‘I’m gutted’: Love Island’s Luis Morrison confesses to CHEATING on Cally Jane Beech in shock post

Biggest Love Island bombshell since Olivia met Chris’ cows?!

Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison take a selfie, May 2017

As with any break up, it can all get a lil’ tricky.

Tears, long evenings with the Ben and Jerry’s and dodgy 4am Tinder blips. Yup, it’s not all fun and games in the world of love.

However, when you found your relationship on a certain show called Love Island, things can be even *more* difficult- so we’re really feeling for Luis Morrison and Cally Jane Beech.

The pair, who found love in the first series of the mega ITV2 show, recently welcomed their baby daughter Vienna into the world- very shortly before sadly announcing they had decided to call it a day on their relationship.

At the time, the reasoning for this was slightly unconfirmed- with the pair claiming not to have spoken for the final few weeks of Cally’s pregnancy.

See: ‘Something was seriously wrong’: Love Island’s Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison reveal trauma of baby daughter’s birth

And, after appearing to cryptically reference the reasoning for his split on Twitter, writing ‘the grass is never greener’, Cally had reached out to her Ex with a reply which reads ‘n u know this’- leading fans to believe that Luis had potentially been unfaithful.

However, Luis has now spoken out about the end of his romance- revealing he  cheated on Cally in a shock post.

In a very lengthy post shared to his social media as sited by the MailOnline, new dad Luis writes: ‘There’s a lot of stuff in the press that have stating that I’ve been unfaithful to Cally… I’m going to say I haven’t been and I’m honestly gutted about it. I’m trying my hardest to get my family and Cally back and put things right’. 

After defending his infidelity as a mistake, the former Love Island ‘fella then added: ‘I love Cally more than the world and can’t wait to put things better for the family. Sorry for letting everyone down, most of all Cally and my family’.

See: WOW! Love Island’s Cally Jane Beech STUNS with incredible post-baby body just two months after giving birth

The post, which has since been deleted, managed to cause quite the reaction from fans.

In fact Mike Thalassitis, more commonly known as Muggy Mike of the most recent Love Island season, had reached out to Luis to share his support for the very sensitive post- writing, ‘Always got you brother’.

We’d love to know your thoughts on Luis’ shock confession, Tweet us @CelebsNow!

Alice Perry


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Whatever happened to… Dane Bowers?

This article is gonna punish you!

Remember smooth-voiced Another Level singer Dane Bowers? We find out where he is now…

Cos tonight baby…

If there was one thing we were bomb-diggy-digging in the late 90s it was Dane Bowers’ super-smooth voice as one quarter 
of cheesy boy band Another Level. They formed after 
Dane met Wayne Williams at the BRIT School (where else?) and the rest is history.

MORE! Katie Price sparks a heated surgery debate as she shares the results of her first facelift


Short but sweet

Their biggest hit was 1998’s creepy-but-brilliant Freak Me, which hit Number One and went gold in the process. The band only lasted until 2000, but in that time they also released songs such as From The Heart and Bomb Diggy. Dane, along with True Steppers and Victoria Beckham, went on to set the charts on fire with 2000 smasher Out Of Your Mind, which hit Number Two.

A not so big reunion

They almost got back together for The Big Reunion in 2013 
– but while Dane, Wayne and Bobak Kianoush were up for it, bandmate Mark Baron was too busy working for Lord Sugar. Dane commented: ‘You don’t say no to Alan Sugar. I was a bit annoyed because he pulled out right at the end. Surely he would’ve known earlier.’ Awks.

MORE! Close your ears, Kieran Hayler! MARRIED Katie Price reveals ex Dane Bowers as the love of her life

What Katie did…

One thing Dane’s known for, apart from that sweet, sweet singing voice, is that romance with Katie Price. They were together from 1998 to 2000, with Katie admitting that Dane was the ‘love of my life’. And there was even a leaked sex tape (featuring stuff to do with, erm, toes). Dane went on to marry his agent Chrissy Johnston in 2007, but they separated in 2009. He has a son Kai, nine, from a previous relationship.

