when you’re younger and older. When you’re younger, you’ve got loads of energy and that’s when you’re the most fertile.

Find out more about Alicia Douvall here

And what about the cons?
You’re not yet established and 
you don’t really know what you’re doing. 
You’re trying to build a career and find a house at the same time as becoming a parent, 
so it makes life a lot more difficult. It’s better to have 
your career and your nights 
out clubbing and crazy days 
out of the way first.

When was the last time you went to a showbiz party?
I actually get invited to them 
all the time but I just don’t go. 
I don’t like that kind of thing anymore. I love the people 
– the people in my industry 
are the most amazing people 
in the world – but there’s a point to everything now because I work so hard towards my business and my children. 
I just haven’t got as much time for the social side of things.

Fair enough. When was the last time you got really drunk?
I gave up drinking the day I conceived Papaya and haven’t had a drink since.

How do you think stopping booze has changed things 
for you?
It really does make a huge difference. You cut out all the calories and sugar, your energy levels go up and obviously you become very productive in your life. And with a five-year-old – 
a very lively, difficult five-year-old – I just couldn’t even think about drinking. I couldn’t wake up with a hangover and do it [laughs]. Juggling everything 
I do with a five-year-old, even having one glass of wine would throw me down too much!

Douvall’s Argan Active Revitalising Hydrating 
Eye Serum is available 
from douvalls.com

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CBB’s Sarah Harding: The sad decline of the Girls Aloud singer

From glamorous pop star with the world at her feet to recovering addict

At 20, Sarah Harding seemed to have it all. One fifth of Girls 
Aloud, she should have had 
the brightest of futures. Fast-forward 16 years and 
a barely recognisable Sarah is on our TV screens appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

Sarah, now 35, is undoubtedly struggling to cope in the house. She was branded ‘unstable’ by CBB co-star Brandi Glanville and viewers were concerned to see Sarah drinking despite being a recovering alcoholic.

It was later reported that Sarah was given time out from her housemates to ‘gather her thoughts’ and speak with a team of health professionals after breaking down multiple times.

MORE: Did Nicola Roberts just throw HUGE shade at her former Girls Aloud band mate Sarah Harding? 

But what happened to the fresh-faced, confident and gobby girl who shot to fame alongside Cheryl Tweedy, whose quiet life now with 
One Direction boyfriend Liam Payne and their baby boy Bear couldn’t be more different?

Unlucky-in-love Sarah 
very nearly got her own 
happy ending in 2012 when 
she and DJ Tom Crane were due to be married. But just months before the wedding 
was set to take place, he 
left Sarah heartbroken by calling the whole thing off.

It’s this that Sarah blames 
for sending her on a downward spiral. She said: ‘A lot of my issues were down to being in 
a toxic relationship. For me it stems from being completely hurt six months before I was due to get married.

‘It all just tumbled around me and I had to front everything and he f**ked off to Ibiza and 
I had nothing. I felt like I had 
no one left that I could turn to. 
I was very lonely.’

MORE: CBB’s Sarah Harding opens up about whether or not she had sex with Chad Johnson

And seeing Cheryl and her other Girls Aloud bandmates starting families in the last few years has been hard on Sarah. She said previously: ‘It does get harder to see other people have something you want. I feel my biological clock is ticking. I do want to be a mum one day.’

Losing everything when Tom walked away sparked a chain reaction that resulted in Sarah checking into a rehab centre 
for addiction to alcohol and sleeping tablets. She admitted to going ‘off the rails really badly’ at the time.

During her time in rehab Sarah met recovering cocaine addict Theo Van Dries and three months later they jetted off to Austria for a post-Christmas skiing break – which ended disastrously for her.

In the early hours of New Year’s Day 2012, a fight broke out between the pair and 
she later claimed Theo had smashed her head against the floor, bit her and even pulled her around the floor by her hair. For his part, Theo alleged Sarah had launched an attack on him.

Once again Sarah was left broken and at the time she said: ‘This has just messed me up, because I’m sleeping terrible hours again. My smoking has also got a lot worse.’

