THIS former TOWIE star has just announced their EXPLOSIVE return

And we can’t wait…

For us, TOWIE is so much more than a show. Heck, it’s so much more than a way of life. It’s a family. 

A family who are partial to a lil’ too much of the old fake bake and causing family beef a lil’ too often, but a family all the same.

And so, we were pretty gutted over the news of one massive part of the TOWIE family having decided to jump ship this week (*Cough cough* Megan McKenna).

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However, very luckily, it would appear that one very familiar face is about to bring us out the dumps- having announced their special return for a one off episode of the show!

Our ‘gal Danielle Armstrong has taken to social media to share that she is headed back for the bright lights of TOWIE for a Halloween special… and it looks set to be pretty darn explosive.

Taking to Twitter, Dani has shared a snap of herself dressed to the nines and looking *amaze*- which she has captioned ‘Well last night was fun for One Night Only  #towie#HappyHalloween’.

Many fans have been quick to comment their excited messages for Dani’s return, with replies reading messages such as ‘Wooo! Cannot wait to see your gorgeous face back on screen again!’ and ‘Wish you would come back properly!! Miss watching you on towie’.

Dani’s return will be the first time she has come face-to-face with former boyfriend James Lock and his new beau Yasmin Oukhellou- after the ‘gal had quit the show following their breakup in 2016 after her three-year on/off relationship.

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Some fans are predicting possible fireworks between the pair upon Dani’s return, with one user sharing: ‘Wonder how this went down with Yaz’.

Hmmm… only time will tell. One things for sure, we sure as heck won’t be missing the Halloween TOWIE special!

Welcome back, Danielle!

Alice Perry 

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You HAVE to see MiC’s Binky Felstead amazing bikini picture just FOUR months after welcoming baby India

Time for a green juice, we reckon.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (8975609ay)
Binky Felstead and Josh Patterson with baby India
‘This Morning’ TV show, London, UK – 28 Jul 2017
They’re the Made In Chelsea stars who’ve swapped partying for parenthood – and naturally the cameras are following their journey. Binky Felstead and Josh ‘JP’ Patterson introduce us to baby India and tell us all about their two-part spin-off show, Born In Chelsea.

We don’t know about you, but the idea of having a bun-in-the-oven is enough to schedule off the diet for a good year (if not more).

Surely welcoming a real life actual child into the world is enough to rule off out squats for the next century?!

Of course, we are not the wonderful Binky Felstead– a new mumma who is so driven it makes us want to douse ourselves in green juice and be a better person.

In fact, we’ve found ourselves a lil’ bit awestruck over the Made in Chelsea lady- who has just debuted her *incred* postpartum bod on Instagram.

The lovely lady, who welcomed baby India into the world with fellow co-star and boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson just four months ago, has taken to social media to share a few snaps.

Oh, and just a lil’ warning… you’re about to get some serious fitspo.

Posting on her Instagram story, the new mum has shared a snap of herself post-work out- which she has captioned ‘work out DONE’.

We. Know.

In a follow up snap to the first one, the Made in Chelsea lady has also uploaded a snap of herself posing in the mirror.

See: MIC’s Binky Felstead sets the record straight on reports she slammed Cheryl’s post-baby weight loss as ‘unrealistic’

Very importantly, the lady has captioned the snap with a very important message which reads ‘#Slowlysafelyhealthly’- meaning she is not encouraging any erratic postpartum weight loss but rather a safe fitness journey.

And it appears slow and steady really *does* win the race… how amaze!


And for all those new mums looking for some Binky style training (or, ya’know, anyone whose a regular fan just looking for a lil’ advise), the lovely lady recently uploaded a video of herself working through her routine.

Binky writes that she is taking things very slowly:’ I try and focus on more of the postnatal friendly work outs, because although I’m nearly fully recovered in terms of my abdominal separation and my pelvic floor…its still worth training smart in the first year after having a baby (after all, India wasn’t small and my tummy went through quite a bit of stretching when I was pregnant!).

Get on the island and immediately put through my paces with @luluadamsfitness again! With Lulu I try and focus on more of the postnatal friendly work outs, because although I’m nearly fully recovered in terms of my abdominal separation and my pelvic floor…its still worth training smart in the first year after having a baby (after all, India wasn’t small and my tummy went through quite a bit of stretching when I was pregnant!). . Here’s some of the ab rehab exercises she’s shown me – they’re done slowly and the idea is to really focus on feeling the connection of your pelvic floor and your deep core throughout and not let your lower back arch up too far off the mat. If you notice any doming of your tummy when you do these, you need to STOP. Always best to work with a well qualified trainer when you’re in the early postnatal stages just to make sure you’re not doing yourself any harm too. . This is the sort of stuff we’ll be teaching you on the @mummytribe retreats so if you haven’t signed up for updates already – DO IT NOW! Wearing all @reebokwomenuk @reebokuk

A post shared by Binky Felstead (@binkyfelstead) on

Race ‘ya to the gym?!