Where’s he at now?

Dane may no longer be in the charts but he’s still performing, recently taking to the stage with Sam Bailey in Ibiza. He’ll also be DJing in Ibiza this summer. Dane’s rumoured to be back together with his ex-girlfriend Sophia Cahill 
– who he was arrested for assaulting in 2015 – after 
they were spotted together 
in Dubai earlier this year.

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We FINALLY know what Cheryl and Liam Payne’s baby Bear looks like!

Prepare for major baby fever, people!

Cheryl and Liam Payne at Fayre of St James Christmas Concert, London 29 November 2016

Since teeny tiny baby Bear arrived all the way back in March of this year, we’ve been just dying to know what the tot looks like!

Parents Cheryl and Liam Payne have kept their baba under tight wraps, choosing only to share a couple of very select (and fairly nondescript) snaps of their first months with Bear.

E.g: the snap they both shared to announce baby Bear’s arrival, which shows Liam holding the tot very tightly to himself…

… or the most recent update, a snap of both Bear and Liam rocking daddy-and-son Yeezy’s, which Liam captioned ‘Like father like son’.

Like father like son.❤️#yeezy #fatherandson

A post shared by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

And Chezza is *actually* yet to post her own personal snap of Bear, choosing to instead share a selfie….


A post shared by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

And so, with all this considered, it’s fair to say we were v. excited to finally receive a baby Bear update from 23-year-old Liam– who has now revealed what his son looks like!

About time, Mr Payne.

See: Liam Payne throws support behind LGBTQ community with emotional message – just days after Donald Trump bans transgender troops

Right folks, prepare to be struck with a severe case of baby fever.

Speaking with People.com, the former 1D ‘fella has revealed that his son is a bit of a ‘chubster’- sharing ‘he’s just big in general – he’s humongous’.

Liam then added, ‘I’m going to get a sore back. He’s a big boy! He’s healthy, he’s strong, he like a bouncer’.

See: ‘It’s an incredible thing’: Liam Payne opens up about fatherhood and reveals that Cheryl is ‘a great mum’

Liam also touched on the recent reports that he had married Cheryl, after calling her ‘the Mrs’ in a recent interview.

And sadly, there are no wedding bells- yet. Explaining that ‘Mrs’ is a nickname that can simply mean partner, the 1D ‘fella then added: ‘Maybe one day’.

Sorry Liam, but there is no ‘maybe’ about it. It will happen, and we will be there. Armed with confetti. You have been warned.

Alice Perry



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‘You’re a virgin who can’t drive!’ The ultimate guide to the best chick flicks EVER

Have you seen all of these classics?

Are THESE the best chick flicks ever made? We think so…


What’s it about?

Based loosely on Jane Austen’s Emma, this film follows Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), a rich, privileged daddy’s girl with a heart of gold. She cares more about setting up her friends with each other than her own love life – especially new girl at school Tai (Brittany Murphy). At the end of the film, Cher realises that the right man for her, Josh (her ex-stepbrother, played by Paul Rudd, pictured right) has been right under her nose the whole time. If only Paul Rudd was casually hanging out at our house…

Best quote: ‘You’re a virgin who can’t drive’ – Tai

At Tiffany’s

What’s it about?

Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) is the most beautiful girl in New York City. If you’ve not seen this 1961 classic then you really haven’t lived. Holly loves window-shopping at Tiffany’s – and is on the lookout for money. When she meets and falls in love with new neighbour Paul (George Peppard) she ends up on a journey where she must re-evaluate her life – and what she’s looking for. Will she choose her man or will she go for money? We won’t spoil the ending for you 
– just watch it.