Things seemed to be looking up for Sarah in 2015 when she landed a part on Coronation Street, but she was heavily criticised by viewers and her contract was never renewed. Months later she suffered another blow when debut solo single Threads failed to chart.

She’s been through a lot, but in her own words: ‘We’re all here to learn. Every experience in your life is a learning curve.’ Let’s hope CBB doesn’t put Sarah back on a path she’s worked hard to get away from…

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Jamie Redknapp tells Louise: ‘I’ll wait for you to come home’

As friends worry Louise has become lost in showbiz, Jamie puts his feelings to one side…

Despite the ever-present rumours about her marriage to Jamie Redknapp, Louise seems to be having the time of her life right now. Her successful appearance 
on Strictly Come Dancing last year appears to have sparked 
a resurgence in her desire 
for the perks that come with being one of the most famous women in the country.

From press launches to 
celeb pals’ birthday bashes, 
it’s fair to say Louise, 42, has been making up for lost time recently, much to the dismay 
of husband Jamie, we’re told.

A source tells Now: ‘The 
word divorce hasn’t even 
been uttered between Jamie and Louise, and neither 
would look twice at another person, but they’ve clashed 
over her newly discovered 
love of partying.

MORE: The REAL reasons behind Jamie Redknapp and Louise’s marriage struggles

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‘For Louise, it’s almost 
like going back in time to 
the height of her pop career 
and it’s hard to resist the 
buzz. It’s not as if 
Jamie resents her 
having fun, but he 
can’t understand where the Louise who was content 
with a private 
life has gone.’

Louise has admitted getting a thrill out of being 
in the spotlight again and says her time on Strictly reminded her of the times Jamie would 
go to her concerts.

She said previously: 
‘It’s really 
to see someone you love extremely proud 
of you and it takes me back 
to most probably how we were 20 years ago when 
we first met and I was 
on the stage.’

Although she’s preparing to make 
her theatre debut in Cabaret later this year, it’s 
not just the performing bug Louise has caught all over again: she’s been enjoying nights out with friend Daisy Lowe, who, we’re told, Jamie isn’t keen on.

Earlier this month, Louise and Daisy, 28, were spotted leaving London nightclub DSTRKT, where it’s rumoured the night ended with large amounts being spent on alcohol for the duo and their friends 
– though the club reportedly covered much of the cost.

A club source tells Now 
Louise was overheard 
praising 44-year-old Jamie, saying how much she loves 
him and their boys Charley, 
13, and eight-year-old Beau, while flatly denying that
she and her husband 
have separated.

‘Jamie isn’t silly – he 
knows Louise is her 
own woman,’ our insider 
says. ‘But he can’t help 
but feel she’s being caught 
up in Daisy’s world – a place 
he thought they both left 
a long time ago.

‘Louise insists she’s just letting her hair down and Jamie’s not putting any pressure on her, but he 
has no desire to be one half 
of a celebrity couple.’

In the past, Louise’s social media was regularly updated with photos from date nights but, these days, you’re more likely to find snaps with her 
out with friends – despite 
the importance she once 
placed on spending quality 
time with Jamie.

She told Now: ‘There are certain weeks we’re both crazy busy, but we spend a lot of time together. We always make sure that we have a holiday without the kids once a year. And we go out for dinner a lot.’

MORE: Why Louise and Jamie Redknapp are FAR from calling time on their marriage

And we’re told Jamie wants to take Louise and the kids away to their ‘happy place’ Barbados as soon as possible, to remind her of everything she has. Louise has spoken in the past about how the Caribbean island is one of their favourite places.

She said: ‘[Hotel] Sandy 
Lane in Barbados works best 
for us as a family. There are people to help with the kids. Jamie can play golf all day 
on beautiful courses. And 
I like it because everyone’s happy, so I get some peace.’

They were last there in January 2016, looking the perfect example of a happy family. Jamie previously claimed Barbados is his 
‘most memorable’ holiday, explaining: ‘It is a perfect 
place for some quality family time. We often go with friends for about 10 days just after Christmas for some winter sun.’

Our source adds: ‘Jamie is adamant he’ll be there when Louise realises the grass isn’t greener. He’s telling friends: “I’ll wait for my wife to come home – Louise needs this time.”’