Alice Perry

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Inside Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay’s eight-year feud

It’s getting very heated between the two celebrity chefs

Gordon Ramsay has reignited his feud with Jamie Oliver, saying he will never speak to Jamie again unless he gets an apology for comments made about the size of their families.


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Hitting out at his rival, fiery Gordon, 50, explained that Jamie’s recent remarks – which appeared to compare how many children they both had – had upset him and his wife, Tana, who sadly lost their fifth baby when she miscarried last June.

Gordon fumed, ‘Jamie said, “I’ve got five kids, he’s got four kids”. To judge someone else’s family on the amount of kids you have, that’s…’

He added Jamie, 42, had crossed the line in the rivalry he’d thought of as a bit of ‘fun’.

Gordon’s warning comes after Jamie attempted to put a stop to their rocky relationship back in August saying, ‘He’s got four kids and I’ve got five kids, and I don’t want to be slagging off some kid’s dad on telly.’

This is just the latest twist in their long-running spat, which began back in 2009 when Jamie stepped in to defend a journalist after Gordon criticised her appearance.

Jimmy’s best mates with Jamie Oliver

Since, the pair have locked horns over their restaurants and culinary skills – with Gordon nicknaming Jamie a ‘one-pot wonder’ and Jamie saying he would choose Gordon’s wife’s recipe book over his rival’s.

It’s hardly surprising that they have fallen out, given the fierce competition they are in as two of the UK’s top chefs.

With Gordon’s net worth estimated to be £130 million and Jamie’s £240 million, they are both TV stars, with shows including Hell’s Kitchen for Gordon and The Naked Chef for Jamie.

They’ve both released 22 cookbooks and are proud owners of their respective restaurant chains – but Jamie is yet to receive a Michelin star, whereas Gordon was awarded three for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in 2001.

Thanks to Gordon’s latest comments, we doubt the feud will simmer down any time soon. Over to you, Jamie…

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Strictly Come Dancing fans can’t get over Shirley Ballas’ accidental amputee pun to Jonnie Peacock

Some slightly awkward TV material….

The Strictly ballroom is often a place of slick moves and even slicker personalities.

With barely a sequin out of place, it’s not often the hit BBC competition suffers a lil’ awkward moment.

However, last night, amongst the mass of killer moves and oiled chests came a pretty darn awkward situation.

Just smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave.

As many will know, ballroom hopeful Jonnie Peacock is a Paralympian- having received a leg amputation from below the knee after unfortunately contracting meningitis as a child.

After his performance last night, Jonnie and dance partner Oti Mabuse had headed over to the judges desk to receive their critiques.

Brand new head judge Shirley Ballas had then tried to compliment Jonnie on his dance floor moves… but managed to land herself in a spot of hot water in the process.

Speaking to the duo, Shirley says: ‘You bring a whole new meaning to putting a spring in your step. It was light, it was bright’.

With regards to the ‘spring in your step’ comment, Jonnie then replied to a slightly confused Shirley: ‘Excuse the pun!’.

After a lil’ reassurance from fellow judge Darcey Brussle, Shirley finally realised she had made a bit of a blunder- telling Paralympian Jonnie: ‘I’ve said something wrong again, you know what I mean? But anyway’.

And whist Jonnie and the panel had managed to somewhat gloss over the awkward encounter, many people have taken to social media to cringe at the exchange all over again.

One user writes, ‘Did she mean to make a joke about his disability? Very awkward #StrictlyComeDancing2017′.

Another writes, ‘Did a judge on strictly HONESTLY tell a Paralympian with a prosthetic leg that he brought a new meaning to putting a ‘spring in your step’??’.


However, others have managed to see the slightly funny side. One user writes, ‘I love the awkward ‘spring in your step’ comment#StrictlyComeDancing2017′.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the blunder! Tweet us @CelebsNow!

Alice Perry


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11 reasons why Katie Price is the queen of contradiction

Katie Price is thought to be considering more surgery

Katie Price is always one for making bold statements but she doesn’t often stick to them! We look at her biggest ever contradictions…

Katie and Kieran: are they or 
aren’t they?