Best quote: ‘You mustn’t give your heart to a wild thing. The more you do, the stronger they get, until they’re strong enough to run into the woods or fly into 
a tree. And then to a higher tree’ – Holly

Dirty Dancing

What’s it about?

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze play Baby and Johnny. Baby’s on holiday with her family at Kellerman’s holiday camp. Initially shy, she begins to understand herself – and her sexuality 
– when she takes dancing lessons from Johnny. The 
pair fall in love, but the romance is thwarted when Johnny’s framed for a jewellery robbery. He’s kicked out of Kellerman’s, but comes back to expose the real thieves and claim his girl. The end dance scene – with that lift 
– is perfection.

Best quote: ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ 
– Johnny

Legally Blonde

What’s it about?

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is your archetypal ‘dumb blonde’, but makes the decision to go to Harvard to study law in order to get back her ex Warner. Surprisingly she gets in – and then realises that she’s actually really good at the whole law thing. So good, in fact, that she manages to solve a murder. Of course, she also meets her true love along the way, but it’s not her mean ex 
who never believed in her. The film’s all about not judging a book by its cover – there’s way more to Elle than meets the eye.

Best quote: ‘Just bend, and snap’ 
– Elle

Mean Girls

What’s it about?

Written by the very funny Tina Fey, this film encapsulates Lindsay Lohan at her very best. LiLo plays Cady, the new girl at school. After living with her parents in Africa for the past 12 years and being home-schooled, she’s finding it seriously hard to adjust to school politics. After falling in with the in-crowd of, well, mean girls, including the iconic Regina George, and developing a crush on the hottest boy in school, Cady finds herself becoming 
one of the meanies herself. Can she take back control of her life and, well, become nice again?

Best quote: ‘You can’t sit with us’ – Gretchen

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

What’s it about?

Journalist Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is tasked with writing an article about how women drive men away. She’s sent on a mission 
by her boss to shirk off advertising executive Benjamin Barry – who she doesn’t realise has a simultaneous bet with his workmates that he can make any woman fall in love with him. Of course, the pair actually end up annoying each other so much that instead they fall head-over-heels in love. Swoon.

Best Quote: ‘Does Princess Sophia want to come out and play?’ – Andie, talking about Benjamin’s little Benjamin!

Bridget Jones’s Diary

What’s it about?

Renée Zellweger dons her biggest pair of knickers to play singleton and avid diary writer Bridget. Old Bridge thinks she hass it bad, despite the fact that she lives in a cool flat off London’s Borough Market and has Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) fighting over her. We still love her, though, as she’s totally hilarious and drinks about as much wine as we do. Bridget gets the right man in the end – but not before learning a few lessons 
and nearly losing him first.

Best quote: ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that when 
one part of your life starts going OK, another falls spectacularly to pieces’ 
– Bridget

Pretty Woman

What’s it about?

Prostitute Vivian (Julia Roberts) is hired by businessman Edward (Richard Gere) to spend a week with him after he breaks up with his girlfriend. It’s just a business arrangement at first as he needs a plus one to take to work events, but then he falls in love with her. Edward starts to 
see that there’s far more to Vivian than he initially realised – and eventually she breaks her ‘no kissing on the mouth’ rule. Of course, the pair end up together, breaking many class rules along the way. It’s up to you whether you believe that Edward ‘saves’ Vivian or if she winds up saving him.

Best quote: ‘You and I are such similar creatures, Vivian. We both screw people for money’ – Edward

Romy And Michele’s 
High School Reunion

What’s it about?

dim-witted best pals Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michele 
(Lisa Kudrow) go on a road trip to reunite with their old schoolmates (some of which who weren’t exactly friendly to them when they were at high school). In order to appear cool in front 
of their old schoolmates, the girls lie and pretend that they invented Post-It notes (it’s way more funny than it sounds!).

Best quote: ‘You look so good with blonde hair and black roots, it’s not even funny’ – Michele

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Love Island’s Alex Beattie has his say on ‘split’ from Montana Brown

Is it curtains for THIS Love Island couple?!