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Do I Want The Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie To Be Logan on Tatooine or A Galaxy-Haunting Ghost Musical?

After The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Disney and Lucasfilm are in talks with director Stephen Daldry to helm an Obi-Wan Kenobi film, the speculation began. The project does not have a script or a star attached yet, and the negotiations with Daldry “are in the earliest stages,” so we honestly have no idea what’s in store at this point…which means we’re going to lean the hell into this speculation, everybody!

Now, pretty much everyone agrees that Lucasfilm and Disney have three main options for this movie:

  1. Young, pre-Jedi Obi-Wan
  2. Sad, middle-aged Obi-Wan in the span between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope
  3. Force Ghost Obi-Wan during the new trilogy

Given that, let’s examine the options.

Young Obi-Wan (Pre-Phantom Menace)

As Nerdist‘s Jessica Chobot observed, this isn’t the studio’s best bet. “We’ve already seen the Jedi Knight origin story from Anakin’s perspective,” she said, “and it might have been the dullest entry in the entire series…You probably want to set these spin-offs during the actual ‘star wars,’ not during all the trade negotiations and Senate hearings that led up to those wars.”

I also don’t think anyone’s really clamoring for a young Obi-Wan movie, especially given the fandom’s hope for Ewan McGregor to get a shot at a decent script, but there’s no denying that it would give Lucasfilm and Disney a familiar, easy, three-act structure and heroic arc. Hollywood loves an origin story.

However, Lucasfilm and Disney also have the option to hedge much closer to The Phantom Menace material, pulling us into some of the diplomatic and political machinations from the prequels. And the fact that they’ve reached out to Daldry as a potential director does suggest some talkier material. Daldry got his start in theater, the talkiest of visual mediums, winning two Olivier Awards and a Tony. He then received Oscar nominations for The Hours, a talky drama; The Reader, a talky drama; and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a talky drama. (Also Billy Elliot, a dancy drama.) He received an Emmy nomination for The Crown, another talky drama.

Looking at that career, it seems like he’s the sort of director you’d contact for a Senate-hearings-heavy piece from just before The Phantom Menace. But I would hope, after the prequels’ rather disastrous reception, that Lucasfilm won’t go back down that road.

Middle-Aged Obi Wan (Between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope)

Most sites seem to agree that this nineteen-year time period is the most likely setting for Obi-Wan’s solo movie. First off, it allows them to use Ewan McGregor. And as Wired‘s Matt Kamen points out, this time period has already proven the richest well to mine for the comics and novels, so why not for a film? “Although this [Expanded Universe material] has all been deemed no longer in continuity,” he wrote, “there are lost riches in those stories. Disney has also proven it’s not above reclaiming Expanded Universe characters and concepts that could still work.”

The question, then, is which stories Disney and Lucasfilm might adapt. The Hollywood Reporter‘s Graeme McMillan believes “there’s a high probability that the stand-alone Obi-Wan Kenobi movie currently in development will feature the Jedi Knight taking on Tusken Raiders.”

Honestly, the dusty, vigilante justice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in exile basically sounds like Logan on Tatooine, which I would be 100% here for. Daldry also really knows how to use characters’ silence to create a moment, so he’d make excellent use of the barren, wind-wracked landscape and the nighttime quiet of a deeply underdeveloped planet.

Wired, on the other hand, is rooting for another expanded universe story from this time period: Obi-Wan’s adventures with Ferus Olin. This story would have a much more action-adventure, master-apprentice feel to it, as the two try to outwit the growing fascist Empire and help others to resist. (Wow, this story also sounds timely.)

Either of these seems like a bankable option for Disney and Lucasfilm, and I’m sure there are dozens more alternatives as well.

Galaxy-Haunting Ghost Obi-Wan (During New Trilogy)

As Nerdist’s Chobot pointed out, this is pretty seriously unlikely. “We already heard [Obi-Wan’s] voice in Rey’s Force Vision from The Force Awakens,” she observed, “so we know he’s probably still out there, somewhere, in shiny blue translucent form. But somehow we doubt Disney is going to be keen on dumping $200 million into a movie where the hero is a dead dude who just goes around telling other people to use the Force.”