Third husband Kieran Hayler hit the headlines in 2014 when he cheated on Katie with two of her best friends, yet the mum-
of-five decided to give their marriage another go. However, 
it came to light in August that he had been caught having an affair again – this time with 
the children’s nanny. Katie said she was divorcing Kieran, and tweeted, ‘My heart is broken. 
It’s over.’ It’s now been reported that Katie is having second thoughts about going through with the divorce.


Going sober

After stripping naked in the toilets, and blowing her nose in a tablecloth during a car-crash PA last Christmas, she swore on Loose Women that she would stay sober for a full year. But it would seem her attempts were in vain because come February, she was downing booze at Kieran’s 30th birthday party. And let’s not forget her appearance in Mallorca over the summer. Guests said they’d never seen anything like it as Katie made jokes about oral sex and poured vodka down people’s throats.

Those ever-changing boobs

In 2015, the former glamour model had just had her implants removed and declared, ‘I do not want big boobs ever, ever again. I love having no boobs, I love being more natural and small.’ 
Fast-forward to 2016, and she’d undergone her eighth boob job – this time enlarging her chest size to a whooping 32GG. It appears her attempt at a ‘natural’ look only lasted, er, a year, and her alter ego Jordan is now back.

Getting political

Back in 2001, Katie Price ran for parliament. Yes, you’ve read it right! Yet when she appeared on a Channel 4 debate on the Brexit referendum last June, she admitted that she had never actually voted in her life. So there you have it – she ran for a seat and campaigned for votes in the 2001 election, but she has never made it to the polling station. That’s actually bizarre.

Chris Hughes-gate

The mother of all feuds! The Pricey recently denied sending flirtatious messages to Love Island favourite Chris Hughes, tweeting, ‘Met @chrishughes_22 once on Loose Women and with @oliviajade_att at the football. Sorry to disappoint you all no flirty texts got sent [sic].’

But 22-year-old Chris was quick to clear his name that same day, posting some of the messages she had sent him and writing, ‘Okay sweetheart, being pied shouldn’t make you bitter [sic].’ Katie’s messages to him included 
a direct mail on Instagram in which she included her phone number.

Yet when that didn’t work, she got his number from a mutual friend and proceeded to contact him via WhatsApp. She asked him his whereabouts at 3am, and whether he was receiving her messages or not – none of which he responded to. Oops.

Getting naked

Katie insists her daughter Princess won’t be following in her footsteps 
as a topless model and confessed, ‘Princess isn’t interested in that. And her dad wouldn’t let her anyway.’ 
Yet on her most recent reality show, Katie Price: My Crazy Life, fans saw a huge and rather racy portrait of the 39-year-old out in the open, which son Junior, 12, branded embarrassing. Perhaps it might be best to keep that out of the kids’ sight…

The Peter Andre rollercoaster

That singing career

She has never been shy about wanting to crack the music industry, yet Katie acknowledges, ‘Nobody’s interested whatsoever [in my music], no-one’s backing me.’ The star insists her desire to climb the charts is nothing to do with money, but her dream 
to sing. She auditioned for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, yet on reflection she said, ‘I can’t sing that song now and I couldn’t even sing it then. It’s the cringiest thing. It was rubbish. It was so cringe. If anybody ever played that, I would be like… awful.’ Yet, she is still keen to relaunch her music career, and recently performed her new track I Got You live on Loose Women. Afterwards, she said, ‘I’ve always wanted to be a pop star or 
a model, and I’m doing it because I can do it.’

Stepping away from the spotlight

Last October, Katie revealed on Loose Women that she was taking a break from the limelight to focus on her marriage to Kieran.

At the time, Katie was on the brink of releasing her latest autobiography Reborn, and expressed to viewers that it had opened old wounds. ‘We’ve come two and a half years and Kieran is having to relive it as well. He hates that he hurt me, but the book made him realise just how much he hurt me. We are going to see a therapist to reassure us we’re fine.’

However, one month later, she announced she would be returning to the talk show as a panellist and 
was later spotted enjoying a night on the tiles. Sounds like Katie’s definition of time out is different 
from ours…

Katie Vs Kerry

Katie prides herself on being fiercely loyal when it comes to her family and friends. Yet, she and close friend (and not forgetting one-time bridesmaid) Kerry Katona had a dramatic fallout in 2007.

The feud, which lasted for seven years, got so heated between the two that Katie branded Kerry a ‘druggie’ and called her second husband Mark Croft a ‘bully’. She didn’t hold back when it came to giving her opinion on Kerry’s outfit choices either.

After the 2010 TV Choice Awards, Katie vented, ‘She just hasn’t got the figure to wear this dress. And the hair! What the hell? The problem is… she’s not the feminine type to be able 
to carry off a dress like this.’ Ouch! Of course, 
the two are now pals 
again. As if nothing had ever happened.