We’re so used to being wrapped up in a bubble of 24/7 Love Island updates from within the villa, going cold turkey is proving a teeny bit difficult.

See: Love Island 2017: The most shocking moments

How many golden Kem and Chris rap battles have we missed?! Does Olivia like the cows?! Have Jamie and Camilla recreated any more iconic scenes from Dirty Dancing?! 

We *must* know.

And so, we were pretty shocked to hear the latest update from the Islander’s post-villa life- in which it was being speculated that Montana Brown and Alex Beattie had already called it quits on their romance!

Our faces?

It all started with a recent report published by The Sun, which claimed that the pair were no longer together.

A source had shared with the publication that despite having ‘split’ following an argument, the pair will put on a ‘united front’ for the reunion show (TONIGHT PEOPLE, TONIGHT) despite having spent no time together since leaving the villa.

See: Love Island’s Alex Beattie hits back at Muggy Mike after he publicly insults Montana Brown

The source shared that 21-year-old Mon is letting her relationship with Alex slide in order to fulfil her career goals: ‘She is ambitious- her relationship is going to take a back seat’.

And, following her appearance on last weeks Loose Women (in which Mon openly discussed that appearing on Love Island had been a career move to help her achieve a wider platform), fans had become v. worried that the relationship had ended.

See: Love Island’s Montana Brown shocks fans as she reveals the REAL reason she went on the show

However, Alex has now spoken out over the speculation- and he’s not happy.

Taking to his Instagram story, the 22-year-old has shared a screenshot of a news report speculating his split- which he has captioned ‘Oh look more fake news’. Yikes!

Well, at least it looks like the pair *haven’t* split- eh folks?!


Also seemingly referring to the claims that the pair are yet to spend time together outside the villa, Alex shared a screenshot of himself and Mon on FaceTime together- which he captioned ‘Quick catch up with this little fire cracker’.

Well… We don’t know about you, but we’ll be able to rest easy tonight knowing Alex and Mon are still living the Love Island dream.

Alice Perry

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‘He inspired many’: BGT dance group Diversity pay moving tribute to member Rob Anker after tragic death

Our kind thoughts are with the Diversity boys during this incredibly difficult time.

In an incredibly harrowing turn of events, Robert Anker of the dance group Diversity has passed away aged just 27.

Former Diversity member Rob, who rose to fame alongside his dance group after winning the 2009 series of Britain’s Got Talent, is understood to have passed after a fatal car accident in Canada.

Mandatory credits: @robanker90/Instagram

Following local Canadian reports citing the accident, a Foreign Office spokesman has confirmed that a fatality has taken place in the country.

Whilst it is yet to be officially confirmed by authorities that Rob was involved in this particular accident, the statement reads: ‘We are aware of the death of a British man in Canada. We are providing assistance to his family at this sad time’.

See: Remember little Perri Kiely from Diversity? He’s back!

However, Rob’s passing has been very sadly confirmed by the official Diversity Twitter page.

The account has shared a Tweet which reads: ‘A former member of our group has tragically passed away. He inspired so many with his talent and was taken far too soon. R.I.P Rob’.

Many fans have been quick to comment messages of support and condolences for the grieving group, with replies reading messages such as ‘Rip rob! Such a talent loss! Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends’ and ‘I’m so sorry for your loss, thinking of you all. RIP Rob’.

Following the incredibly sad news, Rob’s cousin Rochelle Hanson has set up a Just Giving page to help pay for Rob’s funeral costs.

As Rob had moved to Canada to live with his wife Cyndi, whom he married in September of last year, the family are hoping to ‘raise funds for his family to be able to cover… their trip to go and arrange his funeral in Canada’.

Mandatory credits: @robanker90/Instagram

For more information on how you can help Rob’s family, head over *here* to his Just Giving page.