But, hold on just a second. While I touted Daldry’s talk-heavy movies above, it is also true that he’s got a great history with musicals. Directing Billy Elliot on both stage and screen, and the film adaptation of Wicked for 2019, Daldry clearly knows his way around a song-and-dance number. Obi-Wan ghost musical, anyone?

(Okay, in all seriousness, we’re getting the nineteen-year-gap story.)

What are you hoping for from the Obi-Wan movie, readers?

(Via Nerdist, The Hollywood Reporter, and Wired; image via Lucasfilm and Disney)

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Takes Credit for the Solar Eclipse In This Spot-on Parody – Do NOT share with your conspiracy-theory uncle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is taking credit for Monday’s total solar eclipse in this funny promotional video. “This will go down in history as the single-most important movie promo of all time,” says Director of Market Research Guy Miller. (Please read all of these titles and names with air quotes.) The video then walks through the genesis of the idea, which they adopted after rejecting other marketing ploys like “flash mob” and “millennials.”

(Obviously, please do not share this video with that one uncle who still unironically shares Onion articles with the caption, “Unbelievable! What is happening to our country?”)

Having worked in corporate marketing, I particularly enjoyed this video because it’s so spot-on with its mockery of advertising and marketing terms. “If you look at our target audience, it makes perfect sense,” says Research Assistant Brian Weigel. “I mean, we have people that know about the sun, and we have people that know about the moon. That’s where they overlap. That’s where the magic happens, right?” The silly PowerPoint graphics are so similar to real-life, why-did-anyone-pay-you-for-this “insights” that consulting firms offer up, and the can-do slogans sound just like actual outlandish marketing campaigns, such as KFC launching a chicken sandwich into the stratosphere.

“Of course it’s possible,” says aerospace engineer Dr. Clifford Johnson. “It’s potentially catastrophic, but it’s possible.”

“Is it legal?” asks Weigel. “I mean, I couldn’t find any laws against it. I don’t think you can get sued for moving the moon.”

The total solar eclipse will be visible in a diagonal band across the continental United States on Monday, August 21. However, even if you aren’t in one of the areas where the eclipse will be visible, you can still watch it online.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be rather more widely available than the eclipse itself. It lands in theaters around the globe on September 22.

(Via io9; featured image via screengrab)

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Things We Saw Today: There’s Nothing More Metal Than Stopping Your Concert to Shame A Groper

A British metal band, Architects, were performing in the Netherlands when lead singer Sam Carter noticed one of the attendees groping a woman who was crowd-surfing.

“I saw a girl, a woman, crowdsurfing over here,” Carter said, “and I’m not gonna fucking point the piece of shit out that did it, but I saw you fucking grab at her boob. It is fucking disgusting and there is no fucking place for that shit.”

“It is not your fucking body,” he shouted. “It is not your fucking body and you do not fucking grab at someone. Not at my fucking show. So if you feel like doing that again, walk out there and fuck off and don’t come back.”

Personally, I’d have thrown the creeper out immediately, so this isn’t my ideal response, but I’m still glad Carter called him out and set expectations for any would-be assaulters in the rest of the crowd. Crowdsurfing is often unsafe for women, and it’s important for men to shame and condemn anyone who uses it as an excuse for assault.

Carter finished his rant by calling for attendees to “make this a safe place for everybody,” because – hate to break it to you, Nazis –  there’s nothing more metal than creating a safe space. (via Huffington Post)

  • The Joker’s real name is now canonically Jack Napier – at least in the pages of Batman: White Knight, which takes place in an alternate DC universe where Batman became Gotham’s worst villain and the Joker has to stop him. Though the name first appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman movie, it will now be official in at least one of the comics universes. (via io9)
  • The forthcoming board game Monster Slaughter will let you play as the horror-movie monster who kills everyone. Choose those victims wisely. (via Kotaku)
  • Sonny Landham, who played Billy Sole in Predator, has passed away at the age of 78 (via SYFYWire)
  • Batman and Harley Quinn is apparently THE WORST. Curse you, DC animated movies.
  • Oooh, check out these pretty character posters for The Gifted, Fox’s upcoming mutants TV show!
  • Are you going to be in Austin on September 14? You can watch Evil Dead II in the woods with Bruce Campbell. (via Nerdist)

(Featured image via screengrab)

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‘One of Britain’s greatest ever entertainers’: Stars pay tribute as Strictly Come Dancing legend Sir Bruce Forsyth dies

The entertainment world is in mourning after losing one of it’s most iconic stars

The star is reported to be increasingly frail

Former host of Strictly Come Dancing Sir Bruce Forsyth has died.