Removing her children from the public eye

In 2010, Katie stated that she was taking Junior and Princess out of the limelight, insisting she wanted them to have a normal childhood. She tweeted, ‘Start filming for my new reality show this week. Junior and Princess won’t be in any of my shows or photo shoots again.’ However, a couple of months ago, the two siblings were interviewed on This Morning.

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Sheridan Smith is back to her best – and fans LOVE it!

After a tough year the star is returning to the spotlight…

Sheridan Smith turns 35on 25 June

Sheridan Smith burst on to our screens last week with a mesmerising performance on Strictly Come Dancing, and now we’re told that she is finally ready to step firmly back into the spotlight.

There’s no denying that the 36-year-old has had her fair share of ups and downs in the last 12 months, but Now understands that Sheridan has completely turned her life around.

‘She is back on top form and the release of her new album promises to be a triumphant return for her, she’s insanely talented,’ a well-placed source tells us.

‘Sheridan’s fallen off the wagon time and time again – she really has been to the depths of despair. But that’s all behind her, and she’s determined to keep her life on the right track.’

Last year, the actress was forced to pull out of a string of West End performances during her time as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl.

At the time, theatregoers were concerned the star was drunk and slurring – claims Sheridan has firmly denied.

And in December, Sheridan was left heartbroken after losing her dad, Colin, to cancer.


But things are definitely looking up for the former Two Pints of Lager… star, ahead of the release of her self-titled debut album.

And fans are very happy to see her back at her best; one wrote on social media, ‘Fabulous voice, loved her performance.’

Another added, ‘You looked and sounded amazing, well done!’

And it’s not just her career that is taking a turn for the better, as Sheridan has been looking more loved-up than ever with new man Graham Nation.

Sheridan Smith and boyfriend Graham Nation

Our insider adds, ‘At the heart of it is that she’s learned to love herself again, which means being happy with her natural body and simply embracing life.’

It’s great to have you back, Sheridan!

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Eamonn Holmes on the Strictly curse: ‘Ruth’s not going to do a Louise Redknapp!’

Eamonn Holmes reveals why he’s not worried about his wife leaving him after Strictly

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on ITV’s This Morning, London 20 October 2017

From Louise Redknapp – who recently split from her husband of 18 years, Jamie – to Ben Cohen, many a celebrity has fallen victim to Strictly Come Dancing‘s so-called ‘Strictly curse’.


MORE: Oh no! Strictly Come Dancing’s Bruno Tonioli forced to PULL OUT of show for the first time

The phenomenon hits celebs and their dance partners during their time on the BBC show, with their off-screen romances often suffering. The curse is thought to have ended 18 relationships!

But Eamonn Holmes, 57, has no fear of his wife, Ruth Langsford, following in Louise’s footsteps and hot stepping way from him.

Asked if he’s worried that Ruth, who has been partnered with Anton du Beke, would have a midlife crisis and run off, he told Now exclusively, ‘No, she definitely won’t do that.’

Eamonn, who presents This Morning with his wife one day a week, said the secret to their happy union is he thinks she 
is ‘gorgeous’ and they are still interested in 
one another.

‘I don’t really know how it works. The two of us are energetic people who are always interested in each other, and that doesn’t mean you spend all day adoring each other but we’ll always have a remark for each other.

‘I’d never not be interested in her and I think vice versa. I’m just full of admiration for her.’

But he said none of Ruth’s Strictly costumes or wigs come home with her.

‘I think she looked nicer in the short one she wore for the Charleston [dance]. I’d love to feed your story here, but no, it all goes back to the BBC wardrobe department at 10pm on a Saturday night and she’s back to being Ruth again.’

Eamonn was being sculpted by Frances Segelman to support the Gesher School for children with special educational needs. Go

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Whatever happened to… Rachel Adedeji

The X Factor singer’s career has certainly taken off since she left the show in 2009…

Saturday night fever
When you think of The X Factor, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think of Peter Dickson calling out the name ‘ebay’ in his signature style on a Saturday night circa 2009. It became quite the Twitter trend. But what happened to the singer after she got booted off the show?


Music matters
Rachel, 26, starred on the sixth series of the show alongside the likes of Olly Murs, Jedward and Stacey Solomon (what a year!). She’d previously attempted to get on the show the year before when she made the final 50, and had become friends with Alexandra Burke along the way. She left the competition in 2009 in ninth place, but that wasn’t the last that we heard of her. After leaving the show, she released several tracks, but failed to set the charts alight.