Our kind thoughts and condolences are with Rob’s friends, family and his Diversity boys during this incredibly difficult time.

Alice Perry 




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WATCH: R. Kelly Gets Sexual on Stage & Rubs Fan’s Phone on His Sweaty Crotch Amid Sex Cult Allegations

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, R. Kelly is truly disgusting. The perv took the stage for the first time since being accused of holding several young women hostage in a sex cult. But the scandal didn’t stop Kelly from bumpin’ and grindin’ on stage.

R. Kelly performed in Virginia Beach on Friday night (Jul 28.) and got touchy-feely with female fans on the front row. He encouraged them to touch and rub on him as he performed. Kelly upped the raunch level when he grabbed one fan’s phone and then rubbed it all over his sweaty crotch.

The fans in the audience—who clearly don’t mind the sex cult allegations—loved every moment of Kelly’s sexual assault on an inanimate object. Meanwhile, I’m over here like:

This isn’t the first time R. Kelly has done something so explicit and graphic on stage. On several occasions, he has let fans grab his crotch and wipe sweat off his body (and crotch area). He then surprises them by suddenly thrusting his crotch in their face while they’re touching him.

Kelly reportedly began his Virginia Beach concert an hour and a half late and only performed for 45 minutes. However, he was sure to shout out the women who attended and plugged his upcoming Baltimore show. He seems excited to scope out his next hostage, I mean, ingénue.

Prior to the Virginia gig, R. Kelly denied allegations from a BuzzFeed News report that claimed he is holding several young women against their will on two of her properties, controlling every aspect of their lives, and using them for sex.

He said in a very creepy video:

“I just wanna let all of my fans out there know that despite all of the crap y’all hearing, I will be coming to the East Coast to do my show. And, believe me, y’all, it’s a bunch of crap. All right?”

Ticket sales for Kelly’s upcoming shows are also reportedly steady, despite the sex cult scandal.

WATCH: R. Kelly Gets Sexual on Stage & Rubs Fan’s Phone on His Sweaty Crotch Amid Sex Cult Allegations is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News, Videos & Humor

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Video Allegedly Shows Bobby V Running Out of Transgender Sex Worker’s Apartment Without Paying

Bobby Valentino’s weekend started out real good, but, unfortunately, has ended very horribly. The singer was allegedly caught on video skipping out on the bill after a tryst with a transgender sex worker.

A video surfaced Saturday (Jul. 29) of a man—who looks extremely similar to Bobby V—trying to leave the sex worker’s apartment without paying her for her services. The woman picked up a camera and filmed it all going down.

The video shows (allegedly) Bobby V wearing no pants and trying to hide from the camera. He eventually escapes the apartment and begins to run down the hallway, but starts to walk midway before disappearing out of frame.

“Bobby Valentino, running. You forgot your shoes and your keys. If you want it back, bring me some money. Call me so I can tell you the price, Bobby V,” the woman behind the camera says.

The trans woman posted the video on social media and put Bobby on blast. She defended her actions saying all she wanted was her money.

“What I did to Bobby Valentino was on the basis he didn’t have his coin so to play with my money is to play with my life like ANY girl would do. Don’t expose but extort and get what’s rightfully yours either voluntarily or involuntarily.”

Instagram Photo

The video went viral on Saturday night, causing many on social media to comment with transphobic and homophobic remarks. Bobby V. indirectly responded to the video and social media attention on Instagram.

Say what u want! #imhappy. People have so much hate in em that they wanna steal someone else joy.. can’t steal mine!

Instagram Photo

Was it Bobby Valentino in the video or not? We don’t really know. But there is one thing we should all learn from this: Never play with a trans woman’s money!

Video Allegedly Shows Bobby V Running Out of Transgender Sex Worker’s Apartment Without Paying is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News, Videos & Humor

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Watch “Power” Season 4 Episode 6: ‘New Man’

“Power” Season 4 Episode 6 aired on STARZ Sunday night (Jul. 30).