The 89-year-old star and legend of the entertainment world had been unwell for some time. He was hospitalised back in March, spending five days in intensive care following ‘very serious’ health concerns, and had been out of the limelight ever since.

His career spanned six decades, with a young Brucie scoring his big break on Sunday Night at the London Palladium. During the course of his career he presented classic TV shows including The Generation Game, Bruce’s Price is Right and, of course, Strictly.

He spent much of his career working with the BBC, and the corporation’s Director-General Tony Hall praised the star as ‘one of the greatest entertainers our country has ever know’.

In a statement, he said: ‘He has delighted millions of people and defined Saturday night television for decades, with shows like the Generation Game and, most recently, Strictly.

‘His warmth and his wit were legendary. I’ve never seen anyone quite like him when it comes to performing in front of a crowd.

‘He had a remarkable chemistry with his audience – that’s what made him such an amazing professional and why he was so loved. He has been part of all of our lives, and we’ll miss him dearly.’

As news of his death broke on Friday afternoon, a host of celebs took to Twitter to pay their respects to the TV icon.

Amongst them were members of the extended Strictly Come Dancing family, led by Claudia Winkleman – who joined the hosting line-up full-time after Brucie hung up his dancing shoes once and for all in 2014.

She posted: ‘The Bruce you saw really was the man he was. We’ll miss him so much.’

And judge Bruno Tonelloni said: ‘So sad A new⭐️in heaven goodbye dear friend and national treasure #sirbruceforsyth I will forever treasure the fun time we had together ❤️’

Former professional dancer on the show James Jordan posted: ‘Can’t tell you how sad I am to hear Sir Bruce Forsyth has died this afternoon A wonderful man and an absolute legend.’

Former contestant Georgia May Foote wrote: ‘Oh so sad to hear Sir Bruce Forsyth has passed away. An absolute legend. My thoughts are with his family.’

Meanwhile, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan called him ‘one of Britain’s greatest ever entertainers’, adding that he was a ‘lovely man’.

QI host Stephen Fry played on the star’s much-loved catchphrase as he commented: ‘There was only one #Brucie – it was more than to nice to see you, to see you more than nice.’

Singer and former EastEnders star Martine McCutcheon wrote: ‘We’ve lost one of the absolute greats in entertainment…. RIP Bruce Forsyth. Sending your family love and light. Xxxx’

And sharing a snap of the star, Paddy McGuinness simply called him a ‘legend’.

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Watch THAT video of drunk Michelle Keegan in Magaluf!

It’s Mark Wright’s missus as you’ve never seen her before…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock (8074901zs)
Michelle Keegan
National Television Awards, O2, London, UK – 25 Jan 2017

We’re used to seeing Michelle Keegan preened and polished within an inch of her life and she never lets her mask slip in public, presenting an image of perfection.

Until now.

MORE: Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have been partying with THIS Love Island couple

READ: The latest celebrity news and gossip 

As exclusive snaps – revealed in Now magazine this week – prove, even Michelle, 30, can’t resist letting her hair down once in a while. Pictured during belated birthday celebrations in Magaluf with husband Mark Wright, the former Coronation Street actress can be seen staggering shoeless before falling over and flashing her bum to the world.

And now we’re releasing the EXCLUSIVE video footage that the snaps were taken from…

Watch video

After spending three months shooting Our Girl in South Africa, Michelle was clearly happy to be reunited with her husband and closest friends as they partied in the Mallorcan town – and she didn’t hold back.