Soapy bubbles
Rachel burst back onto our screens in 2016 when she joined Hollyoaks to play 
Lisa Loveday. She revealed, 
‘I actually grew up watching Hollyoaks and I always admired people like Jen Metcalfe and Kieron Richardson, who really made their mark on the show.’ She was even nominated as Sexiest Female at the Inside Soap Awards this year for her role as sassy Lisa.

Find out more about Rachel Adedeji here

Mum’s the word
After marrying her husband Jason two years ago at Stoke Park Country Club, Rachel announced in August this year that she’s pregnant. And she’s been turning to her Hollyoaks castmate Jen Metcalfe for advice! ‘As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was like, “Jen, what do I do?!’’’ But she’s also revealed ‘I feel ready to be a mummy.’ How cute!

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EXCLUSIVE! Chris Hughes: ‘I want to perform on The X Factor with Kem’

Love Island’s reality star-turned-rapper says it would be an ‘honour’ to be asked

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay in Chris and Kem: Straight Outta Love Island trailer, September 2017

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay broke the reality star mould when they topped the iTunes charts last week with their debut single Little Bit Leave It.

And now, as one of their biggest fans Stormzy helping X Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger mentor the Over’s at Judge’s Houses in South Africa, Chris says he’d be ‘honoured’ to perform on one of The X Factor live shows.

Speaking to Now at the launch of the #dontbottleitup campaign for suicide prevention charity CALM, Chris who is ambassador for the charity said: ‘I would perform on it, definitely.’

MORE: Stacey Solomon wades into Katie Price and Chris Hughes ‘screenshot’ row

Read all the latest celebrity news

Although the duo have heard ‘nothing’ yet from Simon Cowell following their recent chart success and official video release, if chosen, Chris says he would prefer to sing their new single than doing a cover with the likes of Stormzy – despite Chris and Kem rapping backstage with the grime artist at this year’s V-Festival.

Chris and Kem: the ultimate bromance!

Chris, 22, adds: ‘Just me and Kem’ before quickly clarifying: ‘Obviously it’s our song isn’t it?’

Chris and Kem signed a record deal with Sony’s Relentless Record label and with Sony having shares in Simon Cowell’s music venture Syco entertainment, having them on the show sounds a no brainer. But Chris says there’s no pressure on the head judge to pick up the phone and book them.

‘Let Simon do his job’ Chris tells us. ‘If he wants us he wants us, if he doesn’t he doesn’t. We’re chilled, we’re easy with it.’

But with Chris also keen to perform at the MOBO awards on November 29, and a second series of their own show ‘Straight Outta Love Island’ in the pipeline not to mention talk of them going on tour, we think it’s only a matter of time before Si gets in touch…

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‘That’s why I took a year off’: Ed Sheeran reveals secret ‘substance abuse’ battle

Ed has revealed the real reason behind his year off..

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is most definitely our very favourite flame haired crooner- shortly followed by Ginger Spice.

Like, c’mon. Is there *any* competition in the redhead singer category?!

Of course there isn’t!

However, our favourite ‘fella has certainly been in the wars lately- having recently found himself in a spot of bother with a very nasty car collision.

The ‘fella, who had been riding his bicycle through London when he had become caught up in an accident, had taken to social media to share the news of his injury- revealing it may affect his upcoming shows.

See: Ed Sheeran’s world tour in jeopardy as star is rushed to hospital after collision with car

Ed writes, ‘Ive had a bit of a bicycle accident and I’m currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows. Please stay tuned for further news. Ed x’.

Following his rough’n’tumble on the streets of London, Ed has now revealed another, slightly more secret, battle- his hidden problem with substance abuse, a battle which led to his year away from the spotlight.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, an episode which will air tonight, Ed shares that he had found himself falling into the troublesome ‘pitfalls’ of fame.

See: Has Ed Sheeran secretly got ENGAGED to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn?!

The 26-year-0ld shares, ‘All the pitfalls that people read about, I just found myself slipping into all of them. Mostly, like, substance abuse’.

Ed continues, ‘I’d never touched anything. I started slipping into it, and that’s why I took a year off and buggered off’.

Speaking of the moment he had realised he might be developing a problem, Ed shares: ‘I didn’t really notice it was happening. It just started gradually happening, and then some people took me to one side and were like, ‘Calm yourself down’.

The singer then added, ‘It’s all fun to begin with, it all starts off as a party and then you’re doing it on your own and it’s not, so that was a wake-up call and taking a year off’.

We’re so glad to have ‘ya back and discussing such an important topic, Ed! For more information and advise on substance abuse, head *here* to the NHS website.

Alice Perry


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