Ghost finds himself trapped in a new business venture. Meanwhile, Tommy escapes to Chicago for a meeting that takes a turn. And with Ghost released, Jukebox and Kanan revisit their plan to kidnap Tariq.


Watch “Power” Season 4 Episode 6: ‘New Man’ is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News, Videos & Humor

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Why Do We Need More Women Journalists? This Excellent TCA Question Is A Perfect Example.

During the Television Critics Association’s 2017 Summer Press Tour, James Cameron, Robert Kirkman, and Eli Roth were on hand to discuss their contributions to the upcoming documentary series, AMC Visionaries. The series will serve as a year-round umbrella for new deep-dive documentaries like Eli Roth’s History of Horror and Rap Yearbook, as well as previously announced series like Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics and James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction.

Given that these series purport to “go[] deep into areas of fan passion” and “follow[] the DNA of these ideas back to the source,” Nerdist’s Alicia Lutes asked the important question: “Will the stories so often erased in these scenarios—that of women and people of color and other minorities—be showcased?”

Luckily, Cameron, Kirkman, and Roth actually had good answers for this one!

Cameron’s answer was admittedly the least specific, in part because his 6 episodes are tied to specific science fiction themes: “space travel and dark futures, dystopia, time travel—things like that.” However, he did say that “we want to have this thread of analyzing the interaction between science fiction and society” and discussed the ways that ’60s and ’70s science fiction gave women and people of color, like Ursula K. LeGuin or D.C. Fontana, a space for “breaking down social barriers, whether it was around race or gender, [or] the role of women in these future societies.”

Kirkman specifically pointed to two episodes they’re doing for Secret History of Comics. In the episode about the creation of Wonder Woman, he said, “a lot of people don’t know [William Moulton Marston] had a polygamous relationship with two women, and those two women were actually very instrumental in the creation of Wonder Woman. So we do a deep dive into who they were as people and everything that inspired their lives and led to the creation of this character.”

Secret History will also have an issue titled “The Color of Comics,” which looks at the history of black characters in the comic book industry. The episode “touches on the creation of Black Panther, the Marvel character, and has a focus from the ’90s called Milestone Comics which was founded by a bunch of African American comic book creators to create characters that appealed to them and represented them.”

Roth’s documentary, newly announced, isn’t as far along as Cameron’s or Kirkman’s, but he emphasized that “you wouldn’t have horror without Mary Shelley and Frankenstein” in the first place, so women are an integral part of horror history. He also pointed out the contributions of George A. Romero and the way horror lets us look at racism, and listed his ambitions for including women horror innovators on the show. “I want to get Catherine Hardwicke, I want to get every single Caché—any kind of and all of the women—any women that’s directed a movie,” he said, “because there’s a lot of fantastic entries, certainly Slumber Party Massacre, there are a lot of films people don’t know were directed by women that were slasher films that were their sort of comment, they were actually feminist movies.”

I recommend you check out Lutes’s full article over on Nerdist.

But I also want to point out that this sort of question – which keeps showrunners accountable, ensures that the final series are more historically accurate and inclusive, and makes it impossible for white men to erase other demographics from history – is so, so important for journalists to ask. It may seem small, but if directors and producers expected this sort of question from every press tour, they’d be a lot more dedicated to making inclusive art. It’s true that women and minorities are not the only ones who can ask these questions; white men can and do hold each other accountable for racism and sexism. But it’s also true that all-white or all-male groups of journalists can more easily forget to ask important questions, recognize problematic content, or advocate for oppressed groups.

Lutes deserves credit for bringing this important question up, especially in a world where women can be seen as aggressive, whining, or divisive when they raise concerns about diversity and inclusion. She kept these showrunners accountable for accurately representing their genres and recognizing the accomplishments of marginalized innovators. And, hey – it even left me more excited about these documentaries!

(Via Nerdist; image via Shutterstock)

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