‘Michelle was out of it,’ an eyewitness exclusively tells Now. ‘She walked into me and tried to apologise. At first, Mark was carrying her down the strip, but he had to let her go to get a taxi. Next thing she’s falling down the wall.’ Poor Michelle…

Reps for the star said: ‘Michelle was not that drunk and she didn’t vomit.’

Our snaps are strikingly different to those Mark and Michelle posted on social media, including one of them looking loved-up as they posed for the camera – and with Michelle wearing shoes.

MORE: Aww! Mark Wright has the CUTEST message for wife Michelle Keegan as they reunite after weeks apart

Hours before ending up on the floor, Michelle joined Mark, also 30, for his DJ set at hotel BH Mallorca and was seen having the time of her life while clutching a large glass of rosé.

Stunning Michelle wore a tasselled black bikini top and dusty pink sarong as she played the part of doting groupie for her man, who looked ruggedly handsome in a simple black T-shirt.

It seems she’s making the most of the time they have together, as former TOWIE star Mark recently revealed his presenting gig on US series Extra is going so well he may have to relocate to Los Angeles for a year. Better not get too used to Mark carrying you home after a messy night, Mich…

The latest issue of Now magazine is on sale, well, now

The post WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Watch THAT video of drunk Michelle Keegan in Magaluf! appeared first on CelebsNow.

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A tribute to a legend: Bruce Forsyth’s life in pictures

We bid farewell to a legend.

Bruce Forsyth: life in pictures
Sir Bruce Forsyth and Barbara Windsor at the 30 year reunion of the cast and crew of ‘The Talk of the Town’, at the Hippodrome Casion, in Leicester Square, central London.

Bruce Forsyth: life in pictures

In an incredibly sad turn of events, TV legend Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89 years old.

Following a period of ill health, which left him in intensive care with ‘very serious’ health concerns back in March of this year, the incredibly sad news has been confirmed by the Strictly Come Dancing presenter’s manager, Ian Wilson.

The statement reads, ‘It is with great sadness that the Forsyth family announce that Sir Bruce passed away this afternoon, peacefully at his home surrounded by his wife Wilnelia and all his children’.

The TV legend has shared a glittering career, which managed to stretch over  eight whole decades, with the world and many will be incredibly saddened by his death.

Born in London in 1928, Brucey made his first debut on stage aged just 14- staring as Boy Bruce, the Mighty Atom, at the Theatre Royal, Bilston.

Bruce continued his on-stage acting throughout the next sixteen years, keeping audiences entertained through the tumultuous times on World War Two.

He performed in church halls and theatres across the country, waiting for the gig which would propel him into the limelight.

See: ‘One of Britain’s greatest ever entertainers’: Stars pay tribute as Strictly Come Dancing legend Sir Bruce Forsyth dies

In 1958, it appeared that Brucey had finally been given his big break- having been asked to present Sunday Night at the London Palladium, a televised variety show, on the ITV network. Ten million would regularly tune into the show, and a star had been born.


After an incredibly successful run on the show, Bruce moved on to game show hosting in the 70s- becoming the highest payed presenter in the game by the 80s.

Coining his infamous phrase ‘nice to see you, to see you nice’, Bruce hosted the BBC’s generation game, Bruce’s Big Night and Play Your Cards Right.

By 1986, Brucey had gone stateside present shows such as Bruce Forsyth’s Hot Streak, a US version of Play Your Cards Right. Over the next decade, he would host a range of primetime ITV entertainment shows including Takeover Bid and a revival of The Price is Right.

After receiving an OBE in 1998, Bruce took his rightful place as Strictly Come Dancing royalty- accepting his position presenting the hit BBC show in 2004. And the rest is history!

In the final years of his incredible career, Bruce was knighted by the Queen in 2011, carried the Olympic torch in the 2012 London games and made a Strictly Come Dancing special appearance for Children in Need in 2015.

With tributes pouring in from countless celebrities, it is very clear that Brucey will be sorely missed by so many. Check out the gallery below for Bruce’s life in pictures.

Our thoughts go out to Bruce’s loved ones during this incredibly sad time, may he rest in peace.

Alice Perry





The post A tribute to a legend: Bruce Forsyth’s life in pictures appeared first on CelebsNow.

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